Planning Next Book and Communist Cheese

I should be starting in on Rogue Magic, but I underestimated the amount of time I needed just to catch up on household stuff when I finished Noah’s Boy, so I’m only now starting on the revision of Witchfinder. I’m also nearing “almost donness” on guest blogging, which WILL help.  (It’s very frustrating to write four to five thousand words a day and NONE on a book.)

I did start the revision of Shadow Gods, but one of my friends who read it for the first time made me realize (it wasn’t what she said) that the intro scene needs to be completely rewritten.  This is okay, when you’re pulling out a mythos and putting in another, and I’m glad her comments pinpointed it (even though I’m fairly sure that’s NOT what she thought she was saying).

I have the general idea for Rogue Magic which starts with Jonathan hating like poison being an Earl (which we expected) beset by mamma with marrying prospects, and unable to find his fair unknown of the night of the magical attack.  Meanwhile the magic his household sells is coming apart at the seams.

He catches a glimpse of the redhead and follows, only to find the Royal investigators dealing with a magical murder…  They immediately suspect him.  (The dead woman is NOT his enamorata.)

To save his neck he must catch this gruesome magical Jack The Ripper (And prove it’s not Ginevra, which is kind of important to him) and stop the leakage of rogue magic that is destroying the magical works of Avalon (including their factories!)

The adventure will take him across several worlds, as he pursues the fair unknown and the foul villain.

… and it might end up being first person, heaven help me.

Meanwhile, yesterday a friend sent me a link to a story about Chavez, who is about to get stuffed… er… embalmed and put on public display, following the truly tasteless examples of Lenin, Mao, and even (it is rumored) Eva Peron.

So… what is with communists and this passion for pickling?

I asked my friend Bill Reader that, and he said “Well, see, communists can’t stand for things to change or be unpredictable.  You’re not supposed to decay and disappear.  It’s funny because they talk about wanting change, and they talk about being progressive, but really all they want is to return to a time when the world made sense to them – which is the thirties – and when people could be sorted into the classical Marxist classes.  In the same way, people are supposed to stay in the class they were born to.  They’re supposed to act in perfectly predictable ways according to that class.  No one is supposed to change, and tech is not supposed to upend all their categories.  Communism (and its weaker sister, socialism) is a form of OCD.  They want everything separate and put away neatly in categories, even when the “things” are people.  And dear Leaders are supposed to be the same forever.”

The theory has some flaws, of course – all historic theories do because people are (DUH) unpredictable – but overall, it seems right to me.

And if Marxists are truly imbued with a passion for not having their cheese moved, then the pace of change we’re entering now will make them have a nervous breakdown and will result in spectacular fireworks.

Maybe it’s already started.

And now I’m going to clean the litter box (Nothing is worse than Apocalypse with a smelly litter box) and do a quick dust/clean so I can write.

I leave you to the contemplation of communist cheese.  (It’s not really cheese, it’s not edible — it might in fact be wax — but everyone gets an equal share!)

141 thoughts on “Planning Next Book and Communist Cheese

  1. Christians, Jews, even Muslims – we believe that we’re judged by God, and if we’re good / are forgiven four our sins, we’ll live on in Heaven.

    Communists believe in class war and revolution and envy. If they’re really really good, they live on.

    …in a glass box.

  2. Commiserations on starting anew – I’ve been struggling with that myself. Amazing what poor health can do to your creativity and imagination.
    I had a mentor once (Avram Davidson) who flat out told me that any writing that isn’t story-oriented is a waste of time and effort. Then again, HE wrote on an ancient Underwood, so I can certainly understand his reluctance. But the advice has merit.
    Not that I want you to stop blogging! I enjoy these posts very much. It’s more that I need to pay attention to storyline, characterization, plotting, setting, etc. And not waste time surfing the internet, reading news articles of happenings in which I can have no input to change, and other carping.
    So get the chores done, then on to the important aspects of living: creating new worlds and people. (And a good place for me to stop and put it into practice!)

  3. My thought on the communist pickling process. If there is no heaven or hel it is the only immortality their little minds can conceive of. I am an agnostic but, I don’t need my body preserved, I am capable of realizing that the world can go on without me

    1. You all realize that there is a call in Venezuela to embalm Chavez and display him just like Lenin and Mao.
      But the plan, first, is that he’s going to be left out to be viewed for a week first. I hope he keeps well.

        1. Venezuela is not that far from Panama and Colombia– (think jungle, rain, and leather being eaten by fungi) so the better do some good embalming or it won’t make it. Or they will keep him in a fridge lol

        1. Never mind explosives – use several very small thermite charges (hey, my spell checker doesn’t know the word ‘thermite’. Poor naive spell checker) and watch that sucker burn. Good luck putting that fire out! Heck, thermite would melt right through (if not shatter) whatever glass box they put the corpse in, so you know you’ll completely eliminate the target.

          You know, that scheme probably came together much too easily in my head for anybody’s comfort. 🙂

            1. I think I’d prefer ants. A big swarm of hungry ants. Except that they are, of course, slow enough they would probably not do much damage before somebody poisoned them, I just like the image of him being covered with them, and being useful for some community for once.

          1. I know where to get some. It’s not top quality, but it’s good enough…

          2. I’ve done some work with explosives, and have not killed or seriously injured anyone yet. Plus I look pretty harmless and fluffy.

              1. That’s ok, I read it as “never kilted anyone”. I’m wondering if I should beware drive-by kiltings, now.

                1. With The Lady Hoyt: Yes — yes, you do. Just be thankful you don’t have a sexually-ambiguous name…. >;)

          3. I’ve actually trained to handle thermite, and used it in practice. Isn’t THAT a great comfort? We had enough in Vietnam for each filing cabinet in our building, plus some left over. Watched that stuff burn through a four-drawer INSULATED filing cabinet, all the drawers, and then burn a foot into the dirt. GOOD stuff! It’s not that hard to make, if you know enough chemistry. Lots of aluminum powder in it. Magnesium burns hotter, but gets set off easier, too. You do NOT want it struck by lightning. Just take my word for it, okay? 8^)

            1. All basic thermite is, is aluminum powder and rust. Any other ingredients are just to make it hold together or to burn more evenly and/or slowly.

              1. Watch it, Chuckie Schumer will want to ban it. (There’s an uproar among some media/nanny-staters who found out about Boomerite and want to ban it. Which is hilarious if you figure out its components)

                1. The Anarchists Cookbook has recipes for thermite, and can be downloaded free. Gotta love the internet!

                  My first job after high school involved blowing stuff up for a living (blasting rock) and while in high school our FFA (I wonder if they still do this?) spent time blasting runoff ponds for wildlife. This involved packing in a couple thousand pounds of explosives to a low spot where a pond was desired, and blasting a bloody big hole in the ground to create one. While I’ve set off much larger blasts as far as total amount of explosives goes in rockpits, they were daisychained and underground. 3200# of ANFO in a surface blast is pretty impressive 🙂

          4. I’ve had similar destructive thoughts popping into my head as part of a plot. It’s so easy to contemplate disaster, sometimes.

  4. –sorry to circumvent your post– I will read it later after I prepare for the day–

    I just wanted to say that I received your AFGM yesterday. I thought I would read a few chapters before bed instead of watching some of the crime shows. Well– Well– At two a.m. in the morning I was frantically trying to finish the book. It is really a “I couldn’t put it down book.” Now I am sitting here with a sleep headache, thinking that I will need to read the book again to get the nuances. I usually read for story the first time. Plus this weekend I will be writing a review on this book (esp. since the brouhaha has settled about reviews on Amazon). –Excellent writing, excellent book, and I want to read the sequel. Plus– I think you outdid yourself.

    1. Oh, good. I love it when I keep people awake all night.
      The next one that heavily involves Nat and Luce is not till the fourth or fifth book, and they’re not the narrators, but they’re a strong influence on the narrator. However, I WILL confess I miss the smurfs. (DON’T ask why smurfs. That’s what I started calling them over the course of the book.)

      1. I could see how they gave each other stability– interesting that they were attracted to the same type of people in the same family 🙂

          1. Not exactly (of course). After reading the two books before this one, I do see that Luce is a better match for Nat than Max. Maybe because Luce had already gone through some really hard things. Trying not to spoil this. I am integrating the characters lol– I do that when I am impacted by a book. 😉

        1. Yes. It’s very hard for a woman to write men who aren’t women with penises (penii?) Fortunately I LIKE men. And of course, I have a surfeit of them in this house 😉

          Actually I grew up surrounded by men. Half the time I STILL don’t get women.

          1. Yea– I was trying to say it nicely– but I sincerely dislike male characters who are really women with penises. I have worked with men and been around many men in my adult life. My problem is that because I was the older sister (with four younger brothers) I tend to treat them like younger brothers except the hubby of course. lol

            1. The problem isn’t “women with penises” … it is that a character with a penis but no balls is just a prick.

                1. I believe you’re misspelling the name of the character, which should properly be ‘Hoyden Cauliflower’. However, this is a pardonable error: the same mistake even occurs in many copies of the printed book — if you can believe that.

          2. BTW if you had the two men sit and grunt at each other I would have laughed– 😉 Although I do see guys making conversation too– usually about hobbies or electronics. Never about emotional things though.

            1. Well, not around women, we don’t. Learned that lesson a long time ago. Too many remember such things and, instead of being sympathetic, use them against us later.

                  1. And reloading. I’ve seen a lot of guys get emotional about reloading; proper seating depth, annealing, crimping, you name it.

                    1. I listen to my local Amateur Radio club’s meetings on 2 meter band while reloading my pistol match ammo ….

                      And annealing cases is a waste of time largely. Now the correct primer selection for Garand .30-06 ammo … whew, that’ll start the Counter-Reformation …

                    2. Well the correct primers for a Garand ’06 right now are any you can get aholt of. Personally I don’t reload for a Garand, so I can’t say which primers work best in it, but I have three different types of CCI large rifle primers, and use specific ones for reloading for specific rifles, so yeah, I might be a little anal about my reloading also.

                      P.S. I agree with you on annealing cases, but the Lee Factory Crimp Die is the bomb for crimping. (although I don’t crimp for my STW, because it groups best with no crimp on Berger 180’s)

                    3. What is truly emotional is finding the correct primers for reloading 7.5 Mas for the Mas 49/56. It has that free floating firing pin that gives each primer a light tap when the bolt slaps home. Sensitive primers could make for a bad day.

                    4. In that case I recommend the hardened ‘military’ primers, this is one case where I recommend the cheap Russian ones, as they are made with a thicker harder cup, any slight loss of accuracy they may cause is usually considered a more than fair trade over the persistent possibilities of an unintentional ‘slam-fire.’

                      Note, do not use those primers in rounds loaded for a Savage 99, they do not even like CCI primers, the thicker cupped Russian ones tend to misfire almost more than they fire.

                1. Since my best friend and I used to mimic my husband and his best friend (her husband) discussing computers. You know, they went on about scuzzy drives, we talked of scummy drives… they stopped being emotional…

              1. Sadly- you’re right. It made me think of all those times my mother never forgot a slight and would pull it up with fights with my dad. Some of them were more than a decade old. I try to be better than that.

                  1. Maybe as long as 😉 although there is a break in my memory thankfully– when I had chemo, the past has lost its intenseness. But it also made it harder to remember things I memorized.

            2. Well, I needed to shove some back history into conversation, but that’s why the conversation was almost clinical, even (particularly) about personal stuff.

            3. Oh, I’ve seen men make lots of conversation, and very emotional. Or, as my husband said after he very patiently extracted me from a conversation fourty minutes after he wanted to go: “I thought gunnies were bad, until I met pilots!

              1. *snort– well the hubby just wanders up behind me and then I leave with him. He doesn’t worry about who I talk to because I go home with him. Course he says I don’t know how to flirt. 😉

  5. Embalmed Communism. Makes sense . . . once you’ve _got_ communism. I think a strong exposure to the _ideas_ may have been necessary to break the previously embalmed peasant-noble class structure of Europe. And an instinctive “What do you mean, ‘they are going to take my stuff.’ Nobody takes _my_ stuff!” reaction necessary to awaken the natural impluse toward capitalism.

    In fact, the very unnatural nature of communism may be why it always ends with guns, force and nobles-by-another-name. But once you are there, any shift is a threat against that power structure, and must be squashed.

  6. My only novel was done first-person, and it came out okay (I think). But unlike Doug, I don’t know jack about storyline, characterization.. I just know that you have a situation, and then you have what has to happen next.

    That seems to *work* for first-person in a way that it doesn’t for 3rd. At least, judging by the amount of work I’ve burnt, never to be mentioned again. 🙂

    The commies I’ve met hated having their cheese moved. But the fascists were even worse. (two faces, same coin, yadda yadda, I get it) The commies seemed to sense that some change was always going to be imposed on them for the Next New Thing (“Forward!”); whereas the fascists were always like “eek, my granddad never did that!”

    1. No offense intended Happycrow but *where* do you live? I don’t know of any place in the US where you can meet *real* fascists. Now, “fascists” is a common insult thrown at conservatives but IMO most people in the US don’t know what real fascism is.

      1. Paul, the most strident voices I’ve heard in the US saying “eek my grandfather didn’t do that” are unionized auto workers.

          1. Well, they’re *REALLY* big on that government-controlled industry thing. Remember Government Motors?

          2. Lessee – they want the government to determine what can be bought (CAFE requirements), establish working conditions (NLRB) and guarantee their pay & benefits (no Right-To-Work laws) and underwrite their delusions (auto bailout.)

            I’m sure I left out a few points. The unions buy the politicians, the politicians define the employers’ bargaining rights. It is an imperfect fascism, but close enough for government work.

            1. Res and Rob, that’s better than what I’d get from Liberals. [Smile]

              One of my “buttons” is the term fascist/fascism. Too many use it as a slur with no thinking involved. [Sad Smile]

              1. No prob. I understand — seeing small-government, free-market American conservatives called “fascist” drives me batty, too. As Jonah Goldberg said, all too often it just means “I don’t like”.

                  1. Libertarians ARE fascist: they want to take over the government and FORCE it to leave people alone, bereft of help or hope, at the mercy of something or other*.

                    *Sorry – after more than a few moments of channeling such thinking my brain’s circuits trip.

                    1. Yep. That’s pretty much it, judging from what I hear and read here. Government has to protect us, without it those (especially, but workers aren’t that much better off) who cannot help themselves – old, poor, sick, children – are totally at the mercy of the evil business interests. So if you want to shrink government you want some sort ‘red in tooth and claw’ situation where only the strong survive. So, evil. And since evil people are always fascists, well, there you go.

                    2. But of course they are! We have a democracy, yes? Bureaucrats only become evil if it is a fascist government!

                      (Just guessing here, it’s not as if I actually understood the reasoning and why it’s so great to give that institution more power just because they are not doing something like putting up concentration camps. I guess the magic power of voting will ensure they never will, and anyway, as long as we see no swastikas around things are just fine because it’s only bad if it looks exactly the same, or a close approximation, as it did the last time something happened which everybody agrees was bad… You wouldn’t happen to have any good suggestions how to remove things stuck in one’s craw?)

                    3. OH YES — the idea that fascism is goosestepping and swastikas and if you don’t see that you’re safe is a favorite of lefties here … when their side is involved in blatant crony capitalism, state interference in the market AND intimidating of those who oppose them.

                      BUT hey, their shirts are red, not brown, so everything is utterly cool.

                    4. I once read a review of an “Animal Farm” movie (IIRC made for TV). The reviewer knew that Orwell’s book was about Stalin’s Russia *but* called Orwell’s book “anti-fascist”. How idiotic can somebody be to think Stalin’s Russia was a fascist state?

                    5. About as idiotic as those who declare conservatives raaaaacist! for saying a person’s melanin content shouldn’t matter.

                    6. Come to think of this, isn’t it pretty much the way things go? Something bad gets tried in some society, and things fall thoroughly apart after a while, most perhaps agree it didn’t work, but what becomes demonized are only the outer trappings, while the actual system can be sold again after a short while as long as it gets dressed in a way which makes it look suitably different?

                      And now I’m tempted to try a story in which some future society is build on some principles which are thoroughly different from national socialism, is shown to work reasonably well, is socially liberal, and uses the black/red/white color scheme in several of its symbols, and has a flag with a swastika – lets assume the type Finnish air force started to use 1918, white and blue and on its side, on it, or possibly the Hindu, right-facing red one with red dots. Or maybe not, since I guess not that many people would get past the ‘SWASTIKA!’ part.

                    7. “You wouldn’t happen to have any good suggestions how to remove things stuck in one’s craw?”

                      It’s called the Heinlein Manuever.

              2. Replacing “Fascist” with “Unbeliever” or “Unclean” in many of its uses seems to make sense to me.

      2. I will say only “I have been closer to the Nazi Movement in the US than I cared to be”.

        1. There was this house we looked at to buy where an m/m couple lived… They had all SORTS of Nazi paraphernalia/collectibles, including swastika flag on the wall. And the entire time we were looking at the house, one of them (both in what looked like WWII uniforms and NEITHER of them svelte, okay?) was sitting on the other’s lap on the sofa.
          THAT was too weird EVEN for me.

          1. Talking about having been closer to the Nazi Movement than anyone cared to be …

            Back before A&E gave up both on Art & Entertainment they ran some inspired original movies. Genghis Cohn answers the question, first asked on stage in Warsaw in 1939: How do you kill a Jewish comedian?

            Even in my household, where we take our humour blacker than our coffee, this was strong medicine … but if it lets you look life in the eye and declare Kiss mir en tuchuss it will prove worth taking, even if only in eight minute dosages.

            A&E Television first aired Genghis Cohn in 1993. It features a VERY young Daniel Craig in the supporting role of Lieutenant Guth. Below is a synopsis of the movie. Enjoy!

            Antony Sher as Genghis Cohn, a Jewish music-hall comedian whose World War II death was ordered by Nazi officer Otto Schatz (Robert Lindsay). Years later, Schatz is living the life of a highly respected police commissioner in the small town of Licht when Cohn’s ghost returns to haunt him. And not just haunt him-to taunt him, to ridicule him unmercifully, to turn him into a suicidal laughingstock. There’s a subplot about a series of murders Schatz is investigating, and a religious conversion that has to be seen to be believed. All this, plus Diana Rigg as a wittily zaftig widow pursuing Schatz-what more could you want?

          2. Vaguely connected musings, about those swastikas and the fact that they don’t necessarily have any connections to the Nazis, I have my mother’s silver Lotta Svärd brooch, a blue swastika with four heraldic roses. They were numbered, so hers was hers. The swastika was taken as an emblem after the one used by the Finnish air force, which, in its turn, was modeled after the family coat of arms of Swedish count van Rosen (who donated the first plane). Finns also did use the swastika as a good luck emblem back into prehistory. The connection? Finding somebody to leave it to who will not be want it because of that swastika on it (Lotta organization was disbanded after the war because Soviets deemed it a fascist organization, but, well, Soviets… it was a patriotic organization, and ‘fascist’ was one suitable label for them to use for what they wanted to get rid of). Distressing number of even our own younger people now only connect swastikas with Nazis. Museums are one possibility, I suppose.

            1. You could have it mounted on a plaque with a history blurb starting with something like “Not related to the NAZI Swastika” in large letters at the top. That might help.

              1. If you are mounting it, then it would be best to find a word other than Swastika for the design, so that the label carries a legend like: The History Of The Finnish Schwartzbrot*.

                The plaque would carry a short explanation of the motifs represented in the design along with their roots in ancient Finnish native culture. Make up whatever you need to, but be sure to include snide remarks about idiots who mistake it for the Nazi swastika even though they are completely different and besides the Nazis stole, outright freaking stole the iconic Finnish symbol.

                *Insert proper proper noun, even if you must invent one.

                1. Heh. The Finnish word for that is ‘hakaristi’. Could include talk about their use all over the world before the Nazis started to use it, and continued use in Asia. The wikipedia page has a nice picture of some American Indian basketball team from 1909 with prominent swastikas on their shirts, so maybe some talk of how the current western freakout over the emblem in all its forms, not just the ones looking exactly like the one Nazis actually used, abuses several groups of poor native people who have been using them from time immemorial might be useful (besides it’s pretty much true, anyway).

                  I actually would much prefer something like that approach. ‘Giving’ some emblem solely to some distasteful ideology perhaps gives it, in some ways, more power than if it kept plenty of other associations – who knows, skinheads (in your country) might be less fond of swastikas if people kept asking them whether they use one because they have Chilocco Indian ancestors, or maybe because they are Hindus.

    2. I dunno, Hitler was pretty big on the Next New Thing (whether you liked it or not), and isn’t he the ultimate fascist?

      Of course, I see fascism and communism as new twists on feudalism and empires – Lil’ Kim seems like the next prince in a wacky dynasty. Putin is the latest emperor of Russia.

      1. Laurie,

        From my perspective, I completely agree with you. From the Commies, Socialists, and Fascists I’ve known in Europe…they’re all convinced that they’re TOTALLY not actually the same thing with differently-awful marching songs.

          1. I’ve been calling him Tsar Putin or Tsar Vladimir for several years. In fact, I’m not so certain, aside from his taste in clothes and having been divorced, what the difference is between him and Alexander III.

        1. A Communist is a Socialist who shoots the factory owners first. A Fascist is a Socialist who shoots the factory owners last. A Social Democrat is a Socialist who talks the factory owners to death, because guns are so petty-bourgeois.

          1. Almost, Simon: “taxes the factory owners until they move, because capitalism is so gross.”

            There, ftfy, e.g. contemporary France. 🙂

            1. Unfortunately, taxing the factory owners until they move is no longer exclusively a Socialist pastime. Governments of every ideological stripe have grown much addicted to it.

              The result, predictably enough, is that the factories move to China, which is a Fascist regime by the definitions just given. This, from the owner’s point of view, is the best of both worlds. The Chinese might shoot him if he were fool enough to move to China, but they won’t tax him to death. His own country would tax him to death if they had jurisdiction in China, but they won’t shoot him. They’ll still talk him to death, but that’s why his factory has been very quietly manufacturing earplugs on the side.

              1. China was pretty classic Fascist for a period, but I think that they are now modern version of imperial Rome, which is just Mafia government with pretty robes.

    3. And I’m having to relearn all I knew before, after a hiatus of too many years dulled the edge. But I have good writing friends locally to depend on.
      And I can’t depend on the local writers group (which I started!) because it has become a poesy, poetical mish-mash of politically correct liberalism. And the last time I went I made the mistake of speaking out in defense of a conservative virtue, and suffered smoldering glances for the rest of the meeting.

  7. I wouldn’t mind him being left on display. So long as there’s a solid backstop behind him and the firing line is sheltered.

    1. I wouldn’t mind if there wasn’t a sheltered firing line, just as long as there weren’t more people BEHIND me. I could do some serious damage from 100, 200, even 300 meters, as long as I have a decent weapon.

        1. I’m looking at the possibility of building an electric “rail gun” using 6″ clay pipe, pvc pipe, and 60amp copper wire. I’m terrible at math, but it seems that I can get acceleration of 5000ft/sec and impact of 500 lb/sf, or 500 ft/sec and impact of 50 lb/sf. Of course, it could also flop…

            1. I’ve been wondering what you could do with a potato cannon, sabots and the BIG plastic easter eggs (contents TBD.) I suppose it would depend on the gas … butane? Hydrogen?

              1. I’d probably use propane. Relatively large tanks (grill-size) readily available, larger capacity available for delivery (for heating homes, etc). Clean-burning, and with multiple uses.

                1. I was contemplating innocuous weaponry for the coming insurrection. Hydrogen seems readily produced. Anybody know if they’ve tried potato mortars?

                  1. But… what’s more innocuous than stocking up for summer grilling season?

                    Eh – once you reach mortar size, I’d go with a trebuchet*, possibly disguised as a swingset.

                    Incidentally, I consider Hydrogen too dangerous for anyone but a professional. I saw what happened to one of their small blast chambers on Mythbusters, when they were trying to test a gun-setting-off-methane myth. They had failed to set off the methane, and filled the tank with Hydrogen. Blew it to pieces when they fired the gun.

                    * THAT is weird. Spell check wants to change “trebuchet” to “Bucharest”.

                  2. What is more innocuous than a compressor, maybe. You can get a lot of thrust out of compressed air. One pair of loons I know were playing with rebar and a wood sabot and claim to have punched a chunk of rebar through a small oak tree.

                    In Freehold, by M. Z. Williamson, they used grenade lauchers that were based on potato guns.

                    1. Yep. Mythbusters were getting 200mph out of their chicken gun.

                      While they don’t do all their testing correctly, I DO like a lot of the stuff they build. And they blow stuff up. Score!

              1. I don’t know, clay pipe and the heat produced by rail guns? Make sure your clay pipe is good quality and not made in China.

          1. You would probably want copper grounding rod, or else you would probably get few shots. A railgun actually rides a plasma ball caused by an arc between the two rails, and generally fed by the material at the back end of the projectile.

          2. The biggest problem with railguns is engineering the capacitors to deliver enough energy at high enough speed. That’s what gets expensive.

  8. You caught up on the housecleaning already? Mirabile dictu!

    Would that I were such a woman as you!

  9. Calmer Half states that the communist passion for pickling their leaders is just the communists doing a secular adaptation of the medieval church’s cult of saintly relics.

    1. …note that the bodies of several saints were embalmed, cut apart to be displayed on several parts, and some are still incorrupt and displayed in glass coffins.
      ( I hit post too soon, while he paused in the explanation.)

  10. Sarah, may I post something totally out of context of ANY of the conversations on here tonight? It actually relates (a bit, anyway) to your overall site, but not necessarily to any single post.

    1. Oh GEEZE Mike – nobody EVER goes off track around here. What if you establish a precedent?

      1. I know, RES. I just hate to set a precedent, you know? It’s not like what I want to say is snark or anything, and it really DOES pertain to Sarah’s site… well, kinda, sorta, anyway.

        1. What, going to point out there’s an updated version of the “latest comments” widget available, but it’s so thickly cloaked in geekspeak that it may take her a day to get installed? Or that she doesn’t actually have a link to mad genius club on the sidebar anymore, as it disappeared in one of the wordpress changes?

          There, I’ve now gone so far off track from the post that you could post on the timing of fledging adult feathers on ducklings and goslings versus swans as relates to “the ugly duckling”, and it’d still seem on topic for this particular comment thread. Top that!

          1. I contributed to the Kickstarter funding of duckforce which was a study of the force of deployment of duck’s peni.

            Now those are also on topic, there.

  11. I don’t know if any of the rest of you have had this problem, but I did a couple of weeks ago. Facebook posted a list of people who “I might know” to “friend”. I went through it, checked EACH ONE to make sure they either posted here or at Sarah’s Diner, and that I had at least seven or eight other friends in common, then sent them all a “Friend” request. About a dozen people accepted the request, one sent me a message asking me why I wanted to be his “friend”, and ONE reported me to Facebook as a “spammer”. I spent several days explaining things to Facebook. Finally, they ignored the one report. I’ve since quit sending Friend requests unless it’s someone I’ve known outside of Facebook or the Internet, and for at least a year or more. That’s a shame, because it shouldn’t be this way.

    If anyone who posts here wants to “friend” me on Facebook, I’m perfectly willing to accept that request. I WILL check to see if we have any mutual friends, and who they are. I get two or three bogus requests a week, and I’m sure the rest of you do, too. I understand saying “NO”; I don’t understand saying I’m a spammer for ONE request.

    On a similar note, one of Sarah’s other fledglings posted that he’d just put his first novel online, and asked for shares. I shared his request. This is an excellent way for all of us to get additional opportunities to sell our wares, and get our names in front of other people. If you’re on Facebook, and you’ve put something new on Amazon, or B&N, or whatever, I’ll be more than happy to share your notice with MY friends, many of whom are rather unique.

    I don’t think I could top you, Dorothy, nor do I feel the need to! 8^)

    1. The same thing happened to a woman I went to high school with. Took her nearly three days to straighten it out.

    2. And yet, for some reason, Sarah hasn’t hit me with flying cod yet, much less the banhammer. I don’t understand it, either.

      People are strange critters. Could be someone was feeling grumpy, or accidentally hit the spammer link, or just couldn’t place you and swept you into a roundup of spammers they’d received that day. Did you tell them where you knew ’em from? Either way, there’s no telling, unless you ask the person in question. You could go crazy, trying to figure out what goes on inside other people’s heads. (Or you could go authorial, which… encompasses a socially acceptable range of what otherwise gets termed crazy.)

      Never ascribe to malice that which can be explained by stupidity, laziness, or peverse incentives. Makes the world a much calmer place, eh?

  12. Why do Communists pickle and stuff a leader after one dies?

    In honor of all the people who got Pickled and Stuffed by the man when he was alive…. >:)

  13. I always assumed communists stuffing their leader was similar to those people that have their pets stuffed when they die. A little sick and a lot wierd, but as long as they keep them in their house and not mine they can do whatever they want with them.

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