Mrs. Sarah Hoyt Sings The Blues – Blast From The Past Post Feb. 2009

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-Sarah Hoyt 2015 OUT*

Okay, not really.  And you should be glad, truly.  Instead I read my short story, Another George from my collection Crawling Between Heaven And Earth.

For those who’ve never heard me in person, the accent might drive you nuts.

This is an experimental thing.  I was testing the hardware.  Next I test the editing software.  And then, if there is still interest, I do more of these. 🙂

I hope you enjoy.

Also for those of you who haven’t been exposed to the sheer insanity of my oldest’s LJ, here is:

DO NOT have anything in mouth while reading.  The management is NOT responsible for spattered keyboards, monitors or self.

15 responses to “Mrs. Sarah Hoyt Sings The Blues – Blast From The Past Post Feb. 2009

  1. Another George“? How gorgeous.

    Way back in the Sixties, my uncle was a regional sales director for London Records and periodically we’d receive gift packages of records … unfortunately, London’s A&R people had no grasp of what was going on in the Pop music field, let alone Rock. One of those albums received was The Cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles and Fripp.

    As filler between the cuts on that album they had (on side 1; I forget what the inter-cut fill was on the B-side) an inane series of permutations on the phrase “I know a man and his name is George. A George I know and his name is man. George a man I know his name is. …” growing increasingly incoherent.

    Within a year of the albums release (and commercial and critical failure), the trio of Michael & Peter Giles and Robert Fripp would bring in Ian McDonald (from Fairport Convention) and Peter Sinfield, replace Peter Giles with Greg Lake on bass and as lead singer, rechristen the band King Crimson and release (not on London) In the Court of the Crimson King.

  2. Piffle. I coulda <I<sworn the check was in the box.

    Anybody curious about the origins of Progressive Rock forebears Giles, Giles and Fripp can listen to the entirety of their Youtubery, consisteing of less than a dozen tracks, none of which includes anything about George.

    • That is simply the most excruciating noise on the internet.
      Their accents don’t sound anything like Sarah, although perhaps we need to get Sarah to sing something for a really good comparison.
      I don’t think Sarah sounds Russian. Generically, excluding things like Basque, there are Romance, Germanic and Slavic. After a long listen, Sarah has a really strange accent, but I pick up the Romance element more. Now, just a short sentence or two, I would understand the default might be Russian, she isn’t as smooth and melodic as she should be. I assume that is from all her polyglot influences.

    • P.S. Hopefully some hacker can replace all those Giles, Giles and Fripp video’s with some decent cat video’s.

  3. I dunno. Rob’s play by play seemed pretty straightforward to me….

  4. Sounded kinda like Romanian to me. I duuno if it sounds Portuguese, at all, as my only exposure to the tongue is by Brazilians. Mos’ def’ a Romance/Slav mix.

    • Romanian is, to my ear, closer to Portuguese than Spanish is.

      • I lived in Colombia for two years, and speak Spanish well enough to get along. I detected not a hint of a whiff of an inkling of a Spanish accent in your reading. I know Spanish and Portuguese \ are about as close as two tongues can get, (I can read Portuguese) but they are pronounced very differently. I have no idea how a non-Brazilian Portuguese accent sounds.

  5. No convention drunkblogging? Should we be relieved or worried?

  6. Is nrt an acronym for naked rum toddys?