Read this!

I’m going to do a blog post in a couple of hours (it was a very bad night, really.) but until then, read this — Amanda Green magnificently fisks a “ebooks are a dead end” article.

Yesterday, Sarah pointed out a link that had been posted on Facebook leading to a post on the Wall Street Journal site reassuring readers that print is here to stay. Since I happen to believe there will always be a market, albeit a niche market, for print books, I didn’t have any issues with the article — until I started to read it. So, for good or ill, I feel the need to discuss what the author of the article, Nicholas Carr, had to say as well as some of the responses and their implications for readers and writers.

Read the whole thing.

One response to “Read this!

  1. I read it, I enjoyed it. Yes, books on dead tree will continue, but probably not as many as are currently being churned out. Many more authors will make the switch to electronic publishing and print-on-demand, but some books can ONLY be appreciated as printed works. I see the majority of fiction migrating to electronic format, with print-on-demand for those that want something on paper. Surprisingly to many, I would suggest that textbooks, especially for those in the higher secondary grades and in college, becoming purely electronic. The high cost of printed books, the rapid demand for changes and updates due to changing times, and the ability to embed hyperlinks in electronic works all point to the use of electronic over printed media as being preferable.