In the World of The Red Queen

How did we get here? And why is it so dark? And why does everything look so strange?

It’s not just that charming lady (I’m stretching a point, okay?) Tanya Cohen willfully claiming that having your speech restricted is true freedom of speech. Oh, no. I wish it were. That would be easy. We have places for people who confuse the meaning of words to that extent and who seem unable to reason their way enough to cross the street. Or, okay, not places, but at least medicines.

But the topsy-turvey nature of our present reality goes well beyond Tanya’s problems.

Take, for instance, how people say things, publically and in a way that seems to make them all proud of themselves, about how we should believe rape reports regardless of whether or not they’re true.

Or take how I’ve been accused of racism and white supremacism for pointing out present day Muslim culture is sick. (I didn’t say all Muslims subscribed to the culture, just that the culture in Muslim countries has issues that completely dwarf ours. Apparently it’s bad to be against female mutilation and stoning. Who knew?)

Or the way I was called transphobic for saying men and women are different, not just in external genitals but in internals, because the hormones shape brain development. This is something that no brain expert would dispute, and even I who am no brain expert can’t begin to dispute. But apparently saying this, saying that men and women have different equipment between the ears as well as between the legs is transphobic and homophobic to the point it caused someone to throw up on reading it.

This not only baffled me, it baffled one of the gay readers of this blog (and a friend) who pinged me to say “if men and women were alike inside, then how could anyone describe himself as a woman in a man’s body? And if men and women were exactly alike except for externals, why would anyone say they are gay – or straight for that matter? After all there are prosthesis and they’re not expensive.”

It’s a mystery, but apparently it’s a pattern of thinking, if you can call it that.

It is also racist to say our president has any issues, even though, you know, my lying eyes can’t help but seeing them and my problem with him is not the black but the red. (I have a cold war injury. I remember communism. It only hurts when I laugh. Fortunately I’m more likely to cry.)

Also I’m misogynist. Too many reasons to list, but it includes thinking women shouldn’t be given affirmative action because cream rises. And my thinking that being promiscuous is not mandatory for young females. And my thinking that having children is actually something most women aspire too. Oh, yeah, and my thinking that some women are morons. Granted, fewer women than men are morons. OTOH statistical distribution wise, there are more male geniuses. We women mostly cluster in the middle. There is also my firm belief that women often also have a dysfunctional culture in groups, and that the greatest enemy of female success are other women.

All this makes me misogynist to go with my racism and my transphobia and homophobia.

And all I can think is “Why are we here? How did we get here? Why is it so dark?”

Liberalism, the real kind, started off so well. It was all about allowing the individual to succeed and fail on his merits; allowing each person to determine what constituted his happiness; allowing people to speak freely and to practice whichever religion they liked, and to strive and earn or fail to earn, each to his capacity and inclination.

Why did we get to this place where suddenly we all have to be the same and the same we have to be is a white male (whatever the feminists say. Greatest case of raging penis envy ever. That’s why they hate women having children or wanting to be mothers) obsessed with work and casual sex and voting straight party democrat.

It’s dark in here. I think we’re up a duck’s bottom. Because up a duck’s bottom is the only way any of this would make any sense at all.

Now it’s bad to say criminals are bad. It’s bad to have a gun in self-defense. It’s bad to say communism was a bloody (literally) failure. It’s bad to believe our lying eyes and not the word of our betters.

And I want to scream. My middle fingers are screaming up.

What got us up the duck’s bottom was that some fluffy people went too far. If the individual was so important, it must be because we were all born saints. From that too comes the idea that if we’re not all succeeding it must be a systemic problem, not an individual decision.

And once Marx put the cap on that bit of madness, everything got subverted. Because if the capitalist system is the original sin that causes all human badness how can we condemn criminals? And if everyone should have equally good results, then there must be discrimination. And anyone who says that things are different, that some humans, even some classes of humans are, statistically, different from each other, anyone who says that communism and socialism are not moving us near to Earthly paradise, anyone who disagrees with any of that… well, they’re the culprit and should be destroyed.

This is enough to keep most people quiet while our current administration does things that punish our friends, empower our enemies and endanger the entire world.

After all the press reserves particular words for those who question the status quo and the received wisdom: evil, extreme, wing nut.

This is never applied to supporters of a system of governance that saw 100 million (a low estimate) into the grave. Instead it’s applied to the proponents of a system of limited government that has created the greatest prosperity and ease for the common man that this sorry globe has ever known.

And people stay quiet, in the main, because they’re afraid of being called names, of being hunted down, of having their reputation and livelihood destroyed for daring challenge the insanity.

Which is how we find ourselves living in the Red Queen’s world, where words mean what she says they mean and everything changes at random and only her majesty can dictate what is true.

As someone pointed out it’s like a child crossing a tile floor, who is beaten for stepping on a particular tile, which looks just like every other tile. And the fact he can’t tell the difference is what makes him so particularly evil. And this goes on till he admits he’s evil or he cowers on a corner of the room, with his hands over his head, sobbing.

Metaphorically speaking, there are a lot of us either admitting they’re evil to make the punishment stop, or hiding in a corner of the room, hands over head.

I could join them, I could. For a long time, I just stood in one square, paralyzed, afraid to move.

But the more this goes on, the more I become convinced that if we are LUCKY we’ll be called “the mad years” in future history books. If we’re unlucky we’ll be called the “pants on head running around making train noises years.” And if we’re really unlucky, we’ll end up not being called anything, because there will be no human civilization left on Earth to write books about us.

Which is why I refuse to just sit in a corner hands over head. It’s not because I don’t feel the madness around me. It’s not that I don’t get tired.

It’s because I want my children and my (at least my adopted) grandchildren to have a future. I want humanity to have a future.

So someone needs to point out the mad people are mad. And tell the sane ones:

Be Not Afraid! In the end, we win, they lose.

The future of humanity demands it.

329 thoughts on “In the World of The Red Queen

  1. This is why I refuse to give up hope. I still think there are people who will stay sane (well, you know what I mean) and refuse to give in to the madness that surrounds us.

    The truth is, that’s why the left and the red-stained idiots are waging wars on our ability to parent, the ones of us who choose to raise our children the way we do – because then they couldn’t control those children who become adults who aren’t listening to their bullshit and attempts to pull a veil of fear and despair over their eyes.

    They don’t want people to know what really being free is like.

    1. Oh, Maryland and Montgomery County Child Protective Services are getting ROASTED over this one. Even the Washington Post is asking WTF? are they thinking. And on local talk radio, it’s even more pronounced. . .

      1. It made the local news here in the DFW area this morning and the basic response was “WTF?!?”. One teacher texted into the program to note that those of her students who do walk and bike to school alone are more independent, more reliable and more of a self-starter (or words to that effect) than the students who have mommy and daddy constantly hovering over them.

        1. Some of that may be the other way ’round. Parents are more likely to let reliable kids do things.

          1. Possibly, but things like this are a constant source of contention between myself and me ex-wife. She won’t even let my three year old get dressed on her own because “She’s not old enough for that.”
            Sorry, but I’m not trying to raise helpless handmaidens. Kids need to learn to do things on their own and human nature says that it needs to be their parents that push them to do so.

            1. Yes, very much so. I tire of adults who are useless in some way, and got that way because a parent never let them/expected them to do anything for themselves.

        1. Makes me glad mine are tall for their ages. I’ve always argued with my mom because she thinks cops as a category are safe for kids to talk to and I’ve taught my kids that cops they don’t know fall in the stranger category. My neighbors aren’t a concern, it’s the stranger driving down the road who is.

          1. A friend of mine—who was victimized by a family member when she was a child—doesn’t like the “stranger danger” method. After all, such thinking didm’t help her at all. Instead, she likes the method of teaching kids to recognize “tricky adults.” A tricky adult will try to separate you from your protectors. A tricky adult will try to get you to keep secrets. A tricky adult will try to get you to conform to their version of reality. And a tricky adult will ask kids for “help” when an adult would be better to ask.

            Some strangers will help. You don’t want a kid so scared that they run away from help.

            1. That’s good. Really, really, good. I’ll have to incorporate some of those. (The reality one, well, we’re Odd. Not sure that’ll work so well since yesterday this house was a fortress being defended against hordes of monsters, you see, many things are pretended but addressed as if real around here.)
              No, the rule for strangers is more along the lines of you can talk to them but you have to stay at least as far away as Daddy is tall (6′) while you talk to them. You can only share your first name. You can’t go places with strangers. You can introduce them to Momma and Daddy, though.
              The rule for lost in a business/town setting is find an adult/teen who works there to ask for help. (Cashier, etc.)
              Police are just plain difficult. They could help a lost child, or they could put the child in danger by taking them from their family. Better to avoid them unless you know them (which we know several).

              1. The “version of reality” is meant as a guard against an adult who denies a kid’s version of events: “No, you didn’t really see that, you must have seen this.”

            2. The “secrets” one is especially good. Any adult who asks a child to keep a secret from his/her parents is up to no good.

            3. My technique was to order the kids to say, “sure, let me ask my mommy/daddy” and to point out that any adult who didn’t want them to check with their protectors was not a good adult. I didn’t want them flinching from adults who could help them in case of real trouble.

              Otherwise, my attitude was, the kids’ job was not to recognize evil in adults. That was my job. Their job was to check in.

            4. I’ve never heard of “the tricky adult method”, but reading about it, it is excellent! Reading history I’m aware that even family members— w/certain personality traits cannot be trusted. If even certain types of family members are a danger, how will reflexively distrusting strangers help?

              Additionally, I’ve always been reflexively suspicious (::grin::) of any “big‐push” government‐sponsored program— an example is the nineteen‐nineties fad of having all the children fingerprinted, DNA‐ed, and videotaped, ‘…just in‐case the children are stolen…’. We (the public) were promised that on the date the children achieved their majority those records– the fingerprints, DNA, blood samples & video– would be destroyed and any electronic records deleted.

              I wonder if they were/are being destroyed and erased.

              To me, these government “big‐push for your own good” projects always taste slightly off. Perhaps I’ve listened to my Grampa Grumpus tell the story too many times of the WWII‐era rationing: which, for the most part, was wholly unnecessary— later after the war admitted as such. It’s main purpose was manipulation of the public, and I’m psychologically adverse to bearing manipulation. I become mule-ish and contrary.
              You could even say I get down‐right testy when I find I’m being manipulated and do everything within my power to return the favor— in spades!

              I want to thank you for posting the “tricky adult” detection formula! In fact, I think that it would be a service to everyone (except tricky adults, of course) to codify it, expand as necessary, and post the codified version somewhere!

              1. These days, if they fingerprint your kids, they give you the fingerprint set to keep safe in case the kid is abducted, at which point you can then turn the set over to the authorities. Much easier all around, if you can remember where you put them.

      2. The WaPo’s been better since Bezos bought the rag. It’s still liberal, from what I understand. But it doesn’t appear to be as deeply in the Kool-Aid as most of the other news organizations. It’s been writing a *lot* about the UVA rape fiction.

  2. Welcome to the Crazy Years. Heinlein pegged it, but I think even HE would be surprised at just how weird things have gotten.

    I also wonder when the political terms inversion occurred: technically, most of the readers of this blog are what USED to be called “liberal”, but now is called “conservative” or “libertarian” (or, for that matter, the term I use, a “libertarian conservative”. . . .)

    I’m thinking that it was the 1960s when the Hard Left started modding the term, and now the Progressive Movement is convinced THEY are the Liberals, and not the Statists, and even on occasion, the Fascists.

    Now, as a snide aside, I’ll merely note that NOW that I’m an old married guy, it became fashionable for young ladies to be promiscuous. I missed out on the Hippie Free Love days, and now I’m too old for Friends with Benefits. Story of my life. . . (grin)

    1. I didn’t even mention that they used to be for free love, but now you have to make sure the girl not only wants it now, but will enjoy it enough not to scream rape for the next ten years.
      My friend, you ain’t missing a thing.

      1. Noticed that. EVERYTHING seems to have inverted.

        Hell, I’m giggling over Mount Holyoke cancelling “The Vagina Monologues” because it was insufficiently inclusive: it didn’t cover those who identify as women, but don’t have a vagina. . .

        Perhaps the Crazy Years is insufficient. I’m thinking we’re at “the Totally Batshit Years” and accelerating at about Warp Factor 7. . .. . .

        1. I saw that news on VM and all I can say is if you needed proof that reality is stranger than fiction can be (and be read, at least), there you have it. Would that be a believable element in fiction? Would anyone willingly suspend disbelief that far? I’d throw that one across the room. (And I put up with a lot because I read so voracious that I am always short on material!)

          It’s gotten to where I really can’t tell if something is satire anymore. The SJW troops say things with a straight face that, as Sarah aptly points out, should be sufficient for a court-ordered regimen of medications. Is it just hyperbole to make a point? Or do they really believe it? I can’t tell these days. But the evidence better supports the latter.

          1. I confess. I saw that headline (a lot of people here must read WeaselZippers) and giggled madly. No matter how radical and PC they think they are, someone is going to cry “more victimized than thou.”

        2. Priorities, priorities. Did they ever cancel it because it featured the rape — forcible AND statutory — of a 13-year-old girl, deliberately plied with drink by the woman so the woman could rape her?

          1. Oh, hell no. That just proved how edgy they are…..

            Or that they’ve adopted that charming saying “Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed!” Without the breeding part, because children are a punishment. From whom? Darwin?

            Similarly, they’ve resurrected that wonderful Klan standby, the “one-drop rule”. At least for Fauxcahontas and others who are members of their Klavern.


          1. I’m thinking most folks will just ignore 90% of it, and only the folks who are really into being period authentic will know about the crazy stuff.

            I mean, how many folks have a clue about post-WW-1 nightclubs in England that did all the BS with music that is going on with art now? And that’s just barely out of living memory!

            I’m thinking electric cars will be displayed as a big fad, kind of like the car phones in the 60s that are actually old style phones and not cellphones…. probably get spread so we have 80’s colors and a mix of strange styles…. lots more dyed hair than now, probably an emphasis on the more extreme body art. (Pretty sure by that time the “make a big hole in your ear” guys will move to… I don’t know, LEDs in the skin or something.)

            1. My buddy found a picture of one the African lip-stretching fellas, using the front plate of a claymore to hold his lip out. Of course, for the picture, he was holding up the clacker as if threatening to detonate.

                  1. I once failed to get a job because one of the interviewers was an Electric Car Enthusiast and I brought up the relocated pollution point.

                    They didn’t SAY that was why, but I imagine it was.

                1. Pet peeve, not intended as a personal attack, feel free to ignore.

                  “Their testicles”? How many women have testicles? I realize that using the generic “he” when sex is not specified is losing out to the politically correct “they” or “he or she”, but when one is specifically referring to a male-only organ, is the PC pronoun really necessary?

        3. Warp 7? Heck, we’re at Warp 10, where infinite speed makes people turn into salamanders.

          It’s true! I saw it on TV!

    2. Given some of the stories coming out of Old Folks Homes, and the VD stats to back them up, you’re not to old, you’re just too moral.

    3. I’ve thought about that too, how he managed to predict this, and predict it rather well. It makes me wonder what he modeled it all on, and which of his predictions is coming next. A lot of them are rather grim.

  3. “In the World of the Red Queen”?

    Hm. Well, I guess Hillary Clinton has something to do with it…

                1. Nope, the evil Jean Grey of the Hellfire Club was the Black Queen.

                  There was an evil Jean Grey from an alternate world was called Red Queen and Madelyne Pryor (clone of Jean Grey) also called herself Red Queen.

                    1. Chuckle Chuckle

                      The crazy thing Sarah is that I don’t read the X-Men comics any more. [Smile]

                    2. I don’t really read them much anymore either. This is just old trivia/knowledge.

                    3. I gave up when Magneto was apparently killed in the satellite. At least I could pretend that it ended there.

                    4. We all have our breaking point. I think mine was when I realized that these characters would never be happy. If they were, it would end the drama.
                      Suspension of disbelief only goes so far.

                    5. There were several reasons that I stopped reading the X-Men comics.

                      One big reason was that there are good reasons to fear Mutants.

                      Even the “Good Guys” are incredibly powerful and it makes very good sense to fear these extremely powerful guys (like Magneto) who believe that they are “superior” to mere humans.

                      To make anti-Mutant fear similar to anti-gay stuff or anti-black stuff becomes completely stupid. [Frown]

                    6. For me, the anti-mutant fear can be, these days, compared to the anti-conservative bent of the libreals… or better yet, specifically, their irrational fear of anyone that carries a tool to be able to defend themselves- so, they are afraid of them because they have a ‘power’ that they don’t.

                    7. Fantastic Racism is often quite logical.

                      Mutants are not so bad as when they substitute the poor put-upon little vampires.

                    8. People who feel so sorry for Vampires should be the prey of Barbara Hambly’s Vampires. [Very Big Evil Grin]

                    9. Even in the “Civil War” storyline, which was about registering all of the supers (and not just mutants), Marvel still blatantly ignored the problem of people with WMD-level abilities running around with no supervision. Instead they went for the easy “Cap good, Iron Man jerk” route.

                      While I haven’t looked hard for it, probably the best treatment of the problem of supers that I’ve seen to date is Brandon Sanderson’s Steelheart. In that book, all of the supers are evil. The US is effectively gone. Multiple cities quite literally no longer exist (Portland is specifically mentioned as razed due to fighting between multiple superpowered individuals; and in the sequel, we hear about a super who single-handedly destroyed Houston, Albuquerque, and San Diego). And many people think that a city ruled by a tyrannical despot who’s basically Superman without any morals is a good thing because pretty much all of the alternatives are a *lot* worse.

                    10. The thing that gets most neglected about superheroes is that a lot of us, with a power, would go for neither crime nor crime-fighting. Gadgeteers would go into for patents. People with illusion powers, for jobs doing special effects. Speaking to animals would be an excellent skill for an animal trainer. Wings? How about news? You don’t need the helicopter any more. Or as a janitor — look I can change all the light bulbs and wash all the windows without a ladder.

                    11. Yeah, I always figured Mr. Incredible should’ve just gone into demolitions work after he was barred from hero work. But maybe it was illegal for him to use his powers for anything…the movie wasn’t very clear.

                      Spidey’s webbing would’ve made him a mint if marketed as a non-lethal crowd-control device.

                    12. In the “Wearing The Cape” world, it’s implied that not all “supers” become superheroes or supervillains.

                      One character isn’t an active superhero as he chose to put his family first. On the other hand, he’s a reserve hero as he has been “called up” to assist in natural disasters.

                      Mind you, there are “Hollywood Heroes” who have superpowers but only “play” superheroes on the movie screen. [Smile]

                      Oh, one thing about developing superpowers in this world is that the person often has to learn to use his powers as to not harm regular people. Example, one character had to learn to *not* harm regular people with her super-strength. Imagine somebody who just got super-strength hugging a friend.

                    13. Incredibles hits the problem of who was containing the supervillains, and how, if the superheroes couldn’t.

                    14. That was another problem, though based on the flashbacks, there didn’t appear to *be* any actual super-villains. Just flashy, normal criminals with various shticks. Bomb DuJour. The eyepatch guy with the missile that snagged on Thunderhead’s cape. Even Syndrome and the Underminer didn’t appear to have any actual *powers*. Just gadgets. Pretty implausible, granted.

                    15. I actually have a series of short stories I’m writing set in a super hero high school.
                      The premise of the school is to provide a safe environment in which the kids can learn to use/control their powers. Most of them will not go on to become heroes, because that takes a certain mentality.
                      Many will use their powers for employment, but the rest will just become accountants, ranchers, etc.
                      The point of the school is actually to monitor for potential villains and give them a good education, (helping them avoid crime).

                    16. I started writing the stories years before Sky High came out. I felt slightly cheated.
                      But my version isn’t nearly so campy.

                    17. The thing about the Marvel Civil War was that Tony Stark only pushed the Superhero Registration Act because HE screwed up (with the Extremis tech) as I recall, and decided that if HE (the alcoholic playboy billionaire) couldn’t be trusted with that kind of power, then no one should be. Pure lefty gun control/no nukes/noGMO metaphor.

                    18. I don’t know if you ever read JMS’s Thor comics, but the way he had Thor deal with Iron Man was just wonderful.

                    19. The point of the school is actually to monitor for potential villains and give them a good education, (helping them avoid crime).

                      In one episode of the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon noted how many supervillains had advanced degrees (Dr. Doom, Dr.Octopus, Dr. Sivana) and remarked that grad schools should have a better screening process. 🙂

                    20. @Paul re Barbara Hambly’s Vampires: her monsters are the best They all make my skin crawl. After reading the Dark trilogy, DH and I kept seeing things out of the corners of our eyes for days … and the vampires put paid to the “romantic” vamps by Anne Rice.

                    21. What’s really scary is that Hambly makes it clear that Ysidro is a monster but he is still somewhat likeable.

                    22. I reluctantly gave up on staying a comics fan back in the ’80’s; it was clear then that having too long a memory was going to spoil things. I still read a few, from time to time, but don’t really try to keep up.

                      I got sick to the teeth of the “Mutant Hating” storylines out of X-Men. I mean, if any child may be a mutant, then mutant hating is hating the next generation. It isn’t racism because you can’t suddenly have a child of a race different from its parents. It isn’t homophobia because it breeds.

                      I could wish, though, that somebody at Marvel would push to publish a collection of the Damage Control stories.

                    23. Oh, booger.

                      Just realized that they’re mixing the form and function thing again….

                      Hate is evil, the only hate they recognize is racism, so everything must be hammered to fit in to the racism form, but they can’t manage Puddin’ Head Wilson level writing and or even get in the head-space of people who have different (important) beliefs than them.

                      THAT is why the new stories sucked so bad compared to the old ones….

                    24. Yeah. The “funny” thing is that in some of the early X-Men comics, they played “fear the Mutant” for laughs. After all, when they had a “little old lady” beat on Beast with her purse, it was hard to take it seriously.

                      Of course, now it isn’t “Mutants = Blacks”. It’s “Mutants = Gays” and they ignore the big difference.

                      Gays can’t “blast holes in walls”, some Mutants can.

                    25. Yes, they’re plugging “mutant” into the formula they’d use for “gay,” but they got that formula from a simplified version of the “black” equation– and that was simplified into a form where you’ve got to hold someone less able to be a threat, because if you recognize any pattern they don’t like, it’s racist.
                      Even when it’s a race hustler that’s recognizing it, like Jesse Jackson famously did.

        1. Fascinating…. I had never heard it covered before… let alone in another language. Jefferson Airplane version for those those you who need the earworm purged.

      1. The Dems ARE Umbridge. Or at least the Umbridge class. if you ever encounter that type of official for real it’s more scary than running into agent Franks. That one training session, brrrr, I still have nightmares about it and sexual harassment.

    1. The total has reached seven. I say again: The total has reached sevem. The chair is beneath the table and the fox is in the door. Engage Hyperion protocols.

        1. The table has shifted. Repeat, the table has shifted. Suspect that we are on a boat that hit a wave.

                1. In the overall category; crocs head the carnivore list, but hippos beat ’em for Best in Show.

                2. Nah, the mosquito kills an order of magnitude more. I guess they qualify as carnivores, not herbivores.

                  1. But since the mosquito doesn’t kill people directly, but only by acting as a disease vector, it doesn’t “count” in those particular lists.

                    I’m surprised the Cape buffalo didn’t beat out the hippo, though.

                    1. They’ll both do their best to eliminate you from the gene pool. It may be harder to accidentally upset a Cape Buffalo than a hippo, though. I’d have to go back to my big game books and see what they say.

                    2. It looks like the cape buffalo aren’t distributed anything like hippos are, and I know that hippo attacks are often from accidental contact– it’s a lot harder to accidentally come up on a buffalo herd than to float into a hippo’s range.

                    3. For the same reason the crocs lead the carnivores: anyone who has to go to a stream for water / cross the stream / etc. is invading their territory. It’s much harder to stay away from them than the buff.

                    4. It’s a matter of opportunity. Hippo’s are territorial. It’s hard to avoid them when you are using their territory to get around.

          1. It’s just the Hunlings. (Junior Huns? Do we have a collective noun for the kids of we who frequent here?) They were building a hammock.

            1. Dr. Frankenstein: [Holds up hand] Ah. Good. Uh… would you mind telling me… whose brain… I did put in?
              Igor: And you won’t be angry?
              Dr. Frankenstein: I will not be angry.
              Igor: [Shrugs] Abby…someone.
              Dr. Frankenstein: Abby someone? Abby who?
              Igor: Abby Normal.
              Dr. Frankenstein: [takes a deep breath] Abby Normal?

  4. In biology, the Red Queen Hypothesis is about the race between plants and animals. *glances toward clueless cause-o-the-week-protesters* Animals eat plants *looks at Islamists* the plants develop a new defense, the herbivores come up with a way around it, and the plants develop a new defense. Kinda fits if you squint, except the new defenses are the sand ones and we’re getting kinda tired of “you’re evil, you’re a monster, save meeeeee!”

        1. I had some a few hours ago, thanks. I am willing to just… leave this one alone, as it will rapidly get into the forbidden category of ‘platform wars’.

          1. Heh fair enough. My stance on the whole thing is on my own space, swearwords and all. This WILL be hilarious, honestly, because it’s the “Do I have a competent doctor while I’m having a heart attack, or the diversity-affirmative action sympathy vote?” principle.

          2. But the only answer to the platform wars is 8 bit dos. It is one of the most indefensible positions available. It is difficult to think of any problem for which we do not have better solutions these days.

      1. No, they aren’t. Some are, but libertarian is far more common than SJW at the top echelon (i.e., the people who spend their time actually writing code rather than on public posturing).

        Those “open source nutters” wrote the blog software you’re using right now, by the way, along with most of the other software that powers the Internet.

        1. Maybe at the top levels of your “top echelon”, they are libertarian, but the rank and file is riddled with SJWs, including a ton who THINK they are libertarian, but slide right into supporting all kinds of stupid crap that the Left espouses.

          1. They just follow the standard definition on liberty on the left:

            I’m free to do anything I want; you’re free to do what I want too.

          2. Wayne is exactly right. If you look at a blog aggregator (say, the Planet Debian one that aggregates the blogs of the rank-and-file people who work on Debian Linux), when they comment on politics, it’s 95% leftist.

            1. You are making the common mistake of confusing “people who chatter” with “people who actually do the work”. You are also ignoring the fact that no one wants to be the next Brendan Eich.

              1. It’s true that there are lots of open-source volunteers who don’t talk about politics on their blog. But the people whose chatter ends up on Planet Debian are certainly also doing the work.

                You make a good point about Eich’s takedown intimidating non-leftists into shutting up about politics, though.

        2. Of the top echelon, I’m aware of ESR’s very libertarian views, but he’s the only one whose political views I know. Who else do you count as being in the “top echelon” and leaning libertarian?

          … Wait, I also know that Brandon Eich got in trouble over his donation to a pro-Prop 8 group (as I recall). So that’s two non-leftists… maybe. (I know almost nothing about Eich’s political views other than that one donation, so for all I know he could be a leftist who made one step “out of line” and got crucified for it.)

          1. Torvalds. Most of the Bitcoin people. Paul Graham (I strongly suspect). Most of the early EFF people. Jimbo Wales. Mark Shuttleworth. Peter Thiel and Elon Musk (not really open source mavens, though). John Gilmore.

            By contrast, the only major player I can even remotely characterize as a classic leftist is Stallman, and he’s not really one (he’s his own thing).

            1. *Blows dust off the binder of useful systems of political taxonomy*

              *Turns rapidly through the pages*

              Leftists, one and all.

  5. I sometimes wonder if the last line of the National Anthem shouldn’t be the “The land of the screams and the home of the crazed.” Yes, America, you are not only nuttier than a Snickers, but you have a surprising resemblance to the inside of a can of cashews. I don’t know about this place anymore.

    To kind of piggyback off of what I said yesterday, part of what makes me so concerned is that the other side has lost it to the point that they think we all agree with them. That we’re just a bunch of stupid meanie-heads out to screw people over because race/gender/sexual orientation/religion/some other excuse. They are capable of listening physically, but totally mentally unprepared to deal with someone who actually disagrees with them.

    It has often been said that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results. FDR, LBJ, BHO. Is there really a difference? Has any of them EVER made anything better. The vast majority of both economists and economic historians will tell you that everything FDR did made the Great Depression both longer and more intense. Why are we trying it again? Have things really gotten better under Obama? Really?


    If, in the end, we win we’d better find a way to start the process soon. There may not be much left to save if we don’t.

  6. I stand by my perception that this is nothing new or exceptional. Each successive self-selected elite has gone through a phase when they were obviously divorced from reality, usually shortly before they lost much of their grip on a culture (we can hope). The self-justifications of the Upper Classes as the middle class rose during the 19th Century spring to mind.

    They’ve lost it. Their power peaked with the ouster of Nixon (who, after all, was pretty much in line with them on Domestic policy) and all they got for it was Carter. Since then they have been slowly slipping. The termination of Ward Churchill would have been unthinkable in the 1980’s. They’ve been in steady retreat on “Gun Control” for decades. The Military, which they HATE, has the best reputation it has enjoyed in my lifetime.

    Oh, they aren’t done yet. Hell, the Upper Classes are still making a nuisance of themselves in England today. But they are never again going to have the degree of control they had just after Watergate, and they HATE THAT.

    They are THRASHING.

    It’s a pity that their loss of power won’t be accompanied by a nice conclusive culture-wide tar-and-feathering, but in truth they will simply fade. Children born this year will read about their fulminations, and wonder how they got off their meds.

    1. Exactly. They’re basically bots running scripts written by a country that hasn’t even existed for 25 years. The more time passes, the harder it is to make the script have even a passing relationship to reality, and the hard it is to convince people that that emperor really is wearing some groovy threads.

      To make matters worse (for them), they’ve been indoctrinated to not have children of their own. If so many of them hadn’t managed to get into positions where they indoctrinate other people’s children, they’d already be gone. Considering that the modern university is going on the rocks as we speak, that isn’t going to be an option for much longer.

      As our hostess is fond of saying: In the end, we win, they lose.

      1. That’s why I’d like to see Common Core modified to include basic gun handling and marksmanship. After all, half of high school seniors are or shortly will be part of the unorganized militia. I’d also like to see teachers required to get a CCW permit and range qualify annually. It would be more effective at preventing school shootings and cheaper – even if you factor in a stipend for buying a weapon and practice ammo – than an armed security guard.

        1. No matter how staunch a believer in Gun Rights you may be, you really don’t want to force arms into the hands of the dregs of the Publc School system. Yes, there are always a precious few real teachers dedicated enough to put up with the nonsense, but I wouldn’t trust a lot of ed-school graduates with an electric stapler, much less a firearm that they were scared of.

          1. But that’s the point. Force those who would educate our children to handle guns – note that I wouldn’t require them to carry them in the classroom – and thone who are Progs because they’re dumb will mostly quit or fail the class. We do have to keep an eye out for the evil ones who would “accidently” shoot a child to discredit the policy. Come down on her like a ton of bricks for gross negligence.

    2. The fact that the military has a strong reputation merely means that they’ve changed tactics on how to deal with it. Now they appear to be trying to subvert it. And a lot of the men and women who would ordinarily be willing to serve are throwing their hands up in disgust and leaving.

          1. A mulher e a sardinha quer-se da mais pequenina. … Sempre me pareceu uma metafora the pescada. (Why the heck does Portuguese lack a word for Fishy? I’ve been to the country. I grew up there. It’s all fish– Oh, wait. like fish don’t have a word for water.)

              1. You never converted. You were always one of us, you just talked funny and had the wrong passport. Both are easy enough to fix.

                If I may rant: Today on the way back from work I had the pleasure of listening to the racist &$¥×@ on NPR review a movie about a group of high school students who won a national underwater robot competition, beating out several college teams, who happened to be Hispanic (IIRC three of them were illegal). Of course, being vile Progs they had to link this to immigration, quoting that useless codswallop Durbin singing hosannas to immigration. I nearly crashed my car yelling that supporting immigration in general is different than approving of illegal immigration. I don’t hate illegal immigrants because they speak differently or because they tan better than I do. I dislike immigrants because they’re fucking CHEATING. There are millions of people all over the world who are dying (in some cases, literally) to come to America but cannot because these selfish shits took advantage of an accident of geography to jump the queue and sneak in. I do have some sympathy for those who were brought here illegally as small children, but their parents need to be arrested and deported. But not before being implanted with a small bomb that will detonate if brought within 1 km (see, we’re using metric like the Europeans. That makes this a moral imperative) of a base station that will be sprinkled liberally across the border zones.

                Why does Southern California have so many goram idiots?

                1. Jeff, my best theory is an idiot magnet buried somewhere in Santa Monica.

                  Us SoCal Huns should get together sometime. Lunch, drinks, a range trip, doesn’t matter to me… lol

                  1. Well I’m only down here until April and working 12 hour days six days most weeks. But I’m theoretically up for a meet-up. The project is winding down, so I might even get some free time in February.

                2. I made the mistake of asking the lady who helps my parents with the heavy housekeeping about the Democrats. (She’s a resident alien, married to a now-citizen who came here legally). I learned some new Spanish vocabulary that I really can’t use in mixed company. In short: she’s not a fan. I suspect she and her husband are edging toward libertarian.

  7. Definitely the ‘Totally Bat-shit Years.’ Sigh. I think that my very first horrified realization of this came about when I watched the Tea Party – a more earnest, sober, dedicated and fairly well-educated/experienced activist self-organizing group of Americans there never was – getting maligned by the establishment media and so-called intellectuals as a bunch of dumb, racist fanatics. What I had seen first-hand was nothing like what Tea partiers were portrayed as. The disconnect is still mind-boggling to me.

    1. If the TEA Party was everything the media said it was, how come the police never have any trouble at the rallies and the DPW never has to clean up.

          1. Dang it, WordPress, I know you have a Like button! Why don’t you stop hiding it from me so I can actually use it?

  8. “caused someone to throw up on reading it.”

    Perhaps your words caused a reaction in them that made their body try to reject their stupidity by vomiting it up. Hey, it could happen…

  9. Have to say that being the Odd one, none of this seem strange or particularly dark to me. It seems like any other Friday.

    When you’re an Aspie you ARE the kid on the tile floor. You can’t see the Special tiles, and they move. By the time you get to be an adult you’ve got armor that’ll turn artillery rounds.

    I will admit it is novel to see the Normals getting the Special Tile treatment, but for me I treat it the same as everything else. Put on my Demon Slayer face and ask them how bad they want that fucking tile I just stepped on.

    Tha Vagina Monologues being cancelled because it is insuficiently inclusive, as noted above, is an absolutely hilarious example of the Normies stepping on a tile that moved. I’m blogging that one later today.

    Also mentioned above is the Child Protective Services bullshit. I’m in the mood to throw some napalm on that fire, so I have a question: If these were two BLACK KIDS would this be happening? Given the horrific things we know about that go on in some of the crappier parts of the greater DC area, I’m thinking no. Do BLACK KIDS not count equal to White kids? Or is it that the cops and CPS are less inclined to lean on Black parents? Or is it that there are two different standards of expected behaviour, one for Whites and another, laxer one for Blacks because you can’t expect Those People to know any better?

    Or is it all just down to moronic state apparatchiks throwing their weight around because they can? If so, I think they stepped on a tile. Ha ha!

    1. “If these were two BLACK KIDS would this be happening? Given the horrific things we know about that go on in some of the crappier parts of the greater DC area, I’m thinking no. Do BLACK KIDS not count equal to White kids? Or is it that the cops and CPS are less inclined to lean on Black parents? Or is it that there are two different standards of expected behaviour, one for Whites and another, laxer one for Blacks because you can’t expect Those People to know any better?”

      Even simpler, actually. They’re cowards. In those crappier parts, they’re at far greater risk of getting shot than in some middle class suburb where the inhabitants still have something to lose.

      Same reason Rahm and his boys aren’t taking the guns of the gangs in Chicago.

    2. Don’t make it a race thing. The blacks have already done so and are sure that if the parents had been black, it would have ended worse, with arrest for the mother and removal to non-relatives for the child.

    1. I’m not sure, but at least it’s likely to be warmer there than it is in Michigan this morning.

        1. Indeed. When I was a teenager I wished and hoped to be surrounded by adoring redheads. My wife is one and so are my two daughters. Someone has a very wry sense of humor.. Not what I had in mind originally but it works quite well…

      1. Hey, some delivery guy just dropped off a load of ice skates for a Mr. S. A. Tan, said we’re heading that way.

        1. Given the track of solar energy and global temperatures (before NOAA/NASA tinkered with the data), I’d say Mr. Tan is going to need them.

              1. Maybe someone had an oil leak? I think I see smoke ahead. Probably seized up their engine. Surely not hellfire smoke.

    2. Wonderful Non-sequiter cartoon; the front steps of the Stock Market, a folding table covered with handbaskets, and a devil seated behind it. One broker saying to another “That CAN’T be a good sign”

  10. Before I got out of bed this morning, I was thinking about Ms. Cohen and progressives in general, and the things they’ve been…spouting. They’ve talked themselves into believing that the word ‘of’ is synonymous with ‘from’. Think about out it. They say they believe in freedom of speech and then proceed to advocate laws against free speech. What they really believe in is freedom FROM free speech – the freedom to live without hearing anything that upsets their precious world view. To them, it’s not freedom of religion, it is freedom FROM religion. It’s not freedom to succeed, it is freedom FROM failure and FROM responsibility.

    I doubt it is an original thought, but…it was a step forward for me being able to get inside their heads.

    1. Interestingly enough, this works out with an “alternative interpretation of the Constitution” supported by the gov’t that my characters are trying to overthrow in one of my stories. Although, in my case, the free speech thing is a bit more nuanced and it’s actually freedom from religion.

            1. Actually, I suspect they think they won’t be killed at all. Delusional, but they do seem to think that if they appease enough they’ll be allowed to live on.

              They don’t expect to be eaten last, as Churchill put it, they expect the crocodile to get full and move on.

          1. I’d said they hoped to be dead by then — and obviously they don’t care about the fate of their non-existent children — but leftists don’t realize they will die.

            Really. Remind someone he will die by having him write a mediation on how one day, his hand will be a skeleton, and test him, and you find that compared to a control group, the group that did this is more conservative.

            Leftism: delusions of immortality!

        1. So in fact what they want isn’t actually to smash anything, it’s to replace the whatevers in the whatever-archy. Basically, they are against it because it ain’t them.

  11. Or the way I was called transphobic for saying men and women are different, not just in external genitals but in internals, because the hormones shape brain development. This is something that no brain expert would dispute, and even I who am no brain expert can’t begin to dispute.

    I’ve told about this one before, but it’s especially suited to the above: Watching a documentary (Discovery Channel, IIRC), chronicling the life of a woman’s journey to a sex change, as the hormone treatments went on, her language skills went down, and her math skills went up. It’s hard to be more definitive than that.

  12. C4C ….. barring that this doesn’t blow up the email box too badly today. I plan on jumping back into one of Hillsdale College’s free online courses today. Can’t decide between Con 201 or Great Books still. :/

  13. The scientists have already researched how hormones affect gender (internal)– One of the specific researches I read almost fifteen years ago now was about hyenas. The female hyenas can die during child birth because they have a penis– and the birth canal is through the penis. They get it from being masculinized in the womb from testosterone because all the pups are awash in it. (I don’t understand why we don’t see this phenom with dogs or other animals that have litters– haven’t gone that far into it). So hormones do affect a lot of the baby’s growth and gender. (I guess the research looked into fraternal twins to see if a girl would be masculinized if having a boy twin). Yes, hormones do go throw the barriers, in this case. Sorry… I don’t remember the research or the group– we talked about it in a biology class in 2000. it was an old subject by then.

    1. The female hyenas can die during child birth because they have a penis– and the birth canal is through the penis.

      And here I was thinking that passing a kidney stone was bad.

    2. Free Martins in cattle: the heifer twin of a bull calf will almost always be sterile. This has been known for, well, ever since domestication: they’re said to be the best meat.

            1. True. And I do have a bottle of Bushmills which has been standing all alone and untouched in a cabinet for over a month.

              Maybe Irish Coffee. 🙂

  14. “There is also my firm belief that women often also have a dysfunctional culture in groups,”

    I don’t encounter this, but that’s mostly self-selecting—I don’t keep contact with anyone who does that sort of thing. Anyway, somebody said something illuminating in a comment some time ago that resonates with this:

    “In many primate societies, females at the top of the hierarchy will harass low-status females until they’re so stressed that they stop ovulating.”

    Stop. There’s a solid evolutionary strategy behind bullying. Think about that. And now you can smile any time you see such behavior because you know that they’re reacting on instinct, being a biological throwback.

  15. There is also my firm belief that women often also have a dysfunctional culture in groups, and that the greatest enemy of female success are other women.

    Had an ah-ha conversation with my husband the other day, about terrorism– I don’t think it’s so much women that are the problem, it’s emotional thought.

    It’s not that emotion is evil, or that pure reason is good, it’s that if you only use emotional reasoning (which works pretty dang well for figuring out what the terrorist groups will do, if you can get an idea of what they value) then you’re not going to build things up very well, because any time you get someone making you feel bad, you’ll pull them down.

    What you apply them to will make a big difference– American culture values the underdog, helping those who need it, and freedom. Without a good balance of both reason and emotion thinking, things get ugly.

    Women tend to “do” more emotion. (Only in movies does that mean being nicer…. wanting to rip someone’s throat out with your teeth is a very emotional reaction.)

      1. She’s been reading over my shoulder. Someone finally pushed one too many of Rada ni Drako’s buttons. There is now a large biohazard site where the offending party used to be standing.

        1. Can I get any of you ladies anything? Chocolate? Footrubs? How about I take all these sharp objects far, far away for some cleaning?

  16. I like the term ‘free-range kids’. It conjures up thoughts of them scratching in the dirt and getting a little gravel in their souls. Has to be a good thing. Hopefully, they will grow up to be strong enough to not demand other’s ideas be silenced like Tanya Cohen nor become physically ill to the point of vomit from some phrase Sarah has written.
    Perhaps the best news recently is the two Fraternities that are suing UVA over their new FOA. Push back is always wonderful to see. I also liked the Torvalds response that he simply doesn’t care.
    If we are lucky, they will eventually drown in their own list of exceptions and contradictions to their dogma. If not, perhaps in 1000 years or so, a great founding nation can study first the Romans, and then the USAians and create a system that works at all levels of prosperity.

  17. I find that when confronting craziness like Tanya Cohen, staying calm, crossing my arms across my chest, arching an eyebrow and asking, “Is that really the best you can do?” seems to get them quite flustered. Just refuse to play the game.


    Read it and weep. Actual Trans activists HATE John Money. And surprise, this fascist moron wants to imitate his premise, which has thoroughly been debunked so many times that they’ll have LOUD backlash on the same side of the isle, no matter how they start defining isles in future.

  19. I used to laugh off PC garbage. It was a fringe thing, a by-product of fringe politics. At some point ultra-left progressivism became mainstream and the demands for petty conformity became everyday background noise. I never thought I’d say it, but I miss the old school New Deal liberals.

  20. You’re all quite mad! I like that in a gathering.

    Anyway, my concern is they will burn the house down on their way out.

    1. They can set it on fire, but we’re too good at firefighting to let them burn the whole house down.

      1. That brings up,a tangental thought;

        How many of the “Habitat for Humanity” houses Carter has famously helped build have since fallen down because of shoddy workmanship?

        Or is the twit actually good for something?

        1. I vaguely remembered that there had only been one Habitat house that was condemned (here) and I’m pretty sure that falling down would qualify as a code failure.

          I think he use to do a long of private fund raising (on his own dime, even) for after a disaster and stuff, too?

            1. I suppose I better make it clear, in case the link I posted goes dead– the house was condemned because of the actions or inactions of those living in it, not because of structural issues….
              Carter is one of those folks my dad points to as someone who should never be given power, but is not an inherently bad person. All his wrongs, by dad’s estimation, are from not knowing what to do with power.
              (Dad use to quip that he should’ve stayed in the Navy; stopped once I sent him a comment from one of the guys in the nuke program who was familiar with the guy, and the idea of Jimmy being back or having stayed a Nuke scared him silly.)

  21. ” There is also my firm belief that women often also have a dysfunctional culture in groups, and that the greatest enemy of female success are other women.”

    Could not agree with you more. I have always, and I mean since I was a very little girl, hated being with the women in groups. Awful, awful talk, backbiting and gossip. I would much rather (then and now) be with the men. I love men.

    I’ve worked a lot of places in my life, and the top three nasty, ugly bosses were women. The “feminization of everything” has been very, very bad for Western Civilization.

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