Rogue Magic Will Be A Few Hours Late

And thank you for the concern of all who’ve emailed.  It’s nothing serious, only my dishwasher died yesterday, and I’m downstairs with the repairman — also, this morning my computer was acting odd, and I had to reboot and run a full virus check.  Also — no, I don’t have a witlow — I’m having mild breathing difficulties, which made for a very bad night.

But the chapter is half written.  Just, depending on when the repairman finishes, I might need to cue my post for PJM lifestyle this Saturday first, so as not to drive my editor to distraction.

Thank you for your concern — and your patience.

26 thoughts on “Rogue Magic Will Be A Few Hours Late

  1. I’ve been having headaches since early December. I know the approximate cause: pinched nerves in my neck from some injuries I sustained while I was in the military. The normal pain relief medication sometimes works, and sometimes doesn’t. When it doesn’t work, my writing drops to zero, and my comments on Facebook and the few blogs I comment on can become a bit weird. I understand being behind! Appliance failure is one of the worst ways to get behind, because you have to work twice as hard once the appliance is repaired or replaced. I also know the smoke in the area probably isn’t helping you. It’s only mid-June, and we already have had or are having more than a dozen wildfires, four or five of them major. Stay indoors, stay out of the smoke, and take it easy. “Rogue Magic can wait — at least until late afternoon/tomorrow morning… 8^)

    A note to Sabrina Chase: I’d love to participate in what you’re doing, but … see above. I will try to participate in the “Garage Sale”.

  2. Although I didn’t email, I too felt concern.

    Take your time about posting RM.

    Be as forbearing on yourself as circumstances allow.

    Best wishes.

  3. Bah! We know perfectly well you were trying out one of the spells in the story to see if the meter and rhyme worked. *Poof* You are now laboriously typing with your fins, hoping to concoct the counter spell before the cats get though the barricade.

      1. Me? No, no, everyone knows I’m just a fat little housewife down in Texas. A bit handicapped by my California upbringing and lack of cats, but really, just a nice little nobody. Nothing to see here. This is not the agent you are looking for. I swear, I am not Deep Space, the secret government mole, keeping track of subversive dragons in the SF community.

        I may, however be operating on seriously disrupted sleep habits. Haven’t decided if the results are good or bad. I feel drunk and I think my subconscious is cooking up something dangerous.

        1. Shame about the California thing. Do what I do since I’ve moved out of the land of fruits and nuts and just turn up the local accent and deny everything.

          1. Well, Mah Daaaady was born in Amarillo, so Ah don’t think Mah unfortunate early life ought to be held against me. Although it was a near thing, though the culture shock was going to be fatal for a bit there, moving from the San Francisco area to Houston in 1978.

              1. Nah, the family is all over the Sacramento area, so I can cherish my memories of my first job out of college, in San Francisco. Amazing place. I had my choice of five bookstores within lunch hour walking distance of the office. Man, was I fit back then.

                Houston assumes everyone drives everywhere. There are long stretches without sidewalks. Not to mention blue laws. The first Sunday I was here . . . well, I survived the shock.

            1. And I’m really OK, cat-wise. My neighbor has thirty or so, so inevitably they have kittens in my barn. And well house. And under the front sidewalk.

              1. Its the half-feral ones that make the best mousers. My grandfather had a old queen cat that would refuse to come in the house and would only beg for food on the porch on rare occassions in winter but her litters were prized among the neighbors as mousers.

        2. A couple of my Facebook friends now work for the Agency. I’ll have them do a check. Your anonymity will be broken by tomorrow. Know there’s no secret in the world that a bunch of scheming noncommissioned officers can’t discover… hee, hee, hee… (laughing wickedly and gleefully).

  4. Sarah, Please take care of yourself, we will be happy whenever the Chapter gets posted.

  5. Its been a fun week here too for other reasons, although a dead dishwasher is inhabiting my kitchen too. Think we can get a group discount at the morticians to bury the damned things? Make sure that communion wafers to stuff in their mouths are included.

      1. The garlic would just make a mess after I shoot the ever-lovin’ s**t out of mine. I’m gonna add the one in the rental unit too.

  6. Finally, my status as a wage-slave on the west coast has paid off. The first I knew that I might have to be concerned was when I read our hostess’ post telling me not to be concerned. Fear not, my concern exists in potentia, ready to spring into reality the moment it is required.

    Since this seems to be a bit of an open thread I’ll throw this out. I’ll be in the Springs week after next (the 3rd through the 7th to be precise) and I’m wondering if it might be possible to put some faces to the gravatars.

      1. Give me a call — I’m in the book. Always willing to meet good people (that’s the only kind that exist around here very long — the twits get bent or broken rather quickly).

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