Out of Ideas

Yeah, I know.  I know you won’t believe me.  But … I just don’t have any more ideas to write.  I sit here and think and think and nothing new occurs to me.  I’ve sent untold self addressed stamped envelopes to Hayes Kansas and they all come back with blank pages inside.  And since I only write Men’s Adventure and YA (but not together) it’s very hard to come up with ideas.

Also, sad to say, but my career as a cat herder pays way better.  I heard that my friend Dave Freer is moving to NYC. In that spirit I’m leaving Dan, sending the kids to the  Wee Tykes orphanage and moving to the wilderness.  I’m thinking outer Mongolia (depends on where I can find a marxist free love lesbian commune that will take me, of course) where I’ll rough it by living in a yurt and subsisting on boiled grass.

I am off to herd cats (or at least heard cats.  Hard not to hear them when they’re rampaging through the house breaking things.)

6 thoughts on “Out of Ideas

  1. Oh Sarah! Whatever you’re putting into your coffee these days, you need to stop. It’s not good for you. Please, I’m telling you this a dedicated reader, we’re going to stage an intervention and get you your ideas back. This is so sad. How could you do this to your self? But don’t worry we’ll save you!



  2. You could do True Confessions for a while, but I don’t have any book of Wagner librettos here to offer you. Happy April Fools Day!
    Had to remember not to feed the store kitties can this morning. Marsha likes active, romping kitties, and she complains that can in the morning leaves them lethargic and lying around all day waiting for belly pets.

  3. Sarah:
    “Free the Muse”, High Plains Chapter, is checking the Antonov Rentals Agency right now, to plan the RCMP Riding Grizzlies’ flight to stage A Rescue Dance & Bagpipes’ Music Exhibition! We have our own Diesel-powered AC Power Plants, and special clamps to attach the 6 Antonov-scale Surround-Sound Speakers. The Seismic-music-injection-Vibrators are a Set of 4 re-programmed 20-ton units, by the way. The Show is a very moving experience, especially is any nearby fault is just about to let go, anyway… The Porcupine Hills Cougars, the certified Instructors on quick removal of spandex from Joggers, are also coming. We get an hefty Grant from Canada’s Particpaction (exercise-promotion agency), for bringing the cougars, because the average weight of local Joggers has always decreased, quickly, after the local, resident cougars, learn the technique.
    Do not worry about airstrips, the Antonov is a remote-airstrip-certified aircraft. We will get a local contractor to remove stumps and large rocks, from any handy gravel bar, or old esker….

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