It’s Alive

Or at least not dead. I’m not even — really == worse I just had a really bad cough over night, so didn’t sleep much, (mostly because I’d forgotten to buy cough syrup after the great coughening induced by blood pressure meds.)

And this morning I was really, really odd. I felt I couldn’t even. So this is the first time I got online all day.

I’m assured from watching this crud progress with younger son that the cough is the last stage and might drag three days, but I’ll be sure to have cough syrup on hand so I can sleep tonight.

Please forgive me. Worst part, I didn’t even write. Just grumpy and blah, and coughing.

I will do promo post tomorrow.

63 thoughts on “It’s Alive

        1. OK.


          Slumped in a corner, his bloody paper tuque nearly falling off, the fat white-coated man whined. “I’m hungry.”

          Barricaded across the room, Stan stared at the blood seeping from the fat man’s leg. No flesh remained below the knee, but Fatso no longer could twist his leg high enough to get a bite. Stan prayed the chains would hold, but one leg iron had fallen off when there was no longer flesh to hold it in place.

          Foot bones look weird.

          “I’m hungry.” A little bubbling in the fat man’s throat tried to swallow the last sound.

          Stan had one remaining ploy. He tossed the can with part of a red and green label softly at the fat man, who grabbed it fiercely. He quivered. “I’m hungryI’m hungryI’m hungryI’m hungry!” His stubby fingers tore off the picture of the man on the can, who looked a bit like the fat man.

          Stepping out from the barricade, Stan waved the kitchen tool at the fat man; his eyes followed the tool like a snake. In a gentle arc, the tool followed the can to the side, and in that moment Stan tried to skip past the fat man, hoping to remain out of reach.

          The fat man was focusing on the tool and the can. Stan made it to the door.

          “It’s BROKEN! I’m hungry! Help me, Stan! It’s BROKEN! I can’t open the can!”

          As he pushed the crash bar to open the door, Stan called back, “Sorry, Ollie. Gotta go” and left with one long look.

  1. “It’s Alive”?

    That should be “I’m Alive” or “She’s Alive”. [Crazy Nitpicking Grin While Flying Away Very Fast]

    Take care Sarah. I can wait for the Promos until tomorrow. (Can’t afford to purchase any of them today.) 😉

      1. You et the post? No wonder you’re feeling under the weather. Putting something like that in your mouth and swallowing is bound to have consequences… ;p

          1. I gathered. Himself knows, my typos are plentiful and come in many flavors.

            It’s just that the perfect opportunity to use ‘Et’ in a sentence that isn’t Latin comes along so rarely. grin

  2. So sorry, I have it too and it’s the pits. Had to tell my daughter to stay in the dorm this weekend while I tough it out with the dog for company.

  3. You’re not alone Sarah, I’ve been finding it hard to settle on anything. I have made very little writing progress, choosing instead to make stuff in the shop. Less brain, more brawn sort of thing.

    Eh, it’s fake-Spring here, everything is fairly weird. Real spring doesn’t come until May in the Demented Dominion.

      1. While it is said that “The Lord Loves A Cheerful Giver”, I don’t think giving Dan your illness counts. [Very Big Crazy Grin]

          1. Insanity is hereditary. Parents get it from their children. 😈

      2. So the “one flesh rule” is alive and well?

        Em and I prove this rule yearly.

  4. Nice shadow drawing of the FICUS ambling along without his retainers guiding his movements.

  5. I suggest topical application of a good antiseptic. Preferably aged at least twelve years.

        1. ALL my liquor is gifts from friends, but you’re correct. It’s just I drink it so slowly, now the boys don’t live with us (Dan REALLY doesn’t like alcohol) that I hate to open a new one.

      1. Apply it to the sore parts, which happen to be accessible from the outside. No needles or knives required.

    1. Putting that on the outside of the body would be a sad waste of resources, tantamount to alcohol abuse . . .

      1. Who was it that decided the human body was… a torus, I think… because if you think about it, you could start at any point on the surface and travel along what is nominally the inside without actually going though any tissue barrier?

  6. Well, we’re going to let you off with a warning this time; but no more slacking off.

    Otherwise, we may need to write a sternly-worded memo in quadruplicate and place a copy in your permanent record.

    Please get well soon.

  7. Just read Siegel’s Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century:

    It just struck me, the Internet, and possibly the world is going through Witchfinder’s fairyland right now. So, be careful not to take what you see at face value, don’t eat their food and don’t drink their water. And try to help people who need it.

    Going to get messy.

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