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I was going to write a post on the concept of “literary” and might do that tomorrow, but today is all taken up with family things.

On the unpacking progress we now have functioning bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.  Next up, my office and the laundry room, and then we can bring the cats home.  (We’re putting the boxes in the laundry room.)  I miss them.

Derp fish is most assuredly dying, but after looking closely I’m not sure if it’s a fungus or a tumor.  Looks more like a tumor, which means I might as well stop torturing him with the medicine tank and put him in his comfy one with the heating element and filter and stuff.

Poor derpy.  He used to be a very fun fish.  Ah well.  Whatever it is near his eye it’s making him swim on his side.  If there were fishy surgeons I’m sure he could be taken care of, but there aren’t.  So all I can do is make him comfortable until he goes.

And now, kids and friends await me, so have a good day.  I’ll be back tomorrow.

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  1. Easter is for family. We can wait until tomorrow

  2. c4c. Didn’t know that fish could get tumors.

  3. Take it easy – or what passes for it, nowadays.
    Alas, poor Derp, I knew thee not.

  4. If you hurry and bring the cats home, they can take over caring for derpfish for you.

  5. Speaking of taking care of things, has everyone seen Andy Weir’s little story Annie’s Day?

  6. You don’t owe us anything. Go DO STUFF. We’ll be here.

    • BobtheRegisterredFool

      a) bitching about a link to a gawker site
      b) complaints that only Go-Lion is authentic
      c) whining about being on topic
      d) politicspoliticspoliticspolitics

  7. As always, a brief status of the author is appreciated by her fans and friends.
    Aside from that, HAPPY EASTER, enjoy the day.

  8. Post-later? Is that the antithesis of pre-sooner?

  9. Catticus Finch

    My condolences on Derpfish’s ill health. Few things make stress more stressful quite like adding in ailing pets.

  10. BTW Batman V Superman is a great movie to save money on. Dark, tiresome adolescent cynicism, not enough Gail Gadot, idiot plotting…

    • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

      Wonder if that’s why I haven’t seen a novelization of it.

    • Fun to watch the critics get all anguishy that they are not being paid attention to, though – there’s a thing in Variety re “Do Critics Matter?” at

    • I could tell that much from the trailer…

    • DC comics movies try to be deep and dark. They are COMIC BOOK MOVIES! Deep is hard but dark is easy.

      Marvel, on the other hand revels in putting out comic book movies. It might have to do with their cameo guy. 😉

      • Comics can be deep and dark and work (e.g. The O’Neill/AdamsGreen Arrow/Green Lantern series, or the original Watchmen). Problem is Superman isn’t /shouldn’t be dark. He is not an angsty brooding character but one that flows out of not his Kryptonian origins but
        His middle American step parents the Kents. He’s an “American” hero
        in the best sense of that concept.. A treatment closer to Marvel’s Captain America would feel more correct. But most modern Hollywood writers have no idea how to write anything but cynical nasty anti-heros. Thus we end up with no contrast between Batman and superman and the traditional conflict goes poof.

        • Aw, c’mon: a being who, in just a few minutes, could snuff out all life on Earth being all deep and dark, angsty and depressy? Who wouldn’t want to read a story-line like that?

          • I suspect RES you are being tongue in cheek :-). However, Brandon Sandersons Steelheart kind of goes there and truthfully it was a fun read even they mark it YA fiction. But yeah best Clark Kent really is mild mannered otherise it would be a bit like having a 1200 lb sabre tooth cat for a house cat.

            • Moi? Tongue in cheek?


              Can’t blow raspberries with tongue in cheek.

            • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

              Image of Mild-Mannered Clark Kent facing a Raging Hulk. Clark mildly takes off his glasses, mildly knocks Hulk toward the Moon, mildly watches Hulk crash-land on the Moon, and then mildly puts back on his glasses and goes to the his Daily Planet office. 😈 😈 😈 😈

        • The powers that be at DC are too PC.

          • I’m shocked, shocked I tell you that Hollywood and publishing types are PC. Whoever heard of such a thing?

        • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

          Of course, when you have a character who could “take out” the US military and the Russian military combined, it’s better that he’s a “Boy Scout” than a “cynical nasty anti-hero”. 😉


      Read the whole thing, but this one sums it up perfectly:

      The Superman in Dawn of Justice is dark. At one point, he declares, “Superman was never real — he was the dream of a farmer from Kansas.”

    • You are the second (or third) person I have seen say something like this.

      Thank you for the notice – your sacrifice was not in vain. 😉

  11. Birthday girl

    So I’m entering my Hugo nominations and pressing [Submit Ballot] and my choices are being rearranged in order. No ….. nothing to see here, move along, move along …

    • I believe there was a statement from one of the nominating committee saying that nominations are equally-weighted and so the order doesn’t matter. Can’t remember where I saw it, but pretty sure it was on one of the recent Mad Genius Club threads.

    • Finished mine over the weekend. Since I was only nominating one or two* in each category, I didn’t notice any rearranging.

      In part in preparation for the EPH malarkey. I expect to backed into picking one if I really want to see it on the ballot. [Plus I really want to see “Today I am Paul” & “Ether” on the final ballot, so I didn’t want to give them too much competition. 😉 ] (okay, faint hope maybe, but let me keep it for a bit longer.)

    • Birthday girl

      Thank you both, Robin and Shadow. I have exited snit mode. 😀

  12. Sorry about fishy. It takes them so long to go – I hope he’s not in pain, and quietly goes to fish sleep.

    Happy Easter.

    I am SO primed for your literary post – take your time, but please do it.

  13. Sorry about Derpfish. 😦

  14. Laura Montgomery

    Very sad about Derpfish.

  15. I’m sorry about Derpfish. *hug*

    Also, thanks for the linked post about spoons. I feel like that most days, and the thing is sometimes, I run out of spoons and am surprised when I run out of them.

    On a slightly more humorous note, we DID run out of actual spoons (and butter knives) one day, but hadn’t filled the dishwasher yet. I remarked that I should probably buy more. The next day, while going through the garage, Rhys found a box full of lovely German cutlery.

    • Second on Derpfish and *hug* as well.

      Since The Daughter moved out we have found that we were regularly running out of spoons long before we had filled the dishwasher. This had occurred before she left, but more often it was that we ran out of space for coffee mugs and glasses in the top of the dishwasher before the bottom was filled.

      The Spouse found some quite inexpensive and rather acceptable spoons at Target. We bought some. Then we bought some more. I have now concluded that spoons are one of those things — however many you have it will somehow prove to be less than enough.

      • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

        Out of spoons? Time to wash dishes. 😉

        Note, the above applies to coffee mugs, forks, knives, etc in this bachelor’s kitchen. 👿

        • Our dishrack is almost always filled. Usually this is with the various pieces of coffee making equipment, but sometimes it is with more pedestrian items like prep equipment, pots and pans. Unless it is mid-winter, when the household heat is on, nothing seems to dry quickly enough. 😉

      • We were quite pleased to find that Kmart and Target had upgraded their cheap spoons to something much more acceptable – made entirely of metal and quite solid in the hand. We hope this continues, if we require new cutlery in the future.

    • I’m always very surprised.
      I lost my actual cutlery in the move… all we have are desert cutlery. 😀

  16. Perhaps Derpfish is turning into a flounder?

  17. Egregious Charles

    Sorry about Derpfish. 😦