Okay, Okay, There IS No Cake

Sorry, guys, still dealing with various things, starting with my having had to get up at six am to get some stuff done that had to be done by nine.  LONG story, and not for here.  Nothing bad, but some things just have to be done…

It also ended up taking most of the day, so even Through Fire was barely dealt with today.

I hate to do this, but I REALLY need to go back and fix Rogue Magic before I continue it.

Here’s a question for you: when I do — and it should be next week — should I change it to multiple third person?  I’m concerned the “voices” are not very different.  Also, multiple first person tends to be market death.

Anyway, I don’t want you to worry about me.  I’m fine, really.  It was just a very busy, kind of scattered day and I wasn’t even allowed to buy pants for #1 son.  (Yes, he needs them, but there’s only one thing he hates more than buying clothes, and that is spending my money.  Yes, he’d rather spend his, but he doesn’t want to do that right now.)

And, oh, yeah, Musketeer’s Inheritance is up.


46 thoughts on “Okay, Okay, There IS No Cake

  1. It’s hard to judge the impact of multiple 1st person, at a rate of one chapter and one character’s voice a week. I’ll find the time tomorrow to reread through several chapters and post again.

  2. Glad I don’t eat cake! (^_~) I’m gonna have to get new work pants soon. mine have been sewn several times, a few pairs patched (iron on then sewn to keep them from peeling) and all have had buttons replaced multiple times.

  3. I’ve seen this done well a time or two, just can’t remember where: Some characters get first-person, the rest over-the-shoulder third. I’ve not been reading the Rogue Magic drafts so I don’t know whether there’s a particularly central and/or introspective character that can benefit from being a special case; I’m just mentioning the option.

  4. What kind of cake is there none of? Yellowcake? Urinal cake? I cannot honestly (see what I did there) claim to feel deprived until I know what I am not getting.

    I suggest you remind oldest son that we are getting towards shorts season and that pants are of diminished necessity. Or tout the virtues of kilts. If Dan’l Boone could kilt a bar, surely Dr. Og could carry off a breechclout (although it is probably not wholly appropriate garb for job/college interviews. These days a nice suit, something from the Maggie Thatcher collection, is probably the way to dress for interviews.)

  5. Personally I like the multiple first person, myself. I think it is quite possibly the most difficult to write well, but if done well I like it better than any other format, it just has a greater impact on the reader, as they view each main character from the inside.

    *shakes finger under Sarah’s nose* I’ll be very disappointed if you change the narrative style now.

    1. I’ll have you know that just today Cedar admitted to going to class without pants.

              1. I wish it were mud. There’s 3 inches of snow forecast overnight (please oh please oh please may it snow and rain.)

              1. It’s currently TRYING to snow in Colorado Springs… I’ll try to find out what day is supposed to be spring and pass it along when I do.

                    1. Oops I did not imply this is normal. Nothing is normal right now. The comment came from fellow Coloradoans when my daughter had her birthday Party in May and it turned into a sleep over because of snow. (This was in Aurora) In CA we alternate between +15 Degrees and -15d degrees from normal.

                    2. Oh, yeah, we’ve had flurries in July before, but this is a hard freeze mid April, and we’ve had maybe ten decent days since February when it should have started thawing. Note I said “decent.” These weren’t eighty degree days. More like fifty.
                      We’re usually 5 degrees warmer than Aurora. This year that’s sometimes reversed.

                    3. We finally thawed. As in, the day after I woke up to find that the house was still warmer than the thermostat was set to, I had to open the windows to cool off the place. Though the next day I opened them to warm it up — and that’s rare in itself.

                    4. It’s bright and sunshiny out here, and has been for long enough the mud from spring thaw is drying out. Spring is at least three weeks ahead of normal here.

                1. I’ve had two beautiful spring days this weekend, and I spent them trying to dig a ditch with a backhoe. OK, I was trying to remove the hillside from the ditch that was previously there. I got about 100 feet of it done, but that’s only about half, so I’ll have to do it again soon.

              2. Apparently Dallas spring involves a considerable amount of cold rain, but never quite enough to ease the drought.

  6. Well, looks like our May read will be Life at the Bottom: The Worldview That Makes the Underclass by Theodore Dalrymple

    Which I suppose means plenty of time to get your hands on a copy.

    Remember the thread about children? This will give you plenty more information on the topic.

      1. It’s a rare day that the kids don’t wake us up by 5. Of course, even if they don’t, I sort of have to get up around then for work anyway. *sigh* Silly Navy…


        1. *chuckle* My alarm goes off at 4:45 of a morning. Funny thing, you have to clock in at 6, but the over-the-road drivers neither know this, nor care. And the roads must roll!

          Err, I mean the parts must move. Definitely the latter. Yup.

          1. Yeah, I’ve done all that, and gotten up at o-dark-thirty to answer the phone for a recall/exercise. That’s behind me now. There is life after retirement! I manage to sleep in until 7AM most mornings, unless Timmy’s awake and restless. It’s amazing how noisy a kid can be — and it’s only going to get worse once he discovers a passion for loud music.

  7. Oh, hey, I did find the Bible quote. Leviticus 18:20 in the King James Bible translation — “And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the LORD.” (Which apparently means, “And don’t you try that baby-burning thing with Me, either.”)

    1. Also KJV, 2 Kings 23:10 — “And he defiled Topheth, which is in the valley of the children of Hinnom, that no man might make his son or his daughter to pass through the fire to Molech.” The Douay-Rheims-Challoner actually uses the same expression here, though not in Leviticus: “And he defiled Topheth, which is in the valley of the son of Ennom: that no man should consecrate there his son or his daughter through fire to Moloch.” That’s not a politically correct addition of daughter, either; it’s explicitly “son or daughter” all the way back to the Hebrew.

      And of course the valley of the children of Hinnom is where the name Gehenna came from….

      Sorry, this has been bothering me since Sarah’s answer the other day. I hate not being able to find a quote instantly! Probably Mary found it, though, and I just didn’t find it in the comments from the other day.

  8. I think the multi first worked okay for me. But like Pam said, I can’t be really certain of that without checking again.

    I understand life happens. That sometimes stuff needs to be done. That this can be extremely noticeable when juggling too many balls.

  9. I think that from what I have read of Witchfinder 3rd person might be better. Part of my problem may be due to the nature of the serial release. (As if I really know how to write.)

  10. Offhand, I’d say write the first draft (the serial release thingie here) whichever way works best for you. Then fix it in revision if you want to/need to. Now — admittedly, switching all first person to all third or vice versa is going to be a heap of revision, but still, use the one that works best for you at this point, and then fix it later.

  11. Okay, if “There is no Cake”, is there a recipe?

    Seriously, though, isn’t getting to taste delectable literary bon mots filling (and satisfying) enough? No one needs all of everything immediately (except, perhaps, my sister-in-law. She needed, or a least wanted, everything, all the time).

    Don’t work so hard as to hurt the Goose. No one needs “Golden Goose Pate”. We like the Golden Eggs just fine!

    Failing that, hey, where’s the cake? (Or the portal gun?)


  12. OK, I’ve read the first five parts straight through, and the multiple first person didn’t bother me. If you think third would be more acceptable to the majority of readers, it really won’t matter to those of us that don’t mind the multi-firsts.

    Meh. Switching to third person will be a hideous chore.

      1. Well. Those of us who don’t mind the multi-first, will also do fine with the multi-third. If you are getting complaints, you may have to bite the bullet and switch it. I’ve changed a couple of chapters and it’s nasty detailed stuff.

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