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*I need to finish two short stories.  There will be chapter later, but it might be MUCH later.  Like afternoon my time, evening yours.  Meanwhile, the Mollusc has promo.*

Books, books for sale! Tales of adventure, tales of mystery, tales of the spaceways and the worlds next door. Come, read a fine yarn or three, my friends! Books to relax, books to enjoy, even books on sale! Yes, we have no bananas, but have I mentioned we have books? As always, future entries for the promo post can (and should!) be sent to my email. Happy reading!
Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster
Kludge Architect, Mercenary Wordsmith, and Plunderer of Pierogis

Laura Montgomery

Manx Prize

Manx Prize

In the second half of the twenty-first century, when Charlotte Fisher was just thirteen, orbital debris took its first large-scale human casualties from an orbiting tourist habitat. Haunted by visions of destruction and her father’s anguish, as a young engineer Charlotte follows in his footsteps and determines to win a prize offered by a consortium of satellite and orbitat operators for the first successful de-orbiting of space junk. Her employer backs these efforts until the reentry of a piece of debris kills two people, and she and her team are spun off to shield the parent company from liability. With limited resources, a finite budget and the unwanted gift of a lawyer who, regardless of his appeal, she doesn’t need, she must face a competitor who cheats, a collusive regulator, and the temptations dangled by the strange and alluring friends of a powerful seastead.

James Young

An Unproven Concept (Kraken Edition) (The Vergassy Chronicles)

An Unproven Concept Kraken Edition

The Confederation of Man has overseen the prosperous expansion of humanity for almost eight centuries, with the Confederation Fleet its shield against all enemies both internal and external. Despite its numerous successes, the Fleet is a shield that is becoming warped by the schism between its Carrier and Line factions. In the year 3050, Fleet Admiral Malinverni has overseen the design and commissioning of a vessel intended to merge the best of both factions: the battlecruiser Constitution. Intended as a harbinger of a better future, the Constitution is considered a flawed concept by all except her crew.

The starliner Titanic is considered to be the epitome of her type. With a handpicked crew, the Titanic is expected to see to passengers’ every need and whim, be it a rare artifact of opulence to stringent, discreet security. Unfortunately Captain Abraham Herrod, her master, is confronted with the growing likelihood that his vessel may soon be rendered obsolete by the ever pressing march of technology.

At the convergence of these two ships lies aliens, mecha, railguns, and carnage. An Unproven Concept (Kraken Edition) contains all the unremitting action of the original, as well as the short story “Ride of the Late Rain.”

The original book can be found here.

Cedar Sanderson

Memories of the Abyss

Memories of the Abyss

Violet is trapped in the prison of her own mind. Her body is dwelling in the insane asylum, but when her friend Walter is killed, she must make a decision to avenge his death, or stay safely locked in her own broken soul. He’d drawn her out of her shell, and she finds she still has honor left… But will anyone believe the crazy woman?

Note: This book will be available free of charge from the 12th through the 17th.

Pam Uphoff

Exiles and Gods (Wine of the Gods)

Exiles and Gods

*Second Book of the Wine of the Gods series*

Three Novellas in the Wine of the Gods Universe

High school student Chris Dunmeyer though he was smart, athletic and good looking. The tests that showed that he was genetically engineered came as a shock. Bad enough he wasn’t allowed to compete in sports, was shunned as a techno monster. But now the majority wants “his kind” gone. And with the new parallel world technology, it looks like there’s a place to send them.

Exiled from Earth, the genetically engineered colonists and the escaped “gods” find their parallel Earth a challenge, a paradise, and an opportunity to explore the abilities their genetic engineering has blessed, or cursed, them with.

Includes two shorter works in the same world.

Michael Kingswood

The Pericles Conspiracy

The Pericles Conspiracy

Josephine Ishikawa’s last shift as Captain of the starliner Pericles changed the course of history, but no one knows about it. The powers that be took charge as soon as she got back to Earth, with only a select few permitted to learn about the beings she encountered during the run from Gliese, or the eggs they entrusted to her care.

Satisfied that the government will make good on her commitment to return the eggs home, Jo returned to her job of getting Pericles through a major maintenance overhaul and then back out to the stars. But when she learns that the authorities reneged and have begun experimenting on the eggs instead, she faces a difficult choice: keep the life and career she loves or embark on a quest to rescue the eggs and keep the promise she made to their dying parents, out in the depths of space. That quest could cost her more than she ever imagined as it plunges her into a shadow war against a planetary government that will stop at nothing to keep its secrets.

Note: This book is on sale until Monday.

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