And Lo, the Free Range Oyster Did Bring Forth A Promo Post

*blows dust off of computer* Oh look, it’s still here! I was afraid I’d left it in the Diner and Rex had gotten ahold of it! Let’s see, where do I… Aha! Welcome, welcome, O Huns, to the Pre-Christmas Promo Post! We’ve had a bit of a drought of submissions the last few weeks, and I ended up saving the trickle I had (with one colossal exception) for this post. I hope you’ve all just been too busy reading, writing, and feasting to send things in! I do want to publicly apologize: our own Mary Catelli has finally put some of her stories up for sale, and sent me over half a dozen last weekend. Since I was in a rush, I didn’t look closely at what she’d sent, and so skipped posting last weekend for lack of material. *ducks head in shame* Lesson learned! In order to avoid swamping this weeks post, I’m only including the first half of the list; there are more out there! So please, go enjoy your weekend with a new book, get some entertainment, and help our resident authors become filthy rich take a Caribbean vacation pay their bills buy dinner feel a little better about their lives. As always, future entries can (and should!) be sent to my email. Happy reading, and a deeply joyful Christmastime to you all!

Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster

Code-slinger, Healbot, and a chouse quarrons in the Rome pad

Alma Boykin

A Cat for Christmas

A Cat Among Dragons Short Story

A meter-long catnip mouse?

Major Rahoul Khan is back from Afghanistan, rejoining the 58th Regiment of Foot in time for Christmas. But Afghanistan doesn’t want to let him go. His old friend Rachel Na Gael may hold the cure for what ails him. Or she may take him farther than he ever imagined possible.

Sometimes, the little gifts mean the most.

Wesley Morrison

Broken Eden

Films That Never Were Book 2

After seeing his entire unit die in a failed black op, Brahm Tanner retreats from the military and even his family. Now running a freelance hostage retrieval unit, life – and business – are good. At least until the President of the United States insists on hiring him.

A covert, underground facility has gone dark, apparently taken over by its own commander. Why the military of the most powerful nation on Earth is now standing down, however, and who the partners in this “shared” facility truly are, the President refuses to say.

Every instinct tells Brahm to walk. And every experience says that he and his current team are being set up as scapegoats.

Then the President names the commander of the base: General Benjamin Tanner.

Brahm’s father.

Joseph Francis Collins

The Black Hand: Sniper

Modern Day Assassins

The Black Hand – a shadowy organization that recruits, trains and supports assassins specializing in very specific murder techniques.

A Father’s legacy

Max Jennings was trying to put his traumatic childhood behind him when he discovered that he had not only inherited his father’s shooting talent but by default, his father’s job as a professional killer. Both changed the path of his life.

The Final mission

Max knows what he has to do to escape the trap set by his destiny… but will he live long enough to carry out his dangerous plan? With the help of an unlikely ally he might just survive his time in…

The Black Hand: Sniper

The Black Hand: Poisoner

A Talent for Murder

When Jill Ringler learned that her uncle was abusing his young granddaughter, she put an end to it knowing that her family would close ranks around him and never suspect a precocious teen of murder by poison.

A New Career

After college, Jill should be looking forward to mastering her own life but, instead is blackmailed by someone from her past and forced into killing for The Black Hand. But she finds that she enjoys the work, the thrills, the money and making her own way in the world.

The Future

She learns the truth behind the accident that killed her parents and formed her future. Now her life rests on the action she takes. With luck, skill and determination, she might just survive her time as…

The Black Hand: Poisoner

Mary Catelli

Witch-Prince Ways

Widowed, caught between two feuds, Katie was desperate enough that the Witch Prince witched her wits away, so that she let him steal her baby.

Then there was no reason for him to not let the bewitchment fail. What, after all, could she do against him? Even the witching woman would tell her that defying the Witch Prince was beyond her power.

And tell her again, when she will not listen.

Also available from these fine booksellers:

Mermaids’ Song

Whoever hears the mermaids, singing, will die.

So Nicolas has heard — before, and after, he hears the song.

Also available from these fine booksellers:

The Book of Bone

A novelette of curses and journeys.

Avice’s dreams of settling at Clearwater are dashed. The lawsuit had ended, and the lands were made over to her, but a bone wizard lays a curse on the land, and blight begins to spread. All will die before the curse as it spreads.

Neither her family nor her king are willing to help. She is left alone with only the knowledge that the mysterious Book of Bone may have the lore that she needs — if only she can find it.

Also available from these fine booksellers:

12 responses to “And Lo, the Free Range Oyster Did Bring Forth A Promo Post

  1. Well crap, knew I forgot to do something! Is there going to be a Friday Book Plug for the 26th in order to catch all those folks with brand new Amazon Cards?

  2. Would it be out of line for me to share this post with a number of writer friends of mine? I would advise them to send you the book they deem their very best, with perhaps mention of other titles. It could be a dozen people — is that too much from strangers? If it helps, they are irregularly exposed to your columns, courtesy of an Israeli physicist…

  3. Incidentally, the full list contains a collection, called Curses and Wonders. Pick any link above, click on the author link or more by this author link, and you’ll find it if you want the economy sized package.

  4. You say it like Rex upgrading your computer is a bad thing.

    Pre-Rex. Type, type (backspace) type…

    Post-Rex. “Computer, promotional column please. Read through my email and talk about those books that fellow indie writers have come out with.”


  5. Meh, people are probably sick of hearing about Kiwi, but it’s the only thing I’ve got up for sale. I’ve got art for a new cover that I plan to get on it before Christmas, then it’s going to be free from Christmas to the Saturday after.

  6. I have Pixie Noir for sale for a dollar today, but it will go up to a whole $2 tomorrow. Countdown Sale. And if you’re in the mood for a Western Romance also for a dollar, search for Farmhand by Lilania Begley, that’s mine, but under a penname to keep my fantasy fans from getting too much mundane in their magic.