Do A Little Dance, Get A Little Book!

* So the snowmaggedon they PROMISED us seems to be a dusting that didn’t even stick to the roads. This is bad news, because I was counting on today and tomorrow to finish Through Fire and get it to betas. So, you out there, think snow over the rockies. Also, I will feel really bad if I have to go and work at the other house later, because I THOUGHT I couldn’t this weekend, so I did two days worth of work yesterday and I can barely lift my arms, still.
Meanwhile, below, there’s Free Range Oyster’s heroic effort to corral all the books the Huns and Hoydens are putting out. And there will something indie from me, soon, I promise, as well as the resumption of your free chapters as soon as I’m done painting ceilings and Through Fire is out of my hands.
And related to promo, remember what I said about how the fact I write in EVERYTHING makes it difficult for me to get real promotion? I was reading yesterday and I think maybe this guy was an ancestor or something. Gooble Gobble, definitely one of us. – SAH*

Happy Saturday, Huns and Hoydens! An especially warm greeting to those of you that the Oyster Wife and I got to spend time with at LTUE last weekend – we miss you already! The best writing conference on this continent plus a small gathering of Hunnity? Yes, please! Our So while you plug away at your writing projects, weekend chores, abominations of mad science, and 5-dimensional knitting, remember to take some time out and enjoy a good book. Oh look, we have some books right here! How convenient… As always, future entries can (and should!) be sent to my email. Happy reading!

Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster

Word Polisher, Story Hawker, and Benevolent Overlord of the Oysterhaus

Peter Grant

Ride The Rising Tide

The Maxwell Saga Book 2

Trapped in the Dragon Tong’s search for a lost legend, Steve Maxwell finds a way out by enlisting in the Lancastrian Commonwealth Fleet.

If he survives long enough to earn a commission, he’ll be able to hunt down the pirates who killed his mentor. To get there, he’ll have to slog through rain-swollen swamps, dodge incoming fire on a ‘peacekeeping’ mission, and face down a gang of angry smugglers. Even far away from enemies, a mistake can turn a spaceship into a deathtrap.

It’ll take resourcefulness and courage to succeed… but Steve hasn’t come this far in order to fail.

Jeb Kinnison

Red Queen

The Substrate Wars

This is Book 1 of the Substrate Wars series. The story starts on a California college campus just a decade from now. The world is post-terrorist disaster: repressive and censored, governed like China is today but with a stagnant economy and no jobs for young people. The students are cowed but not unaware, and they seize an opportunity when the government’s actions start to hit home even in academia. When they discover a new technology that could either free mankind or be the ultimate weapon for governments to control their citizens, they must decide what to do. Homeland Security and the Chinese government are one step behind; spies and traitors lurk in unexpected places. Who will determine how to use this great technology – free citizens or governmental bureaucrats?

58 thoughts on “Do A Little Dance, Get A Little Book!

  1. Be careful what you wish for. We got a delightful 5-7″ here in southwest Ohio. They’ve closed down parts of an interstate, advised people not to drive unless absolutely necessary, and its still coming down.

    1. We’re supposed to get a foot. I don’t see it. And seriously, that sounds heavenly. I’ve arranged for neighbor at the other house to look after Greebo, I made enough meatloaf for three days for the guys, and I could just pull the world in after me and work.

      1. We are awaiting freezing rain and sleet here in the Dallas area. Of course to be accompanied by below freezing temps. We are stocked in firewood. We just returned from a drugstore & supermarket run. He goes to Walmart and I go to Krogers. Our pharmacy is Walgreens.

        1. took a 12 hour 550 mile lunch run today … what? don’t look at me like that

          Anyhow … On my way back, the roads were sprayed with anti-icing solution in prep for it.

      2. Oh, good. I’ve been meaning to ask you what arrangements have been made for Greebo, Maurice and the other neighborhood cats. By the way, local news: the man who set off the little bomb has been captured. He was after a Certified Public Accountant who had an office in the same building as the NAACP and the hairdresser. The CPA had not sent him back his tax returns that he had submitted a year before, and would not answer his phone calls. If he had asked around instead of building a bomb, he would have discovered that the CPA had died 8 months before.

      3. If it had shown up, it would’ve gotten there– and then melted, flooding both houses and killing the power so you were too busy hauling stuff up stairs to type on the laptop.

        *negative positive side*

              1. Ah! So the milk and eggs run worked! ‘Round here, the milk was fine, but the OJ, the Keurig cups, the eggs, bread, and of all things, the frozen shrimp stocks at the grocery store were all obliterated.

                  1. I don’t claim to understand either, but yeah. Of all the sizes above tiny salad shrimp, there were four empty shelves and about six scattered bags laying folorn and abandoned at the bottom of the freezer section.

      1. That should do it. They’ve bumped our snow-ma-geddon or whatever to Sunday night-Monday and increased it to 4-6″. Which means we will get snow and I will get called in on Monday. (Jinx).

          1. Shall I tell all y’all about the bulbs blooming in my yard? 😀 Yeah, we kinda didn’t have a winter here. Which we will pay for, since we didn’t get snowpack in the mountains. Summer will be … crunchy.

            1. Blooming? Oh, how wonderful! The barren ground by the flat’s door sprouted daffodil leaves, so I gave them fertilizer, mulch, and water in the faint hopes of blooms. Instead, one solitary bud later, they got two rounds of freezing rain. And some snow.

              I do not envy you the summer ahead, though, with a low snowpack.

              1. *chuckle* You should have some of our daffodils. They’re unkillable. Under a foot of snow right now, but soon as it thaws, they’ll be growing and blooming again. It’s happened year after year. We’ve dug them up, but missed maybe one or two… and they came back. Mow them like weeds? They come back. Even came back after the burning diesel incident (that one doesn’t happen every year).

                I swear, they’re a weed of some sort. Either that, or my mother’s dryad gene popping up again. If it grows in the dirt, it’ll thrive at my folks’ place.

          2. We got flash-freezing ice this AM. As I pulled onto the highway to get to where I sing. Now it’s snowing. I demand a recount.

  2. ” So the snowmaggedon they PROMISED us seems to be a dusting that didn’t even stick to the roads. This is bad news, because I was counting on today and tomorrow to finish Through Fire and get it to betas.”
    Nah, we seem to be getting it all here on the East Coast. 😦
    Still, I hope to see “Through the Fire” soon. Dragon arial combat and heroics for the win!

  3. Re Piero … hmm, why did they think he was weird? I love that Visitation, all those vignettes are really the same thing … except the monkey …

  4. My only sadness with Sarah’s book recommendations today is that I have read them both already. On the bright side, Book 3 of the Maxwell saga is out, and I just started reading it. I already posted a glowing 5 star review of Red Queen on Amazon.
    I wish Colorado had our snow. What happened to global warming and the seas rising? It was below zero two nights in a row. My poor 12 year old puppy is having a difficult time staying on his feet when he goes crunching down through the hard pack.

    1. dog sized snowshoes? Does he need a sweater or is he thickly furred? What breed of dog is he? I have a Toodle(Terrier/Toy poodle cross.)

    2. Book Four, _Stand Against the Storm_ came out on Thursday. No, I don’t have it yet. The opening of the first book is so good that it triggered a full-on fight/flight reaction and I had to put it down for a while. I’ll probably wait to read the others. I did read _War to the Knife_ and it’s quite good.

    3. TXRed… thank you. thank you. I just bought it so it will be on my Kindle when I finish book 3.
      emily, My boys are beagles. I actually thought of snowshoes earlier today. Unfortunately, a couple of beagles back, I got dog ‘booties’ which were suppose to protect from ice and snow. I put them on my dog and he just stood there with this ‘you can make me wear them, but I refuse to move’ expression.

      1. Well, my little Lilly (a beagle) walked in the booties but did her best to “lose them” while walking. [Smile]

      2. How old are they? Do you know of Rachel Lucas? She was an indefatigable dog costumer and photog.

        1. My old pup is 13. My new pup is 1 and 1/2 years old. I do not know Rachel, and I have never figured out how people dress their dogs in costumes. My pup would have ripped any stuffing and tugged it into two before it gets out of the package.

  5. Snow – not so much. Spent 4 AM to 6 AM listening to freezing rain coming down, then took a long nap. Not getting out today.

  6. Your snow is in Maryland, Sarah. The skies are letting loose with great and deliberate diligence here.

  7. I wonder… would watching Algore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” make it snow, or does the Gore Effect require he be there in person?

    1. I think an ALGOR personal visit is required to guarantee snow, although if you convene a UN sponsored climate change seminar, or have a visit by Michael Mann the weather will get real cold.

  8. I see that The Weather Channel is reporting the Denver airport is being closed due to snow, with up to two feet of snow accumulating there and areas South thereof.

    Will that suffice or would you like me to arrange for additional snowfall? (Be advised: delivery may entail some delays.)

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