The Promo IS — Free Range Oyster

*So, there is the promo post.  I might/probably will post again later, unless we can manage to go look at some houses we have bookmarked, in which case I won’t post till tomorrow.  IOW Keep checking this space.  Things are likely to happen.*

The Promo IS — Free Range Oyster

Joe Vasicek

Bringing Stella Home

Gaia Nova Book 1

The war has arrived at home. James McCoy, the youngest son of a starfaring merchanter family, never thought he would face an invasion. But when an undefeated enemy slags his homeworld and carries off his brother and sister, nothing in the universe will stop him from getting them back.

Not all wars are fought on the battlefield. Hard times show the greatness in men, and those who give all are changed forever.

This book is rated T! according to the AO3 content rating system.

Currently free

Cyn Bagley

Hilda’s Inn for Retired Heroes

In Delhaven, there is an Inn run by a retired mercenary. If you are a down-on-your-luck mercenary or men-at-arms, come to the public rooms and Hilda Brant, the owner, will give you a bowl of stew. If you want ale, hand over the coins. Hilda may give you floor space, but she expects you to pay in favors or coins.

Hilda is also an untrained mage with an elemental, which is another reason she is retired. Most mercenary companies are wary of mages for good reason.

When Lord Barton decides he wants the magic on Hilda’s property, Hilda pulls together her resources, including her brother a mage and her sister a brothel Madame, to save her Inn.

Hilda isn’t prepared for the damage and chaos caused by a dragon, black mage, and elementals. And a very angry Lord Barton.

CJ Carella

The Ragnarok Alternative

New Olympus Saga Book 4

Christine Dark faces her most dangerous enemy yet – herself.

In another reality, Christine became corrupted, evil, a murderous villain with immense power and no compassion or restraint, a tyrant who destroyed the world and surrendered to the Outsiders. And now she has arrived to Earth Alpha, bringing chaos and destruction in her wake.

The fourth book of the New Olympus Saga follows heroes and villains endowed with great power and all-too human flaws as they deal with the aftermath of the Genocide War and a new threat in their midst. This story combines action, romance, suspense and humor.

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  1. Thanks for the promos. Please remember to tip your writers by leaving reviews on Amazon.

    • Recently, I’ve been lazy and on the Kindle, when I finish one of the Comet Fall novels (Pam Uphoff), I turn on the wireless so I can automagically purchase/download the next novel. When I finish, I also click on the 5 stars that pops up.

      Does this have the same impact as opening up the browser version and reviewing with a comment? It is easier, and I’m sure I get all the books rated that way. With the full comment review, I sometimes forget what books I need to review and even what to say about them.

      • I’m also addicted to Pam Uphoff’s novels and stories. *sigh

        • I am finishing the set with the Sea-Outer Island Vol 20. It is not labeled properly on amazon, so I discovered it when I purchased your book. Forgive me if your’s has to wait until my last Xen novel 😉

      • I recall reading somewhere that the insta-stars only affect your book recommendations (that is, books recommended to you because of your previous purchases that you rated highly) , and are *not* seen by other customers. So to help the author, you do need to go and type some text.

        • Keep in mind that in-depth reviews are not necessary — just write the sort of thing which would encourage you to try the book (if you hadn’t already read it.)

          “Fun read, likable characters, intriguing plot, amusingly and wittily worked out.” or “Suspenseful story, gripping to the very end.” are entirely adequate. Anything that gives a potential reader a fair idea what type of story (suspenseful, comedic, thrilling) to expect is quite sufficient.

    • Wasn’t part of the Cyn Bagley book in one of the sword and sorceresses? If so It’s a must buy.

  2. Reality Observer

    I’ll keep checking back. But I hope you do get to go out on the house hunting expedition – I’ll happily take some lower production now to see you permanently settled and able to produce more later (both of you, Dan included, now).

  3. Thank you for the promotion –

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  5. If you remember Cohen the Barbarian with fondness, Hilda’s Inn is a book you should read!

  6. Thanks for the promo! The new book’s doing well – #16 in Amazon’s Alt-Hist list – and I’m sure this blog played a major role in getting it there. On that note, I must get back to work – the next book will be military sci-fi. Sixty thousand words to go; oh, the humanity.

  7. I like the cover on Joe Vasicek’s Bringing Stella Home; it makes me likely to pick it up at a bookstore. Yeah, I know; it’s all ebooks–currently free!! No!!! I’m (mostly) caught up on my sleep–“Get thee behind me, Satan.”

    • Hey thanks—glad you like it! It’s currently free because the sequel is up on pre-order… [cue evil laugh]

  8. Curious: anyone else doing NaNoWriMo this year?