Family House Lasers

Okay, the lasers are just for show.  I’m in the middle of multiple crisscrossing crisis(es?) and can’t even think straight, much less write a post.

The short version and for public consumption is that both houses (short sale and other) under some tenuous contract to us are likely to fall through/have to be rejected which puts us back to square one.

The long version is ARRRRRRRGH.

That’s all.  Back when sane.  It could be a long time.

51 thoughts on “Family House Lasers

  1. “Back when sane.”

    Like that’s why we come here. ~:)

    Condolences on the house hunting, it is always a trial.

  2. I know that your house search is constrained to the Denver area because of Dan’s work, but maybe it’s time to start looking for a change of employment as well as domicile, if there’s literally nothing to be found in the area. Not giving advice, just thinking. There are certainly many of us who would be willing to scout out housing/employment opportunities in other locales for you. If nothing else, the possibility of losing an employee like Dan might cause his employer to assist in the house search (leverage, as it were).

    1. I am sure that we all would love to claim our esteemed hostess as a neighbor. As much as I would like to have her somewhere nearby in NC, I would not really wish that upon her.

      Reason 1: She likes her family. Oldest son started medical school in Denver this year. Youngest son is in engineering school there.

      Reason 2: They enjoy the city of Denver and its amenities.

      Reason 3: The family has established friendships in the area.

      Reason 4: Fleas, ticks and other insects have demonstrated an excellent in taste, preferring to target her about all others. Unfortunately her immune system does not like them back. She has severe reactions to their bites. NC has insects in abundance, and is therefore would be inhospitable.

      Reason 5: There are probably more people in TX who would place dibs on her bringing her there then persons in central NC.

      You see, I have thought about it. 😉

      1. You know, when you give up sugar and much carb, the mosquitoes, fleas, etc. decide somebody else is more interesting. (okay, anecdote isn’t data, but I also read it someplace)
        It’s possible that our esteemed hostess is more concerned about mold spores and tree pollens than bug bites.
        Wishing all the best for her and hers!

          1. Of course they still love you. So do we, because, whatever you eat, you still are warmhearted and offer (thoughts of) real substance, something SJWs are not and do not. 😉

    2. Good idea…perhaps Dan could be tempted to the dark side…as I understand his background is mathematics and he does programming? If he has a good knowledge of Perl or C++ and you’re open to Metro Atlanta I’d be happy to circulate a resume among my dark side colleagues.

  3. At least you have lasers. Life is not entirely bad as long as you can unleash beams of hot death upon your problems.

  4. On the bright side, think of all the wonderful opportunities for working this experience into your writing…

    I’ve got no idea what you’re going through, exactly, but I have a feeling that certain parties are going to be able to recognize themselves as victims of fate and circumstance in your writing, in the near future. Eaten by shoggoths, after having been theatrically abused by vampires, shifters, and the good Lord knows what else?

    Hell, I’d buy the resultant books just for the sheer glee the author would probably be demonstrating as the characters representing these people went to their dooms…

  5. Am I correct in thinking that with summer approaching more houses will come on the market?

    At worst, do your zen meditations, and accept being renters for awhile. Consult a tax expert on how to not pay capital gains taxes on the profit from the last house sale. IIRC you can do this once in your life. This may be the time.

      1. Humph. So you need something like house #2, but priced so the porch can be properly made into the extra living space you need. At your leisure (Did I actually just type that?) . I suspect the root of the problem is the cost of land and permits making building smaller houses uneconomical for builders, putting a really squeeze on the market for rationally sized houses.

          1. So is House 1 heading to a situation that might allow you to get it a different way, or is that going to happen too far down the road?
            I still am having trouble believing my luck finding my place, but I also am easy to please with very basic requirements (Does it have a garage, bathroom, and somewhere to sleep?) and I think I was the first person to set up a viewing of the place.

      2. Could the sellers be panicking because of political situation? Cruz just quit. Uh, don’t want to start political discussion, but was wondering if sellers were refusing to sell unless they got way over actual value.

    1. Capital gain is not a thing. You can now do it every 10 (I think) years. It’s the four cats. Five next year, as Robert won’t have time for cat.

      1. There’s your problem — you need to advertise your desire to own a cat house.

  6. Just remember there is no personal problem that cannot be resolved by the judicious use of well placed high explosives.

    Of course, well placed and judicious are left to be defined by the reader 🙂

    Oh, wait, you said you wanted to get back to sane…then I got nothing…except prayers, hugs, and happy thoughts.

    1. Sarah is far more sane than I am. There would be a curious lack of mortgage bankers, real estate agents, etc. in the Denver area if this were me… (Yes, I did rent that backhoe, officer, what about it?)

      May Tyche, Fortuna, whoever, visit their blessings on the Hoyt family very soon… (I almost said “household” there. Mrpph. That is what they need!)

  7. Come on, can’t Sarah have a frickin’ house with frickin’ lasers on it? What does she pay people for? Throw her a bone, here! 🙂

    1. It seems houses for sale are an endangered species. Maybe she can get a mutated R.V.

  8. Keep your spirits up as best you can. We found our present home when the listing (which the owner was going to remove) only two weeks before the listing expired. Am sending you positive wishes many times over.

  9. What fresh new hell?

    You’ve clearly offended some deity — Hestia.seems the most likely; Bastet seems improbable — and must offer an appropriate sacrifice. Slay a minor character on her altar, at once, or offer up a bottle of suitable vintage Port.

  10. Ouch. Here is hoping everything works out.

    On the other claw if you come back sane how are we supposed to know it is you?

  11. Jeeze. For crying out loud, Mrs. Hoyt – just take care of whatever you need to do offline, and don’t sweat it. The blog and readers will be here when you get done.

    We’re all big boys and girls now. We can take care of amusing ourselv- hey look! Squirrel! 🙂

    Seriously, condolences and good luck, and don’t sweat it. Real life intrudes. We’ve ALL been there.

  12. The nice thing about
    Denver is that a short ride up into the higher altitudes will kill your pet’s fleas since they can’t survive the lower pressures for long.

  13. Some random news that I found interesting:

    3 new earth-sized planets detected in the habitable band of a nearby red dwarf!

    Three new planets, similar in size to Earth, and orbiting close around a red-dwarf star have been found by the European Southern Observatory in Chile!

    One of the trends coming out of the extrasolar planet searches of late is that there are actually a lot of planets orbiting in the green-bands of red-dwarf stars. It used to be thought that because the dwarf stars were cooler and had closer and smaller habitable bands, that there was very little chance of an Earthlike planet forming around these stars. It turns out that the red-dwarf stars seem to have much closer packed systems though, so it all evens out.

    Red dwarf stars (class M) make up 80% of the stars out there, so this is very good news.

    I don’t have exact numbers, but for a WAG the other day, based on stellar densities,, of about 1 star per cubic parsec within the solar neighborhood, there should be close to a 100,000 stars within 100 LY of the solar system. (Volumes grow fast – note to sci-fi writers.)

    Edit: Wikipedia gives 0.14 stars/pc^3 in the solar neighborhood, which would lead to 20,000 stars in a 100 LY radius sphere. This accords better with the closest stars (26 in a 12 LY sphere). Nevertheless, space is big, and as we are discovering, it is far from empty!

  14. I just read the news. I picked the wrong day to not quit not drinking.

  15. I hope you’ll be able to find a suitable house in spite of everything. I wish you the best of luck. New houses do come on the market every day or two; perhaps one of them will be the right one.

  16. A concept: It’s a buyer’s market in Cordova’s region of VA; if the sons can finagle affordable transfers to Virginia Tech…but I don’t know if that works for Dan.
    Fingers crossed that life gives you less story fodder and more “settled and writing” soon!!

  17. I don’t know the details of how you house search, but have you ever used a well recommended Buyer Broker and one who is willing to interview you and prepare a detailed family profile and absolute needs?

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