It’s UP! It’s UP!

This is not a viagra commercial. Merely the writer being ecstatic that she got the book through publication on Amazon, WITHOUT having to prove she’s really herself by drawing blood and sacrificing Hamsters.

This is the last of the re-issues of Darkship. From here on, it’s all new.

And barring major disaster (please no major disaster!) they’re coming.


The World Can’t Be Made Safe….

But it doesn’t mean Athena Hera Sinistra isn’t ready to try. Flying back to Earth Orbit from her asteroid home, leaving behind unresolved questions and turmoil, Athena becomes a new mother in orbit.

As is perhaps fitting, her daughter is born during battle with an unknown foe.

A battle that ends with Kit – Athena’s husband – missing, and Athena’s ship damaged.

So Athena names her daughter Eris, and goes to war.

What follows is a non-stop fight by a very angry mother, who wishes to make the world(s) safe for her newborn daughter, and other children too.

When the adventure is over, it is just the start of another, where children will be rescued, old tyrants brought to justice, and freedom restored.

If it can be.

It’s lying about the paperback and hardcover, but it will come through shortly, probably.
Post in an hour or so. Writing it.

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  1. Congratulations on a clean sweep, at last! The Amazeon Hamsters vanquished, the hunter home from the hill…

    Looking forward to re-reading the lot, now, start to finish.

    (And still LOVE the new, unifying-themed covers.)

    1. I heartily second that. Especially as I look at that face and don’t think she’s a troublemaker, which makes it all the more likely. 😉 (Seriously, how many of the troublemakers that you know actually look like it?)

      1. One, but he was a toddler, and hadn’t learned to hide it yet. His eyes would narrow, and he’d look sideways at his next target, then zoom! he was off to commit mayhem, mischief, trouble, and whatever else he could do before caught and returned to Durance Vile (aka the room with a toddler-resistant gate).

  2. Yay Sarah!

    I bought it instantly. I just finished re-reading number four. Congratulations Sara!

  3. YAY!

    I seriously need to go back and re-read the whole series. IIRC, something came up when I was in the middle of “Revenge” and I never finished it.

  4. How did you do the covers? Is Athena drawn by DAZ or something else? (She looks a lot better than I remember DAZ people looking.) Or did you just paint them from scratch?

      1. Possibly “inspired by”, but there are too many specific details, and the covers with Athena all show the same person, which won’t happen with AI straight-up. Maybe Daz for posing and figure, run through an AI filter, with hand-“painted” details?

  5. Dang it I haven’t even finished A Few Good Men yet! Playing catch up as fast as my reading schedule and budget allow.

    And I still have Larry’s book that came out this week to get to.

    (I had missed the original Dark Ship Thieves publication, and by the time I was following Sarah and was aware, I understood it that she was in some sort of rights battle, so I waited until the “clean” re-issue start buying to ensure she got full credit)

  6. “It’s UP! It’s UP! This is not a viagra commercial.”

    SPLORK! I’m really glad I didn’t have a mouthful of coffee when I read that; my keyboard and monitor would never have been the same again… 🙂

    Congrats on getting it released; I have the original series, and until Amazon starts acting like adults, and stops penalizing those of us who don’t (yet) use Kindles by making it impossible to convert their format, my buying is suspended. Dammit.

    BTW, I understand that with the new format DRM is added to all downloads, whether or not the author requested otherwise.

    1. Yes Kindle has been adding DRM format to all downloads. As of a few days ago even Epubor is stumped. Cannot download to PC, at least, unless current version. I need to see if I can pull it from my phone while it is connected to the PC through Epubor.

      I don’t have a problem using the Kindle apps. I have a problem with DRM. I have a problem not being able to store and read eBooks in Calibre or whatever eBook reader I want, in the released format or not.

      1. “Cannot download to PC, at least, unless current version.”

        And with the current version of Kindle for PC you can’t use the “Download to USB” option (which, at least for now, uses the older version of azw/azw3, making it available to load into Calibre, strip DRM and convert to epub, etc for use in a reader such as Kobo), unless you have a registered Kindle; Kindle for PC doesn’t qualify. Simply buying with “Deliver to my Kindle for PC” selected results in the kfx format, which Calibre imports (from the downloaded azw part of the kfx group) as kfx-zip with DRM intact and which cannot even be opened for reading within Calibre.

        1. Keep in mind used kindles are cheap and ones with cracked screen from eBay are really really cheap. And you can register those as long as they’re good enough for register. You know what? I don’t like the Amazon shenanigans anymore than you do and I have plans sell directly to my fans sort of. I just haven’t had time to implement them

          1. Thanks. Yeah, I did some checking on eBay and for used Kindles on Amazon. I finally decided I’m probably going to just bite the bullet and buy a new Kindle, mainly because my Kobo and its battery are almost 10 years old, it’s getting a bit flaky at times, and it’s one of the worst candidates for a battery change from what I’ve seen; I’ve done Galaxy cellphones, Sony readers and a few other “non-replaceable” batteries, but this one looks like a real PITA. 😦

            That said, it would be really great if I could buy direct from you, Larry Correia, Dan Willis and a few others who seem to sell only on Amazon, but I’m sure you have better uses for your time, and don’t need the hassle of direct sales and the associated state paperwork. 🙂 We’ll get by, one way or another.

            1. I’m studying something, like offering monthly subscriptions of my substack, which then, in the subscriber posts give you a chance to download the novel from book funnel.
              I can write about the process and why that’s the likely solution, if you’re interested.

              1. Thanks. Yeah, was aware of that; I usually buy through Baen if the title is available there, since Baen doesn’t collect sales tax.

        2. I know. I don’t know if the restriction applies to Kindle for Android, yet. Is Kindle Fire Android based? Mom has an older Kindle Fire from my sister. I may borrow that and see if it works (Okay take my laptop to mom’s and fire up the process. But that means logging into MY account on her Kindle Fire … Sigh. This is me grousing at Amazon.) Here is hoping Epubor figures it out. Half tempted to copy the relevant fires and dig in. That is a rabbit hole I do not want to dig in. Just one new book affected, for now. Rest I’ve already ran through the process and uploaded to Calibre.

          1. What pisses me off is that I found out the problem when I bought Larry’s 2nd Amendment book when it came out, and only discovered I couldn’t process it as usual after the fact. I returned it for refund (no problem doing that) and will buy it again after I figure out how to proceed. This is getting as bad as the perpetual Windows “upgrades” – 7, 8 ,8.1, 10,11, ad infinitum…”HEY JACKASSES, IF IT WORKS, LEAVE IT ALONE!!!” [panting and growling sounds…]

              1. Thanks. I’ve never bought through them; the Kobo I use is a hand-me-down from my wife when my Sony bit the dust after she got a Kindle Oasis, and their level of customer (non)support tended to steer me away from them. I’ll take a look.

            1. 😉 I really can’t complain. I do. But … Having spent 35 years in programming … A bit guilty. (I wrote software for 35 years. I “didn’t” use it.)

              Truly my very first job, after getting the 4 year degree, nothing existing didn’t get changed unless there was a request or something broke, once we got past the release/tweak stage. Flat out did not have the time. They wanted a change they had to make the request and get on the schedule; again. So no whining.

              Second job, regular releases with known fixes, and as new hardware was released. Program was a pull through for the hardware. Software had to support the new hardware features. No complaints from end users. Again, no whining.

              Last job. Releases were regular. Someone had requested something. But some changes could take end users by surprise. One big one was a change that every single client had been asking for for years. Even before I started. But it was a huge disruptive change to the underlying structure of the software system. Then a different required request came in that meant a huge structure change or could not accommodate. Look at the two … pause … look at a third (added a 4th and 5th changes that irritated the heck out of me). Lets get er done. Set process up so that unless someone asked for any change they didn’t get the big overhaul (which allowed easing in and tweaks before overall rollout). The major change? It was amusing on the complaints ON The Change they’d been requesting for at least the decade I’d been part of the company! In addition they got warning. As in “Here is your requested change. Also rolled out is the XYZ requested over the years.” (The other changes were invisible to end users.) With documentation (which never happened)! (Did they read the documentation? Ha Ha He He. Oh wait? Seriously? No.)

              1. Had a product manager that was generally very good, but “oopsed” himself once.

                “Say… you just the new version of $DEVICE-R. Could you make a special version that does $X?”

                “You haven’t read the manual, have you. Let me see. Look at page 14.”

                “It can already DO that? All I have to do is flip a switch? Cool!”

                1. Had county manager call (panicked) “Why doesn’t software deal with vehicle depreciation!” County was being sued because they weren’t bidding out road maintenance work. This would have been around 2010. Note, County had never bid out road maintenance work given where the county was located (not quite flyover county). Answer: “It does.” County had never set it up. Now county had been on the software since it was DOS or the older everything is custom older Windows version, and the addition just wasn’t paid attention to. But the vehicle depreciation had been there since before I’d started in 2004. County had a month to rectify the problem and recalculate vehicle billable costs (based on many cost factors including depreciation averaged over X years, usually , with PROOF. Solution was work (input) intensive but doable. The county had proof that their costs were actually being overestimated (apparently they hadn’t been using the report …), not “dramatically under” as complained by the contractor (not getting work). Report given to the judge 3 weeks early …. I got a vase of flowers 10 days after the panic call (case dismissed).

                  Not my first vase of flowers either. There was the county who dropped the software because the new county controller couldn’t justify a specific software annual cost for just the public works department. That the internal “county payment software was good enough”. Two years and a bit later the public works department failed not only a state audit, but a federal audit too. (Lets just say that when clients called with a question/problem and they said “auditors are here”, we dropped what we were doing and got whatever solved.) I “held hands” (okay, listened when they called) while the department got everything current and they passed both audits. The county payment system didn’t have the detail break down required. The software we had could feed county systems because it could send it summaries. But couldn’t take information from county level systems because the county systems lacked the detail. Didn’t help the county controller that the public works system was the one recommended by the state public works auditor … Oops. (Yes. The county had to pay to restart the license.)

                  The above is just a couple of (extreme) examples from my last job/12 years programming. What you described happens all the time. I called it the “I opened the manual and looked.” But when you see the manual, it still has the shrink wrapper on it … Manuals today being electronic, is a bit harder to prove, the problem persists.

    1. canyon! amazon running two steps behind screaming, “Wait! That’s not safe! You have to wait until the launch team gets here to stand in front of the canmon!”

    2. Hm. I don’t know how that happened. I swear it was correct when I posted it.

      It was supposed to say “With amazon running two steps behind…”

  7. The Reader just purchased it. It is in the reading queue right behind the current read – a biography of Sam Adams. BTW, it appears that old Sam understood ‘Rules for Radicals’ a couple of centuries before it was published.

    1. Yep. And the irony is that in Sam’s day Massachusetts was at the front of the “every man shall be armed” parade. Maybe it’s something in the water since then…

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