Getcher Hun Books Here – Free Range Oyster

Getcher Hun Books Here – Free Range Oyster

Books, getcher books here! Hello, beloved fellow figments of Sarah’s imagination! While our beloved Beautiful but Evil Space Princess and her entourage of Mad Addled Scientists are gallivanting about at conventions and bestowing the dubious terrifying illustrious grace of her presence on the attendees there, you can do some gallivanting of your own through the pleasures of a good book. And would you look at that? We have new books this week! So go read a new book, and may all you lovely phantasms enjoy your weekend.

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Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster

Purger of the Unclean, Purifier of Dross, and Broad Spectrum Disinfectant

Alma Boykin

Circuits and Crises

The Colplatschki Chronicles Book 6

Storm clouds build behind the Dividing Range, but only three men feel the storm wind starting to blow.

The Eastern Empire defeated the Turkowi at the Great Plate River, shattering them forever. Now Emperor Andrew turns his attention to more important matters—rediscovering the Landers’ lost secrets. But far to the south, trouble brews. For the Turkowi sense weakness, and the Rajtan sees a land ripe for conversion—or conquest.

When interest turns to obsession, empires fall.

Peter Grant

Forge a New Blade

The Laredo War Book 2

The Laredo Resistance fought the Bactrian invaders to a standstill, but shattered itself in the process.

Through battle, bloodshed and murder, Dave Carson became President of Laredo’s Government-in-Exile. Now he must dodge assassination attempts by his enemies while fighting the war on new fronts – with a little unorthodox help from Steve Maxwell of the Lancastrian Commonwealth Fleet.

Gloria Aldred, former head of the Resistance, has plans that run counter to everything Dave’s trying to achieve – and she’s not about to ask his permission to pursue them.

Satrap Rostam is trying to cut Bactria’s losses and rebuild his exhausted planet, but his generals and nobles have lots of guilty secrets to hide – and they don’t mind burying him right along with them if necessary.

They’re all looking for a critical advantage… until the forgotten survivors of Laredo’s Resistance surprise them all.

David L. Burkhead

Treva’s Children

Baroness Talisa leads the last few surviving members of her household through the mountains in the dead of winter, fleeing the changeling hordes that have destroyed the kingdom. In that world of white and gray she stumbles on an oasis of green: a garden sacred to Treva, goddess of the wild things of the world. There, Talisa encounters the mysterious guardian of the place, who possesses great and mysterious magical power and who claims Talisa’s life as forfeit for trespassing in Treva’s Garden.

7 responses to “Getcher Hun Books Here – Free Range Oyster

  1. Thank you, Mr. Oyster, sir! And if folks want to tell their friends, _Circuits and Crises_ is going on a Kindle Countdown because Book 7 of the Colplatschki Chronicles, _Blackbird_ will be released later this week.

  2. Just a reminder to all and sundry: do not be shy about posting glowing reviews and endorsements of the reads you find here. While Amazon doesn’t seem to care if a reviewer has read a book, people stumbling upon one of these are likely to be encouraged by even so simple a review as “Enjoyed this greatly.” If you can think of a comparable, better known work/author feel free to tie that in: “People who like Butcher’s Dresden Files Bujold’s Vorkosigan Tales might well like this, too.”

    • Amazon does post a notice that the reviewer is a “verified buyer” of the product. Of course, they can’t guarantee he she it or they is/are are ‘verified reader”.

      • Of course under the Amazon system a verified buyer could easily be someone who picked the book up on one of the cheap or free weekends that our writers are so fond of.
        I’ve been trying to scan reviews of all our folks for the 1 & 2 star comments. Some of the SJW have gotten clever and are leaving 3 star reviews with terribly ugly comments attached.

  3. Maddled scientists can gallivant?? Who knew!!