Pimping Readers and SELF

Before the oyster on the almost complete shell does his thing, Musketeer’s Inheritance should now be up on Amazon and possibly B & N and Kobo, though they take longer.  This is the reissue of A Death In Gascony under the name it should have had.  if I’m continuing the series, it’s going to have proper names.  This is the fourth musketeer mysteries book.  I’m sorry I don’t have a link yet, as I’m posting this late at night.  I’ll look in the morning and link.  Also, An Answer from the North is now free on Amazon  and will stay through the 15th. Don’t say I never give you anything nice.  Okay, it’s an odd story, as it was written in a fugue state and came out ALMOST prose-poetry.

As this week progresses, I’ll be reloading the other musketeer’s books, with links to the next one, if that makes sense.  Also, some (minor at this point) cover changes.  I’m waiting on the printed proof of Seamstress, and Witchfinder is ALMOST ready to go up on paper.

That’s all for now. There will be chapter later today, but we have household things till early afternoon, so it might be late and/or odd.

Happy Saturday, y’all! We’ve a modest collection for you this week, with a classy dash of poetry. Also, fascinating science fiction for you fantastic fiends. Er, friends. Yes, of course that’s what I meant! *nervous laugh* So go, commit commerce, and make sure to leave reviews if you like them. If not, well, just keep it to yourself! 😀 As always, future entries can (and should!) be sent to my email. Happy reading!
Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster
Code Monkey, Mercenary Wordsmith, and Watchman For Hire

Pam Uphoff

Outcasts and Gods (Wine of the Gods)

Outcasts and Gods

*First book* of the Wine of the Gods

Genetic engineering. First they cured the genetic diseases. Then they selected for the best natural traits. Then they made completely artificial genes. As the test children reached puberty, abilities that had always been lost in the random background noise were suddenly obvious. Telepathy, telekinesis. At first their creators sought to strengthen these traits. Then they began to fear them. They called them gods, and made them slaves.

Wolfgang Oldham was sixteen when the company laid claim to him. He escaped, and stayed free for three years. When he was arrested, identified and returned to the company, they trained him to be useful. They didn’t realize that they were training him to be dangerous.

Lost Boy

Lost Boy

Kids these days! What is a social worker to do with a boy who claims to be a Neanderthal running away from his father’s secret base under the Antarctic ice? His father and grandfather had accidentally changed the future, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to find a place in it.

Cyn Bagley

A Flicker of Hope: Poems Written by a Wegener’s Granulomatosis Survivor

A Flicker of Hope

In January 2003, I spent five weeks in a German hospital after my kidneys failed. It took two weeks for the doctors to diagnose me with a vasculitis disease called Wegener’s Granulomatosis. These poems express what I feel about having a rare chronic illness.

Also available from Smashwords

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  1. Pam– got them both– thanks

    And thank you Sarah and Free the oyster again… May you do well in all your endeavors.

  2. Cyn, OMG! The Maze of Dreams is brilliant. I’ll put a review up on Amazon when I finish.