Happy Easter

To those who believe in living after death, to those who walked across the sea dry shod from slavery to freedom and to those who (just?) believe in Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness which no government can thwart: Go live and build and refuse to let evildoers thwart you.

I’m taking the day off. Promo tomorrow.

72 thoughts on “Happy Easter

    1. He is risen indeed!

      And in honor of the occasion (and because we’ve heard some strange reports of certain Bunnies of Interest being 6-7 feet tall and wielding boomerangs), today is officially Duck Season.

      1. We should be more concerned about the 6 foot plus tall invisible White Rabbits especially if the Rabbit says that he’s Harvey. 😈

        1. As long as Harvey isn’t wearing black leather and stalking an American astronaut, I think we can manage the odd invisible rabbit. From what I recall of the play, he didn’t go out of his way to hurt people who didn’t attack him/his friend first.

      1. Alright, that’s funny. Not the point, and not what I’d call a trustworthy source, but very funny!

        (I particularly liked one person’s reaction: “Bro, you lost a fiddling contest to a shoeless bumpkin. And you were the judge!”)

          1. Jesus saves, but, Moses owns the Bank.
            To whatever you believe have a Happy Easter.

            Have you ever noticed how self avowed Atheists never complain about getting a religious holiday off, nor going to cookout’s on those days?

            One time Had a friend of mine who was a Manager at a food place that was college employee heavy. He confronted several avowed Atheists/communists about working one holiday because they weren’t religious, one told him to put his head somewhere anatomically impossible, the other told him he couldn’t, his Mom would kill him.

            1. > “Jesus saves, but, Moses owns the Bank.”

              “Jesus saves! The rest of you take full damage.”

              “Jesus saves! Passes to Moses! Shoots, SCORES!

            2. I worked Friday, and didn’t complain.

              As for Christmas, most companies are closed anyway so you couldn’t work if you wanted to. What other ‘official’ religious holidays are there? Other than the USAian High Holy Day of July 4th, that is? 😀

            3. I remember being amused back in 2015, when an avowedly Communist French labor union vehemently objected to losing the holiday on the Feast of Corpus Christi. The Germans I was with shrugged and said, “French.”

        1. Maybe. But to get that weekend off, he (didn’t) survive an series of insults and assaults so horrible people are still talking about it almost 2,000 years later. (He got better.)

          And as I recall, some versions of the story say he stole the keys to your pad that weekend.

          1. he stole the keys to your pad that weekend.

            Worse than that, the Christ destroyed the Gates Of Hell.

            And IIRC according to Dante, the Gates were never repaired. 😉

            Of course, there’s the “Harrowing of Hell” where the Christ entered Hell and freed many from Satan’s Realm.

            1. I’m going to post a photo (on my blog) that I took in the museum (former monastery) in Colmar, of the Harrowing of Hell. I love that Jesus has knocked the door flat onto Old Scratch, and is walking across said door and Satan.

        2. > “and not what I’d call a trustworthy source”

          What, you wouldn’t trust a fellow angel? 😛

          1. Well, he was an angel but is now the leader of the fallen angels.

            And of course, the Christ called him a Liar and Father of Liars. (And he should know). 😉

          2. Hm. Let me think.


            Let me think again. In D&D terms, I suspect that he and all his ilk would fall into the Neutral/Chaotic Evil categories. No such thing as a devil down there, so even the word of a contract doesn’t bind them.

            So, abso-frelling-lutely no.

    1. This hymn has been an earworm all morning:

      (Not sure I like this pop version, but it came up on the search engine…)

      Happy Easter! He is risen.

      1. The Babylon Bee did a piece announcing the Rapture for the Orthodox would be a week later.

  1. Film director Martin Scorsese is a serious Catholic, just in case anyone didn’t know. He only went into film school after seminary didn’t work out for him, that’s how serious.

    He told a story once about asking his priest what the priest thought of his movies. The priest paused for a moment, then said: “They’re really very good. But they could use a bit less of Good Friday, and a bit more Easter Sunday in them.”

  2. O filii et filiae
    Rex caelestis, Rex gloriae
    Morte surrexit hodie.

    Ye sons and daughters of the King,
    Whom heavenly hosts in glory sing,
    Today the grave has lost its sting.

    Still the only hymn that always gives me goosebumps. We sang it today, no happy clappy Hagen Haas hymns and the first SRO Mass post Fauci. Number one son sang the sequence in Latin. Egg hunt for the kiddies after. Wonderful.

    In hoc festo sanctissimo
    sit laus et jubilatio,
    benedicamus Domino,

    It’s a test of how awful the world is that Alleluia doesn’t show up in my autocorrect by allele does. No worries, for He is risen and it’s a glorious day. Lamb for dinner.

    Deo dicamus gratias,

  3. Here is a question that maybe one of the folks here can answer. Why is Orthodox Easter still a week away? I’ve been told it is because of the difference between the Gregorian and Julian calendars. This doesn’t make any sense since the difference is two weeks and, more importantly, Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox, which was today.

  4. He is risen indeed! May the Lord bless you and keep you, make his face to shine upon you and bring you Peace.

    1. If you get the posts via email, you can “like” them. 😉

  5. There is dawn after the darkest of nights. There is boundless joy after the deepest of mourning.

    Or, to put the story into more succinct and modernized language: “Never give up! Never surrender!”

        1. Please tell me that UberEats will deliver brain bleach. I did not need that image.

    1. “He is risen, so knead!”

      Why yes, I was voted “most likely to be hit by lightning while teaching church history,” why do you ask?

  6. Our designated FBI snoop is going nuts right about now.

    “Subjects are conspiring in code words about bread.”

    1. Better Bachelor just did a video on the various “code words” and what the FBI thinks they mean. The stupidity was astounding, they got so many of them completely wrong.

      1. Note that it never seems to occur to them to just, you know… ASK US what we mean. Or actually listen when we try to tell them.

          1. Nod.

            They would be here because they knew that we were up to No Good thus we’d be speaking in code to hide our Evil Plans.

            And of course, we’d lie if they asked questions about “what’s going on”. 😈

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