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  1. This really belongs on the “To Fear a Painted Devil” thread, but I thought I could inflict it on more people on this thread:


    Remember the “PIV is always rape, ok? ” post, which has been talked about here? She’s back with commentary about the response she got from all the doubleplusungood Hatey McHatersons out there, and how having a lot of men viewing her blog post is a threat.

    The mind boggles.

    1. Was the original post ever discussed here? I’d like to read that. Because… it still boggles my mind.

      And I love the assumption that all those views are all men. I guess I’m a Loki-man, since, y’know, I gave birth – several times! Sadly, I cannot shapeshift into other genders and species.

        1. Thanks so much for that. I’d …read… the original article some time ago. My head exploded, and I believe I even used the appropriate icon on LJ.

          A friend pointed out that the high hit-count would be less than thrilling if the person has been made into a mocking-post as she has been.

          Then again, I am a mother with a little boy. I do not appreciate the implication that I was raped in consensual sex, nor do I appreciate the idea that all men are unindicted rapists, always.

        2. I could only read about half the follow-up. Should I assume the rest is more of the same?

          On Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 1:06 AM, According To Hoyt wrote:

          > Wayne Blackburn commented: “It was mentioned in this post: > https://accordingtohoyt.com/2014/01/05/in-search-of-reality/ There’s a > link to a “Chicks on the Right” article which went over it. Sarah didn’t > link to the original article to protect us from our heads exploding.” >

        3. I’m entertaining myself reading through the comments in the ‘In Search of Reality’ post, while waiting for dinner to finish baking.

          Mssr. Chupik’s response: . . . I . . . I . . . I don’t even . . . I don’t . . . I . . . I . . . I . . .

          was more or less mine as well the first time I read the original post.

          1. It is past time to call such attitudes what they are: Masculaphobia*. It apparently afflicts a number of our nation’s highly educated women (see Wellesley College Terrorized by Shambling Humanoid) and must be addressed for the otherization of one half the human population it is.

            Alternately, these psuedo-Victorian hissy fits may represent the discomfort such folk feel about their own sexual urges and are an attempt to eschew self-control by obscuring the objects of their desires.

            *Alternate portmanteaus being considered by elite survey groups include Mascuphobia, Testosterophobia, Testiculaphobia and Wangphobia. Nominations remain open.

    2. ……..Yeah. I started getting cross-eyed at the terminology and whimpering. How the heck these people are able to simply live, I don’t know. Do they consiciously argue with themselves which foot they’ll use to step forward with first? And then imagine massive rants about the meaning of using the right foot first instead of the left? And why not the left?

      Do they argue with gravity after trying to pick up both feet at the same time?

    3. Poor thing was paranoid to begin with. Now she’s paranoid AND has a sudden influx of views.
      Bless her heart.
      (One might think, if she didn’t want people to read her thoughts, perhaps posting them on the internet would be… um… contraindicated? Alas, that would require rationality and forethought.)

    4. Oh. My. F****ing. God.

      85,000, that’s the maximum number of views I had in one day a couple of weeks ago when the liberals and MRAs circulated my PIV blogpost for punishment. Unlike a normal blogger, attracting 85,000 hits isn’t something I want to celebrate. It’s threatening: you know they’re after you, it only means you’ve hit men’s radar and you have no idea what they plan to do. Will they attempt to hack into my blog? Will they try to find info about me? The kinds of thought this leads me to is 85,000 men going after me in real life. Probably a bit less if you discount the women. If that happened, how on earth could I hide from tens of thousands of men?

      Really. The fact that I have a penis means that I want to kill her. That’s news. I mean, I think she’s a prejudiced bitch but I don’t want to stalk/harm her. Get over yourself honey. You only _THINK_ you’re worth that kind of effort. This would be funny if it wasn’t so hateful.

      1. While she is wilting under the burning pressure of “the male gaze” we can be confident that nearly all men are looking out for her only to ensure they do not get trapped in a conversation with her. Frankly, only a self-hating male would deign engage her in any form of intercourse.

      2. Yeah. At this point she needs a psychiatrist to evaluate her for paranoia. She’s starting to sound like some of the other conspiracy nuts, just using sex instead of politics. Because of course only men would look at her blog to criticize it, and only men who are “out to get her” in some way. Ye gads.

  2. On a different subject, I did get above freezing today and tomorrow it is even thought to be above 40.

    1. We were 60 yesterday (Saturday) and back in the low 20s at the moment with freezing fog. 24 hours ahead of schedule. Grarf.

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