24 thoughts on “I’m Alive

  1. Sleeping late ain’t always a bad thing. Sometimes the old blood and bones has to shake a stick at the more spiritual/intellectual side and say “hey you fool! Take care of me!” So, more sleep good.

    Post any extra hours you want to get rid of, though, to the intersomnolent exchange, Box 355, Dreamland, Luna. I’m sure some of us could use some, too! *grin*

  2. Morning does tend to come early, doesn’t it? Especially when it’s a Monday (no matter what actual day of the week one’s Monday happens to fall.)

              1. There is no protection from Wednesday Adams. Make yourself very small, and pray she doesn’t notice us.

  3. Ah yes, the pre-post, post warning post that is posted post-coffee but pre-croissant.

    I suggest cappuccino. All the sugar and twice the caffeine in half the volume of your regular starting fluid. ~:D

      1. That reminds me of my friend complaining about the meetings required for FDA drug trials. She was going to a pre-pre-pre-pre-planning meeting a few weeks ago.

        1. That’s like when you’re getting ready to think about maybe considering possibly making a plan to start thinking about planning something?

          Need some major cappuccino for that.

          1. I can’t remember the whole convoluted explanation, but I do remember that they had to have a meeting in order to go over the things they needed to bring to the pre-planning meeting.

            1. One reason I left County government. Planning meetings to set up the series of pre-planning meetings for planning to restart the State-wide Courts IT system that had been put on hold in the pre-planning for planning phase five years before…

              Those were before the planning meetings for determining whether there should be meetings concerning the possible need for an expansion of the planning for the Joint Application Design meetings with the State and other local jurisdictions (whether we should plan to have those separately, or everyone at once, or put that off for later planning).

    1. And did you know it’s very, very difficult to move a lawn mower with a hydrostatic transmission if you don’t know how to get it into free wheeling mode? It is, however, not impossible.

      One to list along with the cruse of oil and the flour not running out–the cleat did not break (and turn loose the chain the come along pulling the lawn mower into the truck thus killing me).

  4. Here I sit, trying to get enough caffeine (and chocolate) into the system to re-ignite the streak that fell down miserably yesterday. Wandering around the old posts.

    Sometimes that is a good thing – if you are stuck for BFTP someday, consider your “Write It, Just Write It!” Much needed KITP there… Getting to work now.

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