April Fool’s Day Post One

I had planned something elaborate for April’s Fool, but for various reasons it’s not going to come off.  No, it wasn’t EXACTLY a prank, and I’ll explain why later in a more serious (ah!) post.  But I just woke up — that’s how much the conference took stuffing out of me, though it’s probably fact I was editing in evenings that didn’t help — and for now, I’ll just share my favorite April’s Fool day video.  Later I’ll explain why it’s my favorite…

29 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day Post One

  1. I really hate April Fool’s day, especially since folks started it a few days early. (Really.)

    Thing is, it’s not that I hate jokes, or pranks… it’s that so many of the “jokes” aren’t funny, they’re just nasty, or only target those who are willing to give a person the benefit of the doubt.

    Wish there was more about “spaghetti harvests” and such.

    1. The thing I hate about April Fools’ Day is the current administration’s inability to restrict itself to once a year pranks and instead has been inflicting its bad practical jokes on the nation 365.25 days a year.

    2. Heh. I was almost born on April Fool’s day. Have always wondered what it would have been, trying to celebrate your birthday today.

      And I’m not overly fond of the usual jokes either. The Finnish tradition does kind of run for ones which require finding a patsy to laugh at, rather than ones everybody can find funny, including the fooled persons.

      1. So far today, I’ve seen Dogshaming being taken over by cat videos, QuikTrip promising to put a “C” in their name (with various comments about where in their name that “C”s going to go), a soda company’s press release about their new flavor, Meatloaf, and a forum putting hats on everyone’s avatar. (That last one is a tradition on that forum.)

        I have not seen anyone announce a fake pregnancy on Facebook, but I have seen two of my friends put out a strongly worded status against that practice, so I assume that they at least have.

        All in all, it’s been rather fun.

        On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 11:00 AM, According To Hoyt wrote:

        > ** > pohjalainen commented: “Heh. I was almost born on April Fool’s day. > Have always wondered what it would have been, trying to celebrate your > birthday today. And I’m not overly fond of the usual jokes either. The > Finnish tradition does kind of run for ones which require finding” >

      2. I was supposed to be born on April 1rst, but I started my lifelong habit of procrastination and was born one week later.

            1. I was caught betwixt and between at the end with The Daughter. I was getting oh so very tired and was ready to be done, but somewhere in the back of my mind a little voice kept saying, once the child is born the real work stats and it is really a whole lot easier to lug me around than the bag and carriers … but in the end we were both quite ready to separate. (If only slightly.)

        1. That would put your birthday on or about my older son’s. He was TWO weeks late, though, and built like a linebacker.

      3. Our family seems to have made something of an art of almost being born on the right/wrong day, depending.

        Baby Sister, who just turned 60, was born March 31 (breathes a great sigh of relief at the near miss).

        Our father was born on July 3, and claims that until he was about six believed his uncles who told him that the fireworks were for his birthday, except the whole country was a day late. It may have had an effect on his off-center sense of humor.

        Oldest daughter, on the other hand, failed to escape, being born on May 1. She enjoyed the worldwide parades in her honor, until she found out about Marxism and Socialism. She’s probably the most conservative politically of the family, although her baby brother is closing the gap.

        Speaking of which, he (just turned 30) was born February 13. I don’t think any of us tried to convince him that Valentine’s day was in his honor, since he knows where we all sleep.

        1. Grandfather on Flag Day, first daughter on anniversary of the day the Wall came down, second daughter was due on 9/11 (born on the 1st instead…of 2011) and the third kiddo was due on May 1st; we’ll see when Bebe gets here.
          (Pray for the 24th, please… I really don’t want another unscheduled move of the scheduled c-section.)

            1. Ditto.

              As well: for the gift of surpassing wisdom, insight & skill for the doctors & medical staff and for the safety of all.

          1. I had a litter of puppies on 9/11 (the actual day of the attack) the only dog I don’t have to look up the birthdate of when asked is out of that litter.

  2. ha! I’d heard of that one before, but that’s the first time I’ve ever seen the video. I wonder if there’s outtakes somewhere of that announcer (or the people in the film, or that matter) failing at his straight face?

  3. A practical joker deserves applause for his wit according to its quality. Bastinado is about right. For exceptional wit one might grant keelhauling. But staking out on an anthill should be reserved for the very wittiest.

  4. I highly recommend going over to Think Geek and looking at some of their new products. The wireless extension cords are quite impressive. And I think some of us could use the mind cleaner after this past weekend.

  5. Since that documentary was filmed, the Swiss Spaghetti farming industry has been virtually wiped out by the depredations of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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