January 6th

How eager was I to write a January 6th post?

So eager that I came downstairs to write a blog and promptly fell asleep for three hours, even though I actually slept well last night.

Okay, that might have more to do with the fact that I am actually, in point of fact, still recovering from “the cold that keeps coming back” whatever the heck that bug is. Dan says I didn’t cough less last night, so all I can say is I must have slept through it? But I am coughing less during the days, which is at least the right motion. And he dragged me to do the doctor, so I’m medicated. (So, yeah, you know, not that kind. I remain at large. But I am medicated for the cough and secondary infections. Bronchitis in this case.)

However, there is nothing happy about Jan 6th. Not the two innocents butchered for no reason except they needed bodies as far as I can tell, not the setup to give themselves a reason to go after ideological dissenters, not the sad spectacle of grandma’s indicted for “parading” which is apparently now a crime in America, nor the people they still hold in jail, because why not, they have China envy and dream of making protesters disappear.

The only thing I can say is that what January 6 has done is given us a gauge for “Don’t do this. Nothing good will come of it, and there’s a good chance there will be a setup to get us in trouble.”

Mind you I think the setup failed. I think they were trying to get a semi-revolution going (because they read the mood in the country) but the right didn’t bring guns and didn’t do more than walk around being tourists, so they’ve been stuck making the best of what they got, and trying to hide any real damage was agents provocateurs and any real deaths by violence were of protesters and unprovoked.

Which brings us to… well, this is important okay?

Like the year they didn’t assign us a teacher for German and still expected us to take the final exam, we tried demonstrations, but really who cared if 12 people demonstrated? We looked insane. If one of us had had contacts and got to the press, it might be made something of, but it would need to be someone who could pull a favor.

In the same way, what was the 6th going to accomplish?

I don’t know what Trump thought it would do. He OBVIOUSLY never meant to overthrow the government. OBVIOUSLY. He might have thought that Pence would make a stand on principle, and wanted to have people nearby to cheer it, in which case well… he’s gullible, but we suspected that, at least for his inner circle.

But we knew, from the moment the supreme court ignored the obvious markers of fraud that it was all going to be swept under the rug, and that the establishment was determined to carry through with the soft coup and install what is probably a Chinese Client government in power. (Though, hey, they’re poli. They symp for Russia too. Or what else do you think throttling our oil production does?)

It was obvious all of the establishment and frankly most other people were completely baffled by the color revolution, using our rules, and only suspicious if you know math or accounting, and literally didn’t know what to do. Any functionary, when unsure what to do will lean into “we’ve always done it this way” which is why we’ve been skating our merry way to hell, with a few, cheering outbreaks of rebellion and sheer “I won’t.”

I suspect those are about to become more frequent and at all levels. Hey, dems, if you wanted to convince us you were legitimate, there wouldn’t have been barbed wire around the capital, and the national guard hunkered down, like you thought we were all about to drive in on tractors; there wouldn’t have been making much out of a demonstration that even taking the actions of the agent provocateurs you’d peppered in as part of it, paled before the things antifa and BLM have done; and there wouldn’t have been chasing around and trying to delegitimize everyone who said the election was crooked.

In fact, you had examples of this before you, since you claimed both George W. Bush’s and Trump’s elections were illegitimate and no one tried to jail you, cancel you or call you election deniers. Mostly because no one had anything to hide.

But you did. So you didn’t appoint special investigative councils. You didn’t at least pro-forma demand it be looked at. You didn’t even let any of it come to court. And then, to put the topper on the cake, you decided it was fun to do it again for the mid-terms, in granted a more subtle way (You had some idea what you were facing.) But still sus as all get out. And frankly at this point you have been so ridiculously sus that none of us will trust you to count the votes for prom queen in a rural high school. Unless we go all one day, paper ballots and purple fingers, we’ll assume you’re crooked and making up voters wholesale.

And here we are. We know what you did last two cycles. You know what you did last two cycles. Your conscience has you panicked as all get out, because you know we’re armed to the teeth and you know we know what our ideological ancestors did a certain Christmas. And we are p*ssed. Yes, we know the remedy for this. It’s in the declaration of independence. But we also know that we don’t want to tip it all into the pot unless there’s no alternative. We are sitting here, stewing in anger, and thinking that the entire nation is a powder keg, and you flash bastards are dancing on it, obliviously, convinced that if you show us who’s boss we won’t do anything, and — because you’re panicked and stupid — trying to rush through every yota of your mentally retarded agenda, like that will keep us quiet. (Who knows, maybe you think that actually will bring about nirvana. After all it never worked anywhere before, but now you’re in charge, so it’s different.)

This year is going to be hell o’ weird. The speaker votes are just the beginning. It’s going to get odd. D*mn odd.

And the left — talking to my readers now, so you lefties shut up. I’ll offend you again in a minute. Just wait — is divorced from reality at the best of times. Very divorced from reality and in cloud cuckoo land the rest of the time. They’re going to start getting spooked.

You see, their creedal revelation changes but it always pretends to foretell the future, and the future is always precisely according to their plans of the moment.

If I’m right 2023 is not going to go according to anyone’s plans. Hold on to your hats, strap on your seat belts, because we’re riding this fiery basket through a dumpster fire that collided with a clown cart. Making sense of this is going to be weird.

When the left feels uncomfortable, they revert to trying to create traps for the right, and create situations that — they think — will cause to act as they would, and give them just cause to exterminate us. It’s obvious that Jan. 6h fizzled. They somehow failed to convince most of the public that the people with most guns in the US showing up to demonstrate without their weapons intended revolution. Go figure. It’s a puzzle. For them. Their true believers are super-convinced, after all, because they never saw anything on TV news that they didn’t buy wholesale and ask for more.

But that means they’re going to try to create more traps. And I figure the best I an do is give you the following touchstones:

1- Look at the imagery. The left CAN’T help themselves. Because it’s part of their creed that this is what “the people” want.
Anything they create will be called “Front” or “the People’s” and the site and leaflets and all will be pasted all over with Maoist imagery, stars and fonts.
They can’t help themselves. And maybe they are taking dictation from the CCP.

2- Look at where they want you to go, whether they want you to sign up ahead, etc. Is there a way they’re going to track you to be able to put you on lists, etc. (Yeah, well, you know? I am already on lists. But most of you aren’t.) If it’s an obvious “collect names” set up…. well, why bother.

3- AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: What is it supposed to accomplish?
Jan 6 was never going to accomplish anything besides “one last hurrah.” And one last public speech by Trump. The establishment had already closed ranks. There wasn’t going to be any reversal on that.

What did you think you were going to do? March shoulder to shoulder and demand they redo the elections? In what world was that going to work? Unless you got seventy million to converge on DC and that wasn’t going to happen, the best you’d have managed is start the shooting war right then and there. And even that would have required five or six million.

There are limits to what demonstrations can do. And at the time, before the lunacy of the last two years, most people didn’t even want to believe there had been fraud. Even people on our side. (I’m not going to link Larry’s essays again, but you can find them if you search his blog for fuckery. I didn’t need them, because I have a feel for when numbers go wrong, but you might.) People hoped we could just take the hit, and it wouldn’t be worse than the 70s. (Well, howdy.)

SO TO SUMMARIZE: Don’t take any wooden nickels. Don’t fall for fake imagery. Don’t fall for attempts to get a few hundred people to do something that looks bad, so they can go after the rest of us.

Other than that? Stand way back from the points of packed powder and watch carefully. At some point it’s all going to blow, unless we get very very very lucky. (I want to believe G-d protects fools, drunkards and the United States of America. I do. We will see.)

And while you’re waiting, don’t forget that laughter is good for stress relief, and some of the traps the idiots will try to set will be for real hilarious.

No, seriously. I don’t think they can get much “better” than the “Patriot Front” delivering polo-shirted, sun-glassed guys with military haircuts and identical shoes various places to claim there was a serious White Nationalist movement afoot. But you never know. They’re scared and stupid, and that’s a heck of a combination.

At this point, they are the clown car that collided with the dumpster fire.

Buy stock in popcorn. Be prepared. And be not afraid.

And remember, keep your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark.

And pray you have no need to do just that.

215 thoughts on “January 6th

  1. Not saying too too much because I’m angry and I don’t want to type something that’ll later be held against me in court or anywhere else for that matter. I’ll just remind the Left of the concept of…the diesel engine.

    We always talk about a spark being needed to start a fire. Just remember, Lefties, if you compress people hard enough, you won’t even need the spark. It’ll blow on its own.

    Oderint dum metuant. “Let them hate, as long as they fear.”

    1. Compressing acetylene can get… “fun.” Which is why acetylene is dissolved.

      [OT: And WP/Gravatar is being stupid and demanding a log-in right after logging in, with [X] Remember Me checked.]

      1. It’s been doing that to me on my home computers. One won’t even allow me to log straight into WP now (old Mac). It takes two or three log ins, with the box checked, for it to keep me logged in. No problems thus far on the Win machine at Day Job. Thus far. taps wood


  2. On the one hand, I am increasingly infuriated at a) what my country has become, and b) the increasingly unhinged antics of the Left, particularly their efforts to smear us as EVIL! and/or subhuman.

    On the other hand, I recognize that you can only push people so far before they have had enough and push back. And I fear that that pushback will make Sarajevo and Srebrenica look like Sesame Street.

    Either way, keep your rifle by your side.

    1. Our Civil war shocked the world with its intensity… and the fact we didn’t wipe each other out completely. What happens here next (for historical variations of ‘next’) will likely do the same, though I hope and pray with a lower body count.

      1. More people. The body count will be higher.

        Big difference will be- there’ll be trials after it’s over. The leaders of both sides, whoever they turn out to be, won’t ever have worked or fought together or trained in the same schools, and will have no sympathy at all for the other side.

        1. > “More people. The body count will be higher.”

          Maybe, but a guerilla war with modern tech means it will be easier to simply assassinate the leaders and their bodyguards instead of having to go through their armies. Didn’t the government of Sri Lanka fold quickly once officials started getting killed?

          Also, if we’re lucky, enough of the combat troops might simply turn when given the orders to attack us. That could reduce the war to a brief coup.

          Even in those scenarios it will be far from bloodless, but there’s a chance we can avoid the worst of it.

        1. Most people don’t realize just how precariously thin the supply chain really is, even for things like food. Most food stores only have, at most, three to five days of inventory on hand at any given time, and most of it goes straight from the loading dock onto the shelves. If most supermarkets are anything like where I worked fresh out of college “the back” is mostly walk-in refrigerators for the perishables departments (meat, seafood, deli, etc.) and a big deep freezer for frozen food. Most everything else gets put on the shelves once it comes off the truck and gets inventoried. And everything has to be ordered at least a week ahead of time. So if the truck doesn’t come for two or three days, there’s nothing on the shelves.

          That actually happened once at the store I used to work at. Our supply chain largely originated in northern PA and upstate New York. One winter, that region got hammered by awful blizzard after awful blizzard after awful blizzard. Roads and highways were virtually impassible for weeks, so for about a month we could not get most of our inventory. We never completely ran out of inventory, and the trucks came every day and delivered something, but they half-full at most. There was always something on the shelves, but a lot of our most popular products either were never in stock or else rapidly sold out. Nobody was in any particular danger of starving, but you wouldn’t have known that from the way most of our customers reacted. I shudder to think what will happen when the trucks stop coming altogether.

          1. I’m already either taking the maximum of allowed, or reasonable for usage, or wiping out the shelves of product. The last is canned dog or cat food (granted, specific item, but then changing pets food is not recommended by veterinarian). The former 2 are eggs (comment from checker Thursday “Oh! Must have eggs in again! We were out Wednesday.”) and milk. Bread for our son (can’t be certain type) is locally sourced, yet I buy as much as I can store. Noticed that meat was limited at Costco yesterday (would say stocking timing, but you can see what they have in the back to package up). There are other signs.

            1. I wonder how much of local/regional supply problems is weather related. I’m seeing a LOT of semi-traffic diverting south, and I suspect getting anything in/out of CA is a real challenge right now. Ditto a few other places.

              1. PNW/Willamtte valley, so if regional distribution has items in stock, we’re golden. At least milk and cheese has regional (Oregon specific) options (which I buy over not regional). Pet food is US based, and made, not just packaged (big deal to me after the CCP contamination problem). So beyond the tin can availability (lack of), weather is probably causing havoc. Eggs? That is related to the chicken flu and death of multitude of flocks.

          2. Between THIN store margns and JIT, it’s BLOODY FREAKING AMAZING that, even now, as screwy as things might seem, they are at least MOSTLY working. ONE nasty snow/ice-storm makes a narsty glitch in things. Now if the weather Got Serious About It (nevermind political DONKEY-CHAPEAU-ERY), it would HURT, LOTS AND LOTS.

          3. Y’all should have seen the west during the height of the covidiocy. Forget toilet paper, there were days at a time that stores didn’t carry meat. Meat. And bread. And this was the larger towns. I went to a small town pharmacy once because it was in AZ (no masks) and it didn’t have ANYTHING. Some toys in the kids section. It looked like Florida after the hurricane except the building was standing.

              1. Like what a really broken supply chain looks like. Chains are long and links are few out west. When I had my bike there were states that I carried spare gas, pre pandemic.

          4. A judicious stockpile of Ammo is nice to have too… not much use to me after the unfortunate “boating accident” last Summer… “Officer, I swear my cats hid my guns in my boat and I had no idea until I hit that massive wave and they all fell into the water… No Sir, the guns, not the cats!”

            1. Oh! Can I use this too? I mean most the rifles were heavier than the cats. I had no idea they could haul one off. Let alone load it in the invisible boat that we do not have, anymore!

          5. As I’ve said before go find “Inside The Factory” on Smithsonian channel, or possibly Britbox or such like. Each show walks you through an item (usually food Bread, Pasta, Beer, Chocolate etc) and how its produced from source to grocery store. Note how automated things are. Note that in general (except when dependent on seasonal produce) they will have 2- 5 days stock MAX, and warehouse storage before shipping is 1-5 days max. Often 0, for delicate items such as milk and bread, they come of the lines and orders are fullfilled from that flow. So if things break down the food producers run for a week at most before either they have no input or before their warehouses essentially suffer fatal constipation. And this is in the UK. sources are usually within 150 Mile (Pardon me 300 Km) of the factory. With the US sprawl I bet 3-4x that is common. And the cities are most screwed up by that.

              1. Always liked “How Its Made” although the incongruity of the items in a single show (Today we’ll see Condoms, Bassinets, Cat Litter and Shoe Trees made) was always an in joke/point of contention in our house. “Inside The Factory” is almost totally food related and each nominally 1 hr show covers a single item from farm to table so it exposes the sheer complexity of the system. Also astounding are the workers. The skill and knowledge of even the line worker types is impressive in a modern automated factory and the just general decency of Brits is endearing. There’s a reason the average American blue collar citizen is decent and part of it traces back to that culture.

      2. From your lips to God’s ears. The brutal reality of the Civil War is something I don’t want to contemplate for today.

    2. It’s already stating.
      – Open refusal to comply with ridiculous directives.
      – Disengaging from consumerism
      – Finding ways to use home labor or unlicensed and unregulated commerce to handle many needs
      – Widespread Under The Table employment
      – People are disengaging from the stock market, taking out more of their retirement money (and converting much of it to cash, land and tool purchases, and reducing debt, No point in having a big stash of money that the government can confiscate.
      You watch. The Unofficial Economy is gonna boom over the next few years.

      1. > “– People are disengaging from the stock market, taking out more of their retirement money (and converting much of it to cash, land and tool purchases, and reducing debt, No point in having a big stash of money that the government can confiscate.”

        That reminds me: I haven’t been keeping track of the GameStop situation lately. Anybody know how that’s going? I notice the share price is way down, but I assume the hedges haven’t managed to weasel out of having to buy it back eventually.

  3. 2023 is going to go according to MY plans.

    I’m going to plant a garden and the deer are going to eat a garden.

    That’s it. That’s my 2023 plan.

    Worked almost perfectly in 2022, though we did get a few potatoes and some amazing carrots.

    The weather may assist the deer in garden distruction, but who knows? I’m not foolish enough to plan on weather, which is proof I’m smarter than the left, at least.

      1. Heh. Someday when you need to be amused and have a few minutes to spare, type corn-fed venison into your search engine of choice.

          1. It’s not legally bait if it’s normal agriculture. Growing a small corn plot to attract deer is perfectly legal, and then “harvesting” the deer in season (or any time, if they’re damaging crops, at least in many states; YMMV), as long as you don’t pile the ears on the ground. Same for dove shoots over wheatfields.

            1. At least here in Michigan, the worst problem with deer baiting – or putting out piles of food, whether or not you’re going to shoot the deer – is that it spreads chronic wasting disease and bovine tuberculosis. Deer feeding from the same pile are swapping spit.

              When the deer feed on a standing crop, there’s no such problem. Around here, crop damage doesn’t give you the right to hunt out of season or without a license, but you can get extra deer tags, which can be used in-season for antlerless deer as well as bucks. My brother-in-law would plant a field with buckwheat, watch the deer coming out to feed on it before hunting season, then shoot the fattest ones in-season. (He claimed the bucks also did pre-season reconnaissance, coming out of the woods to watch him at target practice in his back yard.) Some buckwheat would remain standing after hunting season, helping the deer survive the winter.

        1. Great uncle had a pest control license for the farm/ranch (80 acres). Had a huge garden with a deer-proof fence (really was). Needed venison? Great uncle would open gate and wait.

          Cousins currently technically could hunt deer on their property, but one little problem. They had an orphan the raised. Can’t accidentally kill her/him? Not sure gender.

      1. Good plan.

        Trying to pay bills, keep stuff in the pantry, and get more “might be problem long-term” medical stuff handled BEFORE things go sideways. Hopefully any big bangs will hold off until March….

        Also have a book idea, writing a bit of it at a time!

    1. Mine, too. I am going to keep chickens in the back yard again. I will refit the catio for human use, and watch the sunset on gentle evenings. I will finish at least three books in 2023.
      And I will stock up on more 9mm and make at least a couple of visits to the local range with my daughter.

      1. Keep Wee Jamie at home from those range trips; I have pictures of 18-month grandson refusing to wear ear protection … Pretty funny, but the earcups (child sized, on gentle but firm elastic) pretty much never saw his ears.

        Whenever he gets so he likes to imitate people he should be old enough. I saw a very young child wearing earpro at a concert. I asked; dad was a drummer and wore them a lot, and kiddo wanted to be like dad.

    2. I will plant roses. The soil/weather/poor quality control will do in 2 of the 3. Because that’s just how my plants roll. Tomatoes? Eh, no idea. Green peppers? Maybe, but the last two years have been duds. And I will re-seed the lawn in those three places that always die in July-August. That much I’m 99% sure about.

      And I will grade papers.

      1. I’m about to start going through the seed catalogue from Territorial and planning the garden, and hopefully get going much sooner this year and have better results, particularly with the tomatoes. Hopefully this year I will have praties again. It seemed like last year was not a good year – I had trouble with just about everything. .

        1. I really want to plant a garden…

          Unfortunately I don’t really eat vegetables.

          That’s probably won’t stop me from doing it anyway.

      2. On tomatoes, I’ve had good luck with some of the heirloom varieties from that place on Coulter. That was in raised beds. And I intend to give the potatoes in tires thing a try. The lot size is about 1/8 of an acre on our street so if I can get a neighbor to agree to an on-paper pooling arrangement, I may get some chickens.

        I’ve been here before, briefly, but flounced (unwisely, in hindsight). It was around the beginning of the covidiocy and I have no idea if I’m using the right email address or whether the correct approach, if I hope to be allowed back is to apologise, pretend it never happened or return under a new identity. So, naturally, I’m going with a mutant hybrid of all three that fails to do any of them effectively.

    3. I empathize. We had to build fences and it was almost useless, even for tiny Key deer.

      Mike has a good take on solutions.

    4. My 2023 plans; get up before the sun every day. So far I’m succeeding quite well. I do admit the sun won’t ‘t rise today, up here atop the world until 10:44.

      I do expect I’ll beat the sun up at least until 3 April when it rises at 07:00.

      1. 🙂
        You must be south of the Arctic Circle. Move a bit further north and you can sleep for weeks. Or more…

  4. In the future, in retrospect, provided we do find the solution, the solution will seem easy and we’ll all be wondering why we didn’t just do the correct thing sooner, but the reality is right now we don’t know that and won’t know that until after the fact.

    And any roll of the dice risks blood and death on an unimaginable scale. About all we can do is try to do what is right by our own consciences, hope that it works out in the end, and know tomorrow is never guaranteed.

  5. there is nothing happy about Jan 6th

    For once, I am the voice of optimism.

    Today is January 6th, The Feast of Epiphany, The Feast of Theophany, and Three Kings Day.

    I know the no religion rule but consider…we have mourned this day for two years, but Christians have celebrated it for nearly two millennia as a day of hope when salvation in the form of the Son of Man was announced to the world.

    I don’t think you have to be a Christian to take hope in the fact that tradition is older.

    In words I read around here a lot, take hope if that is your faith and borrow it from us if not, build over, build under, build around, and be not afraid.

    1. Hugs, Herb, this is beautiful.
      It’s also the 12th day of Christmas. Tree goes under the hatchet tomorrow.

      1. Indeed it is. That’s why last night was the medieval celebration of Twelth Night (also a play by The Bard and a common SCA event).

        The second is a favorite of mine as one of the few days of Christmas not Christmas or Epiphany to have a carol specifically devoted to it.

    2. It is a day such that it is suitable for girls born on it to be named — ta-da! — Tiffany!

      Theophania, if you wish to avoid the Tiffany Problem.

  6. Remember, remember, the Fifth of November
    Gunpowder treason and plot
    I see no reason why gunpowder treason
    Should ever be forgot

    Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, ’twas his intent
    To blow up the King and the Parliament
    Three score barrels of powder below
    Poor old England to overthrow

    By God’s providence he was catch’d
    With a dark lantern and burning match
    Holler boys, holler boys, let the bells ring
    Holler boys, holler boys, God save the King!

    Please to remember,
    The Fifth of November,
    Gunpowder, treason and plot.
    I see no reason why gunpowder treason
    Should ever be forgot.

    Of course, the entire Gunpowder Plot was in response to extreme religious prosecution of Catholics by the Crown. One could argue that our current federal government should get the same treatment for their attacks on organized religion and their charitable works.

    1. In a world where Church = State and Denomination = Treason, everyone’s going to go overboard. Waaaaaaay overboard. (At least by US standards, which was yet another reason people thought the early US was crazy.)

    1. I understand. 2021 had its horrific moments, and ’22 had more for $SPOUSE and me. Some years are harder than others, and the ’20s seem to be diamond plate over iridium. I hope that things turn out better. Soon, even.

      I’m worried that if the lefties run out of useful scapegoats, they’ll go full false-flag to try to run us over. OTOH, people with more than two synapses are seeing what’s been going on, so they won’t be taken by surprise. I hope.

      FWIW, I’d been impressed by your Soloist snippets, and saw you have it up for sale. Bought it. It’s not you plugging the book; Sarah shouldn’t mind one. Maybe. 🙂

            1. The Reader thinks you found a new meaning for WordPress delenda est.

      1. “I’m worried that if the lefties run out of useful scapegoats, they’ll go full false-flag to try to run us over.”

        The power substation attacks. The ones in WA were traced to a pair of crooks who thought “hey, if we cut the power, there’ll be no alarms!” and tried to rob one or more businesses.

        The fact that even my vanilla system has battery backup so alarms will sound tells you the galaxy brain involved.

        1. Some of these people are just so stupid that you have to seriously think that there is a little demon whose sole job is saying “breath in, breathe out”-because there is no other way they can handle things otherwise.

          Seriously. Most criminals are stupid and its usually people not noticing or caring that keeps them from getting caught. Initially.

          1. And the criminology student (!) accused in the Idaho stabbings left a knife sheath belonging to his father at the site….which had his dad’s DNA. Which links this -person- to the site via Dad’s DNA. AND, he forgot to keep his cell phone switched off, so the PTB have records of him being in the area at the right time. It’s circumstantial, but pretty tight.

                1. Education ≠ Learning.
                  You can get educated absorbing facts lessons and parroting them back.
                  You have to actually do things to actually learn.

          2. Had (and have) a boss-man that – before he left for a year or so to another site and evidently had An Enlightening Experience or several – felt so synthetic that if he said ‘Thank you’ you could all but see the shoulder-angel whispering, “This is where you’re supposed to say ‘Thank you’.” No shoulder-demon was needed. THAT artificial.

        2. I’d like to know what killed the big power line this time from [E Redacted] to [W Redacted] that’s The Single Point of Failure for $TINY_TOWN and a handful of similar burgs. Midnight this time, but I got out the long extension cord, plugged the CPAP machine into the $CRAP_HAPPENS solar system and went back to sleep.

          Pac Power got it in a couple of hours, and $SPOUSE moved all the lights out of the way. I turned the wrong light on in the back bedroom, and the weather station defaults to full brightness upon power-up. I can sleep through light, but she gets a bit more on her side of the bed. And, she’s a light sleeper, currently with pain issues. Sigh.

          That power line has a big-ass target on it. Human, fire, storms can take out a section. I couldn’t count the number of times we’ve had it fail. At least the recorded message actually pronounces [W Redacted] (tribal derived) name properly, unlike the NOAA robotalker. Sure would be nice if we had a backup line, but that’ll wait for the Judgement Day.

          1. Five hours after the power came back on, Pacific Power (spit–Berkshire Hathaway) robocalled to tell us the power was back on. I didn’t ask for a call, and the times when I’ve talked to a human, I ask them not to call. Never works. 11PM calls telling us what we already know are not appreciated when we went to bed hours earlier.

            $SPOUSE was tired and got up at 8:00. She was not amused by the 7:00 call.

            OTOH, it’s not the TVA.

      2. That’s how they kept finding people to send to the gulag. The only reason why paradise wasn’t arriving was malice, and therefore, they had to keep finding more.

        1. The only reason why paradise wasn’t arriving was malice

          It was even true, they were just mis-identifying the source/cause of the malice.

          Now if they had sent themselves to the Gulag, it might have done some good. 😛

  7. “Here is nought at venture, random nor untrue
    Swings the wheel full-circle, brims the cup anew.

    Here is naught unproven, here is nothing hid:
    Step for step and word for word–so the old Kings did!

    Step by step, and word by word: who is ruled may read.
    Suffer not the old Kings: for we know the breed–

    All the right they promise–all the wrong they bring.
    Stewards of the Judgment, suffer not this King !”


  8. Repeating this from yesterday’s comments section as it fits today’s topic

    via PJ Media:


    It appears that Team HarrisBiden is sending Biden out to give another Triumph of the Shrill speech as they continue to try to turn J^ protests into their modern day Reichstag Fire.

    They have engaged in widespread censorship and are holding people without bail and without trial in solitary confinement in conditions that are on par with the jails of Cuba’s communist dictatorship. Democrats prove yet again that they seek to create a single party CCP style totalitarian state by their efforts to suppress dissent and persecute dissenters, while protecting those such as BLM, Antifa, Jane’s Revenge, and others, who commit violence against their political opponents

    As an addition, it has been reported that the Democrats on their way out also released the social security numbers of Trump and 2000 others, including Republican Party officials, as part of their J6 show trial document dump. They claim that it was “inadvertent” but that seems like complete BS given their track record.

    1. Just like California “accidentally” released the names and addresses of everyone who had requested a CCW permit prior to February 2022, shortly after the Bruen decision by the US Supreme Court.

      No one was punished for such gross errors, I’m sure.

      1. There’s a point where incompetence is indistinguishable from malice, and we’ve long since passed it. What they’ve done and are still busy doing is unforgivable.

    2. Current House rumor: Kevin scheduled tonight’s vote for 10 PM because he made a deal with Jeffries. The deal: Jeffries makes sure at least “x” democrats “have” to be gone from tonight’s vote. They vacate their vote so that the required total is reduced by “x”. Kevin has 216 as of the 11th vote. Two democrats got to be at their kids’ ball game. Kevin now only needs 216 to win.

      Just in case anyone thought maybe the uniparty was on their side.

      1. Politicians gonna politick. Whether I like the guy or not, he’s gonna try and deal.

          1. You caught Babylon Bee’s take – AOC on ‘why a speaker when everyone has headphones?’

  9. I would tell you to put up a fence but I know from long experience that can be easier said than done. We have been working on deer proofing for years. Although it wasn’t until one actually broke the very heavy gate my hubby built that he decided it was personal and, one way or the other, he was going to get them fenced out. (In the deer’s defense, he was running to escape a mountain lion and probably wouldn’t have taken the gate out if he’d had his druthers.)

    Also, if things get as ugly as they might, you could capitalize on the supply of well-fed protein in your area.

    1. Allegedly a white-tailed deer can clear a 12-foot fence from a standing start. I have a 4 foot one around my garden, so if they’re just walking around, they stay out. But if they leap the fence, they qualify as farm pests and can be legally removed.

      1. My late grandfather in AR took full advantage of that law…. but checking your local laws is advised.

        1. Good advice. Neighbors will turn you in and there is no horror quite like an unleashed bureaucrat. Be wary.

              1. For the pets, yes, it is. But for the bureaucrats, not so much; call it “civic improvement”. 🙂

      2. In France, some places, they put a grid fence roof over their gardens. I mean, yes, it’s supposed to be a trellis/arbor for growing vines and supporting tree fruit and such, but I guess a chain link or skinny wood “deer roof” could also be a thing.

      3. The company I used to work for (specialty ag trade publisher) had a small apple orchard between the paved parts of the parking lot. There was a net fence at least eight feet high all the way around it, and our maintenance man found a deer inside more than once, early in the morning.

    2. I have read that while deer can clear a 7′ fence, they can’t clear two of them spaced 4′ apart. OTOH, my neighbor put in a bog-standard 39″ fence (no barbed wire on top), and when the fence was new, a deer got itself killed running into it. (We get mule deer around here. The elk prefer the mountains. As do the bears. The cougar goes where it wants to.)

      We grow zucchini and crookneck squash in our outdoor beds. Because of our climate, we’ll frequently use frost cloth or plastic for the June freezeups, so the transplanted seedlings get a bit of protection at night. The third set of leaves are prickly enough to discourage just about all salad eaters, and the deer leave the fruit alone. Rodents can be a problem, but between traps and the neighbors’ semi-feral, but always hungry cats, they don’t get too far. Might have lost a couple of zucchini this last year.

      The tasty plants get raised in the greenhouse, and it’s squirrel proof. So far.

      1. “The tasty plants get raised in the greenhouse, and it’s squirrel proof. So far.”

        Do not taunt happy fun RLF. 😎

          1. It’s when they have bolt cutters and C4 that you have a serious issue. The RLF is real as far as I can tell and the frickin bats are the Air Corps thereof.

          1. That is the first time I have ever heard this anecdote. I’m going to share it far and wide.
            Having spent a bit of time in both TX and OK, all I can say is armadillos stink to high, high heaven. Super cute till they get close.

            1. My grandfather raised watermelon in South AR. Armadillos inspired uncharitable words.

              Of course, he also pointed out that he had a recipe for armadillo stew. Claimed it tasted like pork.

              1. There’s a recipe for something with armadillo in it that begins: Prepare the armadillo as you would a tortoise.

                1. When the Great Depression started, he was 21 years old with a new bride. Resourceful is a norm.

            2. Someone told me once that armadilos are the Texas state road kill.

              “Why did the chicken cross the road? To prove to the armadillo that it could be done.”

          2. Groundhogs we have, majestic, voracious and chubby. No armadillos here in the Northeast. Watermelons (especially the big grey green ones) are also rare. Growing season is too short so things are tight. Grandad use to start his Watermelons indoors mid march along with a bunch of other long growing season plants. The main watermelon thieves here were rabbits (would eat the newly transplanted plants like salad) and Raccoons (would eat immature fruit and the vines). Grandad wanted to sit out on the porch with a shotgun to deal with the raccoons, but he knew the neighbors were a bit close for that even if he used rock salt instead of pellets. Took a lot to piss of grandad, but DON’T touch his watermelons…

            1. There are recipes for groundhog, rabbit (careful of tularemia) and raccoon. And quite a few other “pests”. Gurgle (or in my case , Brave) is Your Friend. 🙂

              Just check for diseases; rabbit isn’t the only problem species.

              1. Bob C. even if I were prone to consume groundhog and this were not Massachusetts (good luck getting a permit in my town) I’m on a 1/2 acre lot and the use of even a .22 would be dangerous to my 4 abutting neighbors. Grand Dad taught me better than that to make sure you were backstopped even out in deep woods.

                1. No argument here (and my 1/5 acre lot doesn’t allow local “harvesting” either; if it did I’d be eating pigeon and dove several times a week) 🙂 ; my comment was in response to what you wrote, and the intent was to give info about the edibility of “pests” such as you listed. I had no idea where you live.

        1. The only time I tried “winter” cabbage (San Jose, so loose definition of winter), the cabbage heads had impressive amounts of bugs in them. Nope.

          The second year I tried tomatoes there, the gophers ate the plants. I guess they hadn’t noticed the first year, but made up for it afterwards. The greenhouse up here is set with tomatoes in pots. My only encounter with the RLF was a very determined gray squirrel. Had to put rabbit cage panels over the windows, and hardware cloth at the walls to discourage tunneling. It’s worked several years, so far, though I expect to see a Tonka excavator in the garden some time. 🙂

          In Flyover County, the only things that grow outdoors in the winter are icicles.

  10. “Yeah, well, you know? I am already on lists”

    As is, I suspect, anyone who – like me – has posted a lot over at Ace’s blog.

    Stuff is happening. In Canada, Jordan Peterson has been sentenced to reeducation (from what I’ve been able to glean, apparently over something he said about certain members of Trudeau’s government – including Trudeau himself). We’ve got the current circus in the House of Representatives (though my understanding is that McCarthy finally got the votes). Certain states are being so blatant about rejecting a US Supreme Court decision that they’re essentially giving the court the finger.

    We’ll see what happens.

    Hopefully the House forces the Capitol Police to release the footage of what happened on January 6. Other than that, we’ll see.

      1. Naw, they just use it to justify bigger budgets, as we have seen the Senate republicans love to print money. Right Mitch? I wonder if Schumer and Biden make Mitch squeal like a pig?

    1. The footage will never get released, at least in the next two years, as the Democrats have comfortable control of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals and they will do everything they can to delay release. Same thing Team HarrisBiden has already said they are going to do in response to any subpoenas from the House. The same people screaming that no one is above the law are proudly proclaiming they are above the law and tough luck to everyone else.

      1. But of course, that’s OK because it’s in a Good Cause (TM) [gag]. What they never seem to realize is that their pet projects have potential consequences obvious to anyone with two neurons to rub together, and that they aren’t immune to whatever results.

        1. “…and that they aren’t immune to whatever results.”

          Oh, but they ARE immune. That’s the problem. The Republicans, when they do gain power, absolutely refuse to exercise it in the same ruthless, immoral, borderline-illegal way that the Democrats do. Even if they were to try and hold them accountable, the courts in DC will back the Democrats up. As will the entirety of the news media and the entertainment media, and probably the vast majority of the lobbyists. That is, I suppose, why the GOP never even bothers to try. They don’t want to not get invited to those cocktail parties any more, or lose out on those lucrative K Street jobs when they get voted out of office, y’know. I think that’s why the love of Trump is enduring even when he does stuff like support McCarthy. We still remember those halcyon times where he gave zero frrps, spoke honestly, and dared the Left to come at him.

          How do you play a fair game when you’re playing not just against the other team, but also the referees, the league office, your own cheerleaders, the scoreboard operator, and the stewards that allow half the crowd to shower you in garbage and snowballs while not even allowing your fans to boo?

          1. I wasn’t clear. Yes, if you consider only the workings of the corrupt government, both the libtards and the GOPe, including the court system (“no standing to sue for [X]”), they are immune. What they are not immune to is the real-world results of that corruption, in a nation which will not be disarmed by edict. Eventually their fantasy world will exact a payment. “Merry Romanian Christmas!” isn’t a message of good wishes. I can continue to hope this can be worked out peacefully, but I’m less optimistic every day.

          2. “How do you play a fair game when you’re playing not just against the other team, but also the referees, the league office, your own cheerleaders, the scoreboard operator, and the stewards that allow half the crowd to shower you in garbage and snowballs while not even allowing your fans to boo?”

            But recognizing that reality is defined as black-pilled.

            1. Not if you also recognize that the “reality” of the left is based on delusion, and that no one needs to subscribe to it..

    2. Worse than saying, Peterson dared to quote Tweets from Trudeau et al, among others! The horror, the horror.

      He also re-tweeted Ben Shapiro. Quick, my smelling salts!

      1. His most odious crime was re-tweeting Pierre Poilievre. Imagine the nerve of him, re-tweeting the Leader of the Opposition. My eyes are rolling quite hard.

    3. “Stuff is happening. In Canada, Jordan Peterson has been sentenced to reeducation (from what I’ve been able to glean, apparently over something he said about certain members of Trudeau’s government – including Trudeau himself). ”

      Yes, Dr. Peterson has been threatened with having his license to practice revoked unless he present himself for re-education. Literally. His crime was to have an opinion about the government of Canada and persons therein, which opinion did not 100% agree with that of the Ontario College of Psychologists. Particularly bad was Peterson re-tweeting comments by the Leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition about the WuFlu lockdowns.

      From the Financial Post article: “The College has just ordered Peterson to attend a Maoist style, compulsory social media re-education program at a cost to him of $225 per hour, such sessions to continue until these paid “educators” determine that he is sufficiently penitent. His refusal to participate — and of course he has refused — will lead to a public disciplinary hearing and potential cancellation of his professional license as a psychologist. He is also ordered to “review, reflect on and ameliorate his ‘professionalism’” in public statements. This, to a professor of Psychology at Harvard and U of T.”

      China North. Complete with Struggle Sessions.

  11. My favorite psalm:
    Psa 27:1-14 KJV 1 A Psalm of David. The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? 2 When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell. 3 Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident. 4 One thing have I desired of the LORD, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to enquire in his temple. 5 For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock. 6 And now shall mine head be lifted up above mine enemies round about me: therefore will I offer in his tabernacle sacrifices of joy; I will sing, yea, I will sing praises unto the LORD. 7 Hear, O LORD, when I cry with my voice: have mercy also upon me, and answer me. 8 When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, LORD, will I seek. 9 Hide not thy face far from me; put not thy servant away in anger: thou hast been my help; leave me not, neither forsake me, O God of my salvation. 10 When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up. 11 Teach me thy way, O LORD, and lead me in a plain path, because of mine enemies. 12 Deliver me not over unto the will of mine enemies: for false witnesses are risen up against me, and such as breathe out cruelty. 13 I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. 14 Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

    Two of my favorite quotes:
    I have learned that if you fear God, you have no one else to fear.”

    — Oliver Cromwell

    I don’t say these things because I believe in the ‘brute’ nature of men or that men must be brutalized to be combative. I believe in God, and I believe in human decency. But I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour — his greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear — is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.”

    Vince Lombardi

    1. Wait…. Vince Lombardi said something that wasn’t stupid?

      Grew up in WI and heard him overquoted, esp. “..isn’t everything, it’s the only thing” which excuses all sort of evils.

  12. It is “God looks after Fools, Drunks, and Sailors” I know I am covered on all three counts. Sometimes all three at once. And we will never know why Petty Officer Smith returned to the ship in a Japanese sailors uniform. What happens on Liberty stays on Liberty, except for the Corpsmen, they always know.

    1. “What’s the goat’s first name?”

      [slurred voice] “Property.”

      (One of the best scenes from the movie of Mister Roberts)

  13. As for #2 of 3. I’ve been loudly calling for the prejudicial extermination of most of the federal gov’t for most of my life. and in the last 20 I’ve been suggesting feeding essentially, all of the fuckers, into industrial wood chippers to add to mulch piles everywhere. I KNOW I’m on lists. probably a harmless angry quack list but…shrug
    If enough of those who are angry and armed…finally stop WAITING and start shooting?well…lets hope they start with D.C., and the cockroaches masquerading as humans that inhabit the halls of power. I’ve always said the mistake Al Queda made was picking the wrong target, in the wrong month on the wrong day. Those who know me? KNOW what the day and target I’ve always said they SHOULD have hit, and then I’d have suggested pinning medals on the terrorists chests, before cutting their throats from ear to ear, on LIVE INTERNATIONAL television.

    As for what I and Basset have said for decades, was coming and seems to be nearly upon us? He and I frankly expected this a LOT sooner. Frankly if we’d had a mcminn county war on the federal level in DC 30yrs or so ago? We wouldn’t be having to have this kind of conversation and warnings, repeatedly, now.

  14. Slight nit to pick with you Sarah:

    …but the right didn’t bring guns

    I wasn’t there, and am going on my memory (always dangerous) of media coverage, but IIRC there were lots of folks open carrying both side arms and long guns at the Rally. (or possibly a few folks had lots of pictures taken of them because OMG! HE HAS A GUN!!!11!! and usual MSM hissy fits). I don’t believe any of them entered the capital, but it appears that there was plenty of firepower in the area NOT under control of DC or the Feds.

    One of my points the past couple of years has been that if this had been an insurrection as hyped by the usual suspects, those weapons would have been more than cosplay. (and we would have had a bunch of special House and Senate seat elections the next few months)

      1. Which is why I caveated the heck out of my statement (can you tell I’m an ex-Intel Puke?)

        (hopefully) always willing to integrate due data into the worldview.

    1. If there be pictures of people with guns, they were undercover FBI/CIA, or the DC authorities.

    2. No, the conservative folks with who own long guns or pistols almost all know DC has very draconian anti-weapon carry laws. When I go into DC, as I occasionally must, I even leave my sgian dubh at home. Any body you see with a weapon in those videos is either an instigator, or an idiot they are hoping will start something.

      1. “…I even leave my sgian dubh at home.”

        I have a very nice 36″ blackthorn cane, which (unlike the case in a knife fight) can get you through a dustup without getting sliced; there are both in-person training and online videos available. And I have yet to be questioned about carrying it anywhere.

        “Old guy with a cane” is an innocuous picture, regardless of the reality.

          1. Color me unsurprised…

            No, it’s not leaded; it’s just a simple stick of wood. Very hard wood. 🙂

            But since there’s no way I’d set foot in The Peoples’ Republic of California it’s a moot point.

            1. The Reader is never going back there again either. He does miss the CA of the 90s.

                1. I have a solid hiking staff that is hardwood. I am pretty sure it is oak. Can’t take a firearm into Canada, but I can take that. Oh. It sits next to the front door.

                  1. Yep. The best weapon is frequently something that doesn’t look much like a weapon. I believe “walking staffs” were in fairly common use in earlier times when commoners were denied swords or long knives. Usually called quarterstaffs or similar. 🙂

  15. Earlier today, I watched the former Speaker and the current President almost tearfully commemorate the 2 year anniversary of what appears to have been a false flag operation gone wrong — clearly, they are too invested in their narrative to deviate much less recant. However, most of their main claims of that day are counterfactual and they must be hoping that no one will notice..

    Sarah, you’re right to advise caution going forward. People who are capable of exacting the sort of trickf*ckery we’ve witnessed in recent years are certainly not bound by conscience and acts of retribution are within the realm of possibility.

      1. This should outrage everyone, especially given how the same Capitol Police and DC Police allowed BLM and Antifa to run riot in the streets including physical assaults on people like Sen. Rand Paul and many others. Peaceful protests by those who dissent from the Democrats/left, are arrested for merely being in the street for a memorial:


        When enforcement of laws depend on who you are rather than what you do, we are in banana republic territory and worse.

          1. Indeed the Brahmandarin types seem to absolutely ignore this:

            Amendment I

            Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

            The J6 protests were the definition of petitioning the government for redress of grievances. Our Brahmandarins have responded with aresponse very similar to that of George III and his government to requests from the colonials.

            At most the j6 folks traipsing about the Congress was no worse than the protests against Brett Kavanaugh documented here:
            I doubt any of those protesters got more than a fine and a misdemeanor for their behavior. That weapons were drawn and used (fatally in at least one case) against J6 intruders and that many are STILL in prison for something about as critical as a parking ticket demonstrates massive issues with our courts and legal system particularly in the D.C. area

  16. Everyone else has written how I feel already. I do just want to say thanks for a great post, and to stand up and create a fabulous life this year. Communists hate it when people enjoy themselves and prosper, so I figure this is the best way to get my stuff done and render a continuous, daily “F*CK YOOOOOO!” to the regime and its lickspittles.

    “If you can look up, you can get up.” Les Brown

    1. This is my Father’s world,
      O let me ne’er forget
      That though the wrong seems oft so strong,
      God is the ruler yet.
      This is my Father’s world:
      The battle is not done;
      Jesus who died shall be satisfied,
      And earth and heav’n be one.

      1. Just what I needed WeeFree. I’ve been profane and cynical all day. I’m cleaning house in solidarity.

          1. I got a chunk of a story to submit to an anthology done, and the MGC post done. What I was planning on doing remains yet to be done. Shrugs So goes it.

  17. I look at Pearl Harbor, 9-11, they could have been so much worse. It seems the hand of God protects, but allows evil to reveal itself. This is what we have now, Trump as reveler of evil. Wheat and tares. We still, I hope, have a large enough faithful remnant to keep God’s hand on us. Evil always seems to trip itself up. I celebrate October 28, 1940, the day Mussolini defeated Hitler.

    Reading old Testament prophets does a good job of reminding me what will happen if we fall below the required remnant. Be Not Afraid. Forgive them, it messes with their minds.

  18. Re: Point 2 – SIGN UP. Use one of THEIR names to do so. Then never show, and let them eat themselves. Enjoy the warm feeling as you rest well knowing you have done Good.

  19. Sarah, you are so on target, as usual. The last few years have fit your description to a “T” and 2023 may be the same if we don’t make some changes..

    “If I’m right 2023 is not going to go according to anyone’s plans. Hold on to your hats, strap on your seat belts, because we’re riding this fiery basket through a dumpster fire that collided with a clown cart. Making sense of this is going to be weird.”

    It could look like this.

    It will be weird. hang on and do your best to warn everyone.


  20. Back then I did think the congresscritters were capable of being shamed. Don’t laugh, it’s not funny.

  21. They seem to believe that if they do not acknowledge reality, it can’t affect them. Like Wile E. Coyote standing on empty air because he hasn’t looked down. They are in for a shock. The longer they deny reality, the bigger that shock is going to be.
    When police arrest violent criminals to protect innocent people, they are Jackbooted Fascist Stormtroopers.

    When police arrest innocent people at the behest of corrupt politicians, they are National Heroes.

  22. Captain Smith having done all man could do for the safety of passengers and crew remained at his post on the sinking ship until the end. His last message to the crew was ‘Be British.’

    Be USAian.

  23. “The only thing I can say is that what January 6 has done is given us a gauge for “Don’t do this.”

    I think the absolute LUST that the Left has for making their opponents “disappear” has not really been apparent before Jan. 6. Their actions during and after that event have made it clear. They -want- to kill you. They really do. And they will.

    Concerning Ashli Babbitt, Wikipedia states: “On January 6, 2021, Ashli Babbitt was fatally shot during an attack on the United States Capitol. She was part of a mob of supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump who breached the United States Capitol building seeking to overturn his defeat in the 2020 presidential election.”

    I love the use of the word “breached” here. I included it just for an example of the disinformation campaign. I saw the videos, it was a guided tour. As for Ms. Babbitt, a Black plainclothes policeman shot an unarmed White woman in cold blood, in the neck, when he was in no personal danger whatsoever. He was aiming for her head, but I guess nobody taught him not to pull down on the trigger. (Dear Lefties, you can see his aiming point in the videos, and you can see him pull down. I know you’ll reeee anyway, but the evidence is very clear.) Furthermore he fired -into- a crowded room containing policemen, which should have had him charged with negligence at the least. Walked away Scott free.

    Compare and contrast with the freak show surrounding every single case where an -armed- Black man is shot by police under any circumstances, where the facts of the case are never even considered. They burned down Minneapolis over one of these cases when the guy died of a drug overdose.

    Same thing in Canada, with the proviso that they haven’t killed anybody yet. Indians try to set a moving train on fire, no problem. Pantifa starts breaking windows and setting sh1t on fire in Montreal and Toronto during a lockdown, no problem.

    Truckers show up to protest an illegal vaxx mandate and commit parking violations? For that you declare the War Measures Act, you bring out the army and roll tanks. (Recently revealed in the Emergency Act hearings, the rolling of tanks was discussed and shelved because all Canada’s tanks are in Germany.)

    I believe that the Freedom Convoy leadership took a look at what went on in DC on January 6th and took note of the execution of Ashli Babbitt. Clearly they decided to go with “carnival” instead of “grim standoff” to deny the Liberals any excuse to shoot at them. That’s why the bouncy castles and hot tubs. It is very hard to justify shooting a guy for bathing in an inflatable hot tub.

    Instructive that despite the carnival atmosphere and peaceful nature of the demonstration, the government planted one (1) guy waving a Nazi flag and then endlessly harped on it (by Zoom of course) in the House of Commons. (It has not yet been proven in a court of law that the guy was a plant, but given their behavior? Oh yeah.) It looked lame as hell on them, but it was all they had and they ran with it.

    They also spent a lot of time talking about “Diagolon” which was an internet meme some comedian made up on his phone.

    From Wikipedia: “Diagolon is a right wing, [1] alt-right, [2] extremist [3] militia network with chapters throughout Canada. [1] It has been described in a report by the House of Commons of Canada as a “violent extremist organisation.” ”

    Ah, no. Diagolon is in fact a comedy routine. All you have to do is look it up to find out. Try Urban Dictionary, they actually looked it up. But there the Wikipedia is, trying as hard as it can to pretend something called “The Plaid Army” is a real, live, no-sh1t terrorist group. To be scrupulously honest, it was described as a violent extremist organization in the House. By the Liberals. That part is true. The rest is hilariously, verify-ably false.

    So yes friends, if you gather together with some friends and sing Kumbaya in front of the state capitol, but you are on the wrong side of the Left/Right divide, the government will try as hard as they can to find or make a reason to arrest you. If you see ads for “Truckers Unite!” it is 90% likely a Communist plot.

    Donate food and fuel. Do not donate money. It is easy to track Patreon and PayPal, it is harder to track a gallon of diesel or a ham sandwich. Particularly if you pay cash for the stuff. Because donations to a legal organization can be made retroactively illegal, and don’t you forget it.

    1. Remember Confederate Flag Dude from January 6? Literally a false-flag operation. The Fibbies didn’t spend thousands of agent-hours hunting down CFD and treating him to a pre-dawn SWAT raid. No, that honor was reserved for Grandma, who stood on the lawn taking pictures. She ignored the KEEP OFF THE GRASS signs! She’s a terrorist!
      The Democrats trust violent criminals and terrorists with guns more than they trust you.

      1. I just (briefly) checked your Wikipedia entry, and that is a LOT of books and short stories right there. Seems to me that they took a lot of Sad Puppies guff out of the article, it barely gets a mention. Almost as if Somebody decided it wasn’t worth carrying on with after 6 years. Or possibly if Wikipedia called their lawyer and he screamed at them for leaving themselves open to a lawsuit like that.

        The Diagolon wiki entry is just plain wrong in almost every detail except the one I mentioned. It seems to have been dictated to Wiki by a lackey from the Prime Minister’s Office, possibly over drinks at the Château Laurier in Ottawa.

        There -is- quite a bit of uproar surrounding “Diagolon” in the press: From CTV this example is fairly representative:

        ” When Alberta RCMP released images of the weapons and tactical gear seized from a group that took part in the Coutts, Alta., border blockade, the pictures showed patches displaying a white diagonal line on a black background — the calling card of the Diagolon far-right extremist group.

        Four men associated with the Coutts blockade have been charged with allegedly plotting to kill RCMP police officers, but the Mounties have not yet publicly commented on any possible connections with the group.”

        The article goes on to say that finding the Diagolon patches was a major reason the Liberals invoked the Emergencies Act. Jeremy MacKenzie has been charged with “weapons offenses” in connection to this business, so the government is 100% serious about running with it. People had their bank accounts frozen over this stuff.

        Just to be clear, this is exactly the same as the RCMP finding a Team Harbinger patch and declaring that Monster Hunter Nation is a right-wing White Supremacist militia, then arresting Larry. Or more likely finding a “No Toasters” patch from Unfair Advantage and arresting -me-. That’s how obscure this Jeremy MacKenzie guy is. He’s a not-famous “comedian” and podcaster. (The Canadian Media Complex briefly tried to make him infamous, but even two weeks of wall-to-wall coverage couldn’t do it.)

        When your Wiki article starts describing you as founder of a White supremacist terror militia, that’s when you know its time to move to a nice island somewhere with no extradition treaty.

  24. You really must understand, the Left are insane. Climate and Socialism are their religions of choice, and what is driving them insane is the fact that they know both are based on lies. Their whole ideologies are houses built on sand and they are crumbling before their very eyes. So they put on blinders and blame everyone else for their own failures. This does not make them harmless, just more insane and dangerous. Keep your powder dry and be ever vigilant.

    1. orphangeorge you say “the Left are insane”. This I can get behind though not all of them are insane, some are evil and others are evil and power mad. You also say “what is driving them insane is the fact that they know both are based on lies”. Here I must disagree, most of them actually believe their nonsense. Few of them have ever taken the math or sciences to be able to evaluate their postulates and they find those subjects icky and terrifying and so listen to a few who are able to make science like statements with great confidence. They never learned how to reason or how to use logic. For all but a few they as our hostess says drink their own ink. It’s a classic cult issue their behavior differs little from the Millerites, Aum Shinrikyo, Heavens Gate, Jonestown, the various Communist Parties or (Here I risk the wrath of Godwin’s law) the NSDAP aka Nazi’s. Perhaps some of the “Inner Party” types do not believe it or perhaps like 1984’s O’Brien manage the doublethink to hold two positions simultaneously that are effectively A and Not A . The little gentleman on my left shoulder in the red suit, horns and tails says send them to their (implying his) master and let him sort it out, but for the moment the gentleman on my right shoulder argues against it and is winning out. May it always be so for me and the USA as the alternate path is VERY dark, And if this clown car timeline is unpleasant that one would make this look like a joy ride.

  25. Another fun phenomenon: BOTH political sides -used- to try to do their graft and corruption behind a veil. It was often a flimsy veil, and not very effective… but at least the pretense was there.

    That pretense has been essentially abandoned, in favor of ‘Well, the other side does it too’, and ‘It’s OK for MY side, because reasons’, OR ‘Shut up, you worthless serfs’.

    They aren’t trying to hide it any more… they’re BRAGGING about it, and daring us to do something about it.

    That can not end well.

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