On The Road Again

Headed to KC for a week long writing retreat. Needed since I’m so far behind.

Taking advantage of a moment on the road with connection.

We’re having a Huns dinner in Overland park tomorrow evening. Ping me on email or FB if you want directions. Sorry for the short notice, it’s been a little nuts with the kittens. Younger son and DILit are staying here to keep the kittens and house in order.

See you on the flip side.

57 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. Safe travels and unless something comes up, or the return trip seems like it’ll be a bit much for me given the time, I’ll be there!

  2. Supervision? What’s that?

    Now that I’ve added just a touch of terror, write, recreate, brush off the cat hair, and know we’ll hardly get in any trouble at all here, as far as you know.

        1. Well, if she knows about what happens while we’re gone she’ll set up a nanny cam, and that would ruin it.

  3. Have Fun and I’m sorry that I can’t make the Huns’ Dinner.

  4. Be good! Enjoy! Relax! Travel safely!

    (Wait, are there inherent contradictions in there?) 🙂

    1. I once told my son, “Have fun and stay out of trouble!”
      He replied, “Mom, make up your mind.”

      1. In a similar fashion my Dad once told me. “Have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” I replied that that didn’t limit me much which made him laugh.

  5. May the journey be kind to you and yours. May you remain healthy and happy, may the work be fulfilling, and may you find joys unexpected along the way.

  6. Have good trip!

    We’re planning to do some pre-end of the semester moving tomorrow. Maybe it won’t rain too much.

      1. :chuckles: The Baron alone is overwhelming once he figures out someone will let him talk.

        We’re working on it. The Odd Enthusiasm is strong in this family

        1. Heh, I can tell, and I appreciated Princess taking note and trying to rein him in in her own way before you stepped in.

        2. Probably best if I never meet the horde in person, then. I really don’t have a lot of “peopling” in me.

  7. Submitted for your amusement:

    Isn’t the Devil’s tongue supposed to catch fire or something when he quotes scripture? Just a random thought, not sure where it came from.

    1. Isn’t the Devil’s tongue supposed to catch fire or something when he quotes scripture? Just a random thought, not sure where it came from.

      Considering the frequency in both the OT and NT with which the devil quotes scripture……..

    1. Huh I figured the new place was the other direction. (Hence the Oklahoma joke, since she was in TX last week, and In KS this week.)

      If you’re flying through Indiana on I-70, I’m only a few miles off of it. If you’d like a break from the road, let me know. (Hit my email, and I’ll send you my digits.)

  8. Shoot, we passed KC on our way to Montana yesterday. Currently ensconced in South Dakota. Have fun and stay safe.

  9. Safe travels! Hopefully, most of the NFL draft stuff will have drifted away by the time you arrive.

    That, or somehow you’re involved in it, which would be intriguing indeed!

  10. Get younger son to post kitties while you’re gone so we won’t miss you too much…

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