So, Sixteen Hours Later

The house is done.  I’m still sort of spinning sideways from the brutal slog yesterday turned into.

I’m leaving now to meet with realtor.  If he doesn’t work out, will get others and interview them, of course.  MEANWHILE the brutal, hard scraping, sanding and waxing are done.  The back of our car and the garage over there are still full, but we can deal with those little by little.  This house needs cleaning (desperately) but not TODAY.

I might post again later.  I had this line going through my head that started “Why do uplifted mice always wear only shorts?” which indicates I’ve been reading way too much Disney while wiped out and I might play with it.

Or, having gritted my teeth and bought the newest PF Chisholm at the extortionate prices her publisher charges upon first release, after realtor I might curl up in bed and devour it.

And after tomorrow I’m all yours.

93 responses to “So, Sixteen Hours Later

  1. I would vote in favor of a day spent in bed with a book, but if you’re reading this I’ve already been out-voted (or, executive over-ride.)

  2. Yoo-hoo! Take it easy today!

  3. Christopher M. Chupik

    “Why do uplifted mice always wear only shorts?”

    Clearly the genetic engineers who created them encoded a sense of modesty into their DNA.

  4. Sure, you say you’re all ours, but we know better.
    Dan and the boys have first dibs, and then there’s that pesky muse to consider. I figure we all come in at least fifth, but I’m good with fifth.
    Very best of luck with the house sale. Keep in mind that while in theory your realtor represents the seller, the truth is they are in business for themselves and so will offer suggestions designed to generate the biggest and quickest profit for them, and not necessarily the best deal for you. If you like them well enough to sign an agreement, make sure it runs for no more than 30 days. And do not let them talk you into making costly changes or additions to make the property more “marketable.” You are not looking to please the market, just that one interested buyer who can qualify for a home loan.

  5. Pictures? After all this you’d really need to record the end result for posterity (and show us after all this time we have spend following the progress). Really. 🙂

  6. Patrick Chester

    …and there was much rejoicing. (“Yaaaayyyyyy…..”)

  7. It’s done! It’s done! It’s finally, utterly, totally done! Not a floor to wax! Not a wall to paint! Nothing left to relax, take deep breaths, a nice nap, and then…

    deal with all of life’s other chaos? Humph. Time needs to stand still so you can enjoy it.

  8. IIRC someone was suppoed to relocate the door down to the transdimensional sublevels from Sarah’s old digs to the new house – did that happen? We don’t want the Realtor accidentally getting into the sublevels, especially the hangar bay, transitory Dragon quartering, or especially sublevel 1013.

    • :Dawn Dreams floats out of sublevel 1013, eyes wide.: “I never knew…”

      • :Snags Dawn’s hand before she can float away and hands her a small chalice.: “Hear you go, lass. This’ll set you right so you don’t go floatin’ away. Down the hatch.”

        “Hmmm…you know, if I’d thought faster, I could have tied para cord around her ankle and told Sarah it was a balloon we had specially made for her…”

    • *flips through to-do list* No, not on my assignments. But I would like to know who re-labeled the big cans of Fluffy’s tinned food “Cecil Chunks.” Not that it’s too soon, or anything, but I almost sent in a re-order on the wet food before I realized that was for the contents and not for misplaced sea-monster treats.

    • No problem — I took care of it by a simple alteration in the portal’s temporal-spatial interface. While I had the system down to re-calibrate its aperture location I also tweaked the coordinates so that it is now trans-temporal as well as trans-spatial, guaranteeing that not only no matter where you go, there you are but that no matter when you leave, when you arrive it is always five o’clock.

      I also redirected the thermal dissipator so that it now powers the new pit BBQ, allowing us to cook three mammoths on a single spit and also prepare roast haunch of leviathan.

      errrr … a few minor galaxies had to be eliminated for the construction and I am afraid i didn’t have much time for the construction permit approval, but don’t worry, I have passed it off to Legal to run it through the temporal adjudicator and back date it completely.

    • well unfortunately, you realize sidereal probability means that the door will be in both places simultaneously for an unknown amount of time,….

      • No — because you cannot be in two places at once when you are not anywhere at all.

        And the Doctrine of Simultaneity demonstrates that Time is an illusion and therefore there can be no unknown amount of it.

  9. Uplifted mice have no shoulders.

    And apparently uplifted ducks have no hips.

  10. One of the funniest jokes I know: Donald tells Mickey “You can’t leave Minnie just because she’s crazy!” and Mickey replies, “I didn’t say she was crazy I said she was (deleted) Goofy!”
    I wonder if that makes sense.
    I wonder if it makes it past the censors, even with the deletion.
    I wonder if it’s funny anymore.
    Maybe I’d BETTER check the comments box, this one time, to find out if I’ve been banned.

  11. The Other Sean

    Congratulations! Best wishes for a speedy sale at a high price.