Might Not Post Till Late

Because just had a call from electrician coming in less than an hour.  You might want to go here, read this: http://madgeniusclub.com/2015/06/15/the-plucky-bots/

Until I can post.

25 responses to “Might Not Post Till Late

  1. Or we could sit on this page and spam the refresh button until a new post shows up in the sidebar…

    OK, not really going to do that.

  2. Apropos yesterday’s “more robots” post, have you seen the latest from the SJW’s?


    You can’t make this stuff up . . .


    • Do I have to Peter? Their stuff makes me itch.

    • Eh. I just realized the idiots at file 770 decided I was homophobic from the castaway line “some accommodation will have to be made for people of different orientations as reproduction and sex become increasingly divorced from each other.”

      They linked it with “the hydrophobia that falls on you from nowhere.”

      because obviously since I’m not going into details of temporary marriage, multiple marriage, civil marriage as opposed to religious marriage


      I’m homophobic.

      These people are toddlers. Not even children. Toddlers. Dumb ones.

      To them every issue is reduced to “you’re either with us and blindly follow the leaders we trust to pick for us or you’re a poopy face” — but they think they’re smart and sophisticated. It’s beyond parody.

      • Perhaps they don’t understand where babies come from.

      • Possibly my favorite Tool song ever, “The grudge”. The video starts at some appropriate lyrics:

        Wear the grudge like a crown
        Desperate to control
        Unable to forgive
        And sinking deeper

        And sinking deeper

      • ???? Are they seriously* trying to argue that reproduction and sex are NOT becoming increasingly divorced from each other???

        Reproduction has arguably become the least common reason for having sex and sex is unarguably becoming unnecessary for reproduction. Is their objection to making accommodations for these societal changes? Wouldn’t that make them the homophobes? (Now as I think on it, such obsessive attention to such minor points is often a symptom of phobia.)

        *I acknowledge that serious thought, by all available evidence, is not in their toolbox.

        • Of course, as a consequence, evolution is working in overdrive, since it remains the cheapest way — and not just in money.

    • Randy Wilde

      It seems to me that the reason you can’t make stuff like that up is that the SJWs routinely violate the rule that a world needs to be internally consistent.

      When you change the way the world works every third paragraph, you lose the reader.

  3. We could of course just talk amongst ourselves until you return.

    • I dispatched husband to deal with electrician. There WILL be post.

      • Sigh. It is probably too late to point this out, but dispatching your husband will not, as a general rule, “deal” with an electrician. Shocking, I know, but electricians are routinely exposed to much worse than the occasional dispatched husband — unless, of course, you dispatched Dan in a particularly gruesome way.

    • Witty response.

    • Emily, that makes perfect sense. We almost immediately go off topic anyway, this just makes it a little easier.

  4. While you wait on a post, you could write a letter. http://cedarwrites.com/letter-writing-campaign/

  5. It shows my age, my wasted youth and the long strange path I have been on, but my head immediately went to Waiting For The Electrification or Someone Like Him.

    ‘Chow baby, this is Major Hit in the cockpit of the Enola McLuhan, flagship of seventh airborne peace core and lending library.’

  6. Electricity is one of my favorite conveniences, when it behaves itself.