The Promo, the Good and the Readable- Free Range Oyster

*Yes, yes, yes, Royal Blood, the second to Sword and Blood will be coming out in May.  Might be mid-may instead of early, because of other obligations and the round of house viewing, but it will come out. Then Eternal Blood in June, come h*ll, high water, comicon OR moving.)

The Promo, the Good and the Readable- Free Range Oyster



J.M. Ney-Grimm

Hunting Wild

Young Remeya – fosterling and maid-in-waiting to King Xavo’s sister – worships the forbidden horned god alongside the princess. A worship made taboo half a millennium ago. Performed still in secret by a few. Quietly tolerated by the king. Epic fantasy in which old beliefs and old loyalties clash with hidden magic in the Middle Ages of J.M. Ney-Grimm’s god-touched North-lands.

Cedar Sanderson

Inktail & Friends

A Coloring Book

Inktail is a coloring book for all ages, with designs that encourage the user to add their own creativity to the existing art. There is also a section on learning to draw your own dragon.

Leigh Kimmel

Grandmaster’s Gambit

The disastrous war of 1913 is over, and young journalist Isaak Babel has used his fame as a war correspondent to win a peacetime job covering an international chess tournament in New York City. However, trouble is aboard the airship Grossdeuschland, in the form of the notorious Bolshevik terrorist Koba and his henchmen. Men with a dark plan, and New York City will not welcome their visit

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  1. O/T, but you will likely be amused by this and its links:
    It’s about books.

  2. The Other Sean

    I enjoyed Sword and Blood and am eagerly looking forward to the sequels. Alas, I’ve discovered I have a musketeer memory problem.

    History, Dumas, two separate Sarah Hoyt Musketeer series, and the 163x universe France stories have rather become a blur in my mind. I can no longer remember what I read in history, what came from Dumas, and what from the various works by other authors. I even find things from Joel Rosenberg’s Not Quite the Three Musketeers stories slipping into the blur on occasion.

  3. Another link, from :

    Title: This Week in Stupid (24/04/2016) – Social Justice is a Cult Edition!
    If you have the time: 31minutes long.

  4. Thanks Cedar. I’m almost at the end of my current coloring book.