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  1. The Reader notes you have disturbed the natural order of the universe by posting memes on Wednesday. What disaster do you portend? Did one of your Schrödinger’s kittens do this?

    1. You are standing outside your house.
      Your cat is in the house.
      Until you enter the house to see for yourself, thereby collapsing the probability wave function, the glass is both on the floor, and not on the floor.

  2. Love the memes, but old Uncle Lar suspects that someone is having difficulties finishing their current work in progress and is stalling.

  3. The ewoks didn’t have a dress in Leia’s size. They had sewing machines hidden in their huts.

    1. Considering the Size of the Logs they used against the Imperial Stormtroopers, the Ewoks had factories hidden in their forests.

      IE The majority of Ewoks we saw were Role-Players.

      Oh, point of evidence. The Ewoks had to be part of the interstellar community for C3P0 to know their language. [Crazy Grin]

      1. A significant proportion of consumer goods & clothing throughout the galaxy were tagged “Made on Endor.”

      2. SWTOR did have an Ewok companion (aka the Teddy Bear of DOOM) they released some years back. That’s a few thousand years before “Star Wars” happens. So it’s possible language data got to protocol droids.

  4. The memes channel is an awesome source of these, huh? Then again, how can it not be when we have Fox, Holly, Ian, and some of the other Huns contributing! Glad to see that a few I found made the cut for this post, too! Makes me feel like I’ve done something worthwhile. 🙂

    1. Tube one loaded CARP and ready in all respects.

      Firing solution set.

      Match generated bearings and …. shoot.


      1. I’d say the sound might be closed to a loud “BUNK!” when it comes out the tube, but I’m not as familiar with carp.

        1. “BUNK!” sounds more like the arm of a trebuchet hitting the crossbar. If you’re using compressed air for ejection in an underwater tube, then the “WHHHOOOOOOOSSSSSSH!” is more appropriate. However, if you’re using compressed air for an air launch from a tube, it’s more likely to be a “FOOOMP!” You can of course, try to use gunpowder for propellant, but if you fail to put wadding between the carp and the charge, you’re likely to just get shredded pieces of badly smoked carp spewn in front of the tube.

          1. I do like “FOOMP!” Still, and I’ve never actually heard a carp projectile, but it reminded me of a big mortar. With a carp in it. Hence, “BUNK.” 🙂

    1. Explaining Biden is easy: Semi-senile member of the ruling class who ended up on the throne because all of the different factions assumed they could use him as their puppet. If the aliens haven’t had at least one of those in their history, they’re too alien for us to understand one another.

      1. All that is needed to explain Biden is the original Trek Episode Patterns of Force. Biden is a real life John Gil, and his handlers are just as malevolent as Gil’s were.

        1. The difference is: John Gill was well-intentioned if wrong-headed. Biden is a lying malevolent power-hungry sack of s***.

    1. There is (or was) a guy on television who was involved in the Ancient Astronauts thing.

      IE The idea that Earth has had visits from aliens in the past.

      There have been plenty of photo-shopped images of him as a Centauri.

      This is just one of those images. 😉

      1. But…why would being one kind of alien make him an expert on other kinds of aliens? We would be considered aliens on other planets; does that make us experts on planets we’re not from?
        Mollari: “Everyone is cute! But in purple, I’m stunning!” [collapses on the table]
        Vir: “Ah! He has become one with his inner self!”
        Garibaldi: “He’s passed out.”
        Vir: “That too.”

        1. Expert:
          person who knows more about a subject than yourself.

          Thus, by having non-Earth-creature knowledge, he is an expert– especially since he can mostly pass as a normal human. (Which, honestly, also describes a large chunk of the born-human on this blog.)

          Kind of like how being a vet doesn’t mean you know everything from mouse to elephant, but you are more likely to know, use, and be able to translate principles.

      1. I call your Brad Pitt and Raise you one young Tony Curtis with his Brooklyn accent, Plus him and Jack Lemon can play the lady parts as well.

        On a serious note I’d love to see Denzel Washington do him some Shakespeare.

  5. As to stop, drop, and roll: movies led me to expect quicksand to be a more frequent problem than it has been. I’m too young for duck and cover, but maybe I’ll catch it in reruns?
    Come to think of it, D.A.R.E. gave me a skewed view of peer pressure: I was never even invited to that sort of party.

      1. The way this week has been, I should have that one enlarged and hang it over the entrance to my corner of Day Job. Except everyone else in the corner would want one, too.

  6. Re: Arturo, there’s a fellow who occasionally inhabits the Maker Space where I hang out whose name is Kyle Reese (something Scandinavian). Methinks his folks were WAY too invested in the Terminator ‘verse . . .

  7. Gotta admit the first thing I thought when I saw the Netflix “Elizabeth” series ad was “Are they finally doing a miniseries about David Weber’s Honorverse?”

      1. Agreed, but I thought of that to. Just not Netflix, please. They’d be on Haven’s side.

    1. The Reader thinks that if you rounded up all the backstories Weber has included about the House of Winton in his Honorverse stories, you could make a pretty good Netflix soap series. However, he doubts Weber would approve.

      1. There were on and off rumors of Honor TV series /Movie long ago (like 10+ years). Never went anywhere as far as I can tell. Similarly with the Space Combat game, it had a developer and then disappeared. As a Mil SciFi fandom the Honorverse is relatively large, but I don’t think the numbers add up for general consumption. Oh well more for us reading types as Mr Weber does need to eat 🙂 .

        1. What the Reader envisioned Netflix doing didn’t have Honor as a character…

        2. A tabletop boardgame actually was published; it was the videogame that didn’t really get beyond prototype. There was also a comic book / graphic novel, but the artist did such a bad job with Nimitz that it never went anywhere.

          1. I’ve got the Comics for Honor and they’re not bad other than the utter abomination of the portrayal of everyones favorite treecat.

            Tabletop for Weber’s space combat sounds challenging to say the least. I’m an old line grognard (wargamer). SPI had a couple Space games (Battlefleet Mars. Outreach) that tried to add 3d via 2 boards (essentially one is X/Y plane projection, one X/Z) and it just didn’t work. Similarly Airwar and Fight In the Skies (Not SPI, little company, bought out by TSR) tried to do it for aircraft and it also worked poorly. Portraying vectors and similar just is too much paper work and the fog of war nature of lots of Webers battles (due to stealth and detection details) is far more suitable to letting a computer do the legwork/moderation. There is a game called Nebulous that I grabbed on Steam on sale that looks interesting, though even its space physics looks to be greatly simplified.

            1. “Saganami Island Tactical Simulator”, by Ad Astra Games. I’m almost certain it’s OOP, but you may be able to find a copy at a con, used bookstore, Amazon, etc.

                1. I think I have a Saganami Simulator, barely used. Available to a Hun / geek for shipping from San Jose, CA

                  1. Mr Cate that is extremely tempting, however 1) I’d have no one to play it with. 2) My darling wife can get a bit cranky about my collecting random stuff as someday we expect to downsize and the garage and cellar are full of junk much of it mine 🙂 .

                    1. My clutter is the problem. It is not where I remember, so the likely explanation is that I took it to Savers.
                      Glad to hear I didn’t let you down.

              1. And it appears “Saganami Island Tactical Simulator” lost its Honorverse veneer and became a more generic 3d space combat/miniatures game “Squadron Strike!”
                https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/36903/squadron-strike . I also found a link to a youtube review (not included here lest WP strike me down 🙂 search for Squadron Strike), looks REALLY interesting. With a 2-3 hour play time and 3-8 hour learning time NO ONE in my home will be interested. Honestly that puts on a par with some of the BIG serious WWII Eastern front mid level Sims Like Wacht Am Rhein, this is serious war gamer stuff. Nice feature is they have a tie in to Traveller one of the major SciFi RPG’s .

    1. The Karl Marx Piggy bank should have no slot in it, or a slot that is filled in, because under Marxism no one has any money to save in the first place. I thought that was obvious.

    1. Hey I’d be a bit leery right now if I were the Charles. British/English rulers with the reign name of Charles currently have a 50% premature mortality rate…

      1. rulers with the reign name of Charles currently have a 50% premature mortality rate…

        He shouldn’t have any worries. He is already old. He has had the longest understudy role than any monarch ever.

  8. Okay, thanks to L. Jagi Lamplighter unknowingly poking me in the tush, I may now have a way of embedding that meme I tried to share a couple weeks ago. Cross your fingers, everybody:

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