I’m Tired

I was going to do a real post, but Saturday I had 12 continuous hours in public — readings, panels, signings, the Baen road show — and it turns out I’m tired.

I really, really, really, really TIRED.[/caption]


Really tired.

I don’t think you understand how tired I am:

So I’m going to drag self out of bed, put clothes on, because I hear the TSA hates it when you streak and I don’t want them to do this:

Because they’re already annoying enough.
Then I need to get home (tonight) and make sure Schrodinger’s fish is still alive.

Tomorrow is back to my scheduled painting and staining, and hopefully only three days left on that, after which I should have Darkship revenge in a couple of weeks so ya’ll can:

So catch you on the flip side. Going to shower and pack now.
And I’m really, really tired.


52 responses to “I’m Tired

  1. Tee hee… 🙂

    Wishing you safe travels, and good rest AND productivity once home.

  2. RealityObserver

    Get home safely. If you don’t feel up to it tomorrow, do NOTHING but sleep.

    Really. Illness recovery, travel stress, a thoroughly hectic week, and (ahem) “getting up there” – you’ll do much better later if you chill out for a little while now.

    • Seconded. Take some vitamins (and whatever else you’re taking), drink some water, eat a little bit, go back to bed.

      Would you let your kids out of bed if they were this fatigued? Would you let your husband out of bed if he were this fatigued? Oh, heck no you wouldn’t. So prescribe the same thing to yourself – bed rest!

  3. Sounds like it’s time for a nap. Perhaps on the flight home? You won’t be doing anything else anyway.

  4. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Take care

  5. I’ve got about 6 hours before my plane leaves, then 7 hours of travel.

  6. I get the impression you are a trifle tired?

  7. So verra, verra tired here, too. Slept most of the way home, puttered about a little, got laundry started, slept about 12 hours (interrupted by the cat deciding she needed to cuddle in a different spot / climb mount Me and pin me down from the currently highest spot). Got thoroughly meowed out for daring to leave the house to water the plants, loved on and told that I’m near the treats and no one has fed her all week. (hah)

    Then yelled at when I went to get basil (It bolted), parsley (It needs to be cut back), and tomatoes for breakfast. I’m not allowed to leave the house.

    Tea or bed, tea or bed…

    • I see your parsley and raise you cosmos that are now hiding the birdbath (I exaggerate only a little) and tomatoes that seem a touch peaked.

    • Would that I could have slept as you did.

      Note to myself regarding attending cons in the future: DO NOT begin con attendance already behind on sleep. BAD, BAD idea.

      So I skipped out at 2:00 yesterday to begin the drive home. I had told younger son that I would pick up an obscure-sounding asthma medicine for his friend who has a hard time getting to a pharmacy to get it. Went to the CVS south of the Choo-Choo, but was told that they had none in stock (picked up a box of Popeye’s Fried Chicken on the way. NOM!). Fine. So I headed north, trying to follow the directions the valet at the Read House had given me, because he said 27 was shut down part of the day, got confused, and wound up taking 45 minutes to get properly on my way.

      About halfway to the Kentucky border, I realized that I was probably going to have to pull into a rest stop and take a nap. Kept going, and finally pulled into the first rest stop in Ky and took a 1/2 hour nap, then started back again. Didn’t even have my eyelids droop the rest of the way home, picked up some food for everyone and brought dinner home.

      The big problem? Due to a measly 1/2-hour nap, I couldn’t get to sleep until well after 2AM.

  8. I’m getting ready to start the attack on Mt. Laundry, which means the vacation is officially over. (I feel your pain, and sleepiness. Woke up at 0600 Vienna time. After getting to bed at 0100 Vienna time. Should not have opened my professional e-mail account this AM. I so love starting the first day back in-country with less-than-happy e-mails. Anyway.) Off to threaten the cleaners with a Fate Worse Than Death if they EVER starch my dirndl blouses again. Ever.

    • Three loads of laundry washed, two dried, and Peter took a dress and two corsets to the dry cleaners. I’m in a decreasing orbit, spiraling slowly toward bed.

    • William O. B'Livion

      I always specify NO STARCH on my shirts.

      If I were to get them back starched I would inform them why and immediately take my business elsewhere. There simply are no second chances on some things.

      • This was the first time. Apparently they hired some new people, and one of them saw the little wing-collar and decided “collar=office shirt=light starch”. That the shirt is only half a shirt failed to register, or something. It won’t happen again. There are some places starch really does not belong.

  9. Welcome home – and happy renewed nuptials.

  10. Reading this I feel bad about mad at being wakened at 4pm. Get some sleep.

  11. But, but cons are supposed to be fun, and authors are worshiped and catered to and carried about on the backs of their fans.
    Yeah right, I know from personal observation that you worked your Portuguese butt off from arrival right through to con close.
    Did you ever get to have that “talk” with Brandy about scheduling? And were Dan and Uncle Timmy there to prevent bloodshed?

    • No loodshed. Sorry we did’t have time to talk.

      • Well it’s not like you had any other commitments or anything like that.
        At least I got a souvenier carp out of the deal.
        Sent you a little something in your e-mail when you get a chance to check it. Hope it takes a day’s worth of blog load off.

        • I can’t find mine! Hopefully it’s in the bottom of my luggage, because it’s not in my briefcase.

        • Saw it. Will look at it tonight. Need to check on other house, clean this house and get the cats. (Typed clean the cats, knew it was wrong but not why… yeah. I’d best not read anything till nap is.)

  12. Nice to finally meet y’all in the real world, and thanks for the good words and advice! I was in at work at 0730 this morning… sigh

  13. reddragonhawk

    Have a reasonably un-annoying trip. Thanks for the cute kittens, which were fitting because I just finished reading Vulcan’s Kittens, and I feel as though you’re in my brain (Get outa there, I haven’t cleaned up in ages! Try not to step on the d4 and the Legos.)

  14. Dittos on getting sleep. After hitting my 60’s, I started sleeping about all weekend long to make up for the caffeine induced workplace speed & insomnia zone.

  15. Apropos of wild parties, I’m getting the shopping/shipping/time-slipping list together for the upcoming Feast of Freedom (aka July 4). I think the meat list is covered and the stegosaur sauerbraten is marinating already (chopping all those onions! My poor eyes!). I’ve already been advised that whoever suggested using sparklers in place of candles on Friday at sundown “as a warm-up” really, really needs to have a word with whoever printed the book about Sabbeth observations that they are using.

    The adult drinks are being restocked, the soft stuff has been ordered and should arrive yesterday afternoon, there will be four kinds of iced tea and three kinds of sweet tea, and the cases of coffee beans (and replacement grinder burrs for the grinders) should get here tomorrow. According to the spreadsheets, we still need side-dishes, salads, and desserts. Oh, and a back-up range-safety/fire-control officer, even though we did make that very generous donation to the Front Range County Fire Marshal’s Retirement and Benevolence fund.

    • Because I know how much our people like their drinks cold I have configured the heat pump to dump the heat into 50,000,000 AD when Sol is just a cinder. That should provide ample chilling without a repeat of that problem last year when we sent the heat into the Past and accidentally ignited SN 2006gy. (Happily, the Statute of Limitations had expired by the time they found out it was us what caused that. it always pays to have on retainer that temporal shyster, Nicholas O’Tyme.)