ThERe iS ABsoLuTeLY nO fRAud!

Okay, I lied. About there being no post, I mean. Though the title is obviously a lie too.

Yes, I can hear a lot of you huff “prove there was fraud” and “It was womyz/those darn kids/people who tan! The evil bastages! Not fraud.” Then there’s the subset of Libertarian crazy — they’re my people, doesn’t mean I don’t see where they’re insane — who assumes that the country is their own personal circle and huffs “It was those darn socons pushing soconny things.”

Frankly? You’re all full of sh*t. It was the fraud.

Do I have evidence? Really solid, can bite into it evidence? Well, no. Fraud well done, or “customary” as ours is leaves traces, but those are covered up so fast that you can’t find “solid evidence.” Though there is, of course, but isolated. I just don’t have time to do a crawl on it for this post, because I have an alleged real life that, at least allegedly, means I have to write fiction, unpack rooms and assemble furniture. Also, those “This county had x” gets dismissed out of hand as “oh, that doesn’t matter. It’s just a blah blah blah and not enough to explain the results.” Which is bullshit, because there’s such thing as cumulative evidence. In this article I’m going to allude to things I remember, which you can find with minimum google fu. Diving into them would be a full time job. I can’t do it. (Though I’m trying to brainstorm a systematic way to identify instances of fraud and their impact, but not with this whole group, and not right now. Yes, there might be something afoot. Or we might be nuts. We’ll find out, right?)

As with covidiocy, I can’t tell you all the exact numbers from everywhere, but I can go on horse sense and tell you you’re absolutely wrong on your “but it was just–“

Sure, if women didn’t fall for propaganda (fewer and fewer every year, but hey) and if young people were indoctrinated by Marxists in our educational system, and if a lot of people who can tan weren’t sold on some version of CRT (largely in the same system, btw) then EVERYONE would vote rationally. Or at least 75% of them. (The idiots and crazy you shall have with you until the end times, I’m afraid.) In which case… well…. if we don’t give the Democrats time to ramp the fraud up, we might win enough to clean up the electoral system. It’s possible. If we gave them time to ramp up the fraud, though, we’d be in the same position, with people trying to come up with excuses why this happened. So, yeah, the indoctrination into lies of a vast majority of the population is a problem and a contributing factor. Not THE factor though.

So, let’s dispose of the “it was” in turn (Note I’m ignoring most exit polls, because they haven’t been super reliable the last few years. Being accosted outside your voting place, are you going to admit to having voted a way you think your buddies will hate? Probably not. Someone said I make my assumptions unverifiable by dismissing the “evidence”. Maybe. There are other things to support the idea, more solid than “evidence” that is by and large tainted/unverifiable/irreproducible. And no, you can’t be more mad about that than I am. A rational society needs solid data. We no longer have that, and it was never that solid, even in the past.):

1-Women. Eh. Some. I mean, women have always broken more for the dems. And yes “abortion.” Now I don’t have numbers on this (other than the fact that abortion numbers fall — in the absolute — year over year, for the last 3? decades. Look it up) but I can tell you, having lived as a woman in the US for almost 40 years, the most fervent “abortion as a single issue” vote is mostly the province of women about 10 years older than I, who were told liberation came because of abortion (it was contraception, but never mind) and that without it, they’d be Victorian women. Also who on average had a lot of abortions, as a generation. Those women are now in their 70s, which correlates with a group no one blames but is more likely to be the biggest blame other than fraud.
Other than the professional protesters of the left — did you see a lot of public outrage from women? Other than auntie nut and cousin big mouth screaming?
Women have always broken more dem than men. AND there is a group of them that is becoming redpilled at speed due to what’s happening in schools.

So did women on average vote more dem than rep? Sure. Probably. But probably by a slimmer margin than before.

2- Those darn kids.
Perhaps I’m strange here, but at the eve of my sixtieth birthday, I have a startlingly clear image of when I was one of those darn kids.

In retrospect, though I didn’t vote that way and always considered myself anti-communist, I’d swallowed so much of their premises and assumptions that the only reason I remained anti-communist was sheer stuborn horse sense, and an idea what they were selling was too glittery to be wholesome.

Zs and Ys are doing exactly what every generation before them did. When the preponderance of them hits mid thirties, they’ll break to the right of Lenin, because life will have beaten the shiny indoctrination out of them.

I want to note however that it’s actually factually impossible for there to be more of them than there were of us AS A PROPORTION OF THE POPULATION. (And given very flawed censuses and all.) This is because people are in fact living longer and our population is far more “aged” than it was when I was one of those durn kids.

To the extent they are a measurable slice of the population it’s bolstered by “immigrants” who are “children” – most of which actually aren’t, and have no business voting in our election.

So, proportionately they’d have a much smaller impact in the election. Because logically if there’s a proportionately larger “older person” group, they have more influence.

3- People who tan.

Yeah. Though have you noticed this is no longer a universally safe assumption to make. And I mean safe from the POV of reality agreeing with it, not “socially safe.”

And we’re well past the “if x and y abandon the dems, the dems don’t have a chance.”

So that’s not it. No, they can’t bolster it with young voters. Not enough of those by percentage.

5- It’s all the socons
If you think that, you MUST get out of your circles and go talk to real people. Yes, they’re icky. They’re also the vast majority.

Look, I was for gay marriage before Obama. I don’t care what drugs you do. It’s your body. I think abortion should be safe and rare, but I think if we settle on European norms and then work on making it unthinkable for most of the population, culturally.

I AM A RAGING LEFTIST compared to most people in America. Get out of your university campus, your sheltered “highly educated” (bachelor counts) clique. Get out of the “work with my mind” class. Go talk to real people. Even those of no organized religion (no aspersions considering how far left most CHURCHES including mine have gone) are …. uh.

No they wouldn’t gay bash, but they really, really, really don’t approve of homosexuality and think if you just have will power and aren’t crazy, you’ll be hetero.

Their wife might have an abortion, if there’s absolutely no other choice (more likely their girlfriend, TBH) but most of them just welcome the kid. (And keep it. Even when adoption would be better.) And they are not going to approve of late term abortion. Even if they think it’s sometimes needed, they’re not going to vote FOR THAT when their pocket book is screaming and they can’t afford fuel. That takes dedication. The general public isn’t dedicated to abortion.

They might maybe smoke a little weed on weekends, if they’re under thirty, but they’re absolutely sure in their heart of hearts those other people should NEVER touch it.

The average person not only isn’t devoted to laissez faire laissez passer, they certainly aren’t devoted to it in defiance of their well beings, pocket book and “being able to feed my family.”

YOU might think socons are disgusting, but for most of the people in this country, including the rapidly growing Spanish-speaking community, “If it was good enough for my pappy it’s good enough for me.”
They’ll tolerate their gay friend, their pot smoking kid, and won’t throw out their daughter who had an abortion, but that’s personal. For the public realm, I’d say the public “temperature” is around 1958.

They might not go out of their way to forbid all this stuff, but they also won’t go out of their way to enforce it. And other real world considerations intrude.

5- And far more believable as a group, though that again overlaps with fraud:

Old people. No, seriously. Old people are almost universally left. And as a percentage of the population, there’s more of them than ever before.

There are reasons for this. Mostly that most of them grew up with news media they considered trustworthy and weren’t flexible enough to realize they no longer were, when that became obvious. So, of course, they cling to the TV and other sources that they grew up with/were adults with.

I feel like I’m just at the edge of the group that could realize the sources were tainted, though exceptional people up to ten years older than I have also see it.

Here the problem is not just that they believe the media wholesale and are to an extent — as every older person does — living in the past, the media they trust has also ratcheted uniformly further left, so that “to the left of Lenin” has now become “Maoist crossed with Green Fever Dreams.”

This switcheroo being universal and older people trusting the media (an being truly isolated from the workaday world) means they now assume the “truth” is well…. Maoist and Green Fever Dreams.

This accounts for my mom, who was always anti-government buying the covidiocy so wholesale she’s still taking “boosters.”

And it accounts for a lot of old people in the US thinking Jan. 6 was “worse than 9/11” or “treason” while being blythely unaware that Russia! Russia! Russia! about Trump was not only debunked, but utter bullsh*t.

Was it enough to turn the election? Well, I don’t think so, but honestly? More plausible than any of the others, particularly when you consider a lot of this demographic is in nursing homes, and no longer directly aware of the cost of food, rents or gas. I’m mentioning this, btw, because it is IMPORTANT to be aware of it. This demographic will only grow. We’re all headed there, if we live long enough. And it’s something that we’re not prepared for because our system was not designed at a time when an over preponderance of the elderly and confused was even a possibility.

This overlaps with fraud with vote harvesting. I didn’t have a problem so much with MIL being helped to vote democrat, because had she been in her right mind she would have. But the fact is by 2016 her opinion was about as valid as my cat’s (and maybe less) since high-sugar dementia had set in and she was never wholly sure of who she was, who her family members were, or if her husband was her husband or her father. (They look/ed nothing alike.)

Anyway, onwards, let me now list the factors that facilitate fraud, and I’m sure I’ll forget some, but bear with me, okay?

1- Vote harvesting.
This is the nice young lady (coff) who goes around neighborhoods and promises to deliver your vote to you to the right station/poling box, etc.

This not only gets confused seniors, but also any number of harassed housewives who don’t follow politics. “Oh, good, I don’t have to go.”

Are they all above board? Well, no. In fact several have been caught making up votes wholesale. But it’s much harder to catch them when they are merely cross indexing, seeing your family is registered republican, and burning your ballot or “losing” it to the landfill.

There is also the harvesting in nursing homes, notably in the memory wards. This part is outright evil. Also in college campuses, where the students are often encouraged to dual register, and might not even know it’s illegal (in state of residence and college.)

Not to mention harvesting in ESL, recent immigrant, not citizen areas. You’d be amazed how many of these people have no idea it’s illegal to vote here, or that they’re not automatically “Americans” when they step off the plane/boat/ truck. Heck, a lot of American citizens are unclear on this. I still run into people who think I became a citizen when I married.

This is exacerbated by:

2- Vote by mail, particularly with the mailing of unsolicited ballots.

I’m not absolutely sure what the percentage of states is that does this (anyone know?) but I keep hearing of it being done in places we think of as voting in person, so my guess is “A lot if not most of the states.”

Do I need to outline the possible exploits from this?

Let’s say the LEAST offensive is what would have happened had there been Vote by Mail 40 years ago: My MIL would have voted for the entire household. She would have stood over husband and children, make sure the ballot was “appropriately” marked, and dropped them off herself.

Now, sure, I could do that too. I don’t and haven’t. (Though in 16 we all voted at the kitchen table, for solidarity, because we were sure it was going to end badly. I didn’t look at their ballots, though.) And the fact is people on the right are less likely (not totally unlikely. I know some tyrannical families nominally on our side) than people on the left. Because we believe in individual over the collective, and we believe in freedom of belief. The left, however has become a cult, and everything must be done to “win” and retain power.

But after that? the sky is the limit. For instance, when we moved into our moderate sized home in downtown col springs, we got … I think it was 89 notices of elections for 89 different names. None of which were names of former owners. Either totally fictitious people had been registered by the former left-hippie-dippy owners, or a lot of college students had been persuaded it didn’t matter if you voted both places, and here, you can use my address. My experience is by no means unique.

We have all heard of the hundreds of people registered to vacant lots, right? The ones you hear are the tip of the iceberg.

Then there’s the same games as with ballot harvesting. Things can happen to ballots from the “known to be republican” neighborhoods. Etc. etc. ad nauseum.

Oh, yeah, a lot of people also show up to vote in person and are told they already voted by mail. Yes, there are documented cases, not systematic, because how do you systematize that.

It is curious, don’t you think, that no state that has gone completely vote by mail ever goes GOP again?

This is worsened by:

3-Dirty Voter Rolls.

In Colorado Springs a lot of 145 year olds were voting. Pauses. Think on that for a moment.

More importantly, and to many people shockingly, you aren’t asked for proof of citizenship when getting a driver’s license, even if you show a foreign passport. You kind of have to fight hard for “motor voter” not to register you to vote. I should know this, since I have an accent you can cut with a knife. Never asked to see passport/citizenship papers. Apparently is so as not to offend immigrants. (rolls eyes.) Like I don’t know I have an accent.

Are there a ton of those? well…. maybe not per year, but it accumulates: exchange students, foreign university students, foreign journalists, people who work here for a few years. Most of them don’t even know that registering to vote is illegal. The nice people at the DMV do it automatically, so it must be legal and the thing to do, right?

More importantly, whether they vote dem or not (and they might, because they don’t know anything, and the news says….) they will, after they leave. It’s one more registration/mail ballot for organized fraud to exploit.

This is worsened by:

4- Insecure ID

I don’t need to belabor the fact that you need an ID to have a bank account, buy liquor or cigarettes, go to the doctor, take certain tests, enter certain buildings, get health or food benefits, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum.

BUT asking for an ID to vote is suddenly “racist” and a “Poll tax.”

The problem is not an isolated “someone voted in my name” it’s a “people bused around to vote repeatedly in names that never vote. This has been going on since the Republic was formed, but now it’s massively worse because a bus of people can hit most of the state, and sometimes surrounding ones. It’s crazy.

This is exacerbated by:

5- Same day registration.

Seriously people. Yes, some states have boundaries on that. Not all. Some you have to show proof you live there, but are you also voting in your old precinct?

I recognize there are — rare — occasions that make this needed. Like, you moved two days ago. But on the serious? WTF EVEN?

This would have happened to us if we’d moved this year, and if CO had vote in person or mostly in person vote. We’d not have been registered to vote here, and …. well, we might have cared enough for a two day drive back to vote, but it’s unlikely.

However, the legitimate uses of this are I’m sure MINIMAL. It’s a case of “If this happens I’m screwed, because the world isn’t possible.”

The illegitimate cases? Oh, baby baby. That bus you’re driving around? They can all register on the spot. Even when you ask for documentation that consists of a letter sent there? All you need is the name and an address in that precinct. Dudes, I could mass produce “evidence” including what appears to be cancelled mail. (No one is going to test that cancellation with chemical analysis, okay?) And that’s me, who am only one person and not particularly tech/graphics.

All of which is complicated by

6 – Early voting.

If you are a legitimate voter voting early gives the left the scope of the amount they need to fraud. If you’re not legitimate and voting in someone else’s name, the person will come in and literally be unable to do anything. You can’t find the fraudulent vote and remove it from the total. At most you cast a “provisional” ballot which won’t even be read unless the total of votes of the winner is less than the provisionals. And that’s …. including the fraudulent vote.

People allowed to vote provisionally are appeased, and never realize at best their vote will be 1/2 a vote. At very, spectacular best.

All of which is rendered moot/piled on top by

7 – Machine fraud.

Look, I have lived my entire married life with someone who works with computers. Electronic voting is inherently insecure and will always be.

Throw in companies that are notoriously opaque about software and the only way to make this seem even vaguely sane is to assume they’re installed by people who want to facilitate flexible fraud on an industrial scale. THERE IS NO OTHER REASON.

Yes, machines are convenient. You get older, your eyes are going, you take forever to vote, people in line need to go to work, etc.

Note, I have no problem with a machine that just marks the ballot and spits it out for you to verify (and reads those marks, not others on the back of the ballot) be it mechanical or even electronic. But we need the end result to be a marked ballot you can verify.

Now, those seven means of fraud…

MOST of which facilitate fraud on an industrial, unimaginable scale….

I have two questions for you:

1- Which side fights like crazy for each of these “improvements” and becomes rabid weasels at the suggestion one of them will be taken away?

2- DO YOU THINK THEY’RE ANGELS incapable of sin? Because that’s what it takes to believe given all this there isn’t some fairly large scale amount of fraud.

No, it’s not the 0.025 number optimists think. I’d be very shocked if it was as low as 10% at the lowest point. No one installs that many possible fraud points to not use them.

For years now I’ve had a gut feeling average was around 20%, not counting places where it’s all vote by fraud, or the happy lands of Chicago fraud.

The fact that the places that cleaned their vote — hi Florida — voted that much for the GOP seems to make that about right.

Of course I’m not hanging my hat on it. But the point is, if it were one or two points of insecurity in our elections, I’d go “Eh. Margin of fraud is probably minimal.”

But these are enough failure points to make it “The most extensive and inclusive fraud network.” To quote the turnip. This means that how you vote, and what the count is only bear a vague resemblance to each other by the sheerest and happiest of coincidences.

Now, they likely weigh how much they fraud by the local “temperature.” No one would believe a massive left victory in some states or counties. But still, they fraud ENOUGH.

And in the face of how fast things like “let’s go Brandon” went viral, or even the fact they had to fraud at the last minute in 2020 and act like people under siege ever since (the barricades. The red speeches, etc.), or a myriad other things, my suspicion is we not only have the majority, we have the overwhelming majority (except in certain pockets, but even in those be aware that preference falsification is a thing so at BEST we can say we don’t know about those specific pockets.)

If we did, how would you know?

Given the ability to make votes be whatever the left has (it’s always the left. Given the leanings of the media and a lot of the judiciary, if it were the right, we’d all know) HOW WOULD YOU KNOW HOW THE PEOPLE VOTED?

Unless you catch them by surprise, like in 2020.

So — It’s the fraud. No matter how crazy your old aunt Edna is, or that she sleeps in Biden undies, no matter how much your blue-haired niece who just came out of college kisses her Bernie poster, no matter that your wife gets drunk and votes straight dem, or that your neighbor who can tan is a fan of AOC, the problem is the fraud.

The fraud falsifies results to a point WE HAVE NO IDEA HOW PEOPLE ACTUALLY VOTED.

But you have to ask yourself: Why would the left work this hard at fraud, if it were for a tiny margin? And also: How come Trump managed to break through once, maybe twice, if it’s just all these groups who are locked into the other side? How come they spent two years telling us there was no Fraud? When it was the GOP being accused of fraud, they ignored the dems. They certainly didn’t threaten police action or worse? So, how come? Why the barricades and national guard in DC?

Look, I know you want to there not have been fraud. First, because then your vote still counts, and next time we get them for sure. That’s what held people quiet after 2020. Second, because you need to give up the idea it can’t happen in America, and that we’re unique and safe. Third because the only way back from this is going to involve all of us volunteering considerable time/money/skull sweat — no, not to campaigning — but to getting the fraud opportunities removed and Fourth, it might go kinetic if the spark comes too close to the powder barrel, and if you know there’s fraud, you’ll be conscious this is a high likelihood, and you won’t sleep well at night.

This is not my choice either. But it is reality. Reality has a way of biting you in the ass while you’re daydreaming.

And right now, though no plan for turning this around is available, knowing what the problem is is our pathway to coming up with plans. In fact, once the depression wears off (Oh, not at the results. I told you they would fraud. It’s at the three-little-monkeys reaction on the right.) I probably will start spitting out avenues for fighting back (not violently. I’m the least person to advise on those, being mostly a person who works with words, and has had no experience of violence in almost 40 years. (And that very one on one and artisanal, you might say.))
BUT before that we need to get our heads straight and start looking suspiciously at our fellow Americans.

Yes, you were robbed. Yes, you have reason to be angry. But not at groups of Americans (when did you start believing in collective guilt anyway?) rather at the fraud and the fraudsters who created the opportunities and exploit them.

It’s the fraud, stupid!

Get that through your head, and then let’s figure out how to get our country back.

244 thoughts on “ThERe iS ABsoLuTeLY nO fRAud!

      1. Well, what they seem to be doing is dialing up and dialing down the match requirements depending on whose ballot it is. I gather you can “cure” it if you know about it, but if you never hear about it, it’s a conveniently subjective way to filter out undesirable ballots.

        Which is what the literacy tests were for as well.

        Thinking one avenue of approach is to have teams of cure watchers who contact R voters when their ballots get rejected so they can cure them in time.

        A second avenue is to challenge the entire signature matching process as inherently arbitrary. That’s a dice roll though.

        A third leg to push may be lawsuits against jurisdictions that offer insufficient notification for curing of ballots, on behalf of voters who had their votes invalidated by arbitrary verification methods.

          1. First you sign the sample, then you sign the envelope.

            Though that’s more the phantom voter problem. It’s a bit like a hydra in that way. Lots and lots of heads we’ve got to cauterize, and we can’t just do just one of them either.

            Much fun ahead. On the other hand, lawyers are cheaper than soldiers, I hope.

            1. Heck. They 100% should be calling both hubby and son in for signature verification with ID, every election. Their signatures are that bad and inconsistent! It has happened once, for each of them. Mine? It is consistent. So is mom’s. But I can reliably sign mom’s name, and she can sign mine, and have them match. Result? Not a lot confidence in the process …

              1. Honestly most under 30’s signatures are fairly dubious. Why? Because for most their education and practice in cursive is VERY limited. Daughters (late 20’s) had 6-9 months practice in cursive in 3rd grade maybe 1 hr a day, with no practice. I had probably an hour a day 2nd through 4th grade with 15-30 minutes home practice daily and still was being taught well into 6th grade (Not that it helped, my High school Chemistry teacher had been a pharmacist and thought I was a good candidate for doctor on the basis of my hand writing alone).

                1. Son “earned” his cursive card …. HaHaHaHa. Doesn’t help that dad (almost 71) grew up where cursive writing Mattered. So did I. Mine is readable for degrees of “readable”. It also shows a tendency towards multiple personality as I write multiple pages, across each page. It changes. Major changes. There have been arguments that I didn’t write the entirety of whatever. It has been a long time since I’ve hand written much more than my name, but I doubt the tendency has changed.

          2. Died 50 years ago: Not on voter rolls. No vote.
            Never existed: Not on voter rolls. No vote. You were eliminating same day registration.
            In memory home: Not competent to vote. That’s the tough one. Who decides who’s competent to vote in our low trust society?

            1. In a memory care facility? Not competent to vote. Period. Immediately taken off voter roles. Otherwise, under care for memory, but not in memory care facility? Then competency hearing, at state expense. Not competent to handle own affairs, not competent to vote.

              Death certificate issued: Immediate removal off voting roles.

              Name change: Old name immediately removed off voting roles. Must re-register. Impossible? Why. These days getting married requires declaring how your legal name going forward, name changing from, and prior names used. (Which for the serial married, too bad, so sad, so what if it is a PIA. Not that I would know.)

              1. “Otherwise, under care for memory, but not in memory care facility? Then competency hearing, at state expense. Not competent to handle own affairs, not competent to vote.”

                You still haven’t resolved the central: in a system where your political opponents control the profession that determines competency, and has a known track record of using false accusations of mental illness to take away rights (see red flag laws and the 2A), who do you trust to hold the hearing?

                People, you will continue to lose until you get it firmly in your head that you cannot trust the word of these people, for anything that truly matters to you.

              2. Death certificate issued: Immediate removal off voting roles.

                You mean Chicago will have to stop using their combination death certificate and Democrat voter registration form? 😀
                “It’s horrible, Your Honor! All our dead voters have risen from the grave and they’re pissed!

            2. That’s pretty simple: NO ABSENTEE VOTING and no same-day registration. None. Never, not ever. Anyone who can’t register at least a couple weeks in advance and physically be present at a polling place to match photo ID to name and address cannot be allowed to vote.

              Active duty military can “absentee” vote in person at the nearest base (as they may already do; not sure how that works). If you’re capable of filling out a paper ballot but too infirm/disadvantaged to get yourself there, election day transportation can be arranged. People are charitable like that.

              Ensuring the integrity of the process is far more important than the convenience of a minority of the electorate, and more important than the very small number of people who may legitimately be unable to vote in any given year due to personal circumstances.

              1. Military absentee voting is by mail.

                I never got a single ballot in my two hitches.

                ….per the state records, I never missed an election.

                And no, people are not so “charitable” as to manage to cover rural areas like inner city “oh let me help you vote” ones.

                1. “I never got a single ballot in my two hitches.”

                  And again, this is a known issue for a long time: the Blue controlled system has deliberately not sent and or not counted military votes.

        1. Yup. In LA County, ballots get loose signature matching during an election. But iirc, they cranked up the matching percentage requirement for the DA Gascon recall (which is one of the things in the lawsuit).

        2. Here’s the process in our district.
          1. Voter fills out the ballot in a curtained booth with a permanent marker pen.
          2. Voter takes the filled ballot to one of the three machines and feeds it into the machine while a poll worker watches.
          3. If the machine rejects the ballot, it kicks it back out, and the poll worker instructs the voter to try again.
          4. If it rejects a second time, the poll worker instructs the voter to try one of the other machines.
          5. If it rejects a third time, the poll worker asks if the voter wants to have their ballot hand counted, or wants a new ballot to fill out and try again.
          6. Hand count ballots are placed in a special box by the voter under the eye of the poll worker and the poll supervisor.
          7. If the voter chooses to fill out a new ballot, then and only then will the poll worker, with the poll supervisor watching, marks the rejected ballot CANCELLED, and that bad ballot is put in a special box for only spoiled ballots. The poll supervisor gives the poll worker a ticket and the poll worker goes and exchanges that ticket for a clean ballot and hands that to the voter to go fill out again.

          And some voters are so unsteady that they can spoil three ballots before getting it right.

          1. Similar in mine. I thrashed and put a mark in the wrong place one time. Machine rejected it. There is ONLY one machine per precinct. With the rejection the person at the machine had another worker come over and had me reinsert the ballot (workers NEVER touched the ballot at the machine). It rejected again. at that point they seemed to look at the exposed portion of the ballot (maybe to get a serial number?) wrote something down, took me over to a shredder where I fed the ballot in. receptacle was translucent you cold see shreds going in. One of the workers then took me back to where I had gotten the ballot and I was issued a new ballot. A checkmark was added to my name on the list (that had been struck through when I got the first ballot). I then went and voted the new ballot, went to the machine for my precinct and this time the machine took it fine. Only difference here is the fact I had thrashed a ballot was noted (and the ballot number noted I think, but no pairing) but the nature of my vote was never exposed nor handled once marked by anyone but me. You could maybe hack the system if you had compatriots in poll workers, but that is NOT the way to get lots of hacked ballots into the system.

    1. The people perpetrating it are certainly not going to fix it, and many of the people who could and should do something about either pretend it doesn’t exist or are trying to figure out how to get themselves on the gravy train to stop it.

  1. I have been reliably informed (by the talking bubbleheads on the TV) that allegations of voter fraud are tools of the White Supremacist Cisgendered Heteronormative migroagressing transphobic fascists to undermine Democracy. Unless of course the Democrat lost the race(s) in question, in which case the allegations of voter fraud are undisputedly true and the so-called candidate that stole the election should be immediately arrested for treason and undermining democracy.

    1. That has almost as many buzzwords as an education improvement foundation’s mission statement that I read this AM. The only thing missing was “paradigm shift.” “We seek to catalyze change . . .”


      1. Yeah, I’m off my game. Worked a solid eight days straight (seriously, didn’t even get a weekend) on The Project From Hell at The Day Job and have spent the last two playing catch-up, so my brain is kind of fried. I’d have gotten ALL of the buzzwords if I were on point.

        1. You left out, “Christian nationalists.” But still a very nice bit of buzzword bingo. Very nice, indeed.

        2. Decades ago, I had the project from hell that entailed working Monday(week1) through Friday(week2). I was flatter than one of TXRed’s mages after opening a gate or three.

          Giving notice for that job was one of the happier days of my life. (Curiously, that was well after the Project, but I had $NEW_BOSS with the well deserved nickname of “Fuckhead”.)

          1. This one was Monday (Week 1) through Monday (Week 2). Only “break” I really got was to hop on a plane and fly down to see my folks. Yay joys of working remote. But now the client has asked for “clarification questions” (project is a proposal response) that are due tomorrow. Fortunately, I don’t have to respond to the questions and the people who do know the answers are pulling all the info together for me.

            Thankfully, The Day Job is not usually like this (one of the reasons I love it so much: it’s the first place I’ve worked that hasn’t been a total clusterfrak), but The Project From Hell has been a perfect storm of things going wrong combined with a nigh-impossible deadline/turnaround time. Thankfully, it won’t (I hope and pray) be my problem after tomorrow anymore.

            1. Thankfully, it won’t (I hope and pray) be my problem after tomorrow anymore.

              How are you managing that?

              Even after I retired, dang thing wouldn’t go away (in my head anyway). Better now, after 6 years. But still dream direction helps “Not my monkey, anymore!”

              1. Once the Proposal is sent to the client, I’m no longer involved in the sales process. We sent the Proposal in on Monday, Client sent us some clarification questions yesterday. Those are due tomorrow, so once we get them submitted it’s no longer my responsibility.

              2. Even after I retired, dang thing wouldn’t go away (in my head anyway).

                I’ve been retired several years and I still get occasional nightmares about work. Last week, for example, I dreamed I was the new Director of Marketing at the Book of Faces (gack) (I’m an engineer) and I had no clue what was supposed to happen. Fortunately I woke up before anybody else showed up in the empty building.

      2. Recall that a ‘catalyst’ survives a reaction essentially unchanged.

        So what that bit says is ‘We’re gonna do the same old crap – it’s you guys who have to Mend Your Ways!’

    2. Dude two questions
      1) Did you have to get an EdD or a PhD in (something) studiesto be able to sling the lingo like that?
      2) I presume that is facetious. If not can I get some of whatever you’re having?

      1. ROFL!

        1) Nope. Just hung out on Fecalbook and Twitter a lot.

        2) Facetious AND sarcastic. And you don’t want what I’m having (oodles of stress, frustration, anxiety, and fatigue. Thanks, Project From Hell!).

  2. What utterly blows my mind is that you do NOT have to be an old fart to remember when elections were done in one night. It’s called “anything pre-2000.” And they did it with either paper ballots or those big mechanical voting machines, all tallied and stored on mainframes having the computing power of a modern four-year-old smartphone. It drives me batty that not only do the Powers That Be and the news media constantly gaslight us into believing that Maricopa County AZ is the New Normal, but that PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVE IT.

    They would’ve gotten away with it in 2000 and put Al Gore in the White House if it weren’t for Katherine Harris in Florida and the US Supreme Court putting a stop to the shenanigans. And ever since then, they’ve been working on perfecting the fraud to the point that they will never need to worry about a hanging chad or a court ruling ever again. In 2020 they succeeded, in 2022 they’ve succeeded, in 2024 they may well succeed. And all they’re doing by succeeding is making the inevitable reaction deeper and more violent.

      1. Undoubtedly, but I imagine it would take far more effort to rig mechanical voting machines than it would electronic machines or vote-by-mail.

        1. In the Eddie Cantor movie Strike Me Pink (I think it was) there was a scene of innocent Eddie being duped into install gambling machines in the amusement park he was at least partly in charge of. He asked, “Are these.. games of chance?” And the gangster type replied truthfully, “Games of chance? Not a chance!”

      2. There was a way to deal with honest machines: The Demo. The normal (honest) procedure was,
        1) open the curtain. (machine is inactive)
        2a) Close the curtain
        2b) flip the levers to vote
        3) open the curtain and the votes are cast and the levers reset (I’m told–didn’t have the machines where I lived)

        The levers could be flipped with the curtain open, and legit demonstrations would do this.
        Where it got fun, $WARD_HEALER would take $NEW_VOTER and demonstrate. First closing the curtain with both of them inside. Straight ticket vote later, open the curtain, and “now you do it”. Good way to get >100% votes in a precinct.

        1. Ah the Old mechanical machines. Voted with them a few times. All in in MA District 2 in Waltham MA (precinct 6?). Our rep was one Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neil, needless to say no R candidate even bothered to try, he got 85%+ of the vote, other bits going to Rainbow, Green and Socialist parties.
          The drill was:
          1) Having checked in you waited in line for a machine, A poll watcher would direct you to the next open machine when it was your turn
          2)Curtain was open, you walked in and threw a big handle right to left. This closed the curtain and prepped the hardware for a vote.
          3) Flip little switches for each candidate you wanted. I think there was no “party line” switch on those machines. I do remember being a kid and seeing that kind of thing when I went in with my dad as a 6 year old or so, not sure that was strictly legal, but in a town of maybe 4K people locals were all well known no one was going to worry about a Dad with a kid.
          4) throw the big handle back to the right. this registered the vote and opened the curtain.

          Not sure if there was any verification other than numbers to read off for the totals of the votes per candidate and the total number of activations/voters. I’ll bet there was a paper roll that either had the votes printed, or more likely punched roll of some sort that could let you you do a recount by hand (tedious) or with a machine. At the end of the night they just walked around, read the numbers off, summed them up (presumably with a hand calculator, or earlier on an adding machine) and voila in about an hour you had the vote for that particular station, no muss, no fuss.

          1. Cowlitz County WA state was that way, when we voted there between ’79 and ’84. But that was before mail in voting in WA state.

            Was part of precinct voting in Oregon, Lane county, between ’74 – ’78, and then ’85 to now. I we had paper ballots. Got in line. Went to the appropriate voter roll (by last name alphabet), showed ID, signed next to the printed name, got a ballot, went into a curtained booth, folded ballot, put into box. Now Oregon is vote by fraud mail.

            1. My first election (’72) was absentee, since I was at U of Redacted that November. Voted for McGovern (Took a few elections for the clue-by-four to work.) but the R governor. He was going to go down in flames, since the state instituted income tax when he was in office, but he did manage to get into the very small club of ex-governors of Illinois who didn’t follow the traditional Illinois governor career path:

              1 [something, something]
              2 Governor [something]
              3 Federal Prisoner

              That was some form of paper because absentee. Cali-f’n-ornia used the punch cards. One of the last elections I got behind some older idiot gentleman who didn’t understand the system and managed to take the fixture out of commission by jamming the card. Very Blue area, so my eventual vote didn’t do much good, but I tried…

              1. Ah typos. Didn’t get the close-strike tag done right. Last paragraph, take 2:

                That was some form of paper because absentee. Cali-f’n-ornia used the punch cards. One of the last elections I got behind some older idiot gentleman who didn’t understand the system and managed to take the fixture out of commission by jamming the card. Very Blue area, so my eventual vote didn’t do much good, but I tried…

  3. Haven’t read through the post yet (I will, but I’m at work) so I don’t know if this is addressed but-

    A paradox: To clean up the voting process, you need power.

    To get power, you have to be voted into office.

    If you have power, you don’t want to lose it (by getting voted out)

    So what course does that leave? In practical terms?

    1. Power does not operate by the word of the politician, but the people implementing his decrees.

      And those positions are chronically understaffed.

      1. Oh, I dunno; one corrupt leftist (BIRM) judge per available position seems to me to be sufficient.

        (No? Who do you think actually “implements” questionable decrees by sanctifying them “in the name of the law”?)

          1. It’s been working the other way around re: Trump and the deep state. He could try all he wanted to clean up the swamp, but the swamp isn’t going to clean itself. And evidence of dirty dealing has a way of being covered up.

            I think it was Bannon who said it would be necessary to get a whole bunch of people ready to step into appointments and jobs the minute Trump or someone else decent gets in any position to hire them.

            But again, the paradox: you got to GET someone in position who wants to clean up the mess in the first place.

              1. That should have been one level up, after Ian’s post. Probably a mea culpa.

                But to Bob: That’s exactly the problem.

    2. Thinking that power only comes from elections is a flavor of formal-theory-ism, and is a assumption that can lead to leftism.

      Human behavior in not restricted to only things that we can describe in words.

      The reality of leadership, organization, management and of human behavior in general is broader and messier than this or that theory of ‘power’.

      At your work, you don’t beleive that the guy who is formally your boss, or that the guy who is formally head of the organization has complete power over everything you do, do you?

      Even if self employed, there is such a thing as compulsive behavior, or such a thing as making a stupid series of time management decisions and finding out that you cannot physically deliver on scheduling yourself for 250 straight hours of high quality work with no sleep.

      Leadership power is theoretical power, adn does not always align with things getting done.

      The various cults of power always fall down when it comes to why people don’t simply disobey. Now, there are in fact practical situations where that does not matter, due to a lot of habit, or an absence of courage.

      But, if you want your workspace clean at the end of the day, you can maybe almost always make that happen. And, without needing to get your boss’s permission, or the CEO’s permission.

      1. Flexing with power we no longer have is getting us nowhere, and as our hostess has often said, that route is likely to prove very bad, even for the winners.

        So, any intermediary options?

        1. Can you think of any? ISTM that if the 3 previous boxes have proven ineffective (censorship, fraudulent elections and a judiciary whose perpetual excuse is “no standing”, respectively, the only thing left is the 4th (cartridge) box. It can be either retail (the Henry Bowman technique in “Unintended Consequences”) or wholesale (too many examples to list) if that is the route taken. Neither is optimum or even desirable, but what’s left? Appealing to their “better natures”? They have none.

          1. If I could think of any, I’d be proposing them, but I know it at least won’t end well for whoever’s first to open that box.

            Been watching Tim Pool’s vids, and leading up to the mid terms his big fear was that poll watchers and those visiting the ballot boxes would have an altercation – whether by misunderstanding or if someone saw someone doing something shady – and both sides would be armed. And then?

            At this point, all I can think of is “fortify” – in the genuine sense – free and fair elections in your own area if you live in one.

            Trying to clean up voting in an area where the other side has entrenched control and need never worry about being voted out as long as they maintain that control? That’s a dangerous prospect, for braver souls than I.

            1. Current Bible read is Daniel. Chapter 3, Fiery Furnace. Lion’s den comes later.

              Our church is in exile in Babylon, (the PCUSA, one of the apostate denominations). They “own” the property. To leave would require an expensive ransom, plus some members still believe the lies.

              Going to our local Presbytery meeting on zoom this Saturday. There they will demand we fall down and worship the idols of CRT, and the demonic left agenda. I feel like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. I will not bow down.

              Poem came from God Sunday:
              Go to Presbytery.
              They worship CRT
              An ally of evil.
              Go speak My words.
              Listen and know
              what not to say.
              Easy to be critical.
              Hard to correct.
              Know you will be hated
              when you speak My Truth.

              Hearing God. Knowing God is with me, both makes it easier and harder. All I have to do is listen perfectly, and speak only His words. The problem: that is impossible for me to do. It is hard to be a prophet. To speak truth to power. I have no idea what i am to do. This makes me a perfect instrument to be used.

              To remind me He is in control, I witnessed a major miracle the past week. It included perfect timing, possible only for someone who operates outside of time. Yet for someone who does not know God, just a bunch of useful coincidences.

              This is an important lesson for me. God is subtle. With a sense of humor. In our time where the fiery furnace also looms, to have the courage to not bow down is important. Reminder: Be Not Afraid.

              1. Which brings up an observation that most of the major religions in the U.S. and Canada, appear to have gone at least partially, if not totally, woke. Although there are some moral holdouts like that one Canadian pastor, God Bless him.

          2. To reiterated – and almost forgot the original point – flexing with power you don’t have. Be careful. Remember: Kyle did literally everything right and still went on trial for his life.

            1. Because he did it out in the open for the world to see. He was acting as a guard, got chased and attacked, and defended himself. He’s not an assassin.

  4. The best ways to stop the steal:
    1. voter ID required for all voting
    2. No mail in ballots except for those who visit the election commission to verify their identity and have a good reason for not voting the day of.
    3. Require election commission to clearly display language regarding who is and is not allowed to vote, and assign serious penalties for not explaining these rules to prospective voters. I.e., hold them accountable.
    3. No ballots counted until the day elections are held.
    4. All votes hand-counted and results verified by independent observers from multiple parties (not just Dem/Repub)

      1. Vote on base in person, let the military pilots make sonic booms across the world delivering the ballots home.

        In person voting, has more booms. What’s to not like?

          1. All in favor?

            Passed unanimously.

            There is no reason that ballots for individuals deployed cannot have the appropriate ballot for their specific prescient. None. Nor that the correct results cannot be properly called in, legally forwarded to the appropriate prescient. None.

        1. No booms almost nothing with any range has supersonic capability. B1-B is about 3000 nmi range (I presume that’s round trip unrefueled so 6000 nmi one way) and I doubt thats supersonic the whole time, it is not supercruise, it needs afterburners for supersonic). There’s 100 of them, not sure I want some large portion of my nuclear deterrent gadding about with boxes of votes, and they still have to be gotten to the correct states. Likely c-17 are a better choice, I leave logistics to those with that persuasion and lots of patience 🙂 .

            1. YF-12/sr71 are lovely but there were never alot of them, and almost all of their weight is allocated to GIANT cameras, and range wise they need refuelling, and oh they use their own unique variant of kerosene because at takeoff they leaked like a sieve and the stuff need to not catch fire easily. Not sure how many of those are in the boneyard, most of them seem to have ended up in museums. Seems every aviation museum has one.
              Maybe rebuild the old XB-70 Valkyrie (there were only ever 2 of them and one crashed). The one remaining is in the USAF museum. That at least had the range AND the lift capacity (vintage 1960 H bombs were BIG). And they used honeycomb steal not hordes of titanium like the SR-71

              1. There’s an SR-71 in the museul near Tuscon; that is one impressive bird! IIRC it leaked on takeoff and was immediately refueled, then accelerated to cruising speed, at which time the ~500-degree increase in skin temperature caused it to expand by over a foot in length, sealing the loose joints and stopping the leaks. At least so I read; don’t recall the book, but it was by one of the pilots.

                1. Aha, I think it was this one, at least the cover looks familiar 🙂 :

                  SR-71 Blackbird: Stories, Tales, and Legends Hardcover – November 16, 2002
                  by Rich Graham

                  Amazon, natch…

                  (BTW, that should be museum near Tuscon. Duh…

                2. That matches what I heard. Also the initial load was low because if something went wrong the SR-71 could not land with a full load of fuel because it would exceed the capacity of its landing gear. It was one crazy piece of hardware.

      2. Or why not set up precincts at military bases and allow the military to register and vote on-base? Americans overseas routinely vote at their local embassies or consulates, as I understand it.

        1. Service members overseas or in another state can request absentee ballots for their home registration place.

    1. And, I think,
      – Other than some of those rare mail-in votes, no votes accepted before opening of the physical poll locations nor after the closure of those locations.
      – Votes counted at the precinct, and securely kept there until some statutory date after the election is over; audits must be possible; no moving of ballots until after counted and votes reported.
      – Precincts report their vote counts to cities/counties, and to state election authorities, at intervals convenient to their process – and then audit what the ‘higher’ authorities report for their precinct

    2. I’d add a formal chain-of-custody on any absentee ballots. Those go under lock and key…several locks, one provided by each party. And they are counted BEFORE Election Day, in the presence of multiple observers…and on live video.

  5. a. Vote fraud was old hat when I was a young boy…in the 1960s. Chicago was infamous for rigged voting machines.

    b. In the 2016 campaign, Pat Caddell (Carter’s former campaign manager) mentioned that the Democrats routinely counted on a 2-4% margin of fraud. Note that at the LOW end of this, it swings all close races. You don’t need a whole lot of fraud to steal effective control.

    c. Reprisal cheating is an obvious option. Nothing will make the Dems more eager to have honest elections than losing a few close ones.

    d. The other option is lawfare. Dishonest votes are a violation of the civil rights of honest voters. Don’t sue over a specific election, sue over the process being vulnerable to fraud. I think we can win this one.

    e. It won’t be popular…but don’t count on fixing vote fraud to bring victory. Get better candidates.

    1. I’m going to call bullshit on the margin of fraud and on the better candidates.
      At this point with the machines, the margin is adaptive. you could run G-d against Satan, and if Satan was on the D side, you’d lose.
      Compared to the 1960s, the fraud is …. staggering.
      JUST the fraud facilitated by motor voter is staggering, let alone all the other SEVEN exploits.
      You sound like an IT security guy who said “Okay, you have several worms and a key logger, but you know, there’s always malware. What you need to do is write better software.”

        1. Not according to my grandmother! She said she would vote for Satan if he ran D. Of course, she also said she would never vote for a woman because they can’t be trusted. I suppose it’s a good thing she died in the 90’s.

          I did have some interesting conversations with her, trying to make her justify her positions.

            1. “look at Kamala”
              And Hillary. And Stacey. And Gretchen. And…
              But it’s not limited to women, as should be obvious; crooks and cheats gonna crook and cheat.

  6. You are overestimating SoCons.

    Folks are all totally for pot and pedophilia.

    Which is why there are all those stoners out buggering toddlers in public.


    Yeah, there really are some inferences to draw from the things that we do not see, and are not thinking about.

  7. Agreed. If there were no concern of being caught in a systematic fraud, then why can’t we have a controlled experiment of a machine and a paper ballot, side-by-side, identified only as by the same voter, not by an actual personID? Or just allow us to use a damned physical ballot? Of course they cant do that; it’s so difficult to control in that form. If you dump them, people may find them. That’s happened before and it took more suppression to ignore than a machine with a filtering algorithm that can guarantee unwanted votes will never see the light of day. And this is all on top of the propaganda blitz from DNC to media to big tech to our eyeballs. Search engines will show us what they want us to see — if we still don’t vote correctly, they will save us from ourselves.

  8. In 2020 my DEAD father in law got a get out the vote letter from a famous NBA star. FIL was dead before Obama was elected. We have done everything to get my wife voting roll fixed except for both going to the court house in person. She is on the rolls in her maiden and married name.

  9. If they call people who question the election results “Election Deniers”, can we call the people who accept them unquestionably “Fraud Deniers”?

    1. I vehemently deny that an election or a court result resolves any dispute, unless the assertion of fairness withstands scrutiny.

      Compromising process integrity compromises the basis for trusting the result.

      1. Which is the argument for change away from the fraudulent stuff, to the general public:

        ‘You hate that millions of voters think the elections are rigged, right? Come out half way and repair the election process so the complainers are happy. If the elections have been fine all along, you lose nothing.’

        Yes, I know; there must be a pony somewhere under all this stuff.

  10. Two things:
    1. Don’t fight on “there was fraud,” fight on “Not only do elections need to be cleared of fraud, they need to be SEEN as clear of fraud.” IOW, you don’t have to argue that these things cause fraud as a provable thing: all you need to argue is that since there CAN be fraud, we need to adjust elections so it’s clear and obvious that there isn’t fraud, and that anyone trying to make the process opaque is in favor of fraud.

    Nuke the voting rolls. 100%. People should have to re-register to vote every election year. No arguments about who should or should not be on there; clear them out entirely and make people do the work every two years. It’s not too much to ask of someone who wants to vote, and if registration is the part where you have the canceled address and ID, that makes it cleaner.

    1. The Reader seriously likes your first point. If it doesn’t look transparent it isn’t and can be utilized for fraud. As to your second, the Reader has mixed reactions. The Commonwealth of Virginia has elections every year. State House of Delegates every 2 years on odd years, statewide offices and State Senate every 4 years on odd years, and Federal elections every 2 years. Some local elections are on even years, some on odd years. The Reader thinks he’d settle for nuking the voter rolls once every 4 years.

    2. To me it’s important to fight on there ws no fraud on the right. Because otherwise we’re going back to believing the country is all left and we must choose leftists.

      1. I usually vote GOP. I mostly voted GOP this round too, but–this is Nebraska. There wasn’t a campaign sign out anywhere for the guy who won the election. NO ONE wanted him, but I’m sure plenty of people still voted for him.

        The Secretary of State, though, doesn’t want to publish how many people voted for the write-in candidates, and he was up for re-election. The count by his name just says, “100%” as if 100% of all possible voters voted for him.

        I did NOT vote for that corrupt lying bastard, and neither did a bunch of other people. I want to see the vote totals reflect that– And I would very much like to see him run out of office. I called yesterday and yelled at his secretary (terrible, I know), but–I was steamed–and told her it was time to resign.

    3. Excellent point. Any government NEEDS legitimacy. Particularly those run on democratic principles. Which means that even the slightest hint of chicanery in the elections undermines government authority.

      1. Well yes, but these days we have a political class that believes so fervently in their “divine” right to rule they put the monarchs of the middle ages to shame. The only difference between the modern political class and medieval monarchs is that the modern political class worships Marx and The State as their gods.

    4. There are, by state constitution, as many as four elections a year here. March, May, August, and November.

      Most years we only have one or two, but . . . we have as many as four. Reregistering after each would get interesting. Maybe once per year, each January. If you can reregister your car yearly or biyearly, you can reregister to vote. Or don’t call it reregistration, call it annual verification of precinct residency.

      Here, if you don’t vote for . . . I think it’s three years, you get dropped from the rolls. If the funeral homes notify the county of the identity of the deceased, it’s immediate. (Dad died May 11, he was off the rolls for the May election, which was May 17. Me and next-door-neighbor-precinct-worker checked. They had all of three working days to do that, and they did. I was very impressed.)

      I am 100% in agreement about needing to avoid the appearence of fraud.

      1. If you can reregister your car yearly or biyearly, you can reregister to vote. Or don’t call it reregistration, call it annual verification of precinct residency.

        Oh, I LIKE that one!

        1. So do I, as long as it includes “Start from scratch each time”; i.e., nuke the existing rolls. Too much opportunity for twiddling otherwise.

            1. ???
              My (attempted) point was that reregistration without starting from a blank voter roll doesn’t really solve the problem; the old database needs to be completely eliminated. Now maybe that’s what was meant, but I thought it was worthwhile to point it out specifically.

              1. If you’ve got to actually verify your registration– re-register– each year to vote, it doesn’t matter if the old rolls have four pages of M. Mouse and N. D. Ballz, they can’t vote.

                Not purging them also makes it easier to tell if someone is playing cute games by, say, registering the same person with different birthdates.

                1. OK, point taken, given extensive analysis of the database. And it’s fine as long as there’s zero possibility that the old data will mysteriously be used for verification. The main problem is that this requires the election officials to be honest, something which seems dubious given recent history. Qui custodiet ipsos custodes? (Which nearly exhausts my store of Latin… 🙂 )

                  1. When I verify my license information, it has to be in person.

                    We’d want to make it available at a range of places, though, to avoid bottle-necks.

                    1. In AZ, unless you’re over 65, you can renew driver’s licenses online. The only reason over-65s have to renew in person is for the required eye test. And the license is good for 5 years.

                    2. Oregon, unless you want a new picture, or want the new “enhanced” license (so you can fly just with your Oregon drivers license … why? if you have your passport?) Can now be renewed on line. Even mom could have, she’s 88 (she didn’t like her existing picture). Licenses are good for 8 years.

                    3. AZ doesn’t do “verify” except on original issuance. And even then, my MD license was considered sufficient to show my identity.

                    4. Don’t know what Oregon requires now, but when son got his drivers permit, required: Birth Certificate, SS card (which his had been put away in a “safe place”, found it later, now he has 2), and our insurance verification. I needed the same when I got my permits/licenses in ’71/’72.

                      When we moved down here and got our Oregon Licenses (same as prior Oregon, they hold number for 10 years, we’d been gone almost 6 years) we needed our Washington licenses, insurance, and mail to each of us at our new address (used the box top for our checks as it had both our names on it). When real ID licenses came out, I had to have a certified copy (not the pretty one) of our marriage license from the issuing county (not the county we were actually married in, was that fun figuring out). Then they suspended the requirement (oh well it was needed to get a passport …)

      2. By Kalifornia state law (which has not been followed in decades) anyone not voting in 3 consecutive elections is supposed to be dropped from the voter rolls.

        In San Diego county alone there are more than 70,000 ‘inactive’ voters who haven’t voted in a long time but are still registered. My rental property still gets election materials addressed to tenants that moved out more than 10 years ago. How many ‘inactive’ voters are getting those fraud-by-mail ballots when they’re automatically sent out?
        Why do ‘progressives’ assume that their anointed Victim Groups are too stupid to fill out the same simple paperwork as everybody else?

        1. To answer the final question (yeah, I realize it amounts to a sigfile; you have some good ones 🙂 ): For the same reason those groups can be required to show photo ID for air travel, car rental, liquor sales or any one of multiple other things with no complaints, but requiring it to vote is RACISSSSST VOTER SUPPRESSION, YOU WHITE SUPREMACIST TRANSPHOBE GAY-HATING CHRISTIAN NAZI!!!!

  11. I read this most excellent blog and went “Yes. Of course. Now what?”

    The best thing about POTUS Trump announcing last night is all the pus seeping up to the sidewalk: Dave Rubin, Pompeo, Pence…. all shrieking. But not shrieking about the things that need fixing, just shrieking that they need to be the ones to right the ship/be listened to….

    And no one outside the usual suspects: True the Vote, Lindell et al are focused on what needs to be done to fix elections: engage in the game ( of fraud/theft/ballot harvesting) until we can clean the voter rolls and make that cleansing a part of the election process; same day vote (except out of state/country military); paper ballots; ID/fingerprints.

    Good, smart people on our side are convinced that the communists actually won, and that we need to…. insert the stupid idea of the day. Until we fix this level of denial and stupidity, we’re going to be stabbed in the back repeatedly by the losers on our side (like Pompeo and Pence) who want to be back on the sweet sweet gravy train.

    1. I don’t think Trump would announce if there was no hope. And if he was naive once, he no longer is. His announcing actually gives me hope. But we can’t leave it to him.

      1. I think he also announced because it makes any effort to indict him, or any further raids, attacks on an opposition political candidate seeking the office of the boss of the people doing the indicting and raiding. He correctly figures that if the House changes hands that the DOJ and FBI will rush whatever they are doing before that happens in early January, and is making sure that if they do, they will be doing it to someone campaigning to take their bosses jobs.

        Trump wants to make it clear that the Democrats are fully in banana republic territory with their actions.

          1. There is so little that I would put past them, that in the event of a Trump 2024 victory, I fully expect someone on the left to make a 22nd Amendment claim that he’s ineligible, as he’d already won in 2016 and 2020.

            1. a 22nd Amendment claim that he’s ineligible, as he’d already won in 2016 and 2020


              I can’t even …

              But, something they’d 100% try.

  12. Hmmm. This was a two-cupper (coffee)… A good broad analysis of the latest steal and the trends and apparatus behind it. I’ve long know good ‘traditional’ Americans who knew people who… had offspring that were gay. Nobody talked about it and we left them alone. I was of a mind as well. What has changed for me, is that the gays that cried for acceptance and the right to be able to do what they do… went from that, to demanding that straight people, ‘breeders,’ as the gays (not all of them, but the most vociferous call us) bow down and worship them as special beings with special rights. Not only that, but they started after the children, to build in them acceptance and allegiance. I thought and think that that is wrong. Anyway, leaving the gays behind, that other demographic you describe, the old farts, of which I am one… you gave me pause on that. I would have said that most of us boomers are Rightists, not Leftists. My reasoning? Because of what I saw during the Vietnam war. Most of those called to serve, did so. The others, maybe 30%, protested safely on college campuses. So, I think we Righties had the edge then, but now? You may be right, maybe most boomers are on the Left now. And I think one reason why, that you point out, is that they get all their ‘nooz’/propaganda, from the standard CIA-fed nooz channels. (But not me) In my writing group, we’re mostly boomers. And I’m the lone exception, the only open supporter of Trump. (Yes, and I’m still with him, despite the new “Trump lost all these people their elections bullshit) meme. Also, you’re on target with your point that most boomers, being pensioned out, out of the workplace, are unaware of how much of a struggle these last five years must be for young working people. I have to say that I consider myself an exception to this, and I have had to point it out to other boomers. I think that the fact that I have a son and daughter in their mid-thirties dealing with all this Nanny State crap and Bidenflation… this has opened my eyes.

    I thought of another reason why you might be right about most boomers being Lefties. It’s because of their very real dependency on the State and the Gubmint Teat. Social Security, Medicare, civil peace (when and if the antifa/BLM persuaders come into a boomer neighborhood, they can’t run as fast as they could. Yes, some of us are armed, but come on, Reality is reality. So, given that, I think you are correct in that assessment.

    And… Did I ever tell you I was paranoid? Well I am. Anyway, your analysis of the growing boomer bulge, crowding into ‘homes’ and their growing cost… this might give rise to a ‘Kill the old (but not the rich old)’ movement. We already had Barry the Walking Serpent hint at this by telling someone who spoke of their concern for Seniors and their health needs… when he suggested that ‘they (old farts) be given some pain meds and sent home to die.’ Actually, I know this is coming. How? Because I go to the VA for my medical care, and I believe it is the model on which the new health care system will be based on. Yeah, everyone will have ‘health care.’ But, when the millions of imported Americas give birth to their babies, geezers are not going to get that knee replacement that they paid into the system for all their lives. No, the money will go to pampers and well-baby care, and housing vouchers and formula chits and perambulators for Little Mohammed and little Maria. “We all know it,” as Joan Rivers famously said (about Obama being gay and Michelle being a Tranny) before she got snuffed for saying it.

    To sum up, I think you hit all the bases and I think we’re in for another two years of this struggle. We must clean up the voting mechanisms and expose the fraud, and attempt to educate they youth. Don’t know how it’s all going to come out.

    Keep ’em coming!

      1. Well yes. The Carter-Dole report very expressly stated that conclusion. Even those two “got it”.

        1. Do you have a link or a copy of that? It’s been mentioned here before, but my searches are not turning up anything relevant.

        2. Carter-Baker, maybe?

          All of this may sound eerily similar to the issues in the prolonged presidential election battle of 2020. But these were among the 87 recommendations from the 2005 report of the bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform, known informally as the Carter-Baker Commission.

          Embedded link to the report at the Daily Signal version, omitted here to stay out of 2-link moderation.

          And, this answers my request for such a plan!

    1. But yet most of those counties went republican ( The by county map is predominantly red. Issue is number of votes. Philadelphia county voted 401,531 to 77,498 Fetterneck to Oz. The state voted 2,719,537 to 2,477,679 Fetterneck to Oz. Fetterneck “won” Philadelphia count by 324,033 votes. Fetterneck won the state by 241,858 votes. Note that if Philadelphia County’s votes were removed Fetterneck loses. I’m not saying that vote by mail isn’t dicey as heck (and likely caused issues). But Philadelphia has NOT cleaned its voter rolls and has been notoriously bogus for nearly as long as Chicago. Pennsylvania had a majority Republican legislature, but it’s statewide offices are mostly Democrat , in particular the Governor, Secretary of State (usually in charge of voting), Attorney General (In charge of high level prosecution and legal issues) and Lt Governor (Fetterneck, if VP isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit whats a Lt Governor worth). So what would need to be done to fix Pennsylvania. At a minimum
      1) The party in control of the legislature must WANT to force voting to be “fair” or at closer to fair as seen even in European elections (Voter Id, Rolls cleaned/verified regularly, Limited/NO extended voting, Vote by mail ONLY in limited cases).
      2) The party in control of the legislature must have a super majority OR have the Governors office (to avoid/limit vetos of voting legislation)
      3) The Secretary of State Must be willing to enforce enhanced voter verification
      4) The Attorney General Must be willing to prosecute
      5) The Judiciary Must NOT inhibit these changes
      6) The cities known to be dubious in their vote counts need to be fixed either by tight control by the states or by actual mayors/Councils willing to accept “Fair” voting practices
      At present Pennsylvania has maybe part of step 1, although it is NOT clear that the Republican legislators are willing to fight this battle. At present the corruption in Philadelphia (and likely other LARGE/high population cities/counties like Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, maybe Harrisburg) swamps any other fix. The state offices are just as broken as the Senate and presidential elections because even moderate amounts of fraud in the right places tip the game in favor of the Blue. This is not a one or two election issue. This will take 25-100 years to fix (if it is at all fixable) through these processes. And many other states are just as broken. The Blue NorthEast and California verge on unfixable. You don’t need fraud in Massachusetts. Many if not ALL of my coworkers would crawl over Glass to vote for Fetterneck or similar (hell look at our two senators Markey and Fauxcahontas and weep). That kind of virtue signalling is so strong in the blue voters that nearly all rational thought on that front is gone. Add even minor fraud (and minor fraud would be a miracle in most MA cities) makes unsticking this a mess in MA. I hate this but it seems that a Gordian Knot type solution is the ONLY viable solution that is under a generation in length. And it is NOT a good one by any means.

      1. Yep. I was appalled by the smug, “Oh, nobody would ever vote for Dole, he’s OBVIOUSLY just to silly to take seriously,” of my in-laws in MA, many years ago. Even now my brother-in-law is serenely sure Things Are Much Worse in the South, especially the Scourge of Covid.
        And they also seemed to believe that taxes are equivalent to club dues…..and a gentleman always pays his dues in full. To do otherwise is to lack couth and civility.
        We’re much more comfortable in Tennessee.

  13. Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just around the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.

    1. The first time I saw that quote was, oddly, at the end of a Man from U.N.C.L.E. novel. The plot had had UNCLE and Thrush teaming up against a common enemy and at the end, the Thrush officer who had worked with the heroes gave them that quote.
      The David McDaniel novels were pretty good.

  14. I would offer those who say voting needs to be early and by mail. Instead of election day, let’s have election week. Tuesday to Tuesday. But, voting has to be in person and you need a legit ID.

    I can already hear them making excuses why this would be unfair to some group or another.

  15. 2022 election ‘analysis’ in six words:

    “Two Thousand Mules…didn’t kill themselves.”

  16. You know there’s fraud when they won’t allow any audits of a vote, no matter what, even a Dem Primary in LA county. Also when they don’t want anyone to see the count. Counting isn’t some sooper-sekrit proprietary method.
    There should be random “recount” audits. bingo balls and “Check Ward 4 in District 25”

    1. Yes, the walls and fences keeping the counting in Maricopa County “secure,” and especially not allowing the press in there with their cameras and so forth, clearly needed to preserve the super-duper secret counting technology.

      Or they don’t want the sleeping “vote counters” caught on film while one guy with a laptop makes all the figures from the voting machines balance and look nice. That second one is more likely.

      1. If they have to count the votes in secret, they’re up to no good. Those are OUR votes, we have the right to watch them be counted. Everybody involved in secret vote counting should be thrown in jail and held in solitary confinement without bail for a year and a half. Hey, if it’s good enough for the January 6 2021 protesters…
        “The carbon dioxide concentration of the atmosphere is increasing, and causing environmental changes. Stopping the increase, and reversing it, would be a good idea. Destroying our entire industrial civilization is one way to accomplish that goal. I just don’t think it’s a good one.”

  17. Sarah demands: “DO YOU THINK THEY’RE ANGELS incapable of sin?”

    Joe Normie responds:

    “Well, but, they’re from the Government, right? And they have special training and stuff like that, don’t they? … And y’know, they’re here to help. Aren’t they?”

    A full-blown paradigm shift is required to dislodge that conversation from Joe and Jane Normie’s under-utilized grey cells. Which may possibly require several beatings by cops, and an extended period of government-issue starvation. (Although going by Europe, that might not work either.)

    The fact that you can even discuss “early voting” without normal people laughing out loud is a measure of how much people have been trained to trust unionized public employees. They don’t even consider the possibility that those unionized public employees would fiddle with the stored ballots. It literally doesn’t occur to them. It can’t happen, just like no one could ever fly an airplane into a skyscraper in NYC. Impossible.

    And we have early voting in Canada too, which only goes to show how BRAINWASHED we all are. Early voting is no more secure than vote by mail.

      1. Must respectfully disagree, O all-powerful blog mistress. Joe Normie is always the problem.

        The vast masses of Normies determine how things are going to go. The Big Leaders can only get away with what the Normies let them.

        Go back to the mists of time when the priests of Sumeria were running the show down there on the Tigris, the original centralized government scam artists. They could only take what Joe Normie was willing to spare the temple. Which might be a lot, but not the food out of his kid’s mouths. Take too much, and there’s a riot. When the Normies move, that’s when shit happens.

        When the -Normies- finally understand that those “advance vote” ballot boxes are NOT safe, that’s when it’ll move. Then they’ll go stupidly overboard the other direction, you may be sure. Only hereditary land-owners can vote, or some such nimrodery.

        1. No. The vote has been taken away from them. They don’t decide anything. And most of them are more reasonable than any of the “educated.” They live close to the bone, you see? Things matter.

          1. I’m thinking more “American Revolution” type of thing. The American Revolution basically was 30% of Normies in the 13 Colonies deciding they were not having it anymore. Another 30% favored the Crown because they were making money out of it (and eventually fled to Canada), and the last 40% didn’t care because they were busy. That’s how it always is.

            Benjamin Franklin (obviously an Odd) couldn’t do jack without that 30% of Normies moving.

            Joe Normie is always the problem. The Big Guys decide everything right up until suddenly they don’t anymore, because Joe isn’t having it.

            Like the Partition of India and Pakistan. Because the Hindus and Sikhs were tired of putting up with the Muslims so they kicked them all out. The new government didn’t decide that, it was a desperation move because whole villages were being killed by one side or the other.

            Ceausescu in Romania. All systems normal until one day he’s giving a speech and ends up hanging from a lamp post. Normies got him.

            Governments only decide things in good times. In bad times, Joe decides because there’s more Normies than there are cops. Way, way more.

            1. Actually (adjusts nerd glasses), Ceaucescu was flown back to the capitol, held prisoner overnight, given a trial that lasted less than an hour, and then frogmarched out to be stood against a wall and shot.

              But I think you’re right about Joe and Jane Normie. They’re the key. If/when a critical mass of normies realize that they’ve been disenfranchised and thoroughly fucked over and get angry about it, only then will you see the people in powerful positions get scared enough start talking about the necessity of transparent, trustworthy election processes. And even then, the motherfuckers-that-be will still be trying to preserve their favorite lines of fraud.

              1. Yes, that critical mass of uninterested bystanders getting mad is the thing.

                Example, truckers are still delivering stuff in Canada despite the Emergencies Act being called down on them last year. Critical mass not reached. Not enough guys were pushed to bankruptcy at the same time.

                Currently Ottawa revving up the regulation machine to have another go at mass civil disobedience by jacking up transport/heating fuel prices IN THE WINTER so I guess we’ll see. Ready for $10/gal diesel, kids?

                Unlike the parable, the frog -will- jump out of the hot water before it gets cooked. But will it jump before it takes a lot of damage?

                  1. New gun ban apparently. Banning -all- semiautos now, not just all AR-15s. Not sure if it will be a ban on sales or a full-up Thou-Shalt-Not-Have ban.

                    In other news, unfortunate boating accidents and ice-fishing mishaps are at an all-time high.

                    1. And so they continue to reject the heritage of England, where responsible government flowed from the realization that a sufficiently motivated peasant with a longbow could hope to kill the king and escape with his life.

              2. I am reading Keay’s history of China, and it’s one long slog of, “Things hit a certain point, the peasants start revolting.” Or at the least they don’t fight the latest round of invaders.

    1. I suggest using Iowa.

      I mean, really, how squeaky clean is Iowa?

      And yet… we went red.

      All the way.

      With no problems other than one district where a local guy went in to vote for himself, and couldn’t, because somehow they dropped THAT ENTIRE RACE in his home town! (district race)

  18. Glaring data point so big I didn’t even spot it: Under 30’s “To the extent they are a measurable slice of the population it’s bolstered by “immigrants” who are “children” – most of which actually aren’t, and have no business voting in our election. ” Yes they did vote, in droves. Illegally. In Nevada you are supposed to be a citizen to vote but they sure don’t ask for proof of citizenship when they hand you your voter’s card with your drivers license or ID.

  19. 5- It’s all the socons
    If you think that, you MUST get out of your circles and go talk to real people. Yes, they’re icky. They’re also the vast majority.

    Yeah, this one gives me a :headtilt:.

    “Republicans lost because SoCons voted for the pro-abort, pro-sex-change, anti-parent’s-rights, pro-literally-anything-but-sex-that-makes-babies-yes-including-pedophilia….voted for Democrats”?

    1. The narrative isn’t usually that, rather it’s they scared the middle and drove them to the left rather than voted Dems themselves.

      1. As opposed to those charming moderates that attempt to publicly apply a religion test against the single largest Christian Church in the USA, while openly discriminating against an educated, working mother?


        :shakes head:

    2. No, the usual framing of that argument is “all you icky socons kept trying to jam your Christofascism down everyone’s throats and scared off anyone who didn’t want you in their bedrooms!!!REEEEEEEEEE!!!!!”

      1. I haven’t run into that one, but that may be a sign of self-preservation by those around me….

        Good heavens, I disagree with the folks doing most of that stuff, but I don’t think they’re stupid!

          1. Way to memory hole, Aacid.

            I have looked at Reason.

            I stopped giving them the clicks when they kept running stories about how cops were violent evil people, and to use the case that really got me pissed, stated that a cop’s body cam “stopped recording” just before a “suspect” was shot.

            I did basic research, and discovered it “stopped recording” when a MONDAY FRIDAY SHOVEL DESTROYED THE CAMERA, and seconds later the somehow managed to dodge cop shot the F’er who tried to murder him.

            At that point, I realized that Reason was less reliable than CNN, they just had better PR.

            I have, because I am apparently some form of a masochist, gone back and read stories.

            Not a single blessed one has stood up under research.

            REASON is roughly on par with Natural news, and any other “we link exclusively to ourselves” websites.

      1. Clearly.

        Explains why I don’t get served that, though– folks would look pretty dang funny telling the chubby little house wife that she’s a scary extremist, especially if it’s just after they were telling her she was a liberal!

          1. I have giggled at folks who are too liberal for me who assume I’m a crazy liberal because I’m “young”.

            (The sliding scale of “I have grandkids your age” for young is not flattering when you’re talking to someone over median age!)

  20. Why is it considered such a hardship and ‘oppression’ if a few people can’t vote in one election? There’s always another election.

    Okay, so, you can’t get to the poll this year. Well, life is tough sometimes. Try again next year. Didn’t register in time? That’s on you. Vote in the next election.
    The U.S. Capitol is OUR house. Congresscritters are just the help.

    1. Why is it considered such a hardship and ‘oppression’ if a few people can’t vote in one election? There’s always another election.

      You know how the Twitter idjits were horrified at the idea that Musk might actually have some authority over them?

      Same thing here. Voting is the owners talking to their employees.

      There is a point where the cost of making sure everyone allowed votes- becoming the mirror opposite of the “well, it’s OK if there’s a bunch of people who aren’t able to legally vote, but that’s OK” is not it.

      1. There are some valid policy trade-offs between eligible voter’s ballot doesn’t get counted on one hand and ineligible voter gets their ballot counted (encompassing fraud and true mistakes). A perfect zero fraud system is impossible, or at least undesirable.

        Importantly, though, most of the opportunities for fraud at scale are completely orthogonal to this concern. Chain of custody rules for ballots? Counting in front of witnesses? Those aren’t going to disenfranchise anyone.

        1. :nods: Exactly.

          So why the hard-on for the high cost, low reward fixes, instead of the relatively low cost, high reward ones?

          Clean up voter rolls– verify residency– guard cast ballots.

        2. “If you wouldn’t trust those procedures for handling hundred-dollar bills, why should we trust them for handling ballots?”

          Because a ballot in the wrong hands can do a lot more than a hundred dollars in damage.

  21. My county now has electronic voting machines. You’re handed a blank ballot (except for some precinct header information), and take it to the voting machines. You select your choices through the touch screen. After confirming, the ballot is printed so you can verify that the votes were recorded. Then it’s taken to another machine and fed into it, dropping into an inaccessible bin beneath the machine.

    Seems good, right? Except that when the votes are printed (in English, so as to be human-readable), several barcodes are also printed on the top of the ballot. There’s no explanation for the barcodes. Are they machine-readable data recording the vote? Are they some sort of audit/verification code? I’ve no idea. If they’re machine-readable data for the vote, there’s no way to tell if the barcode matches the human-readable vote data.

    My county is red enough that I’m not worried about fraud, but the opportunity is certainly there with these electronic machines.

  22. To me, the most convincing argument in favor of election fraud are the people in the media and with political authority who proclaim that election fraud doesn’t exist. The fact that they aren’t throwing open their books and begging people to look at them shows me that they don’t believe they’re running honest and competent elections.

    My favorite example is in Missoula, MT. A group of citizens counted the envelopes in which ballots were returned. They received different results. Rather than investigate it and get to the bottom of the difference, the guy proclaimed that the election was secure. Needless to say, he’s a Democrat.

    In 2020, simply by playing with filter settings on Pennsylvania’s website, I was able to find 15,000 ballots with an irregularity of some sort. A bunch had been returned

    1. Eh, they actually lost an entire box of ballots in lincoln county (MT)- and I’m pretty sure it was a republican who tried to tell us it was fine. Party doesn’t seem to matter- both sides seem happy with the pretext.

      1. You could tell me any number of senior Democrats were a type of undead and I wouldn’t dismiss it out of hand.

  23. Even a state where they instituted stronger protections still has counties that get away with shenanigans-look at Georgia:

    Would be shocked if the straight blue line up wasn’t Fulton County.

    1. Them, one of the surrounding ones, and/or possibly Chatham County (Savannah). That’s where we had those spikes last time.

    2. Which is another example of RINOs helping Democrat fraud. Both the SecState and the governor should have said “This is fraud, invalid election, redo.” And gone to court.

    3. I’d vote for Fulton County first and second, with the others as third and fourth place. ( Went to school in Decatur, Dekalb County. Fulton County was the horrible warning.)

    4. And there’s still not a whisper from anybody about doing anything to fix the fraud. This runoff is going to be a repeat of the last one, with the Democrat getting 150% of the vote in the big cities. I swear in 2020 they deliberately ran the two most repulsive candidates they could find just to shove it in our faces that the voters don’t matter, they will always get the results they want.

  24. Sarah,
    I agree it was fraud making the difference. The basic tricks of fraud are ———floaters or the floating vote, collection and discarding if necessary absentee ballots (aka mailin), and ballot box stuffing of some sort.

    Floaters are named that for floating from precinct to precinct to cast votes. Typically, this is a trick best pulled in urban areas or where same day registration exists with convenient close by states. But this also includes registering fake names in the voter registration files. Mike Lindell hired a company using fractals to detect fraud that has found all sorts of illegal characters embedded in voter databases so illegitimate voter registrations are hidden from normal scrutiny. When you combine non existent people (or people moved out the district, or people who died, etc.) and absentee ballots, then you get fraud, lots of it. This type of fraud is most likely going on throughout the rural and urban areas alike. The ballots for absentee/mail in are requested to addresses for ballot harvesters to pick up and fill in. In addition, most leftist groups now have direct links into voter registration and history files in order to determine if someone is likely to vote or not. If not, then a floater assumes their identity to request a ballot to stuff in.

    I am purely guessing but voter impersonation at the polls in person is relatively rare–it can be done but there is a lot more risk to that than requesting an absentee ballot if the registration is marked elderly. Same for long dead voters, it can be done but it is easier to detect that particular scam. It is simply easier for a voter registration group to borrow the dead’s names but slightly off enough to avoid matching the Social Security Death Database or the state vital statistics from picking up the new registrant is the same as the dead guy.

    On mail voting, a lot of the post office hirelings are quite capable of dumping mail that they don’t want to deliver and from campaign flyers, it is pretty obvious who might be at risk there for your ballot to be dumped if you vote, for your absentee ballot to be dumped or stolen to vote in your name, or spoiled in some way such as running over it or letting it get soaked. This is probably not so much organized as individuals doing their bit to help the cause. That does not excuse those who deliver a hundred ballots to a vacant lot. They know what is going on.

    Then we get to the stuffing. It can be electronic via fixing vote totals on a thumb drive, it can be from scanning the same ballot over and over again, it can be through spoiling a ballot by purposefully misprinted blank ballots that fail to go through the tabulator correctly (Sharpie Gate was one, misaligned ballot prints another, and even photocopy ballots with no security features have been run through and counted in some places. This allows those votes to be adjudicated where the original ballot is discarded and poll workers create a ‘new’ fixed ballot to replace the spoiled one. This can also happen via allowing ‘cured’ ballots. Images of the original and the new one are supposed to be saved for comparison but in 2020 those original images were discarded on very large scale. In the worse jurisdictions, roughly 30 percent of ballots were adjudicated–that is fixed in the back by poll workers and they just happened in many cases to erase all the original ballot images. Ooops. In a similar way, log files of who logged in, one password for all poll workers, etc were designed to make it impossible to ascertain who did what.

    There are more tricks but the EAC’s report in the aftermath of the 2000 race was quite good at indicating the history of it. It is just as computers got faster, the counts have been getting slower and we now take weeks to know what we used to in a day or so. That is so the amount of fix can be estimated and provided by whatever means possible.

    My guess is in 2020 presidential election that at least 10 million fraudulent ballots for FJB were created. The sloppiness of the cheat, in part, was because Trump increased his vote total by something like 11 million votes. Biden got 11 million more votes in 2020 than Obama did in 2008 which was almost 70 million. Hillary got 66 million. There is and was no indication of any groundswell for Biden that would indicate Biden was 15 million votes more popular than Hillary. If anything, he was a weaker candidate than either Obama or Hillary. The fact that there was almost no coattails (or even negative ones in the House) is simply unprecedented in electoral history as is an incumbent losing that increases their vote total from their first election, let alone shatters their old record.

    The answer is fraud.

  25. One of the problems with the take that, “there isn’t enough to turn an election…” and so forth is that it’s a damned lie and a fraud unto itself.

    “There is no question of the general doctrine that fraud vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, and even judgments.” – United States v. Throckmorton 98 U.S. 61

    Put simply and succinctly… If fraud is found, it ceases to be valid as that destroys the validity of all it touches.

    Not a floor. ONE fraud is sufficient because you can’t just unwind it from the rest.

    It’s why i don’t get why people seem to believe that whopper about there, “not being enough to affect “- it’s affected, period, by LAW.

    1. If there wasn’t enough fraud to turn an election, why bother with fraud at all? The only possible purpose of fraud is to TURN THE F’N ELECTION!!

      And when you see whole districts with more fake votes than real ones…like the Detroit precinct where they had 5,000 registered voters and the Democrat got 8,000 votes…or whole Chicago cemeteries rising up for one day every two years to vote Democrat…but noticing any of that is ‘tinfoil hat conspiracy theories’
      Grandpa voted Republican until the day he died — but he’s been voting Democrat ever since.

      1. Which is why I’ve said that boog is inevitable and on several levels necessary. The entire basis for law and civil society is the ability to trust your opposition to not want you dead or enslaved. We no longer have that here. That’s reality. Deal with it. And yes, refusing to recognize reality is always an option.

  26. Blockchain voting. Trustless, permissionless, available at all hours, from home. You can tell if your block has been hacked, and it is exceedingly difficult to do so. Eliminates all middle men vote handlers….immediate results.

  27. One of the ways they have managed to institute fraud here in Arizona is by doing away with precincts. Most precincts had about 2000 registered voters from the surrounding neighborhood. Now you can vote in any voting station in the state. Volume initiates its own kind of fraud. If only 2000 are voting from the neighborhood its much easier to detect voter fraud. If thousands are voting from the surrounding county the fraud is spread out and much harder to detect.

    I was reading that one of the state mine inspectors (I may be wrong on the position) received about 400,000 R votes in certain voting locations. Kari Lake in those same voting locations received 20,000 R votes. A disparity that is statistically impossible.

    1. Ummm… I live in Pinal County, and we have an assigned place to vote (if we want to vote in person). Any reference to this “vote anywhere” claim?

  28. Hmmm….

    I see this going one of, perhaps, five ways:

    1) Everyone gets to stay home, or at work, or do whatever they usually do, and a couple days later we’ll be told what the elections results are. More efficient, doncha kno.

    2) The system as it exists today gets nuked, everyone has to re-register, it’s all in-person voting, in one 24-hour period, on paper, with verified ID up front and purple fingers after, with stringent Voter Qualification rules (no dementia patients, etc.) and absentee is “military only, in-person at a recognized base, 15 days before election day, paper ballot”.

    Can’t make it to the polling place on election day? So sorry, so sad, try again next election. Can’t make it to Fire Base Oscar during the 24-hour period ballots are issued and collected, so sorry, so sad, maybe next time.

    3) Rooftop voting, or its equivalent, commences, in varying ways, in some areas, at some times (aka “21st Century Feudalism”).

    4) The United States of America dissolves physically and remains In Name Only as a random collection of unrelated and discoordinated people or a remote province of Some Other Country That Most People Seem To Mostly Have No Problem With.

    5) ? Enter your choice here.

  29. I can’t speak for the national level, and only have some guesses for the state, but the county? We managed to get our election administrator to admit that they aren’t counting write-in votes (though starting to think it’s going to take a lawsuit to get that acknowledged as illegal) even for positions without candidates. (So then the position is appointed…)

    Pretty much all of our local elections are people running unopposed (even for the primary). And it doesn’t really matter the party- it isn’t an election if you can’t vote against someone. Also, my area votes almost exclusively “absentee” (by mail)- probably due to the fact that they keep giving us fewer and fewer places to go vote, further and further away.

    Forcing lincoln county montana to at least pretend to count my vote is going to be a win. If not one I expect anytime soon.

    1. “they aren’t counting write-in votes…even for positions without candidates.”

      I’m wondering it’s that’s what happened with my county. The Soil and Water district supervisors had four open positions, but all write-ins except one name were listed as “invalid” on the country results.

      … I mean, it might have been slightly silly to see a list of 2000 names with one vote each, but it’s not like they’re printing the list on paper. Electron are cheap – we have hydropower.

      1. Worth checking the laws. Montana has a bit about the primary that states that the write-ins are valid if there isn’t a declared candidate. That’s the part that’s specifically being ignored. I suspect it’s the case throught the state.

        My suggestion: get some friends to write you in, then request the count. Under freedom of information act if necessary. If they are breaking the law, you then have a legal case.

  30. I’m not getting this growing trend on the Right of saying, “It wasn’t so much the fraud, but we have to get rid of VBM and early voting.” And I sit here going WTF? If fraud isn’t playing that big a factor, then what’s wrong with VBM and all the other loose election bullshit we do here that doesn’t fly in other countries? It’s not about the fraud, but it’s the fraud?

    I suppose enough people on the Right have been burned, demonetized, de-platformed, canceled, and uninvited over claiming fraud, so that gets us this mealy-mouthed fraud/not-fraud take. That’s of course a different problem, but at least you’re still around to speak frankly, even when PJM and the rest of Salem media seems to be declining.

    1. VBM and early voting expand the fraud opportunities enormously. VBM has no chain of custody possible: from who actually gets their mail in ballot to how many extra ballots can be printed anywhere by anyone and injected into the stream of legitimate ones, to whose ballots get lost or destroyed in transit, to who gets to decide if it will be counted. And confirming that the Voter is eligible to vote.

      If you can’t see that, and why it has to go, then you’re not serious.

        1. Sarah, that’s actually not that hard to understand: if they admit how much fraud there is, then they have to face the fact that Leslie Fish got it right in “Ramboing”:

          “And as for politicians, well, need any more be said?
          Their fingers all are in the till, their skulls are made of lead.
          You’ll never vote the bastards out, for guess who runs the game?
          And no use yelling for the law, the cops are just the same!”

          And the only remedy left is

          “So let us go a Ramboing, among the live grenades!
          Yes, let us go a Ramboing, all lively youths and maids!
          With an Uzi in the left hand, and machete in the right,
          Oh let us go a Ramboing out on the town tonight!”

  31. “Oh, yeah, a lot of people also show up to vote in person and are told they already voted by mail. Yes, there are documented cases, not systematic, because how do you systematize that.”

    Happened to me in the 2004 general election in Topeka. I was home on leave from Iraq right over the election. At the polls, the election worker told me just that. I responded “I have not and I will swear out an affidavit to that effect right now.” She responded with a dumb look. They gave me a provisional ballot and I never heard anything about it again.

      1. And realistically, how could they? I have two or more ballots cast by Sarah Hoyt of 1 Evil Space Princess Way, ESPtown, USA. How do I tell which one is real? Other than one is standing in front of me with an axe in each hand and one in her teeth, that is.

        1. I would imagine it’s often worse than that: I have a provisional ballot in Precinct 1 for one Simon Jester, and somewhere out there in the other precincts, there may be another, and no one has a good way of knowing which one(s) it is.

  32. Thank you for articulating my own miasmic understanding of this issue in it’s entirety. I’ve been lurking and reading you for years, Sarah, and always appreciate your bloody-minded ways.

  33. The problem with stealing a major election is – you can’t steal just one. This is like MacBeth with less blood and gore. But when the time comes most people realize they’ve been disenfranchised don’t count on that either.

  34. Speaking of fraud, the “Trump stole nuclear secrets to sell them” narrative conveniently died a week after the midterms.

    Sarah’s shocked face needs a long vacation at this point.

  35. Skullduggery thy name is Democrat, ‘cheat to win’ is their game.

    So much for ‘free, fair, and honest’ — the Democrats have once again committed fraud and forced themselves upon us, I feel like a rape victim.

      1. Indeed! The number of ‘fraud free’ Democrats is infinitesimally small. Like from the Scarlet Letter, they should be made to wear a red ‘F’ (for fraud).

  36. Speaking of fraud, Sam Bankman-Fried, number two so he tried harder, and his FTX first day Chapter-11 affidavit is out. A must read even if you don’t normally do that sort of thing. Epic. Absolutely epic. They don’t know how many bank accounts they have.

    Everyone needs to follow this as the fix is being put in as we speak. SBS is a major bankroller of democrats and quarantines. I’m fairly sure he was laundering money for the same people. If he was a money launder, and even he’s not, he has the trade information of a lot of powerful people. People you don’t want to owe money to IYKWIM. Epstein didn’t kill himself.

    He seems to have gotten, or someone has gotten, to the Bahamas government and the whole thing is being muddied up, May be too late for him though. The people doing the filing are old school, solid professionals. The bad guys are trying to get the case out of Delaware, back to the Bahamas where it can be memory holed. If it goes to Delaware or NY through the ch 15 filing — that’s a possibility — then it will be almost impossible to bury it..

    The most delicious part is that Michael Lewis of Liars Poker fame was embedded at the firm for the last six months as the thing unwound. Cinsidering that this was a group of 10 polyamorous math nerds running $24 billion, at least, while dropping massive hits of speed,

      1. I suspect that legality is pretty far down the list of things they need to worry about. They were doing business with some really dangerous people. Epstein died clean because they had his book, Bankman-Fried has a lot of information n his head, information people would want to extract.

        He seems to have thrown his erstwhile girlfriend under the bus too. She crazy. He’ll probably regret that.

        Why are they all so vile?

  37. When there’s no justice to be had at the ballot box or the jury box, we all know what comes next. These people are playing with gasoline and matches and think it’s funny.

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