It Was One Of Those Nights

By which I don’t mean it was even remotely fun.  I don’t know if other people have these, but I do periodically, where there is no comfortable position, all the blankets feel too… rough or folded or something, and on top of all I’m now too hot now too cold.

I don’t think it’s an illness, though it is possible — it’s just out of sorts and a bad night.  I need to package books to send to several of you and I’m considering walking to the post office to see if it will clear my head.  I hope it will because I really need to write a bunch of guest blog posts and do something I promised PJM, and right now I’m not even up to writing a post for this blog.  If my head doesn’t clear, I might go back to bed.

I also need to edit a novella in the DST universe and finish editing a couple of short stories because I haven’t put anything up in very long.  And of course, I’m halfway through editing Shadow Gods and then will start on Witchfinder.  (I’ve figured the next book is Rogue Magic, because that’s the problem in the story.  I need to outline it before Friday.)

And of course, there’s the rewrite to do for Noah’s Boy.

Today was not a good day for a bad night…  But as we were discussing (bickering, infighting, throwing fish) yesterday, humans aren’t just creatures of the spirit, nor even (as I must remind myself) creatures of will power.  Sometimes the body gets a say.

So, I shall leave you unfed today.  Free ice cream tomorrow.  Today I’m going to drink three gallons of tea (might be more) and then go to the post office.  G-d willing by the time I come back I’ll be human.

UPDATE: And meanwhile, for those who need something to chew on, Amanda is talking about the state of the business over at Mad Genius Club.  I confess I haven’t, lately, because in this as in politics, it’s gotten to the point all I can do is shake my head.  But Amanda’s head shaking is fun.

The inmates have managed to get out of their cells and are running around loose. Now, most days, it is pretty entertaining to watch. After all, they usually are either pointing at the sky and screaming about how the aliens are coming and taking over the world, or they are burying their heads in the sand and doing their best to ignore the changes needed to be made in order to survive. But today, well, all I can do is shake my head and wonder how long this current farce will run before the final curtain falls on it.

Read the whole thing.

61 responses to “It Was One Of Those Nights

  1. Wayne Blackburn

    Um… didn’t you say Noah’s Boy is done?

    • Yeah, and delivered. But there are some very minor (truly) edits. Like I forgot to put in a scene I’d planned, and the editor asked me why that scene isn’t there… so…

  2. Michelle in Colorado

    I would go out early, it has started to snow north of here.

    • I know. If it’s too cold/snowy, I’ll beat one of the boys to drive me (since the other is taking my car to college, his car being Dan’s old convertible, affectionately nicknamed “the ice skate.”

  3. I get that way sometimes too– Anyway, enjoy your day and enjoy your tea.

  4. Get saline. A few bucks at the drugstore OTC goes a long way in clearing up a head cold.

    • But I don’t have a head cold.

      • I read that you needed to clear your head. For those like myself who don’t have a lot goin’ up there it usually means sinuses.

        • LOL. Yeah, I meant my thought processes. I feel like my thoughts are moving through molasses.

          • Still sinuses– take a benedryl or a claritin– then call me in the morning– oops or at the very least clean those sinuses– No I am NOT a doctor, but I play one as a patient.

            • Reason? Deep sinuses– I could be wrong–but I think it has to do with oxygenization (made the word myself)– You’re brain needs those lovely strong red blood cells. Plus I heard somewhere recently that you get better filter oxygen when breathing from the nose than the mouth. I don’t know if that is true– but I am a mouth breather when I sleep. Also if you snored last night, you didn’t get enough oxygen– and might be why you are not sleeping well. Snoring can be an obstruction or sinus problems. — my two cents as it were– here is the emoticon to show that I don’t take myself too seriously 😉

              • Wayne Blackburn

                Ugh – I’m not looking forward to going in for sleep apnea testing, but my doctor is probably going to send me for it soon. Blah.

                • UGH– eventually I will end up there too. Other problems first though–

                • Wayne — I’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea for about eight years now. If your doctor recommends a CPAP machine, suggest politely that an oxygen concentrator would be better. My CPAP machine almost drowned me. The oxygen concentrator does an excellent job of supplying what I need without forcing any sinus drainage into my lungs.

                  • Dan used a CPAP for ten years. Worked fine. he probably needs one now again, but lower power.

                    • My Calmer Half needed to adjust his. The sleep docs wanted to charge $300 to change a setting. He downloaded the instruction manual off the net and did it himself. If you still have the old one, check the wide, weird web.

                      No matter how much I don’t like the noise, it’s a lot more restful than being woken up by waiting for him to breathe again. Still, I get nights anyway when I swear it must have the “annoy” setting turned on, and the sheets are too heavy or too light, and the room’s too hot but I’m freezing, and my joints ache and there’s no right way to get comfortable, but the search for such is making me into a low-speed lathe of stolen bedsheets…

                      Hope you got a good nap in, plenty of tea, and feel better.

                    • It’s only hitting Dan when he lies on his back. Since he lost all the weight, he doesn’t need it as much. It’s still disturbing.

                    • It may have less to due with weight than with blood sugar. With apnea the throat collapses, blocking the airway. Excess blood glucose causes muscle tone to be poorer, allowing the throat to collapse more readily. Cutting carbs reduces blood sugar and facilitates weight loss; the weight’s relation to apnea is correlation, not causation.

                      I could be wrong now, but I don’t think so.

                    • You might be right. I am not sure he needs it again, but I’d rather he check with doctors.

                    • I think it was after one of “those nights” that I memorized “The Lord Chancellor’s Song (Nightmare Song)” by Gilbert and Sullivan. You know:
                      “When you’re lying awake with a dismal headache and repose is tabooed by anxiety/ I conceive you may use any language you choose to indulge in without impropriety.”

                    • My issue was that I was never awake enough to grab the tablet and play mah-jong or get my crochet from downstairs or something. I was in limbo and aware I HATED the bed, but I hated to get up.

                • Remember that if you get a diagnosis of sleep apnea, even if you can treat it 100% with a CPAP machine, insurance companies will reject you like a hot branding iron for a “pre-existing condition.” (See also why I and child are on one insurance policy, and my retired spouse (from company insurance to COBRA to an attempt at private insurance) is on a high-risk-pool policy that our state fortunately has.)

                  I dunno what they think of oxygen concentrators.

                  • Weird? Maybe SOME insurance companies? Dan never had an issue with it.

                    • 1: Is he self-insured?
                      2: Did he tell them that he had a CPAP? (There was no place to do so on the forms the spouse filled out…)
                      3: Has he been self-insured by the same company as when he was diagnosed, making it not a “pre-existing condition”?
                      4: Was it a local branch of Blue Cross, Blue Shield?
                      5: …there was a five, but it was a rant about the local insurance companies and schadenfreude.
                      6: Profit! Wait, wrong list. Darnit.

                    • No, the company is self-insured, not us. Not BC or BS.

                      I like that “profit” part.

                      Well, it’s going to be a joy next time we change insurance, anyway, as Dan is marked diabetic and our doctor refuses to remove it, even though Dan doesn’t test diabetic now, not even after eating sugar. other doctors admit you can cure it, if you catch it early enough and lose massive amounts of weight, but not ours, nuh-uh. He’s probably also still marked as using C-pap, though he discovered last night, if he prevents himself turning on his back he doesn’t need it anymore.

              • Saline. Is there nothing it can’t do?

  5. Well, if you need any help I’m sure you’ve only to ask and your Huns will ride into battle for you, pillaging and slaying your books! … Well that metaphor got out of control, didn’t it?

  6. Sometimes rebooting the meat machine is the only sensible step to take.

    Napping is a celebration of our paleolithic ancestors.

  7. Sarah, I’ll try to have the nature, Nature, and environment essay to you by later this afternoon. I’m in the process of tunneling out of 15″ of snow (drifts to four feet in places.)

    • That would be nice. We’re getting snow later. (It tells you a lot I almost posted “slow” — I’m already slow!)

      • Snow is good. Soil moisture is good. Moving snow off of paved surfaces and onto soil is not so much fun. Especially when using a shovel.

        • Wayne Blackburn

          Soil moisture is good, except when it’s turning my gravel driveway into a mud bog, and I can’t really get more gravel right now.

  8. Martin L. Shoemaker

    One word diagnosis from someone who hasn’t examined you and isn’t qualified to diagnose so shouldn’t do it but is gonna anyway: anxiety.

    • To an extent. I have some major clinical tests tomorrow morning — and I’m so totally not going to talk about it, unless the results are bad, and then I will — and of course Dan is still on track to be unemployed at the end of March. The cleaning might be part of this took. If the tests turn out for the worst, it will be much easier to keep the house clean now it’s all organized and stuff. (Well, not all. Kitchen this weekend, then dining room, then movie/exercise room. But it is largely functional, particularly office/bedroom and living room.)
      But there’s physical stuff too and I’d think it was related to stuff I’m having tests for, except Robert is having same symptoms, so I think it’s just a very diminished version of recursive stomach virus.

      • I thought recursive stomach viruses was something only cyborgs get (sorry….its a science fiction site…couldn’t resist)

      • If you are having malaise, fatigue, and a general queasiness whenever you eat something (anything) and lack of appetite because of it, but no fever… It could be the 2 week bug of DOOM, which was here in New England a few weeks ago. Which meant the kid was out of school for 2 weeks, the spouse was draggy, and I was in denial. (Also, if I’m not actually throwing up, months of pregnancy-nausea have inured me to anything less.)

        Whatever it might be, good luck!

        • YES. That’s what it sounds like, and Dan is TOTALLY draggy… TWO WEEKS? Oh waly waly waly waly.

          • so it’s not Legacy of Son of Death Flu?

          • Two weeks. The kid was out of school for TWO WEEKS, because she’s got No Cope when sick (and went to the doctor twice). The spouse was draggy, for 2 weeks. And I was going, LA LA LA LA I AM NOT SICK LA LA LA LA *gods I’m depressed*.

            It also goes away slowly, over a period of 2-3 days, and then OH MY GODS, it’s like a weight has lifted!

            Anyway, if they find nothing else? Assume it’s the DOOMBUG, and just sort of… grind through for another few weeks. It should go away.

  9. Three gallons of tea? Not coffee? Ah, what have you done with Sarah?

  10. I hope your head clears. Is it a case of the fuzzy brain? I get that when sleep patterns disrupted. For me exposure to sunlight and mild physical activity helps. If it is no fuzzy brain then your body is trying to tell you something but I am not an expert at that sort of thing nor do I play one on TV. Good Luck with the rest of your day. BTW, what kind of tea?

  11. Ugh … I have the seasonal crud as well – but the cat likes it, and so do the dogs, because then I spend most of the day in bed, sleeping. The cat and the little dog curl up and sleep next to me; their idea of total pet bliss.

  12. I understand, Sarah. I’m having a bad day today, also. EVERYTHING hurts. Comes from having more than 20% humidity in the air. Arthur is SUCH a brat! Hang in there!

  13. Ice-cream tomorrow? with toppings? 🙂

    Hope you are feeling better soon and the tests go your way.

  14. Uah… good luck for tomorrow. And also, good luck on editing and such. The worst thing is when the brain is “running processes” when you’re trying to sleep. Makes it so hard to operate the next day – and the next… and so on until you finally get to properly “shut down”.

  15. News for coffeholics:

    It’s still snowing. DW and I have had a good day, except for the pain. Tomorrow may be even better, as the humidity drops.

  16. “It’s lupus.”


  17. I’m so nervous for Noah’s Boy. I’m sure I’ve said part of this before and It is more other writer’s fault than anything you’ve done(You have three writers to thank for my doubts). However when it takes so long for a book it too often seems some writers have lost their connections with the characters they have written. Giving them wildly different personalities or values due to what has happened in the Author’s life during that time. Which is totally understandable, but means the very characters I’m reading the book for in the first place are gone.

    That among 101 other things has me both anxious and apprehensive for Noah’s Boy. I hear “revisions” and think great one more chance these will be the characters I’ve read and at the same time one more time they might change. I want to be finished with book having read it already and at the same time I never want to read it. Happy that it is coming and dreading the moment. I’m waiting with baited money for the moment I can finally buy the book and thinking I’ll part with my money when you pry it from my cold dead hand.

    I don’t get overly invested in characters or anything. :p

    • No, it’s minor stuff, like I forgot to put in the scene that establishes how the GSD and Tom will relate from now on. I also messed up a scene so everyone has too many hands. I think the characters are the same. I had more trouble getting back the VOICE, which is different.