HEY, Y’ALL, It’s a Promo Post – Free Range Oyster

HEY, Y’ALL, It’s a Promo Post – Free Range Oyster

Rejoice and be very glad, O my people! By the grace and generosity of Our Beloved Hostess – and since enough of y’all sent me stuff to make a decent post of it – the illustrious Promo Post has returned to spread culture, entertainment, imagination, and filthy lucre amongst all the Huns and Hoydens. We’ve new releases this week, including the latest in the Baba Yaga books that you lot inflicted on inspired for TXRed.

If I might share a bit of personal news [Ed.: And when have objections ever stopped you?], we received word this week that the Hunnish Horde will be growing by one small member in August of next year. I think the Oyster Wife may be nesting already, but that could just be a reaction to the 20° temperatures here. I must be off to strip the roof off my house (quite literally, the new one goes on Monday), so go read good books and leave constructive reviews. As always, future promo entries can (and should!) be sent to my email. Happy reading!

Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster

Master of the house, keeper of the zoo, ready for to hawk you all a book or two

Alma Boykin

The Red Horse and the Water of Life

Alexi’s Tale, Part Four

Defeating Chernobog and meeting his life’s partner should have been enough excitement for Alexi’s lifetime. Baba Yaga had other ideas…

Five years after their last meeting, the old forest spirit has overstepped the bounds of legend and power. The Red Horse summons Alexi from Afghanistan to fight another, greater battle. Racing outside of time, Alexi must reach his wife and children before Baba Yaga and another old foe can destroy all that Alexi holds dear.

And before Ivan the Purrable gets his smart phone back.

Jeb Kinnison


The Substrate Wars 3

In this third book of the Substrate Wars series, ten years have passed since the student rebels invented quantum gateways and tamed the world’s governments. Replicators have ended hunger and need, and colony planets have allowed everyone who wanted independence to settle new worlds.

This peace and prosperity is threatened when scientists discover evidence that other civilizations have been destroyed by the planet-scouring Shrivers, who intercept an Earth probe and discover Earth’s location in its memory. The rebels and Earth governments have to cooperate to build a defense force to stop the invading Shriver fleet.

Meanwhile, Justin’s daughter Katherine (Kat) has been contacted by the First, the uploaded civilizations that inhabit the substrate as a virtual realm. She is chosen to argue humanity’s case in front of the tribunal which will decide whether humanity will be allowed to upload with the First, or be exterminated by the Shrivers.

Mary Catelli

Magic and Secrets

A woman, sent to a far off duchy, finds a mysterious wolf haunting the forest, and learns there are secrets no one even suspects.

Playing with props for amateur theatricals has more consequences than any of those doing it dream… act with care.

A king’s tyranny sends a woman searching desperately for a legend of lions, there being no other hope.

Now available in print!

The Lion and the Library

The library holds many marvels. Lena and her betrothed Erion had found things that helped the beleaguered Celestians of the city. But when the king’s caprice decides to sacrifice Erion to protect himself, Lena can only hope a legend can help her. A legend of just kings. And lions.

This is the novella included in Magic and Secrets.

Now available in print!

16 responses to “HEY, Y’ALL, It’s a Promo Post – Free Range Oyster

  1. Allow me to put in a plug for Mary’s books – they’re great. I got pulled in without realizing it. She takes a different twist on things, and I’d really recommend this set for younger readers (teen-aged), especially girls who might be wondering if a womanly woman can be a hero. Yes, she most certainly can.

  2. And now I have a thing or four for the next night off. Something(s) about feet of chickens and such.

  3. Amazon knows me better than I know myself. I instantly recognized the cover of Alma’s latest masterpiece (that being said before reading it) because Amazon was ‘recommending’ it yesterday. It wasn’t a look for books visit, I was getting my Father a new shower spray cleaner.
    I was a beta reader for Jeb on Shrivers and it is great! I of course, recommend books 1 & 2 first, but if you *really* have to, you can read Shrivers without the prequels and still have a great enjoyable read (just a little less nuance).
    Mary’s book will be a first for me, so I was glad to see TXRed’s plug (however I had already gotten the book in the kindle by then).
    As for the new oyster in the oven (mixed metaphor?), congratulations! And August is wonderful, the world needs a lot more Leos.

  4. That was fast! And congrats on the potential blessing-and-burden. 🙂

    • I think you did a great job of ‘informing new readers/reminding old readers’ of the plot synopsis of the first 2 books. I still remember that horrible introduction in Second Foundation in the guise of a little girl’s school report. You did a similar great job in Nemo’s World.
      Where I was remiss was failing to mention to the Huns and Hoydens that the three book set of Substrate Wars would make an outstanding gift to that ‘science geek’ kid on your Christmas list. 🙂

      • Thanks for the kind words. I introduced the BBC reporter to fill in backstory in the second book and ended up using her again because the alternative was much clunkier. Encyclopedia Galactica entries or Princess Irulan’s recollections in Dune tend to be too distanced in time…

  5. Why didn’t I know there’d been another Alexi/BabaYaga story before this came out showing #4?

  6. Thanks for the update and new books to read!

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