In Haste

In case you guys wonder why I’ve been so scarce, yesterday I had something back to back for 12 hours.  For those of you who are here whom I didn’t recognize/greeted more than once/haven’t seen yet — that was the reason.

This is the first con in which I’ve not had a drop of alcohol — mostly because I’m not sure how it would interact with medicines — not even at dinner, and in which I’ve been acting like a falling-down-drunk.

Part of it is the post op thing.  By the reading yesterday I’d drunk so much diet coke I sloshed.  But I caught myself sleeping in the second panel of the day and that’s just not right.

There’s this “sleep” thing I hadn’t experienced since I was pregnant with Robert, where it hits and starts to take me down and fighting it off is worse than fighting off some sort of plague.  It’ s almost physically painful, because my will power is insufficient.

Anyway, we set a Huns breakfast for 8 am this morning, because it was the only time I was free and most of you were here.  For those of you at Liberty, particularly if you haven’t seen me yet, meet me at City Diner (Closest to the choo choo) at 8 am.

Also someone gave me a sad (stuffed) puppy who has been named Larry-the-sad-puppy.  He’s been helping me through panels, particularly given how tired I was.

Your daily dose of snark will resume tomorrow when I hope to do my duty for Glenn too (since I’m supposed to be 1/8th of Instapundit, and I’ve been falling down (on face.  From tiredness) on the job.

Meanwhile, go forth and do stuff.  And if you’re in LC come and see me.  I should be able to speak after the second cup of coffee.

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  1. Take care and for G_s sake stay off the diet soda. That stuff is poison.

  2. hmmm… I seem to be going to spam everywhere else.

  3. There’s this “sleep” thing I hadn’t experienced since I was pregnant with Robert, where it hits and starts to take me down and fighting it off is worse than fighting off some sort of plague. It’ s almost physically painful, because my will power is insufficient.

    Oh Lord yes. Exactly. This I understand.

    Prayers going up that you can get that old house done and out of the way so you can take care of yourself.

    • Wait, this is somewhat NORMAL!?!?

      I thought I was sick or something when I actually had to lay down for naps a few times this week!

      • You’ve done a physically difficult thing (ie, carrying and bearing kids), you’re healing up from a difficult thing (ditto), you are possibly breastfeeding (ie, letting kid feed off your food and energy), and you probably don’t have the newbie on a sleep schedule yet.

        So yeah, I’d say a tad bit of tiredness is somewhat normal! You must have a 16 Constitution score for not having felt it before! 🙂

        • Nah, I took the trait Oblivious– it’s one of those Cursed With Awesome things. Upside, I frequently don’t notice things I should. Downside, when I do, they hit like a truck….

      • julieapascal

        In the couple of months after having a baby it was normal for me to be soooo sleep deprived and tired that I couldn’t sit down or I’d fall asleep, so I’d stay standing. They say sleep whenever the baby does… can’t do that when you’ve got toddlers. But I’m realizing that even during those “standing only” times, it wasn’t that I’d gotten no sleep. I did sleep, and I can sleep through nursing, too, with the baby in the bed. So it can’t be that I’d gotten no sleep. Maybe it was more of a chemical/hormonal thing than I thought.

  4. Randy Wilde

    I figured if you were scarce (here at least) it was a combination of attending a con and being at a hotel with your husband and the red dress…

  5. Well, it IS entertaining… 🙂 But you’re still functional and putting out good info, so keep on running! And yes, get some sleep too!

  6. This sleep thing you talk about is “fatigue.” In my case if I don’t sleep when I feel it, I will collapse at the oddest moments even when walking. I have learned to take naps a lot– It is your body trying to heal and it turns you off when you take too much of the energy. (it’s trying to tell you “body first.”) lol

    • I get this after my back goes back in and the associated headache stops. I have no control over it but do a shutdown and reboot thing. Worse when I come back to consciousness it feels like I’m encased in lead for 30+ minutes. Particularly my eyes.

  7. Jeff Duntemann

    Sleep has sometimes been elusive for me since my publishing company collapsed in 2002. I got so little sleep for awhile that I was hallucinating little cartoon monsters doing calisthenics at the foot of my bed. Consider something like zolpidem, which saved my bacon back then.

    Do look after your health. The world needs you.

    • I can usually tell when my CPAP mask is overdue for replacement because I start remembering dreams. I do not like my dreams — when they are not boring accountancy dreams they are just plain weird.

      Like last night when I dreamt I was Gomez, running the Addams Family home as a B&B.

      DO NOT ask what was served for breakfast – that memory has been erased, deleted, eradicated, written over, wiped, and the tapes shredded and burned.

      • You do realize the the whole “Inception” thing is real, and now they have all that stuff recorded at the NSA in case you ever become Chief Justice of the International Accounting Standard Board or something.

      • RealityObserver

        Dang! I was hoping you could answer the burning question of whether the club goes on the left, or the right…

      • “that memory has been erased, deleted, eradicated, written over, wiped, and the tapes shredded and burned.”

        A process also known as “Clintoning.”

      • RES, I’d bet it would have made a GREAT story.

      • I’m sorry, RES, but I have to ask: The TV show in B&W, the color movies or are you even crazier than me and dreamed yourself into the original Charles Addams cartoons? I’ve awakened from a dream and suddenly realized my companion in adventures was Daffy Duck, 3d color Warner Brothers Daffy, but dreaming a pen drawing would be too weird for me even.

        • Hmmmm … I don’t rightly know. The original B&W cartoons, I suspect, as I believe I read those before ever seeing the John Astin TV show, but perhaps influenced by that TV show as well. It is quite difficult to say at this late hour, especially as I recall being annoyed during the dream by the fact I was dreaming.

          • When I’ve been aware I was dreaming, it was generally time to check out before the monster got me. Pegasus was the scariest creature that ever chased me (it could turn into mist and slide under doors!)

          • I was spoiled. I not only read the cartoons, but I knew the house which inspired it. (Understanding that there has been some argument as to exactly which building it was…)

            From wiki:

            A house on Elm Street, and another on Dudley Avenue that police once caught him breaking into, are said to be the inspiration for the Addams Family mansion in his cartoons. College Hall, the oldest building on the current campus of the University of Pennsylvania University, where Addams studied, was also an inspiration for the mansion.

            • One of the best Visual Dictionaries has as its illustration of Victorian Mansion a cartoon of the Addams family about to pour boiling oil on Christmas carolers, because Addams’ spooky house had crammed into its facade every last detail of any Victorian mansion, that no real Victorian mansion would have complete.

              • There is in our city a wonderful mishmash of a house. The core is an early Victorian. Somewhere along the line the owners added to it bits and pieces that were salvaged as other Victorians in the city were torn down.

                Then there is the fantasy house on the edge of town. No particular style, constantly being added to — the latest was a large multi-story tower with stain glass windows, which is to the side of the stick style gable. It has become one of the ugliest things you ever saw, or the most magnificently silly. Maybe both at the same time.

    • Professor Badness

      “The world needs you.”
      Forget the world, we need you. We need more stories and bloggy goodness. Yess, yes precious.
      *Strokes my copy of Draw One In The Dark.*

      • Jeff Duntemann

        We need a great many more people, men and women both, with your brand of courage. I’d say ten or fifteen million.

  8. No, no, no. Blunkdrogging, not snoreblogging. And who knew libertarians were such slave drivers? *g*

    But seriously, diet soda is the worst crap in the world when you’re tired. It doesn’t give you the sugar for the caffeine to burn so your body beats itself up worse trying to find the energy elsewhere.

    My cardiologist put me on Zolpidem, it’s an an Ambien clone. I never took it since I usually sleep like I’ve been sapped, but I’ve passed a pill on to Deborah once or twice and it seems to help.

    • I had some overnight sleep tests done at the local hospital. They wanted me to take Ambien to make sure I slept. Sure, no problem. Slept, got up, got dressed, went out to the car. Bright. Alert. Beautiful morning.

      Had difficulty working the door lock on the car. Had difficulty with the ignition switch. No problem driving home on autopilot. Stuck the door key in the house, then slammed face-first into the door after forgetting to turn the knob.

      It took that long to realize that although I felt just fine, I was so stoned I couldn’t operate complex devices like doors and keys without multiple attempts.

      Sneaky stuff, that Ambien…

      • How much did you take? No reason.

      • Jeff Duntemann

        Ambien can make certain people do very weird things. A friend of ours took one and within an hour had eaten an entire pound of sweetened shredded coconut. Another remembers having animated conversations with her stuffed animals. You have to hit the sack as soon as you toss down the pill, or risk dreaming in a waking state, which is rarely useful.

        In fairness, nothing weird (or in any way risky) ever happened to me. I slept like the dead, and woke up glad I was alive. No hangover. That’s all I would ask of a sleeping pill.

        • wanderingmuses

          They gave me Ambien in the hospital after surgery to try to get me to sleep. It did nothing. So they gave me another one after about an hour when they realized I was still awake. Nothing. Nada. Zip. I think it’s because I already take so many sedating medications that nothing has any effect on me anymore.

          • when I went in for my operation, talking to the anesthesiologist brought that there’s a family history on being very responsive to anesthesia — probably helped by our history of not indulging in alcohol.

            • It takes me a bit more anesthetic than usual (probably some of it goes into my pudge, but I was like that when skinny too), and it wears off fast. One time it wore off when I was still on the table, albeit I was able to inform the surgeon.

              (It was minor, the anesthetic was local, she was new, something weird happened, she didn’t figure it out in time before the numbing started to wear off, and they think it’s inadvisable to try a second round of anesthetics on the same day. I didn’t actually end up in pain; I just let them know it was wearing off and it obviously was, so she got out. Then I came back for a free second time, an older surgeon instructed her about the weird thing, and it got done in about three minutes.)

              Anyway, the moral of the story is to pay attention to your body at your dentist or surgeon’s, and always let them know if things are taking effect or not. Also, to let nurses and doctors know ahead of time if you know you have an unusual reaction to novocaine or any other anesthetic or drug, because it’s important info. Keeping your mouth shut and being stoic doesn’t help in such cases.

              • The strain of dogs I raise is practically immune to anesthetics. It amazes my vet, his words were “what do you feed these things?” The time I brought two in, a father and daughter. He had worked on the father before and knew he didn’t really go under, he double dosed him, and then localized, and ended up giving another dose halfway through, and I held him still while the vet operated. The daughter on the other hand, got a triple dose, and then when he didn’t dare give her more regular anesthetic, he hooked her up to the gas, and two of us still had to hold her immobilized while he worked on her. He had no more than told me that normally the anesthetic would knock them out for 45 minutes to an hour, but due to the high dosages he had been required to give them, they might be longer, when the vet tech hollered from the back room, “They’re up!”

      • Nothing I’ve heard about Ambien makes me think you’re gonna be fine the next day. Scary thing is how many people apparently sleepwalk and sleepdrive on Ambien, at the time when they’re supposed to be home in bed.

    • r mce, yought not do that passing along a pill. If caught, bad things could be done to you..

  9. Get a FULL thyroid workup. NOT just the by-itself-worthless TSH test. I can’t emphasize this enough. Falling asleep inappropriately is a redflag, and not the first such you’ve mentioned.

  10. Captain Comic

    Did the puppy ribbons show up?

    Did they go over at the con?

  11. If you ever have the time I’d love it if you would write a post about your female issues and hyster. I’ve been fighting that battle for years (emergency C section, surgical adhesions, endometriosis) and thought menopause would help with the pelvic inflammation and pain. I’m in early menopause and if anything it’s worse and I’m starting to wonder if the constant pelvic inflammation is causing my aches and pains everywhere else. Congrats on your vow renewal.

    • I am not a doctor. I wasn’t aware of adhesions etc. There seem to be fewer aches & pains. I’d advise you see a doctor.

      • The doctors say I should have the surgery but since everything is stuck together they’re likely to damage bits I need to keep so then they tell me to wait and see if menopause lessens the pain. Not incredibly helpful. Things you had said about your surgery made me think you had similar problems. I’m glad you didn’t. Sorry for hijacking the thread.

  12. We are, many of us, approaching* the age when the bywords change from “Eat, Drink, Love” to “Eat, Drink, Sleep” — and two out of three is considered pretty good.

    *have passed

    • Those who don’t drink and are single, they’re pretty much screwed? *mourns*

      Nah, different vices. Read, Nap, Eat. Priorities. *grin*

      • “…are single, they’re pretty much screwed?”

        No, and that’s the problem. Though there is always Thailand.

        • When I grew up in Europe, the flights from Germany to Thailand were known as “Bumsbomber” (boinking bombers) and the return flights as “Tripperklipper” (clap clippers) 😉

  13. Be good to yourself.
    Hugs and Prayers.

  14. Hey now, even with you half zonked team Hoyt beat the stuffing out of team Williamson at Family Feud.
    I would have joined you on stage, but I’ve known Mad Mike at least as long as I have you, so had a conflict of interest.
    Still glad you won.
    Really needed to get back home or I would have stayed and given Brandy crap over running you like a rented mule. Participation on a panel is performing in front of people, and that’s hard work. Twelve hours straight is really unconscionable.
    Oh, I meant to tell Robert then got distracted. He cleans up really well, so he shouldn’t feel like he needs to enter med school just to meet chicks.

  15. This is the first con in which I’ve not had a drop of alcohol

    Norman, coordinate.”

  16. julieapascal

    I’ve never traveled for a con. I’m going to have to change that.

  17. I’m BaaaAAaack. And massively jet lagged, and my desk chair seems to be having light turbulance. See y’all tomorrow.

    • Quick, everybody, let’s get this place cleaned up before she notices anything! Jeff, get those bottles out of sight, I’ll get Fluffy out the back door, somebody clean up that mess he made in the corner…

  18. Christopher M. Chupik

    We need pics of the stuffed puppy. 🙂

  19. Take care of you, and congratulations to the happy couples!

    Sorry I missed seeing you at LC (I was Evil Staff Minion #5, doing a credible impression of acephalic poultry), but what panels I did catch bits of, you did awesome. Heard several positive compliments about you on the writing panel and Social Justice and the Undead (shirts? Wouldn’t have thought of that…).

    Now get some sleep and get better. Y’all are good people, and we like to see you healthy. *grin*

  20. Completely off-topic: Chris Squire, founding member of Yes and musical innovator, passed away. My little tribute:

  21. This is hardly the best photo taken of Sarah or her puppy, I am expect, but it is the one I have:

    Due to the hotel/convention center layout and the weather and another factor or two, the puppy was delivered by a plain old human rather than ACME’s usual delivery ox – who was seen at LibertyCon back in 2007 when a set of “STAKE” anti-vampire rounds were delivered to S.H. – after a screwup in ACME shipping caused an empty box to be delivered.

    • Sigh. I LIKE the ox. (He shall appear in the next shifter book.)

      • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

        Hope the ox isn’t a shifter.

        Oxen are commonly castrated adult male cattle. Do you want a castrated male human as a character? [Evil Grin]

        • One might note the “commonly” and that there are exceptions. I’ve used ‘ox’ as an ox-team driver explained to me that it meant “educated bovine” (even if that education was rather limited to not too much more than knowing a name, ‘gee’, and ‘haw’). And ‘he’ is not a ‘cow’ in the gender sense. However, it is S. Hoyt’s writing and I am *not* about to attempt to tell the author what to do – or not to. And as for any… abnormalities… well, the ox does work for ACME. Things happen.