Truth Bombs

It is a truth universally acknowledged that while the Left has rats in their heads, (Marxist rats, at that. No rat that could survive in the real world, even), they come up with pretty catchy phrasing.

Not that they use the phrases right, of course. I mean, we could tattoo “I don’t think this word means what you think it means” on their foreheads (backwards, so they could read it in the mirror) since that problem is pretty much constant. Because as usual they mistake form and function, container and contents, and compelled speech for truth.

Their idea of a truth bomb is running around screaming “Women are paid less than men” and cancel you if you point out that a) it’s a lie, if you compare apples to apples. (Women actually make more than men.) b) the fact they’ve screamed it a million times doesn’t make it any more correct than it was ten years ago c) It’s a lie and we’re tired of hearing it.

Then they accuse you of being afraid of the truth, of trying to preserve your white male privilege (even if you’re not male or while) and repeat it some more. The fact that we tell them to pound sand is viewed as proof of how true it is.

See, rats.

But without rats in one’s heads truth bombs are inherently very powerful things.

So, what is a truth bomb, when not a leftist lie-screed masquerading as such?

Well… It starts with being true. But being true by itself doesn’t give it that power. For instance, leftists truthfully have rats in their heads. Marxist rats running around on little cultish treadmills. But since Marxist teaching has been so universal for almost a hundred years, so do you. And I. Though I keep putting out glue traps for them. So, most people don’t know that leftists, truthfully, have rats in their heads. And if they do they, like me, are beyond caring, and just say it, like that, out loud.

Also, for instance, it’s true that Havey is a very fuzzy and adorable cat. But my saying it has no power, unless you’re a cat lover, in which case you go “Aw” which is not an amazing power.

So clearly for a truth to act like a bomb you need something more.

So, truth bombs, as far as I can tell are truths that everyone can see, but everyone is afraid to say out loud for whatever reason.

And when uttered out loud, even in veiled form, it has a disproportionate power because the people who hear it feel liberated and also relieved. It’s a combination of “Oh, thank heavens, I’m not crazy.” And “Preach it sister/brother of mine, say it loud.”

Even veiled, truth bombs have the power to sweep the nation. Look at Let’s Go Brandon. The incident combined people’s knowledge the media lied to them and the truth that everyone hates the unelected puppet installed over us. Let’s Go Brandon went viral overnight.

Admittedly what propelled Donald Trump to his win in 2016, despite all his mistakes in campaigning (gleefully highlighted by everyone) was truth bombs: America can be great again and is being held up by the leadership. And: real nations have borders.

Against this, all the left could pose was the weak sauce of “jobs are never coming back, but we’ll give you so much welfare, peasants” and “racist.”

Those weren’t enough, because we’d heard them a lot, and we knew PLAINLY they weren’t true. Because, well, obviously the truth is that we see everyday a nation being kept in shackles by sh*tty leadership and the woke infection. We are capable of so much, and we all know that, even from our friends’ groups — even those who have semi-helpless friends — but between fantastical (in the sense they should apply only in a fantasy world) environmental regulations and stupid “sensitivity” to other’s potential sadness or humiliation (I am for humiliating people who steal, yes) we are letting the bad elements run insane, and holding back the productive, the sane, the law-abiding.

And we know d*mn well we’re not racists. Heck, in public places, weddings, etc, I keep running into groups of Americans that would give Hitler nightmares. Sure, in some places, and some people — mostly hard left — are still trying to keep their groups “pristine race x” but the rest of us are gleefully making friends, mating and adopting (if only the states let this happen more often) across color lines and feature lines and hardly noticing.

No one cares.

And if they stopped making us fill little “race” lines in forms for everything, we’d not even know. There might be the occasional glee when getting a 23 and me report “Hey, this says I’m 1/32nd Pacific Islander. I wonder where that comes from!” but that’s it.

Also, the people pouring over the border are every race known to man. The stereotypical Mexican family portrayed by the left isn’t even close to representative these days. There are Africans, South Americans, Asians (about 50% in some areas) and even people of pallor, a lot of them from Eastern Europe. Being racist against that kind of genetic soup would imply that we are racist against all non-Eskimo lefthanders with a club foot. And even then.

No, Americans knew the reason they want us to have borders is that we’re being invaded. The race of the invaders doesn’t matter, but culture does. And culture is very hard to shed. And it’s even harder to assimilate into American culture when our culture is being riven by streams of people with very different cultures (who don’t even agree with each other, btw.)

The left are culture denialists. Which is kind of bizarre. they think that culture doesn’t exist and it’s all genetically determined (Nazi “scientists” have entered the chat.) So if we oppose the invasion of people who will try to drink from the toilet because they’ve never seen one, and think it’s a water fountain (yes, that was what was behind that incident. Now you know.) or who can’t read or speak our language, or read any language, because the language they learned has no written form, or who have … loose ideas of private property, or who consider everyone beyond their tribal group (and a tribal group that in some cases is not much more than immediate family) as non-human and prey; or who are wholly wedded to not exactly legal clans and tribes and allegiances (I’m looking at you South America) at more or less perpetual war with each other, the left calls us racists. To them all behavior, even language is genetically determined. (This is built in in school assignments where they ask your kids to describe their culture when they mean their ancestry. As a note, pushing back on that has hilarious results, since the leftist-indoctrinated teachers can’t process what you’re saying and end up metaphorically speaking dropping to the floor, flailing arms and legs and demanding their binky that you respect their authoritah.)

But in fact assimilation is possible and you can change your language. I’m writing this in my third language. I will never lose my accent, mostly because it would take months of work with a speech specialist and I don’t have the money or time (though the ability to dictate in standard programs might make it worth) but I can function in the language just fine, thank you. (And if you immigrate before some ill defined boundary around 17 or 18, you do lose your accent. Interestingly, the left is sure that the fact that I — or Melania Trump — have an accent means some kind of mental retardation. This means the cosmopolitans…. aren’t.)

Assimilation is just difficult, takes a long time, and is best done in isolation from your original community. None of which can be done while the world is pouring over our border.

And the invasion comes with its own hatreds. Which means Americans are not racist, but a lot of the newcomers are. If you want to see race wars, stand by and oprima 2. Also and more visibly our rather generous safety net is being used almost exclusively by the invaders. Social services, schools, hospitals are all straining under looking after the newly arrived indigent who have neither the means nor the cultural capacity to be productive members of society.

So when Trump said, “You’re not a racist, you have a right not to be invaded” the truth bomb blew up in the minds of everyone who felt that if we were going to have welfare — and some of us do think we shouldn’t — it should go to people born and raised here, and that our schools shouldn’t be trying to teach — badly — in five different languages, and that old hatreds shouldn’t be replayed on our land.

And that plus “you can be great, if the government gets out of your way” wafted him to victory. A victory for which the left was completely unprepared because their cult prevents their seeing the truth.

Truths that everyone can see but not say have been revealed again and again since then. Off the top of my head and missing a lot, I’m sure:

  • This country is indeed being held back by its government and the Deep State will KEEL you before losing their jobs.
  • The state wants to import a new citizenry. And they don’t like you.
  • Destroying Trump — because they think he has Svengali like powers — is their number one priority, even as everything falls apart.
  • They either have no clue how anything works, or gleefully want to destroy economy and society. And probably “yes”.
  • They have some weird fetish with wanting you and your kids to eat all the bugs.
  • They can steal elections with impunity and there is not even a shred of credibility or security to our elections.
  • Our courts are useless against a color revolution.
  • They have a weird fascination with sexual fetishes, and a need to parade them before our eyes at every level of power and control.

Right now, the strongest repressed truths which everyone knows, but which will destroy you if said or written, in most circumstances; the truths that even a lot of “right wing” (which sadly is now anything to the right of Lenin) sites suppress because they’re either afraid of being cancelled or because they don’t want to “sound crazy”.

  • The 2020 election was stolen. We all saw it happen. The bizarre stoppage of counting and suddenly it’s all Biden. The idea that someone like Biden had 80 million votes. The fact that most of us who live/d in vote-by-mail states call it vote by fraud. The fact that a lot of states changed to vote by fraud for the occasion. A lot of us have friends who either directly were or have friends who were among the ejected poll watchers. And we know that what we saw, after the Biden Potemkin campaign was impossible. We also can tell from the way all talk of the election being stolen has been suppressed and from the bizarre inauguration under guard, behind barbed wire, that not only was the election stolen, but they know it too.
    Opinion is more divided on whether 2022 was also stolen (Spoiler, it was) but we are sure that our election integrity is such that it’s almost impossible to tell what is legitimate any more.
  • The Covidiocy was in fact idiocy, engineered from the top, partly to steal the elections, but in part because the so called “elite” are terrified of us, and were afraid we’d legitimately revolt. (They don’t understand this country. Americans don’t revolt easily and when they do, you’ll know it. Late and thorough is practically our motto.) And they wanted to install a new-normal in which we all obeyed them like automatons. The vaccine might very well have been intended as a mass contraceptive. (It hasn’t worked superwell, because “chinese science.” And some of them might also have hoped it would reduce population. (Again, I think they wanted that, it’s just their science is made of Chinesium.)
  • We are being invaded and need to stop it right now and deport all the “not the best” who’ve been coming over from every sh*thole in the globe. Because a nation without borders isn’t a nation.

Now the interesting thing about the elections coming up is that each of the main truth bombs is being spoken only by a “eye catching candidate.”

Well, Trump speaks two, but he has serious issues with admitting the covidiocy was stupid. And while he wasn’t the one who locked us down, he also didn’t stop the governors and mayors from going crazy cakes. Yes, in a way it was admirable. He was respecting local authority. But– all the same, it is held against him, and the fact that he can’t admit it’s true will hurt him with the public. How far, who knows?

DeSantis cannot admit that the 2020 election was stolen. Heaven knows why. He thinks it’s a stick to hit Trump with. I think it will hurt him majorly. Running without admitting there’s something wrong with the elections brings the two way too close.

And yep RFA Jr. is the only one saying the entire Covidiocy was wrong and the vaccines for it are worse than the disease. Yes, sure, DeSantis has made noises in that direction, but not loud enough. Of course, he’s neither admitting election theft nor that open borders are daft. (Also, according to a friend, he has a voice that will make most sane people want to stop it. Possibly with a mallet. Don’t know. Don’t know if it matters that much to anyone not music oriented.)

There is an outside chance that the truth about the entire Covidiocy is THE MOST SALIENT suppressed truth in people’s heads right now. (Though fast getting crowded by the border. As the fall out of both reveals itself more and more.) In which case RFK Jr. will have the advantage.

But each of those truth bombs are powerful in the way truth bombs are. By hitting people’s resentment at being silenced, and at having to lie even to themselves, they release very powerful emotions and a sense of righteousness, which, fully unleashed, can transform the face of the world in a relatively short time.

And they will be unleashed. They have to, because the longer it takes for them to be unleashed, the more power they gain.

At this point, we’re living IN a powder keg. The question is: who will dare speak the truth to us?

173 thoughts on “Truth Bombs

  1. My only quibble, missus, and beg pardon for arguin’ with ye, is the idea that the Fauci Ouchie isn’t a mass contraceptive and population killer. Give it a generation, sez I. The issues that have plagued adult women who have been poisoned with birth control and all the other things foisted on us are bad – what happens to all the children who were forced to have this? What happens to their bodies when puberty hits? And then well-meaning gobshites shove more poisons into them?

    I argue that it’s too early to tell in many cases – but not to early to tell that the jabs have been medical poison on scale not seen often (I personally think since the 3rd Reich, but only because I’m likely historically illiterate). There are times when my IG and twitter feeds seem to be every 3rd or 4th thing is “died suddenly” and often young people who are hale and hearty!

    May God have mercy on them that they may repent and believe. Otherwise the hell they have made this life will be the only heaven they receive.

    1. Yeah, there seems to be an epidemic of ‘Suddenly!’ going around amongst the inoculated. Curiously, most of us surly cynics who gave them The Finger instead of getting the shots appear to be immune.
      A good Zombie Apocalypse novel is at least as believable as anything we’ve heard out of the ‘Publick Health Authoriteez’ over the last three years.

    2. I doubt it was planned mostly because I doubt their competence or foresight to even attempt such a thing.

      More likely it was a repeatedly failed therapy that the developers were about to go bankrupt on and they saw a last ditch opportunity to keep from going under water by marketing it as the new wonder cure. And a couple other big names joined in because free money.

      That it causes reproductive damage is likely just an indicator of how delicate the reproductive system really is, especially to gene manipulation.

    3. There’s enough information out there (data picked up from publish stats on birthrates, excess deaths and cancer recurrances) as well as a bit pried out from the test runs via FOIA to cause major problems for TPTB.

      None of this seems to interest the MSM (though VAERS results seem to be breaking through), but when the effects are noticed by a lot of people with Mk 1 eyeballs, it could get quite sporty.

    4. Oh, and, point of order: You assert that they are ‘well-meaning’ without presenting any evidence. I’d say they have passed well beyond any assumptions of innocuous intent.

      1. Given that “well-meaning” is modifying the proper noun “gobshites”, I would have thought it obvious that there was possibly, just maybe, a metricfuckton of sarcasm and irony.


    5. Here’s another headline, from today:

      Champion College Waterskier Michael ‘Micky’ Geller Dead at 18

      Yet another mysterious ‘died of Suddenly’. When are the sheeple going to wake up?

  2. One “interesting” story about the invasion is about a Chicago suburb objecting to Chicago forcing it to deal with the invaders that Chicago can’t handle.

    The fun part is that the people objecting to the invaders aren’t Whites.

    They’re not-so-rich Blacks. 😈

    1. Who are obviously upset because white men oppress them, which makes them react like this to the blessing of more refugees from the southern border living amongst them.

      1. The Chicago Sun-Times was comparing the upset blacks to MAGA types. I guess they’re white supremacists with tans. So, it’s Trump’s fault, donchaknow?

      2. But Hispanics are white, donchaknow, so they’re still being displaced by white people. Oh, Wait, there are Asians within the immigrant population? Doesn’t matter; they’re white too so the argument stands. The black Africans? Well, they must be among those White Supremacist blacks . . .

        1. “And suddenly, without warning, The Narrative collapsed into a pile of gray goo.”

          It’s coming.

    2. Looks like we are going to see a replay of Sharks vs Jets only this time it won’t be a musical starring Natalie Wood.

      The fact that they are planning to put newcomers up in schools because all the hotels are booked up would seem to indicate there quite a few more “guests” than they are letting on.

      It will be interesting to see how the former Minority of Favor reacts to being turfed out of all the entitlements by the incoming favored minorities.

      If TPTB do manage to crash the economy I’m guessing the newcomers will find things much less accommodating than they do now.

      1. If the economy crashes, I suspect we’ll find ourselves fighting against those illegals. And the latest estimate I’ve seen for the end of this year will be about 4 to 5 million illegals invading this country. On top of the 20 million already here.

        1. When authoritarians are in trouble, they call in forces from the provinces to quell the urban uprisings.
          But the rural citizenry is markedly more hostile to the current group than the urban is.

          This isn’t entirely about importing an army, but it’s a significant part.
          I don’t expect such a plan to work like they want it to, but I do see it increasing the probability and severity of bloodshed.

          1. Plus, they are concentrating their ‘army’ in the worst possible places, the vulnerable and strategically useless Democrat-ruled cities. They don’t produce anything, they just play games with other people’s money. When those games no longer yield the desired results, they’ll be stuck there, surrounded by their starving ‘army’.
            ‘Progressives’ suppress free speech because they don’t have the means to suppress free thought.


            1. It’s an old, old pattern- one group in power calls in the “barbarians,” to act as enforcers because of course, barbarians are stupid and easily manipulated. And we know how it generally turns out.

          2. They maybe think they are importing an army which is why they don’t seem to be too worried about the lack of recruits in their current army.

            We’ll see how their new army does against actual Americans. Ones who aren’t hamstrung by rules of engagement designed to give more power to the enemy than to the troops.

            Been a while since Americans were allowed to fight like the brass wanted to win.

            Sure hope it doesn’t come to that. It will get really ugly.

            1. “Ones who aren’t hamstrung by rules of engagement designed to give more power to the enemy than to the troops.”

              Do not for even ONE second think they will abide by any rules of engagement that Grant, Sherman, and Sheridan wouldn’t have endorsed. That way lies a fatal underestimation.

              1. People who publicly fantasize about “nuking” fellow citizens, while demanding the most restrictive RoE against actual enemies, have made their priorities clear.

                If this goes hot, it will be Total War.

                Imaginos, think a bit harder about that scenario. It’s riding the tiger, but a mobility without community can be directed using hunger. It’s guaranteed to have bad outcomes for everybody, but that includes us.

                1. “They’re made out of meat.”

                  I guess I was absent the day most people were taught that cannibalism is the ultimate horror.

        2. Another truth bomb that will get you kicked out of “polite” company is anything about actual crime and the connected demographics. The newly arrived may wind up fighting over turf and who gets to go where and do what in “their” neighborhood. Those newly arrived may be in for a big shock when the locals go to war. This ain’t Europe and having no-go zones isn’t likely to work. Ah, the city – such a wonderful place!

          On the other side of that coin is that there are many elements in the newly arrived who come from unthinkable places where killing people is just daily business. I think it will be a major shock to both sides how it plays out and those caught in the middle will be much more likely to support their local thug so logistics (the key to winning) will not be on the side of any newly arrived.

          I could be wrong, as I often am, about the above however, there is also the vast American countryside and rural American is NOT something you want to mess with and I fear the newly arrived have no idea what poking that bear can cause.

          1. With the Cartels as with the Mafia, it’s just business. You can pay your protection money and as long as you stay current on the payments you’re fine.

            They’ve never run up against a group of good ol’ boys and gals who are defending home and hearth.

            The Cartels here have been picking off the odd person or two who happen to be in the wrong place, but they might be a bit surprised if they go up against some locals who don’t care which politicians they’ve bought off.

            The politicians might be in for a surprise too. Antifa ain’t nothing up against regular folks. Look what happened when they tried to throw their weight around the Sturgis Rally. Comical how fast they ran to the cops for help. The cops, for their part, rescued them and ran them out of town.

            1. what happened when they tried to throw their weight around the Sturgis Rally. Comical how fast they ran to the cops for help. The cops, for their part, rescued them and ran them out of town.

              Or how polite the demonstration became when they wandered (intentionally) not far off main street in Springfield Oregon. The rooftop rifle armed locals insured the demonstrators stayed polite and kept moving. Not a single shot fired. Even in Eugene they stayed in-their-lane, so to speak.

              1. Springfield is not Eugene and vice versa. They are separated by I5 and big cultural differences. There’s some bleedover, but Eugene’s economic and cultural driver is the UofO and ALL that implies, whereas Springfield is supported by traditional industries, mainly timber and ag. IOW, Eugene is the typical leftist college town, and Springfie.d is (comparatively) a bunch of working class rednecks.

                1. Springfield is not Eugene and vice versa.

                  I know. We live in North Eugene. (In the unincorporated quilt pattern section.) Raised in Eugene (same area in now). So, yea.

                  We looked in Springfield and outlying areas to buy, but we couldn’t *afford what was available, then. If we could have sold the Longview house before we were forced to buy, we could have pulled it off. Forced to buy because rental sold out from under us (tried to buy it, offer rejected). With an elderly German Shepard, 5 cats, and as it turned out, infant on the way, we weren’t getting that lucky again. Longview house sold 6 months later. We’ve been in this house now for 34 years.

                  (*) One would have to understand the local market in the mid-’80s. Both Longview, Eugene, and other timber dependent towns (Eugene wasn’t always so dependent on the UofO). Low and mid-range cost houses people were hanging on to. We did in Longview. Why? When $300k – $500k properties were going for 2/3 appraisal, the mid/lower ranges couldn’t be given away. Either walk or hold. Sure $200k for a $300+k house was a bargain. It was too much of a stretch given the other mortgage. Our crystal future reading didn’t show the market breaking a year later. Not that it mattered. We didn’t have a year.

            2. “The Cartels here have been picking off the odd person or two who happen to be in the wrong place,”

              The cartels are why there are largely no blacks in South Central or Compton of LA. And this was in 2013.

              “The attacks on the family are the latest in a series of violent incidents in which Latino gangs targeted blacks in parts of greater Los Angeles over the last decade.

              Compton, with a population of about 97,000, was predominantly black for many years. It is now 65% Latino and 33% black, according to the 2010 U.S. census. But it’s not only historically black areas that have been targeted.”

          2. Thirty years ago, that was absolutely true.
            But the federal government’s policy since then has been to devastate rural communities.
            Illegal aliens have been a major vector of that attack,
            Hire an illegal, pay him a pittance, and ignore labor law? Or hire a member of your community, pay him much more, and obey all the regulations and legal protections?
            The pillars of the community who take the latter approach, are driven out of business, and sociopaths consolidate at fire sale prices.
            Money and power drive even local politics, and corruption grows.
            The migrants send their wages home as remittances, which bleeds the local economy.
            Poverty bites, and the community fractures.
            On the other hand, there is a LOT of anger. Some of it aimed at the illegals, but mostly aimed directly at the federal government that deliberately turned a blind eye to the lawbreaking, and the people illegally profiting off misery.
            It’s all very unstable, and awaits only a spark to go boom.

            On the bright side, the cartels took a very dim view of the Muslim refugees that the feds were also forcing on the area.
            I know of an attempt to create a grooming gang, which the local government studiously ignored.
            The cartel didn’t.
            The problem disappeared, and the cartel earned a lot of actual goodwill. (While the government at all levels, and the media, earned actual hatred)

            1. A primary reason that the city of Chicago worked for so many years and actually became a Mecca for business was in effect mob rule (as in The Mob aka organized crime). Everyone knew who was really in charge, but so long as you paid the vig your streets were safe and cleaned regularly, and you could conduct business with few and easily rectified problems.
              Ain’t that way no more. Organized Crime has somehow been supplanted by cartels and racially based gang warfare while the extreme liberal politicians pander to the radical woke.
              Interesting side effect of the Covid lockdowns was a corporate epiphany that most office work did not require the massive investment in downtown office space as the same work was just as easy and far cheaper performed remotely. Add on the legitimate concerns over worker safety as the blue city cores are literally being turned into third world sh!tholes due to crime and homeless infestations, and corporate flight from Chitown and a host of other similar cities has become a cultural phenomenon. I understand that in certain locations corporate real estate in on a death spiral.

              1. What I find interesting is Elon Musk’s drive to bring everyone back into the office with the claim that remote work is less productive. Speaking as a remote worker, what remote work does is remove most of the make-work so many businesses engage in; stuff that has nothing to do with upkeep and maintenance of the business, nor does anything to actually improve their bottom line. It also removes the worker from a lot of the immediately-under-their-thumb, micro-management that so many supervisors engage in.

                Good remote workers factor in heating/AC, electrical, and facility maintenance costs, and time, when negotiating compensation; just like a good remote contractor would.

                1. I find it depends on the work. If it is fairly routine and you can clearly define inputs and outputs, remote work can work fine, but if you’re dealing with types of work were the problem is weird and no-one is entirely sure how to solve it, having everyone in the same area helps quite a bit.

                  And the less clearly defined the internal interfaces the more you need folks in the same place.

                  Given the sort of stuff Musk usually does is all directed chaos, it makes sense for those to have people mostly on site.

                  What I think we will see is people and companies sorting into groups and systems that are mostly remote and groups and systems that are mostly on site.

      2. There’s an article being linked that has a black activist in Compton (now majority Hispanic, apparently, which means that group is now asking, “Why are none of us in charge here?”) basically saying (paraphrase) “We have the political power here now, and we’re not giving it up to another ethnic group because it’ll be too hard to get it back.”

  3. I hope the truth not only destroys the liberals, but I hope they all burn in hell as well. I have no doubt the left will do something stupid, and we the people will once again 1776 their traitorous asses. The whole world is heading for another Bastille day and frankly, I can’t wait. Pile the liberals up deep and let them burn. You want to avoid that, start telling the truth, we might actually believe you. May God have mercy on their souls, we shouldn’t.

  4. Not only are the invaders Not Us, they are doing everything to re-create the shitholes they fled from here in our country. And the government is bending over to help them.
    You can have a civilized society, or you can have mob rule. You can’t have both.

  5. Interesting how Biden the traitorous pedophiles speech this weekend was on the same day the FBI/Gestapo was marching in DC. Was Ray Epps leading them or was that Comey or McCabe?

    1. You notice how skinny all those ‘right wing’ marchers were? Not a fat, slow, lagging behind one among them.

      Sez a lot for the FBI fitness training.

        1. One is sociopaths and assorted useful idiots, the other is the state itself.

          While there may be some superficial similarities in outfits, they are entirely different beasts.

          The PF LARP is by far the scarier.
          It’s literally uniformed agents of the state, putting on displays to strike fear in the heart of the populace. It’s currently operating under false pretenses, but…

          Worse, the normies actually buy the PF pageant.
          The media has been pushing the looming threat of white suprematists since 2016, and social media has eagerly been hyping the narrative to the politically uninterested.
          They can know perfectly well that the FBI has become a political weapon, but when an interview with a uniformed FBI agent “who has spent the past few years infiltrating the white suprematist movement” comes across their FB feed and tells them they should be very afraid, they take it at face value.
          I don’t understand it, but they do.

  6. /sigh
    My DNA report shows me to be disgusting white as far back as it goes. About the only color I have probably comes from the initial out of Africa move 100,000 years ago.

    1. My DNA report shows that I am 0.0156% Sub-Saharan African, 0.375 Native American, and the rest is Northwest Europe: Irish, Dutch, German. You’d never know it to look at me, I have two colors: ghost white or lobster red.

      1. If that’s .375% Native American, and not “three-eighths Native American”, that’s the color pair I’d expect from a 99+% Northwest European. If it is three-eighths Native American, all I can say is inheritance is both tricky and weird sometimes.

  7. My mental image of a truth bomb is rather like one of those fizzy bath bomb things (bubble-bath for theoretically grown-ups). It fizzes, makes lots of bubbles, tints the water, and has a strong scent. So a truth bomb smells like clear air after rain, washed free of pollution?

  8. As a libertarian I favor open borders. But: welfare state, open borders, fiscal solvency—choose two. We’re stuck with the welfare state, and I’m not prepared to give up fiscal solvency if it can be avoided; the consequences of losing it are too painful.
    It would be different if the fiscal shock of a flood of immigrants would lead to the welfare state shutting down. But that hasn’t happened in Sweden and I don’t see it happening here.

    1. I used to favor open borders, until I acculturated and realized how impossible it was. Cultures are truly different. It’s not just food and cute clothes. And it takes years and effort to assimilate. And it takes wanting to. And yes, assimilation is needed. Oh, not in food and clothing, but in work ethic, manners, respect or tolerance for various things.
      No society can survive otherwise, sorry.

      1. Back in the day we had a certain respect and admiration for what was then known as “wetbacks” in reference to the common practice of swimming the Rio Grande to cross the Southern border. They came, worked crap jobs for cheap, lived most frugally, and sent home their earnings to the little village they came from. After years of hard work they returned home and lived like minor royalty.
        That was then, and now ain’t anything like that whatsoever.
        It’s families fleeing a legitimately crappy life in a crap-hole third world country to get a ride on the gravy train of US provided welfare. That, and young healthy criminals coming to where the pickings are way more better that back home. Philosophically you can almost relate to “they have so much and I have nothing, so it’s only fair for me to take some of those riches!”
        And the problem is that they bring their culture with them. When it was a trickle it was possible to assimilate immigration, truthfully not really for the immigrants, but because their children either born here or young enough to be raised in America really were citizens. But unlike all those who came before, they are not truly wanting to become Americans, but rather acting like rude house guests who eat our food, sleep in our beds, and demand we serve them in the manner they imagine they should be entitled to.

        1. I have a relative who acted that way. He didn’t quite get kicked out of the house, but left sooner than he wanted. He won’t be back.

    2. As a libertarian, I recognize that a controlled border with the rest of the world is necessary to preserve a culture I can actually stand to live in.

        1. Because it’s one of those libertarian ideals (free movement of labor) that sounds obvious on paper.
          Because it didn’t take into account the changing economy, from mass labor to technology replacements.
          Because you made the effort to start the assimilation process before you arrived.
          The propaganda for open borders while ignoring the problems was pervasive. even before Reagan.

  9. A number of truth bombs are ticking away under the foundations of Current Year:

    1.) The Epstein client list. Almost certainly some of the people on that list are the same people who presume to tell the rest of us how to live our lives.

    2.) The 2020 election, as Sarah mentions. And it’s not just America. Brazil had a suspicious election, and there’s evidence of Chinese meddling in the recent Canadian elections too.

    3.) And of course, the origins of COVID-19. The media-government complex is only now finally admitting that there might be a tiny chance that maybe the secretive totalitarian regime where the virus originated maybe might have engineered said virus, Can you imagine the crapstorm that will erupt if we find out our lives were turned upside down for years because some Beijing fascist decreed it? I can, and so can our leaders.

    1. I’ve known about (2) and (3) since I saw them happen.

      As for (1), when somebody stood up at the Berkshire Hathaway stockholders meeting and informed them that Bill Gates (spit!) was a frequent visitor to Epstein’s Island, he was arrested and hauled away in handcuffs. FOR SAYING THE WRONG WORDS!!

      I watched the Democrats steal the 2020 election with massive election fraud and a transparently obvious cover-up.

      Fauxi paid the communist Chinese to conduct dangerous experiments on bat viruses. In 2014 a law was passed making that illegal, so Fauxi laundered the money through a third party in Britain. When COVID19 got loose, Fauxi helped the communist Chinese cover up the outbreak for 4 months, while they deliberately sent thousands of disease carriers to other countries. When the ‘pandemic’ became too widespread to cover up any longer, Fauxi orchestrated a conspiracy within the ‘public health’ establishment to deny that it originated in the Wuhan biological weapons lab, and to smear any scientist expressing suspicion about the denial.

      Those ‘Truth Bombs’ have already gone off, the dust has settled, and the craters have filled in. We won’t be getting any more mileage out of them.
      Why do so many idiots believe that our problems will be solved by the same shitheads that caused them?

      1. I dunno. I know, you know, the people here know, but the general public? This stuff is still on the fringes for them.

        1. Where are the New Nuremberg Trials for crimes against humanity on (3)? That was either an act of war against the whole world, or the biggest bio-terrorism attack in history. Either way, I wanna see some hangin’s!

          Or choppin’s; I’ve always appreciated the efficiency of La Guillotine.
          If your reputation can be ruined by the truth, it should be.

          1. Choppin’s are good. But both cleavers and axes are way cheaper; Madam Guillotine is, in today’s parlance, a “high-maintenance” b!tch. 🙂

            1. The benefit of Madame Guillotine is that anyone can operate her.

              You don’t have to have great strength or good chopping technique to dispatch enemies quickly and mercifully. You really so have to have both with the hand tools.

              1. True, the same reason why even muzzleloaders were superior to bows; they didn’t take years to become proficient. But “quickly and mercifully”? While I always tried to not let game animals suffer, cleavers and axes would suffice the sort of parasites under discussion. Be as quick and merciful as possible, but if it takes 2 or 3 tries that’s still OK.

                And yeah, I’m partly kidding. But only partly; what they’ve been doing, and what they intend to do, doesn’t leave me much room for sympathy.

        2. The awareness is definitely spreading. I’ve seen it here in my unnamed corner of North America. Quite surprising to witness.

      2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the effects of not-vax on pregnant women is the nuke here. Get that out in public, and there will be no containing the rage.

      1. While the entire MSM screams to high Heaven “Nothing to see hear, it’s a nothing burger, move along, anyway it’s all Trump’s fault!!!” while desperate to memory hole the entire thing.

  10. I have seen DeSantis in person. His voice isn’t bad. He sounds professorial, probably from his JAG days. He needs pep or folks will call him Bush. This IMO is untrue and unfair but they will do it.

      1. RFK’s voice is hard to listen to, but that’s not will sink him.
        He’s for decades been anti-vaccine of every kind – measles, mumps, shingles, hpv, etc. With the mrna shots he’s finally right for once, but his reputation as a crank hasn’t gone away.

      2. For whom the right is “giving a strange new respect”, which will come back to bite them in the ass. The guy is a kook, a crank, and a far left loon. The fact that he was/is correct about wuflu comes under the heading of “stopped clock”. His treatment by right media analogizes to the villagers giving a fete’ for the boy after the wolf finally showed up.

        1. If you think I’m giving him a strange new respect, you have a bizarre idea of respect. Yes, he’s a left loon.
          The rest? Dude. Better or worse than the people in the deep state? Because that bar is so low you can’t limbo under it.

          1. That bar is so low a flatworm couldn’t limbo under it. 😛

            RFK Jr. could actually get some legitimate support and make the Inevitable Democrat Victory™ in 2024 look slightly more plausible.
            There’s statistically improbable, and then there’s ‘violates the fundamental principles of the universe’ improbable.

    1. “And yep (RFK) Jr. is the only one saying the entire Covidiocy was wrong and the vaccines for it are worse than the disease. Yes, sure, DeSantis has made noises in that direction, but not loud enough. Of course, he’s neither admitting election theft nor that open borders are daft. (Also, according to a friend, he has a voice that will make most sane people want to stop it.”

      I have to admit that the first time I read this, I thought “he’s neither admitting election theft” and “he has a voice” both referred to DeSantis. It took a second reading to realize that “he” is RFK Jr. Put parentheses around the 2nd sentence “(Yes, sure, DeSantis has made noises….) instead of the 4th and it makes more sense.

  11. DeSantis staying mum on the VEFT issue is probably calculated. He knows its an issue or he wouldn’t have spent so much effort cleaning up FL’s voter rolls and focusing on Miami-Dade’s election apparatus. The issue still doesn’t poll well nationally (which is weird, because polling sucks in general and sucks more on this issue, but I digress), and getting tarred with “election-denier” at this stage is probably better avoided.

    DeSantis’s main issue as far as I can tell right now is trying to lure the voters who are Trump Only voters, which is going to be a tough row to hoe. He can’t win without them. No idea where this issue about his voice comes from.

    1. I don’t think that’s why. I think it’s because he thinks it’s a stick to beat Trump with. I.e. “Vote for me, he lost the election because he’s bombastic.”
      Voice NOT HIM. RFK

    2. DeSantis needs to concentrate on Florida for now. His job there’s not done. Plus, DeSantis has time. He can wait until 2028; Trump can’t. If they can both think strategically, they can keep the Democrats out of the White House until 2037. If DeSantis runs next year, chances of that go WAY down.

      1. Personally, I have great fear that if they do fraud old Joe into a win in 2024 there may very well be no election in 2028. Given that 2020 still stinks to the rafters the massive cheating necessary to re-elect an obviously impaired octogenarian and his cackling VP into a new term will be far too much for even the most clueless of folks to stomach.

  12. I truly believe to be saved it will have to come from the great middle, fed up to their eyeballs with the psychotic left. JFK may be the answer. Although the Demoncrats will steal the primary from him. Remember, the first election with no clear winner was their Iowa caucus because Joe didn’t win it. So he will get screwed and hopefully he’ll get pissed. I think it will compel him to run third party, possibly with Tulsi. I think they may be able to get great bunches of the middle and not insane left to vote for them. Now the fraud may be too far now, but that may be a chance.

    Regular people are really pissed, but many on the left will vote for the idiot Dems because they’ve always done that, and then they’ll wonder why CPS has showed up to take their son away and cut his balls off…. So we need something to break us away from the far left.

    Because if they win 2020, we won’t be able to vote our way out of it. And god damn them for ruining on purpose the best county ever. They will deserve to meet their true ruler in hell.

    1. JFK Jr. is just another machine politician that says some of the right things some of the time. He couldn’t clean up the D.C. sewer, and would give it no more than a half-assed try in any case. They both believe the Democrat Party has only ‘lost its way’ a little and just needs some guidance to bring it back on The Right Track. They might slow the runaway train down a bit, but they won’t stop it short of the cliff, or put it in reverse.

      And, talk about voices, why are we only hearing about DeSantis’s?

        1. You’re right. Oops. 😮

          Still a Kennedy, though. The family fortune came from bootlegging in the 1920’s and they’ve been cozy with organized crime for decades. There are rumors RFK was killed as much for breaking that unspoken agreement as for actually prosecuting Mafia big-shots.

          Gee, I can’t just say “the 20’s” any more.

          1. “…cozy with organized crime…”

            I’d vote for Don Corleone before I’d vote for any of the Dems; at least he (usually) gave value for value.

        2. Right JFK Jr. would have to run as a waterlogged zombie. Though given the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue how could we tell the difference? Perhaps a waterlogged zombie would likely be less prone to vacations (although Brain Flavored ice cream might be served…).

          1. With the waste of oxygen currently infesting the White House, the more vacations the better. If we’re really lucky Schiff, AOC (and the rest of Der Skvad), Schumer, and a few others can be persuaded to join him. “Weekend at Joey’s”

            1. Unfortunately as the current resident seems to not be actually in control whether he is at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Camp David, Somewhere in the wilds of Delaware or off offending the Irish people it seems to matter little. The commands are still going through whoever is running this Charlie Foxtrot of a government and the ice cream flows and so do the stupid stories. Aside from the fact that its embarrassing to be in a nation officially led by a guy who is clearly deep into senility it is really elder abuse. He, Feinstein and Fetterman are all being used by their keepers when they should have been sent off to pasture long ago. Fetterman is the the one that hits me hardest, I had an uncle that had a mild stroke in his 50’s followed by many later on. Fetterman shows many of the same features of fishing for words and thoughts and hitting related things. That is a VERY profound stroke and I suspect he will NEVER return to even 25% of what he was (which wasn’t much to start with). The little I’ve watched of him you can SEE the internal frustration, there’s still something there but expressing it is incredibly hard and taxing. Just another hint that the Dems deserve their rap as the Evil Party…

              1. Well, if you have to go all serious… 🙂

                I agree with everything you wrote about the current government and their demonstrated lack of concern for their own people, which makes it even more vital that we get them out of power ASAP; their lack of concern for their own pales in comparison to their disdain and hatred for anyone not their people.

                And my sympathy about your uncle; I watched my grandmother go downhill with diagnosed Alzheimer’s for years, which in some ways is as bad; both allow their victims to realize what’s going on, with no way to stop it.

                1. No need for sympathy on that uncle it has been a long time since he passed. He died in the late ’80s. He was an interesting gent, carpenter(framing and finish) and later General Contractor loved hunting, especially deer, had hardware (Bow, Black Powder, general rifle) for all the seasons CT had though I think black powder with the civil war reproduction (where he did the stock and wood, just gorgeous) was his favorite.
                  At 60+ all my parents siblings are gone now. Mom and Dad were both 3rd of 4, and amazingly my Dads little sister made it to 2021 so something like 87 years old. Can’t make jokes about my maiden aunt anymore …

                  1. He sounds like an interesting guy; I would have liked to have known him. We might have even gone hunting together! 🙂

                    As for the other, yeah, I’ve lost most or all of my close relatives; the only ones I’m unsure of are my Dad’s siblings (haven’t seen any of them since our trip to Europe in ’57 when I was 11), but since he was the “baby” of, IIRC, 6 brothers and 5 sisters, chances are they’re all gone, too. Time (along with life) marches on…

          2. I never have quite been able to figure this one out: John John screws the pooch and manages to cack himself along with his wife and sister-in-law. The military spends umpteen millions of dollars recovering the corpses. Eventually, the remains are cremated and buried – at sea.

            I know; Kennedy. But still . . .

            1. I’d forgotten they’d found the bodies, looking it up it was during Clinton administration so no surprise on my not remembering that. I’m a year or two younger than JFK Jr would have been so I have no particular fondness for him. The cremation aspect does put a crimp in the zombie thing though…

        1. Well, maybe not unendurable, but intensely irritating for sure. Has he never heard of a voice coach? There must be something he could do to make it less awful. Just bringing the pitch down a few steps would have to help.

          1. RFK Jr. has a voice disorder called spasmodic dysphonia, basically, it means the muscles in your larynx don’t work like they should.

            1. Thank you for naming the disorder that JFK suffers from.

              Hubby and I were sure there was a clinical reason for it but didn’t know what it was.

              It is very painful to watch him speak.

      1. How could ANYBODY look at the 20th century and support socialism? The mind boggles.
        Welfare is pay without work. In order to provide pay without work for some, others have to work without pay. We used to call that slavery. Now they call it socialism.

        1. If Biden wins 2024, I believe the butcher will will be at least 10 million dead.

          I rage at all the “good Germans” in our country supporting this slide to totalitarianism.

          If we fall, in the aftermath, when we’re free again these “we didn’t know” scum who voted us into this will have three choices.

          1) Drink themselves to death knowing they ruined the best county to ever exist on the planet.

          2) kill themselves in shame.


          3) Beg Jesus for forgiveness for he’s the only one who can absolve the betrayal our “fellow countrymen” did to us….

        2. If Biden wins 2024, I believe the butcher will will be at least 10 million dead.

          I rage at all the “good Germans” in our country supporting this slide to totalitarianism.

          If we fall, in the aftermath, when we’re free again these “we didn’t know” scum who voted us into this will have three choices.

          1) Drink themselves to death knowing they ruined the best county to ever exist on the planet.

          2) kill themselves in shame.


          3) Beg Jesus for forgiveness for he’s the only one who can absolve the betrayal our “fellow countrymen” did to us….

        3. Because, of course, True Socialism has never actually been implemented. This time we’ll get it right . . .

          1. Actually “true Socialism” has been tried (and failed horribly) at least 3 times. The Shakers are effectively gone. Although that’s more on their sexual mores than their Socialism, they were quite happy to be capitalists outside their group so they are maybe not the best example. Governor Bradford and the pilgrims finally gave up on it after nearly starving to death (again) due to its inefficiency and human laziness. The early church was holding everything in common. However St. Paul ended up telling early churches that if they had able bodied members not working that those members shouldn’t eat because there were freeloaders aplenty. If all those people couldn’t make it work, ain’t no one making it work no how.

            1. You can have true socialism, or communism, in a small voluntary community within a larger, free-market system. IF it is voluntary, IF it is small, and IF there are penalties for not pulling your weight. Also important is a larger motivating factor – religion in most cases.

              1. From what I’ve read- long lasting Israeli communes all have a small permanet cohort- with the rest of the members being people who read what a great thing they are, join one, and leave a few years knowing it’s not really such a great thing.

              2. Marxists don’t abide “private property”, everything belongs to the state. How can that exist “within a larger free-market system”? The “means of production”, (all resources) belong to thestate. There can be nothing outside of this.

                It is the earmark of Marxism that it must be compulsory.

                1. Key phrase, as she said: “small voluntary community”. If I can’t leave, or it can’t leave me, it’s not voluntary, and so fails her test.

                  1. Sure. My point is that communism itself fails her test. Perhaps some form of socialism might pass, but Marx was clear that socialism must lead to communism, so Marx wrote that socialism itself would also fail the test.

  13. Truth Bombs, in the overall sense rather than the individual(ly affected) sense, have VERY, VERY long fuses/timers. For those charges are immense.

    The ‘cascade reaction’ will be impressive, and scary as all get-out, when it happens.

    Light the blue touch-paper.
    Stand well clear.

  14. On the whole “teaching schools in N different languages” thing, there has been research done that shows that kids who speak one language natively, but live in a country whose majority language is something else, benefit from schooling in their own language first, and learning the country’s majority language later. Most linguistic minority groups* don’t get the option of learning in their own language, because most governments think “Oh, the kids will learn better if they are taught the country’s official language from the get-go”. But that tends to lead to kids who don’t understand what the teacher is saying, and therefore struggle in class. Whereas if they’re taught in their own native language first, and then learn the national language in 2nd or 3rd grade, then you get kids with much better results across all kinds of measures of academic achievement.

    * An example of a lingustic minority group would be Cherokee speakers living in the U.S. Now, I don’t know how Cherokee communities do school, whether they use the Cherokee language or the English language. But the research strongly suggests that if they only speak Cherokee at home and English is a second language to them, they will do better by being put in Cherokee-language schooling for their first few years, and introduce English-language schooling later. You’d think that not learning to read English until, say, 3rd grade would put those students at a disadvantage compared to native English speakers who learn to read in the 1st grade, but the fact that they’ve already learned the concepts of reading in their own language means that they have an easy time (by and large) picking up reading in the other language. (Especially if the two languages share an alphabet, which is why I maybe should have picked Spanish as my example rather than Cherokee).

    Point is, I’m not opposed to Spanish-first schooling on principle: there are lots of legal-immigrant families where they speak their own language at home, and English is a second language for them. A school system that teaches them in their own language first, and introduces English-language instruction a few years later, would work well. (Though the American public-school system will, of course, fail at doing that just as badly as they would fail at teaching native English speakers to read their own langauge.) But the idea is good in principle, it just needs to be done well. (And you’ll note I am talking about legal immigrants and/or native-born citizens from linguistic minorities in all my examples here).

    1. The school district my elder daughter teaches in has a fair number of non native English speakers. They are referred to as ESL (English as a Second Language) students and there are 4 levels (roughly)
      1) Speaks/understands little or no English
      2) Speaks very limited English with small vocabulary, comprehension is poor
      3) Has larger vocabulary than level 2 fairly good comprehension, may require repetition or special help
      4) Fair command of English for general use, not likely to have strong subject specific vocabulary

      1&2 are taught in classes where the main focus is increasing English proficiency, taught in a mix of English and their mother tongues, educators should have decent command of the mother tongues.
      3&4 are integrated in the general populace usually with an additional ESL educator to help particularly in the 3s.

      This is not perfect. My elder daughter teaches 8th grade (pre algebra or algebra) math. Subject specific words (multiply, set, graph, etc ) are likely NOT in even a level 4’s vocabulary. The primary language she deals with is Portuguese as we have LOTS of Brazilian immigrants. The 2nd most common oddly is Arabic. These students are often here for a short period (1-2 years) with a parent from Saudi or Qatar or similar with a very ill sibling. The sibling is usually be cared for at Boston Childrens or Dana Farber and the child and family are sponsored here by their government for specialized treatment. The town she’s in is close enough to Boston that its an easy subway or commuter rail trip to the hospitals and the housing is considerably cheaper than in Boston proper. She has learned many Portuguese words, but the Arabic speakers are sufficiently rare (and often sufficiently advanced in English) that she hasn’t picked up much (if any ) Arabic.
      Cultural/educational differences are the hardest. The Brazilian schools seem to go at math in a different path or different pace, so some things like negative numbers which your average MA student saw starting in 5th grade are brand new to the Brazilians. Meanwhile they are quite good usually with math facts (i.e. multiplication tables etc) where that has been de emphasized in us pedagogy (to our detriment in some cases). The Arabic students are often male and usually from upper class families. Dealing with women having authority over them at 12-13 years old is NOT something they like and they can be real horrors, especially because the eldest son is often quite pampered.

    2. So, who is going to pay for teachers in Chinese, Tagalog, Hindi, Cherokee, Spanish (both European and Amerocan varieties) and all the other 200 + languages that the school system is forced to deal with?

      1. As a general rule, schools in language X would only be feasible where there’s a large number of students who speak X. A single Hindi-speaking kid in a 99% English-speaking community? You’re not going to be able to find all that many teachers, and he’s going to have to deal with it. But a community where there are hundreds of Hindi immigrants? You’re going to be able to hire Hindi-speaking teachers from the local community.

        Now, as I said, the American public-school system is going to suck at that, by and large. But a private community-run school would be not only feasible, but a good idea. And as long as the government doesn’t stick its big fat paws in to prevent it, teachers from those language communities will generally do a pretty good job of teaching their own language. So I’m more advocating for encouraging private (and/or charter) schools in multiple languages, with ESL classes to prepare their students for later English-language schooling. Get the government out of the way and let the community go to work, and generally you’ll see quite good results. And even in a community that’s dysfunctional and isn’t producing good teachers, private charity is going to give them much better help than government intervention.

        1. ‘Get the government out of the way and let people get some work done’ is the recipe for all manner of success. Unfortunately, the government is the 800 pound gorilla that won’t get out of anybody’s way. If they find out they’re not in your way, they’ll stomp around until they are.
          The one thing we need more of from the government is LESS!!

        2. I saw those systems, in CA I the 90’s. Where every child must be taught in his own language, even if a class of one, and anything different was racist and bigoted. My understanding is that even private schools were required to comply, which was simpler because theoretically they could just not take students if they didn’t have native language teachers for them.

          Get government out of education? Good luck with that.

  15. The DemonRats have tried to destroy Trump for two or more reasons. First because he was not of the Club.
    Hillary pushed the media to push Trump, because she thought that he would be the easiest to beat.
    And until he fired his first campaign manager, he was.
    He asked “what do the American people really want?” Then he campaigned on those issues, and beat the margin of fraud.
    They tried to get him out of office and failed. My belief is that the WuFlu was an act of China and the national DemonRats acting in concert to both save China from the effects of Trumps’ tariffs and his economic policues, and to break the US and world economies to keep us and the world from taking advantage of Chinas’ release of the virus, and the subsequent collapse of their manufacturing capacity.
    Note here Pelosis’ “unexplained delay” in filing the first Impeachment papers until the WuFlu was well distributed. Remember also her urging people to go and celebrate Chinese New Year.
    Thanks to Sarah for making the first reference I saw to the Diamond Princess and showing what that experience meant.
    The DemonRats benefitted by crashing the US economy, blaming it on Trump, and using the forces of our .gov, in opposition to Trumps orders, to cow most of our people, and destroy most or our small businesses, while looting our economy and the .gov treasury.
    The mistake they are STILL making about Trump is in seeing him as the controlling and driving force behind our resistance to DemonRat depravity.
    They see the world as top-down, and can not imagine a pissed off people gathering independently to find and support someone to represent their interests.
    If they succeed in taking out Trump, or stealing another election, I think that many people will quietly lose faith that the Republi can be saved at the ballot box, and will begin to “think globally, and act locally”.

  16. Recently the new Canadian passport re-design was released. The first page of the passport literally has a rainbow across it. All the other pages, the usual historical figures and events have been removed.

    The Leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition released a video asking WHY Canadian history was scrubbed from our passport and replaced with unicorn farts. The answer he gave is that the Shiny Pony is a Communist, and working for the Chinese.

    To repeat, the Leader of the Opposition called the Prime Minister of Canada a Communist AND a sympathizer with an enemy foreign government, engaged in sedition.

    That is what I call a truth bomb.

    1. And one that has been pretty apparent for a while, if you follow the alternate media in Canada, and if you pay attention to China and Canada. But that requires a fair amount of effort. Especially in Canada.

      P.M. Pretty Socks. Just what NO country needs, ever.

      1. We of the People With A Clue knew the Shiny Pony was bent going into this thing. The only reason he was ever a thing in politics is because he won a boxing match in 2012. (If you google “shiny pony boxing match” you get links to the event.)

        We also knew he was an unemployable ski bum weenie who’s most responsible job was drama teacher. From which he was dismissed under “troubling circumstances”. About which circumstances no one seems to be able to find out much, meaning all the victims have been told to shut up or else.

        We also knew he looks so much like the young Fidel Castro it is really quite striking.

        We also knew that to the extent his mind actually works, he’s a fan of Communist China. Because he has said so, on many occasions.

        He’s a handsome Big “S” Socialist with good hair and some public speaking skillz.

        So, we all knew all of that. Every day that this spectacular idiot has been in the House of Commons, he has proven it true. Scandal after outrage after disaster, he’s the gift that keeps on giving.

        But it’s been eleven years now, and nobody really said much about it. Yeah the Pony is a jackass, yeah the economy is in the dumper, yeah there are literal Communist Chinese police stations in Canada and actual Chines Communist police are running around threatening immigrants to harm their families back in China if they don’t toe the mark. So what? “At least he’s not Harper!” is the refrain.

        But now, finally, at long last, 11 years late and a dollar short, the Conservative Party of Canada is calling a spade a shovel.

        The Pony is a Communist, big “C”, and he’s using 1984 as a manual.

        I will add here that I am skeptical of Mr. Pierre Poilievre, he seems like the kind of guy who will back away from re-legalizing self defense and shutting down the CBC if he gets into power. He’s a “same thing but slower” guy, IMHO. Hope to be proven wrong, I guess we’ll see.

        1. We’re breathing Alberta here in northern Montana today. Have they gotten any kind of handle on it?

          1. There has been remarkably little news about the fire. As in, NONE that I’ve seen.

            I don’t really know what’s going on beyond comments on twittler from locals. They’re not happy.

            Everything else from Alberta is about the election, and how the NDPee might be in with a chance. Newsies are excited about that. Fire? What fire?

            1. I think the initial word about who was on duty when the fire really got going has scared off the media. “Um, we can’t say bad things about them, or blame someone for not backstopping newbies on a fire that might get interesting, so we will pretend that’s not smoke and flames. Oh look, and election!”

              1. What has interested me the most about this particular occurrence was the way they mishandled evacuations, and the way they refused volunteer help and equipment. Private operators showing up with free bulldozers for firebreaks, town fire brigades as well, the same as they always do for big fires in the area. But this time they were all sent home.

                Things that make you go “hmm.”

                Well, given Alberta the truth will come out presently. Locals are going to -gleefully- spill the beans to anyone who will listen. It’ll just take a little while.

                We already know who started it, as you say. The circumstances and what IDIOT was in charge of that cluster frack, that will come in due time. Guilty parties will walk, that much is sure.

                1. “If you tell the full truth about this, you’ll set back women’s progress for years! You can’t do that!”
                  Combine this with pride -if they accepted help, they’d be admitting they needed it- and that probably covers it.
                  FWIW, smoke is fairly heavy, but not the worst I’ve seen (that would be Crater Lake, 2018). Still, visibility is lousy and the sky is, at best, palest blue.

                2. We’ll be west of the fire area so even if Alberta they are probably just as much in the dark. Even coming down from Jasper to Waterton we’ll stay west of Calgary.

            2. Oh. Joy.

              We leave for Banff, Tuesday, May 23rd. (Just picked up Pepper’s border crossing health certificate.)

              Followed by Jasper, Waterton, Yellowstone, and Tetons, before heading home.

  17. The opposition doesn’t mind at all if things they say vary from reality. The concern is that you agree with and thus obey whatever they say

    It reassures them when folks shout their falsehoods, as it proves obedience. The more ruthless use that deliberately, as a test.

    Keep that firmly in mind.

    They are undamaged by shouts of “liar!” At best, it may puzzle the slower of them. “So?” For the rulers, they simply use those shouts for targeting information.

    If you were “good”, you would agree with your betters, thus also obey.

    1. They particularly love it when they get away with being inconsistent, because then you can’t delude yourself that they are deluded. You know they are lying.

    1. Ummm…The URL says that’s Kurt’s post for 05/18, IOW tomorrow. The link results in a blank page. ???

          1. Yep; it’s there. Classic Kurt; he’s the main reason I have Townhall in my list of “every day reads”. 🙂

  18. And on a slight tangent, I’ve been reminded of this little gem by The Pet Shop Boys. And, it’s their channel so they’re actually getting paid for it:

  19. We are confronted with many truths in our lives, some more prominent than others. My sister chose this day to expire, but in reality she died when her last husband died. Sure she had children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and all the rest of the trappings of life. But she judged her life, her, herself worth, by the love she was able to give, and thus receive from another, a mate. Whether it was society or culture that put that onus on her we’d have to talk to the gods and his angels to find out. It really doesn’t matter. What matters most is that for all her human faults she lived and loved well. Could any of else hope for a better epitaph? To Live and Love Well. Live and love well my friends.

    1. Orphan George,

      So sorry for your loss. May your sister rest in peace and may her memory be a blessing to all her remaining family.

      And very true words from you, “Could any of else hope for a better epitaph? To Live and Love Well. Live and love well my friends.”

  20. (Marvin Martian voice)

    “Where’s the kaboom? I was expecting an Earth-shattering kaboom. Oh well….”


    (As once used by 11X-trainee at Fort Benning after a misfire of a pair of Claymore mines.)

  21. > Interestingly, the left is sure that the fact that I — or Melania Trump — have an accent means some kind of mental retardation.

    …unless it’s a posh British or French accent, in which case it’s a status symbol.

  22. > And while he wasn’t the one who locked us down, he also didn’t stop the governors and mayors from going crazy cakes.

    I don’t think he had the ability to, at least not within the lawful powers of the Presidency.
    I don’t think Congress does, either. The Supreme Court might decide to give itself the power, but even if someone brought a case, we’d still be waiting for them to get around to it.

    1. One reason that I voted for him the second time around–he’s the only P-Resident we’ve had in the last 30 years who actually tried to stick to the powers granted by the Constitution.

        1. Concur. He isn’t willing to admit he got snookered and rolled.

          He is still better than the usual lying sunzabeeches, warts and all.

        2. If he said it was wrong it would bite him as well. Maybe if he started talking in incoherent, incomplete sentences like Brandon, the media would give him a pass?

    2. Or at least, he didn’t feel that he had that ability. Given the system of Federalism in the US (poser distributed between federal, state, and local governments), I’d argue that he didn’t. Obviously the Executive Branch Agencies (aka Deep State) disagreed. The FICUS would most certainly disagree (or his spouse and other handlers would.)

      1. (poser distributed between federal, state, and local governments)

        Well, the federal, state and local governments are certainly full of posers… 😀

        …led (more or less) by the Sock-Puppet-In-Chief.

  23. They have some weird fetish with wanting you and your kids to eat all the bugs.

    It’s not weird at all. It’s unnatural, therefore, if they can force you and your kids to do it, it proves they have Real Power. And their fetish is always, always about power.

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