Cross Your Fingers

I’m going to attempt a quick house cleaning, and would like not to end up very sick again, so…. cross your fingers for me.

Meanwhile, I leave you with one of the funniest cross over funnies EVER:

Oh, quick business: the certificates for those who contributed have gone out, as has the sound file for “Moose and squirrel.”

If you didn’t receive, ping me in the book promo email with “Did not receive” and I’ll correct. (We had a heck of a time with spam filters.) BUT check your spam and junk first, please.

The collection of USAian short stories is waiting for me to finish the original short, which was delayed by spending approximately two months getting the coughening again.

And those who paid for either tuckerization or mentoring, please ping me in the regular hotmail. One of you already did, but I haven’t got back to him, because coughing my head off and sleeping like a cat 16 hours a day.

I will get on it, though.

And now hugs. Promo tomorrow, and see you back here on Monday.

34 thoughts on “Cross Your Fingers

  1. Villain Support is one of the funniest YouTube/Instagram accounts that I have ever come across! Definitely check out the rest of his stuff: it’s pretty much all side-splittingly hilarious.

    1. Some of the highlights:

      The Borg vs. Sailor Moon
      The Borg assimilated Tribbles — oops!
      Pennywise vs. Trunks from Dragon Ball

      “You tried to eat Trunks? No wonder your teeth broke.”
      “Play dead and wait for him to leave.”
      “Yeah, that’s Vegeta. His dad. You’re so screwed.”
      “Pennywise? You still there?”

      Maybe they’ll do The Borg vs. VanDread.

      “Giant robot? What color is it?”

      “Well, there’s two versions. Blue is VanDread Dita. Insanely powerful beam weapon. White is the Super VanDread. Insanely powerful everything. If it’s white, run.”

      “Uh, no, that would be the Nirvana. Don’t tangle with the Nirvana.”

      “Beam Spam attack. Tear your Cube apart in seconds.”

      1. Borg beam Kevin (Home Alone) aboard …

        You and Sarah are bad, bad, bad. Deep dive … 1 – 2 – 3 …

    1. It’s going to return to the rotation, only I need to get someone to fix up mad genius, to make these serializations easier, and until now it’s been difficult.

  2. “Need a Wizard? Contact Harry Dresden not that Potter kid.” [Very Big Crazy Grin]

  3. “What spell?”

    “Make my day?”

    “No, no, no!” “That’s Dirty Harry Callahan!”

      1. I found the one that if “Borg assimilate Tribles” ROFLOL

        “Send out the trible exterminator!”

  4. So, um…… until today I had failed to actually join the mailing list. So I neither recieved a certificate or the promo email with which to send a response…. (in my defense I really don’t check my emails for anything but when I am doing bills, so I tend to get here via your web links)

    1. That is not a mailing list. It’s just an email. If you donated to the fundraiser, please ping me in the book promo email on the Sunday book promo.
      This is a July fundraiser thing, not a newsletter thing.

  5. Crossing fingers…we’re doing a much more in-depth cleaning (the kind you invite friends over to help, afraid that afterward you’ll need new friends).

    Be careful; stay healthy.

  6. Odd … there seems to be an extra finger raised in the header picture.

    You choose which to lower!

    Have fun with the sweeping changes at the manse.

  7. I have a lot of allergies, and many years ago I decided to pay someone else to clean my house. I look at it as buying myself a life. Good luck!

  8. Over Christmas break, I removed a cat and a half worth of fur, dander, and Only-Deity-Knows from under my bed. I stopped sneezing all night. (I also dusted my airplane-bank collection and books. Scary, that.)

    1. When the pipes froze my beloved got into the attic and removed half a tub of birds’ nests. Now we know why we had starlings flying around the house. (The opening in the side of the house that let starlings and frigid air through has been closed).

      1. Day Job had a problem with birds and rodents getting into the walls. The openings got fixed. Any snakes, frogs, and insects that come in through open doors are NOT the fault of the builders. And no one will admit to the spiders. I think they and the crickets teleport. (Ah, the joys of working out in the middle of pastures and farms!)

        1. Better birds than bats. Had one of those in New Jersey. Very exciting five minutes or so before he chased it out.

          1. Last office I worked at we occasionally came in mornings to find at least one bat in a corner somewhere in the office. The “server” closet had a hole you could see through the roof. Why the equipment never got wet?

  9. Sarah, I just sent off my “Did not receive” email (from Ashkalar) to the bookpimping address as instructed. This is just in case you do not receive that email either.
    I am concerned that my couple of prior emails may not have gotten thru to you at either address. 😦

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