All is Kittens

This is Holly reporting in on our intrepid leader.* Sarah has been, together with her long suffering husband, kidnapped by the kittens to act as hands, drivers, payers of vet bills, for well-kitten appointments.

Or at least only slightly troublesome kitten appointment. Or something like that. The amount of trouble depends on if Sweet Helen is in charge of the matter or if her brother is.

Sarah will be back, by and by, with kittens. Please don’t make too much of a mess of the blog: wordpress kind of hates me and I don’t want to have to try to fix things.

*She gave instructions, I followed, is not a leader determined by if she has followers?

31 thoughts on “All is Kittens

  1. But… What about the mittens! That’s what I want to know about! I grilled my cat Fuzz the other day. (No, not like that you fiend!) i asked, WHERE ARE YOUR MITTENS!
    He did not reply.

  2. Could have been worse. I mean, orange tabbies are generally rambunctious but easygoing. Now, if she’d gotten two torties? Or two siamese?

    Havey-cat will disagree with me, I think. Has anyone asked Valeria how she feels about this?

    1. Leading full-grown cats is fairly simple IF they are hungry (or think they are hungry) and you are holding something yummy-smelling (or moving toward a location at which the cats expect to obtain something yummy).

      Kittens … often appear to be running on some variety of random number generator. Shrug.

    2. Yes. The wise cat herder carries carnip. Or tuna, since most of my cats haven’t liked catnip.

  3. I think a lot of us are familiar with the troubles that can only be summarized by two words: iz cat! I just got done with enthusiastic greetings from R and C myself!

  4. Ah Kittens, wonderful creatures. Can bomb around at speeds that you would expect to produce sonic booms one minute and the next literally fall over and start sleeping. As much as I love the little furry critters it is nice for them to slow down a little and gain some limited modicum of caution. Young (say less than 6 month old) kittens are severe hazard to themselves as their abilities far outstrip their forethought (as nearly anything is > 0 ) so they inevitably need to be rescued from the various predicaments they create. This is kind of cute until they manage to do something REALLY stupid (instead of just ordinarily stupid) and risk their precious furry selves.

    For example we had a 10 month old kitten find some slim Christmas ribbon while we were wrapping packages. Usually this kind of thing is a self correcting issue the indigestible item just goes in one end of the cat and comes out the other at a later date. Unfortunately in this case it caused a life threatening intestinal blockage. This took major abdominal surgery running to large sums of money. He then proceeded have issues with his incision. He used 3-4 of his lives in that, and things were so dicey for a while that I dreaded having to tell my daughters that we had lost one of our kittens just before Christmas. He managed to pull through. 6 years later he found (and ate) a threaded needle, which also had to be removed. Still he lived to 16+ years of age. He was a beloved (but rather expensive) plain old brown tiger cat known to us as Tyger.

    1. Old SF story, about a kitten. Most memorable was the observation that for a kitten to go from here to there, it is not necessary that it ever occupy any of the space between.

      1. Cats do seem to teleport from time to time. I experience this every time I open the can of fancy feast for our two current feline family members. Hiccup black and lithe and cat like trots up without a sound like Mr Sandbergs fog. No teleportation just a stealth cat. Stoick his tiger and white sibling seems to just appear, He’s nowhere, you touch the food bowls and pull back the ring on the lid and Voila large rubbing purring cat at your feet. Sometimes there is even a loud thud as if he misjudged the arrival altitude. its as if opening the can collapsed the waveform of the Schrodinger’s cat,

  5. Ah. The vet visit. Wrestle to get into the box at home. Pour out cat at vets. OTOH they do tend to jump right back in at the vets. Usually when you don’t want them to, so get to pour out, again. Repeat and rinse. Serenade protests in moving vehicle coming and going. (We might just have a bit of experience.)

    Looks like we might, maybe, be adding a young gray male cat to the household. Hubby would have brought him home this week except for our impending trip. Not fair to put the whole process on son who stays home to house and cat sit (okay, he lives here).

    Situation. About 2 years ago 4 cats show up at the golf coarse on Territorial road. One mom, two kittens, and one male (pretty sure is dad cat). Mom disappears fairly quickly. Leaving the 3. Hubby would have brought the two kittens home then, but they were pretty feral by then (we’ve done that before) and we’d just brought in two 5 week old kittens. (OTOH if we’d taken in those two kittens, we’d have passed on Freeway a year later.) All 3 remaining cats were TNR (female kitten was already pregnant) with basic shots. Recently the older male cat has not been seen. Younger female kitten was also missing but rumor has it she tangled with a raccoon, was taken to the vet, and probably had to be put down. The person who took her in was rewarded by getting torn up by her pretty bad ending up in the hospital. Speculation is, infections caused by the scratches and bites. Thus leaving the little gray male all alone. He will adjust but … If hubby can convince the remaining kitty into a cat box without getting himself torn up (hubby has been feeding and petting, but not picking up, kittens all along), we’ll take him to the vet for medical check, ,updated shots and vaccinations. If clean bill of health, then we’ll introduce to our cats. If we have at least live-let-live-cohabitate with the other cats AND small dog, then we’ll keep him. Do not need full integration. Do need fur not to fly. This also depends on the situation hubby finds when he gets to the golf coarse after we get back from our trip. Stay tune for updates.

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