The Boogey Woogy Book Promo Thingy

Good day, Huns and Hoydens. We’ve made it to another weekend, which is a worthy reason to celebrate. I’ve nothing erudite, insightful, or amusing to say, so go enjoy your day, preferably with good friends and a good book. Here are a few options to get you started. Salut!

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Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster

Minion herder, eschewer of obfuscation, buys red pixels by the petabyte

Ken Prescott

Not By Sight

Dennis Sandoval is a “Ghostrunner,” an elite United States Air Force covert operator with a shadowy past. In the waning days of the Cold War, Sandoval must jump into East Germany and rescue an American missionary before a crucial East-West summit. But the mission spirals out of control; both the CIA and East German State Security are after the missionary. Cut off from his chain of command and hunted by Willi Metzger, a fanatical East German State Security officer with his own agenda, Sandoval must call on all of his skill and risk everything in order to survive and succeed.

Cedar Sanderson

Sugar Skull

Sally, whose full name was Alessandra Padilla Rivera, and who had been raised by a grandmama on stories of El Cucuy, the chupacabra, and the jaguar god who hunts in the night, knows how hard good jobs are to find, and keep. She has a mother to support, and a new job to prove herself at. A couple of problems, though… She is working in a morgue where strange things are happening. The only person she can talk to is her boss, her mother just turns the television volume up, and her friends are grossed out by her job. But Sally is convinced her boss isn’t fully human…

Alma Boykin

Fledermaus Murphy: Tales from Riverville

When Fledermaus Murphy comes to town, the only thing certain is Murphy’s Law.

Welcome to Riverville, where a giant bat works at the coffee shop, the school district battles inappropriate mascots, an author hunts for his mews, and landscapers work at night. Nothing is quite as it seems when Fleder Murphy is around.

A short story set.

*Sarah talking. The usual disclaimer applies that these are books sent in for promo, not recommendations as such, since we haven’t read them. Knowing two of the authors, I think they must be good, but read the sample pages, as usual.
Meanwhile I’m doing a “Summer Reads” program through Goldport. Not that you’d think it’s Summer approaching, what with the thunderstorm that kept me up half the night. (Guys, next time I decide to go offending weather gods, tell me it’s a bad idea.)
This week I have Witchfinder on sale for 2.99

and next week it’s another one –likely either Ill Met By Moonlight (the first of my novels ever published) or No Will But His. If you have a preference, let me know. There will also soon be new novels (sorry, but Rogue Magic Editing is squeezed into 2 hours at night, if I don’t crash first (and right now I’m prone to suddenly feelings like the stuffing was removed from me) and this is messier than Witchfinder, which is something I thought I’d never say. It’s also more difficult since I’m trying to make it individual voices, first person, and you know… it’s a craft thing and I need my thinking hat on. AND I might still fall on my face! There will also be other stuff, once Darkship Revenge is delivered.

There might or might not be another post later.  I have a ton of stuff I need to do at the other house, so I don’t know when I’ll get back home.  I also Madame Athena in my head.  I wish I could paint walls and write at the same time.  Yes, I know technically I could but the Dragon it doesn’t work so well for me — not Dragon’s fault.  I freeze and go um oh um. — and the transcribing people are too rich for my blood while we’re paying mortgage AND rent.  This too shall pass.  Better days will come.  For now, all I can say is there might or might not be another post later.  It’s Schrodinger Post!*

27 thoughts on “The Boogey Woogy Book Promo Thingy

  1. “so go enjoy your day, preferably with good friends and a good book”
    Yeah, if I wasn’t at work!

    1. I never found that being at work got too much in the way of being with friends and/or a book. But I liked to make friends with such co-workers are were not irredeemably damaged, and kept the reading to mandated breaks (mostly).

      1. mandated breaks, what are those?

        Oh you must have been one of those union employees, you certainly weren’t self employed. 😉

        1. Non-union, but in many states wage workers are mandated a half hour break for an eight hour shift and a fifteen minute break every four hours besides. May even be Federal. Working in a mall at Christmas, this works about as well as you would expect. I don’t think I ever had a retail job where you got the fifteen minute breaks unless you fought for ’em.

          Most retail chains suffer from the consequences of “you pays peanuts, you gets monkeys”

  2. Thanks Sarah, and Oyster-meister.

    Your storms missed us, but we got a batch from the Permian Basin at 0530 today. Sound, fury, and another inch of rain. It sure cleared the air, but the streets and sidewalk are a mess.

  3. Hello, with Sarah’s kind encouragement I put up the first ten chapters of my first-ever fiction writing project, an “Odd” romance novel entitled “When the heart rules the mind”
    Bow online at The password for all pages is our esteemed bloghost’s last name (4 letters, properly capitalized).
    Comments, suggestions, ideas, hate mail, carp cannonades,… welcome here, on the individual chapter pages, or by Email to ancienbelge AT gmail DOT com
    TRIGGER WARNING 🙂 expect stilted dialogue, cardboard characters, amateurish plotting twists,… and every other sin of the novice writer — plus total ignorance of the genre since I am deliberately going far outside my comfort zone.

    1. If only there were some way to add new content to a post. Maybe a second area where those who read the post could offer commentary and expand the discussion. Or tell terrible puns and share links.

    2. No big deal. In my experience new books are woeful for such errands, often lacking the sense required to pour sand out of a boot with the instructions written on the soul. If you really want that new promo brought out you should send one of the more mature books in for it.

        1. Why do I suddenly see you in a library wearing a white lab coat and reprising a Cheez-it commercial?

  4. Don’t spend the $2 you get for Witchfinder all in one place 😛

    Sigh, and i was going to go read it, and discovered my kindle battery is dead.

  5. FYI, starting next week I’ll be running the first of the WWI novels on Saturdays on my blog. It’s still in draft form, but I think I got the worst of the typoos sorted out. Maybe.

  6. I gave up on Dragon, also. I thought I could record while driving and then just plug it in to Dragon when I got home. While I could semi-train Dragon to the recorder while sitting at the computer reading the training; apparently the background noise of a rattling diesel engine causes serious comprehension problems for Dragon. Then if I recorded while driving a gas truck, it heard other weird stuff.

    I did do some recording and then transcribed it myself at home later. I found out that way that I have a totally different “voice” when telling a story as when typing it. I can tell halfway through the first paragraph whether it is a story I “told” into a recorder and transcribed or whether it is one I typed.

    1. Look, speech-to-text cannot do anywhere what the human brain can. It’s basically glorified pattern-matching. By way of illustration from a related field: music recognition services like will be dead-on if you feed them clear audio of a track they have in their database. But the human brain can recognize the same piece in a different instrumentation, at a different tempo, or transposed to another key — and even with a lot of background noise.

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