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Good morning to one and all, ladies, gentlemen, cats, dragons, plants, and nameless horrors from beyond the stars alike! I’ve a raft of books for you this weekend. A couple of new releases, several rereleases, and a few older books for those who may have missed them the first time round, with one by our beloved Shadowdancer leading the list. Whether one of the books here or an old favorite, go read a good book this weekend! Life is too short to spend on boring books.

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Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster

Codemonkey, Word Polisher, Minion to the Stars

R.K. Modena

Sparrowind: The Dragon Who Lived As A Knight

Tiny Sparrowind can’t hunt from the sky, cannot hope to best his siblings in contests of strength, and scrapes by to survive. But in the books stashed in his parents’ hoard of gold and gems he finds a greater treasure: ideals.

Deciding to make his own way in life gives him more hope than he could have if he tried living only by the way of Dragonkind, but can this dreamer of a Dragon find his place in the world?

A delightful tale for all ages, that may be shared by reading out loud – either to a young audience, or those who are young at heart.

John Van Stry

The Sea of Grass

Portals of Infinity: Book Four

With no otherworld tasks to run for Fel, Will has spent the last year mainly helping Rachel consolidate her hold on her expanded kingdom. Barassa has been set back, for now, but Will knows it’s only a matter of time until they’re at odds once more and Barassa still has the bigger army. So taking the time to learn more about their enemy seems like a good place to start, and of course, Rachel has more things she expects him to do, even if he has no idea just how he’s going to do them.

Fel has things for Will to do as well, even if they are the more mundane jobs that a Champion of the faith must perform. Escorting missionaries isn’t the most exciting or glamorous job, but its one Will must do. At least the people are different, interesting, and friendly, and some perhaps a little too friendly. But that’s never gotten him in trouble before, right?

Peter Grant

War To The Knife

Laredo War Trilogy Book 1

Laredo’s defenders were ground down and its people ruthlessly slaughtered when the Bactrians invaded the planet. Overwhelmed, its Army switched to guerrilla warfare and went underground. For three years they’ve fought like demons to resist the occupiers. They’ve bled the enemy, but at fearful cost. The survivors are running out of weapons, supplies, and places to hide.

Then a young officer, Dave Carson, uncovers news that may change everything. An opportunity is coming to smash the foe harder than they’ve ever done before, both on and off the planet. Success may bring the interplanetary community to their aid – but it’ll take everything they’ve got. Win or lose, many of them will die. Failure will mean that Bactria will at last rule unopposed.

That risk won’t stop them. When you’re fighting a war to the knife, in the end you bet on the blade.

Mary Catelli

Newly released in print editions

Madeleine and the Mists

Enchanted pools, shadowy dragons, wolves that spring from the mists and vanish into them again, paths that are longer, or shorter, than they should be, given where they went… the Misty Hills were filled with marvels.

Madeleine still left the hills, years ago, to marry against her father’s will. If her husband’s family is less than welcoming, she still is glad she married him, and they have a son, two years old.

But her husband’s overlord has fallen afoul of the king. And all his men fall with him, including her husband.

She sets out, to seek the queen and try to bypass the king – and the Misty Hills.

Some things are not so easily evaded.

Also available from Barnes & Noble

A Diabolical Bargain

Growing up between the Wizards’ Wood and its marvels, and the finest university of wizardry in the world, Nick Briarwood always thought that he wanted to learn wizardry.

When his father attempts to offer him to a demon in a deal, the deal rebounded on him, and Nick survives – but all the evidence points to his having made the deal.

Now he really wants to learn wizardry. Even though the university, the best place to master it, is also the place where he is most likely to be discovered.

Also available from Barnes & Noble

Curses And Wonders

A collection of tales of wonder and magic.

A prince sets out to win his way to the dragon’s lair.

A woman fights a curse on her lands.

A man returns to his castle, bringing a magical sword, and worse things.

And more tales.

Includes “Dragon Slayer”, “The Book of Bone”, “Mermaids’ Song”, “Witch-Prince Ways”, “Sword and Shadow”, “Eyes of the Sorceress”, “Fever and Snow” – and “The Emperor’s Clothes”, which is not sold separately.

Also available from Barnes & Noble

Enchantments And Dragons

A wizard must produce justice enough to satisfy a dragon.

A young man tries to rob a tiger’s lair.

An enchantress tries to keep a court safe while they ignore the perils of misusing her magic.

A lady finds that court intrigues can spread even to the countryside.

And more tales.

Includes “Over the Sea To Me,” “Dragonfire and Time”, “The Maze, the Manor, and the Unicorn”, “The White Menagerie”, “The Dragon’s Cottage,” “Jewel of the Tiger,” and “The Sword Breaks.”

Also available from Barnes & Noble

Mackey Chandler


April Book 1

April is an exceptional young lady and something of a snoop. After a chance encounter with a spy, she finds herself involved with political intrigues that stretch her abilities. There is a terrible danger she, and her friends and family, will lose the only home she has ever known, and be forced to live on the slum ball Earth below. It’s more than an almost fourteen year old should have to deal with. Fortunately she has a lot of smart friends and allies. It’s a good things because things get very rough and dicey. They challenge the political status quo, and with a small population the only advantage they have in war is a thin technological edge.

And What Goes Around

April Book 6

The nation of Home and their ally Central seem to have bought some safety by moving Mitsubishi 3 from Low Earth Orbit to a halo orbit around L2 beyond the moon. It has added some expense to stay supplied, but it has unexpected advantages too. A little extra distance works just fine when Earth has its own problems. Like April and her close friends Heather and Jeff, Home is growing, developing its own character, and becoming more independent. They really have no choice.


Part regency Romance (ah!), part adventure science fiction, this novel set in the magical land of Avalon will take you to various worlds (including ours) as Seraphim Ainsling, Duke of Darkwater navigates a web of intrigue and treachery upon which hangs the fate of the world and his own family.  Buy from Amazon here.  (And I swear I’m going to resume Rogue Magic if not this coming weekend, then the weekend after — depending on getting other house up — and race it to the finish. – SAH)

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  1. As always, please keep in mind that a posted review of any book you read is a manner of repayment to the author.

    In these days when folks are deliberately posting bad reviews for politically unacceptable fiction (usually while admitting having not read the book) a well-considered and positive review is something you can do to support authors you enjoy.

    1. Yes, please review the books you read, especially if you enjoy them. I have gotten bad reviews for being politically unacceptable, even though I try just to write enjoyable and non-political tales of late.

      1. And it’s a great one. Lots of fertile ground for continuing adventures. Left a review and bought a second one for a nephew.

    1. you know what, there will be a post, later. For reasons known only to the psychiatrists we don’t have, the kids and Dan and I stayed up and talked till 3 am. The kids are fine, but we’re too old for this.

        1. Grrr – I spent nearly a minute going back and forth looking for a difference before seeing this 🙂

  2. Loves me some Peter Grant. Discovered him last year, from a casual mention on Larry Correia’s blog. I find it particularly interesting that he has a consistent universe, and it’s fairly obvious that sometime in the future, that Dave Carson and Steve Maxwell **WILL** cross paths.

    I’ve described Grant’s writing as “Horatio Alger meets C.S. Forester, as written by Heinlein. . .

    1. Still working my way through War to the Knife, but I agree – Pete’s one of the authors that can jump to the top of my reading queue.

  3. Long time listener, first time caller. Read Witchfinder, reading Darkship Thieves. Read some of the Musketeer stuff too. Kind of been on a Sarah Hoyt binge lately. Super good stuff. I was bad and didn’t review Witchfinder on Amazon (I did for the vampire Musketeers though) but I just went and remedied that. 🙂

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