We Interrupt More Interesting Discussion for an Announcement

Because some of you might not have all my stuff yet!  (I know, I know, inconceivable.)

My collection wings is on a countdown deal for the next week, and it’s 9/10th off today.

There’s a review of it here.

Also, among other things, to promote Witchfinder, I decided to put up a free short story a week for as long as I have trunk/reverted stories.  This week’s is

Heart’s Fire.  It was written for an anthology in which each story was about a store in a magical mall in Chicago, in case you wonder at the venue.

And RES reminded me to mention these are both DRM free, so you can change their format and read them on your nook or kobo reader, or whatevs.

That’s all folks.  The interesting post is below!

9 thoughts on “We Interrupt More Interesting Discussion for an Announcement

  1. Never ever ever ever promote a DRM-free book without MENTIONING the fact it is DRM-free. Unless it isn’t. Really, what is the point of doing a DRM-free release if you keep it to yourself — that’s like building a Cobalt Thorium G bomb and keeping it secret.

    It defeats the whole purpose.

    Thank-you for the good reads, BTW

  2. I note that the price hasn’t dropped in the Amazon.com.au marketplace (where I shop). Do you know if it will?

    1. For reasons known only to the gods of Amazon, au doesn’t give me that ability. It will drop in the uk on the 8th because I didn’t know I needed to set it separately, but au isn’t even offered 😦
      I suggest you call Amazon and b*tch about it. I promise sales as soon as it lets me.

  3. Bought both this afternoon; it will probably be a couple of weeks before I get to read them…..

  4. *nabs both* I liked the twist in Heart’s Fire! That was cute. 😀 Haven’t read Wings yet, saving it for later.

    Do you have a mailbox for crowdsourced typo-hunting? I spotted one but I don’t want to be an annoying grammar nazi if you’re not interested. Writing your other stories is a much more important use of your time after all! 😉

    1. Nah. I don’t have it. There is no point. everything will have typos, even the traditionally published stuff, and yeah, I’m already working for four people or so.

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