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Alma Boykin


The Colplatschki Chronicles Book 7

The Turkowi fear the blackbird as a bird of ill omen. They’re right.

Matthew Malatesta fights, drinks (a little), and harbors no great ambitions, content to follow his brother. Treachery and a vow of revenge launch him north, into the Eastern Empire. Tempered by the fires of war, Count Malatesta, the Blackbird, soars into legend, carving a name and a country for himself.

Matyasa, the Blackbird: this is his story.

A Father’s Choice

Seventeen years after he abandoned her, Marleena learns that her father has just dragoned. Now she’s steamed at him for ruining her life and almost costing her both job and home. A surprise discovery on New Founders’ Day leads to her to a new understanding of the man she never knew, a man who loved her more than she could have imagined.

John Van Stry


Children of Steel Book 2

The war is over, Raj and Cassandra are together, and everything should be ‘happily ever after’, right?

Well, they would be, but Cassandra still has issues to overcome after spending three years in POW camps where abuse and torture were commonplace. Raj has gotten over most of his problems, after all, he did save his mate’s life, but there are still issues from his past that are dogging him. And of course, there are just a few minor things that need to be cleaned up, leftover issues from the war, and some of those issues shoot back.

Cedar Sanderson

The God’s Wolfling

Children of Myth Book 2

When The God’s Wolfling opens Linnea Vulkane has grown up since the summer of Vulcan’s Kittens. Sanctuary, the refuge of immortals on an Hawaiian island, is boring. When the opportunity for an adventure arises, she jumps right into it, only realizing too late the water may be over her head. Literally, as she is embroiled in the affairs of the sea god Manannan Mac’Lir.

Merrick Swift has a secret he’s ashamed of. Then when he meets Linnea and her best friend, he doesn’t like her. She’s bossy, stuck up… and oddly accepting of his wolf heritage. Like her or not, he must do his duty and keep her alive. The children of the myths are being plunged into the whirlpool of immortal politics, intrigue, goblin wars, and they might be the only ones who can save a world.

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  1. Remember: if you like a book, review the book! Nothing helps the author more than positive reviews on Amazon. More importantly to you, nothing encourages an author to write more in a series than the sales positive reviews bring.

  2. I’ll put in a plug for Miss Boykin’s Blackbird, go ahead and read my Amazon review of it. It is the best new book I have read this year, better than anything I have read in the Hugo packet, yet.

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