Beyond the Red Rage Horizon by Analytical Engine mechanic

Beyond the Red Rage Horizon:

Fighting Well on the Inner Front

by Analytical Engine mechanic

We passed the Rage Horizon a few weeks ago.

— Ian Bruene, ATH comment, Jan. 11 2021

You just passed Beyond the Red Rage Horizon, sounds like.

So welcome to where much of the rest of America has been for months now.

— “Cecilia Gray” c/o this writer, ATH vignette, Feb. 5 2021

Once upon a time, in a far-distant world we called 1980, Frederik Pohl came out with a novel called Beyond the Blue Event Horizon as the middle book of a trilogy. (I’ve not yet read it, actually, but surely one of the catchiest book titles ever. So, stolen.)

And if, like our regular commenter and that vignette character, we think of ourselves (and our country if not our whole world) as having recently passed through some sort of political or historical event horizon (a surface which by definition can be crossed only once moving forward in time), we wouldn’t likely be far wrong.

This was true (for many of us) just about two years ago, when the fraud went from a sneaking ugly suspicion (or even an “oh crap, not again!” moment for Americans from places like Venezuela), through a slow-motion train wreck of revelations and failures, on to a vague but powerful clarity that some vital things were very rotten indeed.

(And, for anyone “just visiting” here who believes there is “no evidence of election fraud from 2020” — please, do some homework and get a clue. Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. Antrim County Michigan. The Navarro Report. The Deep Rig. Atlanta bloody Georgia. 2000 Mules the book and the movie both. On and on and on. It might take you a few weeks to work through it all, but eventually you’ll get the big picture. And finally stop being an ignorant election-fraud denier.)

It was (again for many of us) as if we’d “walked around the horses” and ended up in some bizarre alternate-world variation of the country we thought we knew. And not a good variation at all; often like one designed to provoke anger, or far worse, despair. (For anger, at least properly channeled, stored, and used, can be a wonderful fuel.)

Well, now it’s 2022 not 2020, and many ways at least it seems… here we go again!


Once things that should have been impossible have happened anyway; once things that should have been dependable or necessary or simply inevitable have not; and most especially if we’ve “taken the red pill” (in the odd but durable symbolic language of “The Matrix”), even we did it “only” one more time in one more way — we really can’t go back to being and seeing as we did before.

We’ve passed (so many of us) Beyond the Red Rage Horizon, never again to return.

Even if that’s mostly because our talent for willful self-deception can only go so far.

This guest post isn’t so much about our very real and utterly significant “fight” (or if we’re less lucky, literal fight) in the material, objective world, to save and restore our country and its governance and its political and social culture from those who want to “fortify” it into a sad, Marxo-fascistic, dysfunctional, and thus doomed travesty of itself.

It’s about the counterpart of that fight in our inner, psychological, spiritual realm.

And the reason this “inner front” is directly relevant to that “outer front” is simply, or even critically, that our outer struggle, “fight” or maybe even “war” against losing all the most important and successful things about “our” America — can be lost there. One person at a time.

That tired old sweepstakes line “you can’t win if you don’t enter” truly does apply.

The worst and most hazardous open border is between your mind and their “think.”

There’s a line from an old Scottish (and Gaelic) protest song, about people trying to recruit colonists for the British (as in Canadian) side of North America, that fits here.

Thig iad thugainn, carach, seolta, gus ar mealladh far ar n-eòlais.

They come to us, cunning, deceitful, to lead us astray from what we know.

They want to disconnect us from our own inner knowing and our own inner personal and cultural strength. They want to lead us (going back again to the song) off into a cold land gun ghual, gun mhoine, without coal and without peat; with no (apparent) means “To Build A Fire” (as Jack London once said), no warmth there for us to find or to make for ourselves, only their endless inner empty Marxlandish space-cold chill.

So we freeze ourselves in place to suit their ends; or run in queasy circles till we die.

Please do note well, here, that if they can do this to us, inwardly, or even “better” get us to do it to ourselves or each other for them, they don’t even have to bother to do any more, outwardly. Mission accomplished. With or without “gender affirming” cuts.

(And I hear once again Capt. Mal Reynolds saying, “I aim to misbehave” instead.)

Even more importantly, human nature means we cannot refuse to participate. In an atmosphere of active psychological “influence operations” and propaganda served up as “news” or “fact checking” — or even outright dis-information designed and deployed to counter and neutralize our genuine, verifiable data, and logical conclusions that would in any normal, objective way flow from that — we either have to see through and resist this constant, dragging downhill gradient of imposed inner force… or fall prey to it.

On that inner front we will each either win or lose; there is literally no running away.

And the single most important factor in our combat effectiveness on that front, one where (again) by simple virtue of being human we are always inescapably exposed each moment of every day, is: do we know we’re in a fight here, and are we ready to go?

As (many of us here) introverts, creators, “Odds” as Sarah puts it so often, we tend to be more vulnerable in these ways; we “live closer to the unconscious” as Carl Jung used to say, being closer, indeed, to our own inner selves than many other people are.

But of course that is a source of strength too. These past few days in the immediate wake of Election Day (Week? Month?) 2022, I’ve seen so many people get carried away with the rush of events — but more importantly, carried away from themselves too.

People who ought to know better, even who most of the time do know better, but all of a sudden, in the heat of the (nasty, ugly, shocking) moment… do not.

My Republicans lost! How dare they, the losers, they were supposed to win for me, and save me and our country for me, so I didn’t have to help do it much or any myself!

They had the wrong message, the wrong strategy, not enough money, too much…

Guys, that’s all too much (don’t think of me here as a “nice guy” who will lie to you to spare your feelin’s at any cost, I’m not) like the suddenly-widowed wife of a policeman blaming her husband for not shooting the perp before he could shoot the love of her life dead on the spot. He didn’t kill himself; the bank robber pulled the gun and the trigger.

Never mind how real and searing her grief and her loss truly and genuinely are.

Valid as feelings, as emotions, yes. Very. As objective conclusions? Not so much!

Thinking with your emotions is like feeling with abstract mathematics. Right?

(And no, I’m not excusing RINOs and defeatists and collaborationists with ‘R’ after their names, no way no how. I’m asking you to ask yourselves, rather pointedly see just above, if you ought blame your allies for losing in a rigged game to a bunch of cheaters. Where, without the cheating, they most likely would have won barely or hugely big.)

So many — certainly not all — now in their grief (and it is genuine) blame their allies, or even worse, themselves; anyone but the bad guys who really brought this to pass.

Which isn’t correct, isn’t right, and for dead-certain sure is not helpful to us at all.

Don’t think, even for an instant, I’m suggesting that you “stuff” your feelings or set them aside, somehow — that’s not only not what I mean, except in the very immediate present and where vitally necessary, it’s the near-perfect opposite of what I mean.

What I am saying is that you need to be “in touch” both with your reason (and all the information it needs to work on) and with your emotions (and all the power they can, if properly “met” and felt and understood, embody and release). Intuition helps, too.

That way, your emotions do not (see above)… lead you astray. Do not lead or tempt you to “think” using your emotions — which, although it can seem natural or obvious at times, really does make about as much sense and work about as well as yelling in rage to solve a mathematical-physics problem, or “debugging” your misbehaving program by throwing its code listings across the room.

But likely even more important, that way the energy in your emotions — which in the case of fear and grief for your family, our country, for our very civilization, can be vast and deep indeed — becomes and remains available for you to actually, practically use, in specific ways that can advance your goals according to your chosen strategy.

So you don’t simply burn it off like a pile of lit gunpowder, but instead make it shove the piston down the cylinder, or even the ball down the barrel. (Speaking inwardly and metaphorically and psychologically, of course.)

Some of the left-side’s techniques, gambits, mechanisms are very powerful indeed; it’s just that they’re seldom or never very sophisticated too. That means if you can step back and look carefully at things (and here I’m talking about them trying to crawl inside your head, not the more direct real-world attacks through jobs or social life or lawfare or regulations or… all the other evil crap they’ve been up to for awhile), without getting sucked into ‘thinking’ only with your feelings (also known as not thinking), most of their ploys do tend very definitely to shrink to a manageable size or simply fall apart.

(Of course, like a lot of things, this is hardest to do just when it matters the most.)

And one of the best ways to start that analysis (‘taking things apart’) is to ask what the Romans suggested: cui bono? Who benefits, if I… blame Trump for losing, or whatever.

Who benefits, if I blame Trump for losing in 2020, “he should have done a better job of running” or whatever? Not him, not the sane and patriotic subset of the R-Party, not the cause of resisting the ever-nuttier Rodent Liberation Front squirrels with the D’s.

Who benefits, if I decide to despair that we will ever “take back” our country, or even the House or the Senate? Who benefits, if I decide “all our elections are hopelessly and permanently corrupted” and I don’t even bother to try to vote anymore? Surely not the people I used to be in league with, who now have to go on without me. (Or quit too.)

Who benefits, if despite your determination to resist the ever more overtly Marxist rot and malignancy, and starkly insane policies like “no more drilling” and “an end to coal” without any viable replacements — and to take back our schools, our culture, our way of life — your sudden, hairpin-turn policy shift is to end your relationship with the one major current political figure who has proven that he can get elected on a ‘MAGA’ agenda, fight the swamp decently (only decently) well, turn out huge crowds from both old and new constituencies within the electorate, raise and spend money in a way that end-runs the RINO-riddled Party apparatus and steers it toward supporting (mostly) solid real-conservative candidates and actually gets many elected, and even start up his own social media platform to compete with Big Tech Left? Do you know something the rest of us don’t (yet), about the New Guy Du Jour? Or perhaps instead it’s the old Never Trumper Bug, that’s (once again) going around?

And doesn’t that plan make about as much sense as shutting down all our coal plants before their nuclear (or whatever) replacements even start construction?

Who benefits, if one simple half-stolen election (this one less effectively so than last) sets those who oppose the Friends of Good Old Marksy to pointing fingers, flinging poo (figuratively), throwing shade and blame at each other? Surely not friends of liberty.

Notice that I’m really not (despite possible appearances) trying to support Donald Trump 2024, or anything like it; officially he’s not even running yet, and it was only at the very last minute I decided to go his way in 2016. (Then, he was an untested largely unknown quantity and a self-promoting reality-showman too. Now, we know more.)

Instead, I’m suggesting you think, logically and dispassionately, what am I really doing if I think and act this way I feel, or that I now feel is right? By your own lights.

Am I being a stalwart true American, here, or a careless upset super-spreader of doom?

Also note well and carefully, none of the above is aimed as any sort of criticism of anyone (sane and patriotic and civilization-affirming ones at least), here or anywhere else, for saying things over these past days since Tuesday evening. That’s not only not my purpose in writing this, there’s a deeper point that applies.

The above kind of analysis only works on and for half the functions I’ve been talking about — the half that has to do with deciding, logically, how to understand what you do know (or even what you don’t), and what you think might be best to try to do about it.

The other half is the part where you feel — what’s inside you, what it’s doing to you, what’s been done to you. All the fear, despair, rage, and everything else, must be seen.

And comments, for that matter even original posts, don’t necessarily only pertain to the “analytical” half alone — they involve the emotional half too, which (usually or even eventually) must be brought to consciousness and treated respectfully, in some way; or else bad or worse is likely to come to you in time, from your ongoing inner neglect.

Some of us would say good clear writing means you make that distinction between how you see things and how you feel about them; but of course, you have to already be clear on that, first, in order to write that way. Not all of us always are; actually, being naturally imperfect human beings, none of us always or perfectly are.

But my final point here is actually a current one. Election tampering,  interference, fraud, “f*ckery” or any other name you might put to it, is by its nature also a psy-op. It isn’t only that corruption is associated with many of the D’s (Peter Schweitzer has done multiple detailed books on that, including “Profiles In Corruption”). It’s also that this kind of foolery involved in election tampering, by just about any means — buying votes or harvesting them, stuffing ballot boxes, rewriting totals through “algorithms” built to cheat, re-scanning selected ballots multiple times, creating rivers of counterfeit ballots using vote-by-mail-fraud, or whatever — has the effect of and works by corrupting the entire process. And thus also everything “downstream” from that process, too.

So it doesn’t only corrupt the official “count” of votes, as it mis-decides who “wins” and will be installed in office; it also corrupts the signals that vote count would send to the voters and the whole electorate and the public at large. It mis-states, in one or more ways, what the desires and choices of the voting public, as sampled by this election, are this time around. It’s not just, effectively, stealing a term of office by violating the trust we place in the human and inanimate “machinery” of our election; it also mis-uses that trust (as long as we still have it) to authoritatively lie to everyone about what we said in the election, collectively. Even bogus results can look legitimate because we trust them.

Typically, or at least traditionally, this sort of information closes a sort of feedback loop — candidates who do really well, even if they don’t win, tend to be back. Ones who do very badly, unless they’re from diehard fringe parties that just keep on trying, often never try again. Which means that this indirect effect, reasonable and even useful as it typically is as long as the process is honest and gets its arithmetic right, gets corrupted as well — just about exactly as badly as the fraud compromised the election itself.

This kind of corruption doesn’t only affect who wins now, it affects who runs later. It especially can affect what sort of contributions candidates might get in the future, too.

It affects the conclusions that voters and others draw about the parties, the issues, how they think and feel about those and politics itself — all based on a judicious lie.

And it (naturally, almost inevitably) affects all those things in the same direction: the way the steal and the lie were originally crafted to drive events. It substitutes not “fake news” but a “fake election” for at least part of the real one. Impersonating the truth of one of the processes that is most central, essential, and necessary for a representative, democratic republic like ours to function, or really to exist as such at all.

It steals the power of the machinery of government; then tries to gaslight one and all into believing that we not only deserve what we’re about to get, we actually asked for it.

We can’t really change or correct the results of an election; not the official totals, not who gets to be sworn in, certainly not as individuals. But what we can do, by ourselves on our inner front, is refuse to be easily or quickly duped by election “results” that look too good or too bad to be true. We don’t have to descend instantly into the kind of hard and ugly self-criticism that flows from credulously swallowing a (possible or likely) lie.

We don’t have to assume that just because previously-questionable election results, especially ones from or including those notorious “blue counties” or “fraud hotspots” investigated in previous (problematic or highly-suspect) elections, say we’ve lost big or that there was next to no “Red Wave” or that many of our fellow citizens just don’t care about America’s future or want to happily lap up the latest socialist gruel — it’s true.

We don’t have to greedily swallow “black pills” that real fraud might be setting us up to receive — we don’t even have to react to even credible election news as someone else would expect or like us to do. “Reality testing” is important, especially to more realistic people, yes; but you need to run the tests on good equipment with proper calibration.

We can wait a bit longer for the newfangled electoral “fog of war” to blow away, for instance, on the metaphorical battlefield. Last I heard (secondhand), Kari Lake, Blake Masters, and Mark Finchem in Arizona were still expecting to win, given the nature of the late votes they’re supposed to be counting. Just from this one example, that’s one set of “losses” (Governor and Senator, Secretary of State) that might really be all wins.

Of course, the fact “we’re still counting” days after the election… suggests some bad.

Finally, and most starkly unlike the outer front, in the end the only person who can actually fight for you on that inner front is — you. Surely you can have allies and friends and fellow-travellers, and some of us have spiritual support as well (perhaps amazing if maybe hard to believe, even hard to believe we deserve, support); but ultimately, it will be you who decides if you’re going to keep faith with your own inner resources, or with your family or ancestors or culture or religion or allies of any kind. Or else, instead, let others define your values, your beliefs, your way of life, or who you actually are inside; because they have their own system in mind for your world, and they’re willing and able to (if you let them) warp your inner world, by warping pieces of your outer world first.

Maybe they do have a lot of power. But maybe you’d prefer not to give them more.

Perhaps you, too, aim to misbehave; and inside your own mind most of all.

212 thoughts on “Beyond the Red Rage Horizon by Analytical Engine mechanic

  1. Though I believe the 2024 nod should be Trump’s to refuse, there are one or two others I can support.

    As I am not a Republican, I would not presume to demand—nor even inject myself into their Primary Election—but, should they choose correctly, I will vote for their candidate.

    America is not run by my will, for my pleasure, or on my timetable, so I can afford to be a little patient now and again.

    Some of my people were more fiery-tempered and jumped at the chance to fight. Thomas died of Typhoid before he got the chance. Briscoe died of measles 500 miles from any other family. Isaac was a 1st Sergeant until a bullet shattered his shoulder. Mark spent 3 years in and out of hospital, catching everything and recovering. AJ lost a foot to combat and his life to gangrene. Two others, captured at Plymouth, SC, went to Andersonville Prison, one dying there and one, sickly, escaping from the guards as they were moved to a new camp.

    Yes, there were others; but that’s the basic melody.

    I want a new name, a new body, a new song. I have no room for hate, though it keeps coming in when I am distracted.

    Don’t give up hope. They may killbus. They may even eat us. But we don’t have to help them

    1. I am so thoroughly disgusted with my fellow citizens, allowing this ongoing travesty of outright, not hidden, in-your-fucking-face-what-are-you-going-to-do-about-it stolen elections. Pete’s sake, half of Brazil it seems are out massively protesting their election, for weeks now.
      To think we were once a nation of pioneers- what a joke.
      Apparently we Americans are STILL too comfy, too well fed, too entertained, and yes too un-fucking-believably stupid to see all the various manner of insanities being shoved down our throats- Caligula’s horse-senator has nothing on Fetidman ( or Sling Blade if you prefer) pResident Shitshow, all the endless LBQ… crap aimed at OUR children, endless wars, Green deal, etc etc etc.
      Its mind boggling.

    2. I am so thoroughly disgusted with my fellow citizens, allowing this ongoing travesty of outright, not hidden, in-your-fucking-face-what-are-you-going-to-do-about-it stolen elections. Pete’s sake, half of Brazil it seems are out massively protesting their election, for weeks now.
      To think we were once a nation of pioneers- what a joke.
      Apparently we Americans are STILL too comfy, too well fed, too entertained, and yes too un-fucking-believably stupid to see all the various manner of insanities being shoved down our throats- Caligula’s horse-senator has nothing on Fetidman ( or Sling Blade if you prefer) pResident Shitshow, all the endless LBQ… crap aimed at OUR children, endless wars, Green deal, etc etc etc.
      Its mind boggling.

        1. True. And the only choices we seem to have are accept it or kill them.

          And most of us are not physically or psychologically ready for Frederick Douglass’s “4th box”.

          And as we have seen throughout history, revolutions are nearly always coopted by the bad guys.

          Look at France, Russia, and Iran for examples.

          1. I don’t have a big problem with the ammo box, except I need to order more.

            I have a problem that comes from using it.

            I suspect that I have a similar attitude in the killing of human beings of ill intent as I have of killing animals I hunt. That is, it’s necessary for life, but should be done in moderation and the least amount of waste as possible. Wish I could remember the book I read the quote in, “I regret killing you, but that’s not going to stop me from doing so.”

            1. There’s a line from an early Jerry Pournelle story along much the same lines. (It might just possibly be “High Justice” but don’t count on that.)

              “Tears would not spoil his aim” (or something very close).

            2. “..should be done in moderation and the least amount of waste as possible. ” Yep, and quickly, giving the animal a quick, clean, death, with as little pain as possible. The same holds true for ideologies, kill them as quickly as possible, simply wound them. The longer we let them linger, no matter how damaged, the more harm they do to their believers as well as others.

              Warfare’s different, if you kill an enemy, that’s one off the battle front, if you injure him, transport, medical care, etc. occupies four or five more on their side that, hence, can’t be on the front lines. If push finally comes to shove one can see wounding, if possible and reasonably convenient provides a long term advantage.

              Having said that strategic truth, none the less tactically, if we’re ever in that position, the only choice, regrettably, not one I’m comfortable with, nor should I be, is shoot to kill.

          2. When Americans are starving or freezing, the “government” is attempting to confiscate our guns, or being rounded up for the gulag…That’s when we’ll see how much fight is left in America…

            1. at a guess? despite all the talk and rage? effectively NONE. because honestly? the time to have another mcminn county war, and this time on a grander scale..was DECADES ago. If it had been done THEN, we wouldn’t be having these conversations NOW.

              1. I think you’re right Wolfie. The 6 January federrection, not insurrection, and political prisoners still in D.C. jails shows that. The shot was heard around the world and everybody yawned.

                Frankly I’m not black pilled though, no matter what they do, the cracks are still there and like James Bolivar diGriz, Harry Harrison’s Stainless Steel Rat, any reasonable person willing to indulge in a wee bit of uncivil disobedience, should be able to find those cracks wherein they and theirs can nest away for another day, while, meanwhile, venturing out to play with the hearts and minds of the ungodly.

                Could be a bit of fun don’tcha think?

                1. Actually, the closest comparison to Jan 6 that I can see in history was the Boston Tea Party. And they did far more damage than the Jan 6 break and enter.

                  1. Another point about Jan 6 is that it was apparently set up as a false flag operation; only this time they were trying to put the blame on native Americans.

                  2. The Capitol Police opened the Capitol building voluntarily, so there isn’t a B&E that can be prosecuted…

                    1. Which of course begs the question of why they have a commission and over a hundred people imprisoned for it; when the breakage was only done by a half dozen people, and of questionable allegiance at that (how many were on FBI payroll?)

                      That alone is justification for banding together a few thousand people and breaking those imprisoned out of it. And lynching the commission for violating the U.S. Constitution.

                    2. Agreed, and the denial of bail to protestors who, at worst, could be charged with trespassing, is unConstitutional as well…We live in a lawless era…

                    3. A few have been blackmailed into confessing to bigger ‘crimes’.

                      What I want to know is, where are the hoodlums shown in multiple videos smashing in the doors and windows? The instigators passing out weapons from backpacks? Where is Confederate Flag Dude? Why were none of them arrested? Why have the Fibbies made not the slightest effort to find them? Gee, it’s almost like they’re under some sort of protection…
                      The Democrats are willing to burn America to the ground, so long as they wind up squatting on top of the ashes.

                2. Most people don’t know what’s going on with the January 6 protestors. They know that a bunch of people tried to interfere with the process of selecting the next president. And they believe that the worst of them have been arrested and are being tried in court. Beyond that, they know virtually nothing.

                  If you were to suggest to most people that there’s anything more than that, you’d be branded a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

                  1. and yet the truly brainwashed by Goebbels’ Kids, believe exactly that and call people like myself that very thing. The fact most of them are either purblind ideological fools who only believe the ‘right think’, ‘right speak’ of their party leaders and the party’s lapdogs..Goebbels Kids [the media] or are very naive. Also never studied any history or anything else beyond what they were taught in school…is…easily led by the nose and woefully ignorant.

                    1. It’s not that they’re being “brainwashed”. It’s that they don’t have channels that tell them what’s going on. If they do happen to overhear something suggesting otherwise, they’re disinclined to believe it because you’re talking about something that – to them – is so outrageously out of the realm of belief. “We don’t act like that here.”

                    2. On another blog, I’m having a conversation with someone where, after she graciously said that she didn’t think that all Republicans are racist, I pointed out that Biden can’t open his mouth without something racist falling out. She said she is unaware of anything racist he said, but she’ll be glad to loom into any I find. Note: this woman obsessively follows the news.

                  2. Have been. By people in my own family who ought to know better.

                    BTW, I’ve found out what’s on the other side of the red rage horizon: hate.

                    Not for my family or necessarily for anyone who disagrees with me, not even your garden-variety progtard (it’s infuriating, but not necessarily their fault they’ve been brainwashed), but for the people who are prosecuting this war on humanity.

                    I know what I hate, and who, and why. Figuring out what to do with it, given my limited abilities and the limitations of circumstance and where I live, is a problem.

                  3. Brainwashing…The First Amendment protects their right to demonstrate and protest, and if that interferes with “selecting” the next President, tough titty as we used to say…

                1. I don’t know about addict. I just pay attention more than most and trust goebbels kids as far as I can throw them….into the nearest woodchipper

    1. No, but he can walk out on someone else’s.

      Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results can be your story in politics. It doesn’t have to be mine.

      Most of human history was lived under tyranny. Since we aren’t, as a whole, willing to be creative to avoid tyranny, I’ll concentrate on learning how our forebears survived it instead of wasting that energy pretending to fight it.

      1. “Most of human history was lived under tyranny.”

        And that could be said that it’s our default state, and it apparently works.

        What I want to say that started with the ancient Greeks, was combined with Jesus of Nazareth, was refined by the Renaissance, and was sneakily implemented by our divinely inspired country’s founders; is still a wildly divergent experiment from that default. It ran pretty well for nearly 200 years before going off the rails.

        Putting it back on the rails would be a start. But there do need to be some changes made to keep it on the rails better. Upgrade the ties, the rails, the wheels, the cars and the engine. Or even go full flying locomotive, Back to the Future. “Where we’re going, we don’t need rails!”

        1. I have said before, on this blog, in the context of hating on the phrase “the right side of history”, I am not sure about what Rush called “the natural yearning of the human spirit to be free.” I worry that belief is the American right’s version of “the right side of history”.

          Even Christ, as Kierkegaard pointed out, is a tyrant. He is simply the only good one (by definition).

          Is what we are going to just history reverting to the mean? Are we at the end of one of Heinlein’s “here and there, now and then” periods of good luck?

      2. A table laid, with food and drink.
        A chair to sit and rest and think.
        A fire lit so you can see.
        A simple gift of hospitality.

        If I could give these simple things
        I’d have them here what e’er life brings.
        Your heart is torn, and things are bleak,
        And there seems nothing left to seek.

        I leave a song, to ease your heart,
        A small thing, somewhere to start.
        A prayer of hope for something true.
        May blessings yet, shower you.

        May you find a brighter day.
        May you find hope along the way.
        May your days be true and long.
        May you find a joyful song.

        Lift your head, look to the sun.
        There is a day just begun.
        What will it bring, we shall see.
        May there be hope that comes to be.

  2. Kindle the fire burned to embers,
    Quench the blaze upon the heights.
    Sing the song that still remembers
    The truth of freedom’s light.

    The stillness comes from somewhere,
    Though we known not when.
    The rage that comes from out there.
    We tame it from within.

    The fire brings a brilliance,
    That we can ever know.
    The hearts that find resilience,
    They the truth will show.

    We cannot cede the battle
    If we would win the war,
    Though the sabers that they rattle,
    Seem to come from near and far.

    Despair will make us falter,
    Its steps are heavy chains.
    Do not take its halter,
    Do not bear its reins.

    It is not the anger
    Against which we must stand,
    But cold despair the danger,
    That blames our own hand.

    Turn not upon a brother,
    Keep your eye fixed on the foe.
    This way you will discover
    Who would with you go.

    1. The black dog sat at the foot of my bed around 3 a.m. panting, sharp white teeth in a grin, and told me to despair. Told me Kari Lake would not take the reins in Arizona and clean up the state like DeSantis did. Told me it was over. Despair.

      Dang I hate waking up at 3 a.m. to that. But like your lovely poem, I did not cede the battle, and did not accept the heavy chains. My mind will remain free and I will figure out how to contribute to this struggle. Even if it’s just minding the camp.

      Thank you for your poetry. It’s beautiful.

    2. This one especially outstanding!!
      I look forward to purchasing your collection (and preferably in paper, as the b*****ds have a harder time taking paper away.

              1. Pulled the trigger on it. It’s already worth it. Poetry doesn’t seem like it will ever be fast to format, but dang if this isn’t orders of magnitude faster than anything else I’ve used!

      1. ebooks are harder than you think to take away. it’s “simple” anything that comes from any other house, other than baen…or independents who publish on their own, publish with DRM. You get DRM cracking software to rewrite the book to your favorite format without the DRM. Load it on an e reader that is never connected to the internet and then duplicate EVERYTHING you convert to an offline drive. or multiple drives. be it a usb harddrive or a thumbdrive.

    1. Umm at this point I fear we have moved way closer to “The Moon is Harsh Mistress” than anything else I’m familiar with (except for bits and bobs of “Brave New World” and “1984” that keep poking through). Our current Turnip in Chief makes Mort the Wart look like a major improvement. How we get out is far less clear.

        1. There is a lot to be said about a system that nobody gets a say in until they’ve demonstrated a willingness to die to support it. On the other hand, such an attitude taken to extremes can also get you Islamic Fundamentalist Suicide Bombers. Thank goodness the Antifa-nuts don’t seem to be actively suicidal, yet.

        2. Yeah without Mycroft/Mychelle we are definitely at a disadvantage in comparison to the Loonies.

  3. I’m asking you to ask yourselves, rather pointedly see just above, if you ought blame your allies for losing in a rigged game to a bunch of cheaters.

    No, you are asking us to do something far worse.

    You are asking us to pretend those people are still our allies. You are asking us to continue to support those who:

    When we beat the fraud and elected someone, Trump, who they didn’t like they spent 4 years sandbagging despite nominally being in the same party. That was after they tried to sandbag before the election.
    Stood by and let the fraud happen in 2020 and let their allies be tarred and feathered for pointing out the fraud.
    Knowing the fraud of 2020 didn’t do a damned thing (and no, Georgia reforms which gave us more early voting, same-day registration, and absentee voting that most blue states is not doing something…or at least not something useful) and let it happen again while hoovering up all the air and money they could while leaving candidates we supported high and dry (where did the $180,000,000 of the National Republican Senatorial Committee good, because it wasn’t sent in GA, PA, AZ, or NV), but are standing by to give excuses.

    The reality is those who control the GOP are fine with the fraud as long as that inner circle keeps its place as “loyal opposition.” That’s the best case.

    The worst case is they actively aid and abet the fraud against GOP candidates they don’t like.

    Yet we are not to attack them, challenge them, or refuse to vote for them.

    Suggest something like a single issue “fix the vote” third party?

    Nope, third parties aid the fraud.

    Stay at home when their candidates win primaries which is a gentler version of their “endorse the Democrat” (and thus probably agree to the fraud) when their candidate does?

    Nope, not voting GOP aids the fraud.

    Refuse to vote at all to not give your endorsement to the validity of the system?

    Nope, not voting aids the fraud.

    Suggest we run a quiet campaign for everyone to poll they are voting GOP and vote Biden in 2024 so that he gets more votes than citizens when the fraud is added in?

    Nope, voting Democrat to get crazy totals aids the fraud.

    Keep rolling out ideas and in the end all you, and our hostess, and all the “good” conservatives will say is “fix the vote and vote Republican harder”. No ideas on how to fix the vote is to be done. No ideas on how voting for people who at best have stood by for two national cycles and at worst participated in it is going to encourage them to make changes to the procedure.

    Voting Republican to cut the federal government? You get Medicare Part D.

    Voting Republican to repeal Obamacare? Nope, but we will undercut the GOP president you like.

    Voting Republican to fix fraud? Nope, they’re happy with the fraud, thank you very much.

    I’m not mad at my allies for losing to fraud.

    I’m mad at myself for believing people who claim to care about the fraud demonstrating they just want to complain but in the end are okay with the world the fraud gives us because trying something different than what we’ve done my entire adult life to no real effect except for one brief year in 1995 is too much to bear.

    Are my ideas above shit? Probably, but that’s more new ideas than I hear from people complaining about fraud. At least I’m producing ideas. It would be nice if other people worried about fraud who say each one is shit produced one or two of their own.

    If my actions make no difference, and with allies like that they will, then I’ll take the path of least resistance and do nothing.

    1. The formatting my my list of particulars didn’t come through.

      When we beat the fraud and elected someone, Trump, who they didn’t like they spent 4 years sandbagging despite nominally being in the same party. That was after they tried to sandbag before the election.
      Stood by and let the fraud happen in 2020 and let their allies be tarred and feathered for pointing out the fraud.
      Knowing the fraud of 2020 didn’t do a damned thing (and no, Georgia reforms which gave us more early voting, same-day registration, and absentee voting that most blue states is not doing something…or at least not something useful) and let it happen again while hoovering up all the air and money they could while leaving candidates we supported high and dry (where did the $180,000,000 of the National Republican Senatorial Committee good, because it wasn’t sent in GA, PA, AZ, or NV), but are standing by to give excuses.

      1. Let me guess, you started each line with a number and a period.

        Some months ago, WPDE started eating those. If you want to start a line with a number and a dot, you have to use the HTML code.

        To get:

        1. An enumerated list


        1. To actually display the dot in WPDE

    2. I’m pretty sure that 99.99% of us here realize that the people you mention do NOT fall into the definition of “allies” in the original post. Trump is an ally. Desantis is (most probably) an ally. Cocaine Mitch the Turtle and his ilk are not our allies and we are fully aware of that.

      1. Are you sure?

        Because when I said I wasn’t sure if I was going to vote for the Rat for Secretary of State in Georgia because in 2020 he was the one that agreed to all the unsecure drop boxes and then expanded them for the Senate runoff in early 2021, I was told “so you’d rather have a Democrat”.

        Multiply that by any race where a fraud okay Republican is on the ballot, and yeah I think the poster is here and on other conservative sites are exactly who is telling me to pretend those people are our allies.

        1. But if I vote third party or leave the line empty instead of voting for The Rat, you’ll claim I’m just supporting the fraud, so spare me the “this” until you enumerate times opposing the GOP who is okay with the fraud isn’t supporting the fraud.

          Because that’s the problem, the “anything but a Dem” mentality means supporting Republicans who support the fraud or at least don’t care. I got that this cycle with the man who gave up in court and gave Georgia ballot dropboxes

            1. Sarah, I think herbn is using “you” when he means “y’all”. Not personal, collective.

              1. It is collective, but it damn well includes our hostess.

                I was going to go through and pull all the time she disparaged third-party voting as providing cover for the fraud or being irrelevant in the face of fraud since last Tuesday. I might still do that and ask her if she’s changed her mind since last Friday, but make no mistake she is included among them.

                I’m less angry at her, and the collective, then I’m at myself for buying into that b******* as recently as last Tuesday. I’ve been sat on the Discord that evening that I think I missed a chance to fight for on Georgia by re-electing our GOP Secretary of State who is the man who gave up and took a consent decree to give us drop off boxes and then, without even the consent decree, expanded them for the runoff.

                That means when they fraud their way through Georgia in 2024 everyone will point to our Republican Secretary of state, again, and say clearly it can’t be fraud because of Republican wouldn’t allow the Democrats to fraud their state. I should have tried to elect the Democrats so at least a Democrat would have to own the fraud.

              2. Third-party voting IS irrelevant, except as an occasional spoiler when the race is close…assuming the results are mostly honest. When there’s wholesale fraud, it’s even more irrelevant. The insider uniparty won’t let any third party get enough votes to mess with their margin of fraud, and that’s all there is to it.

                Mostly all it has is symbolic protest value — which is arguably the only principled choice in a case like Georgia’s, where the rotten Republican gov and secretary of state have figured out how to run their own fraud instead of actually fixing things.

                I wonder, though… What if there was a third party that basically said, look, we know we’re not going to win because nobody can win unless they’re an insider — so why not vote together as outsiders for a platform that consists entirely of officially registering a refusal to vote for any of the bastards? It’d be very interesting if a third party got 20% plus while the establishment “won” by splitting up the fake votes to gin up barely 40% for itself.

            2. I’m not telling you what you’re going to do. I’m telling you what you have done.

              All of these are from yesterday in a blog post entitled “Special Effects” which is not marked as a guest post.

              “Meanwhile there is the ever-present “should there be a third party.” Because in fraudulent elections, controlled by one side, it matters if there’s one party or ten thousand….”

              “For 2026/28? “It was these third party spoilers. They divided the conservative vote and the left won.”

              Note none of those are the real reasons. They’re fig leafs. But the fig leafs will work to keep the right directing their anger at whoever: women, Trump/DeSantis/third party.”

              As of yesterday, you indicated voting third party was worthless and at best an aid to fraud.

              Have you changed your mind since yesterday?

              If not, it is reasonable to conclude in 2024 if we vote third party instead of for a Brad Raffensperger or a Rick Scott or a Mitt Romney or a John McCain or a Liz Cheney that you will tell us we are part of the problem for splitting those opposing the Dems instead of fighting fraud.

              If so be honest enough to say that “yes, voting third party against Republicans who actively fight against stopping fraud or who sandbag their own party for media points or who build a large war chest for an anticipated red wave only for none of it to show up in close races that we knew faced fraud”.

              Because I’m not seeing anyone saying that. I’m hearing “we don’t mean those Republicans” followed by “but you can’t split the vote”. Either we can’t split the vote in which case we vote for all Republicans or we do split the vote so we don’t support those Republicans.

              That’s not acting strange. That’s acting rational and saying choose or I have to assume you want what we’ve done until now.

              This isn’t anger. This is asking if I’m being expected to sign on to insanity by Einstein’s definition.

              1. Because in fraudulent elections, controlled by one side, it matters if there’s one party or ten thousand

                It does in this one way.

                The GOP is fine with fraud as long as the protected people aren’t frauded against.

                A third party vote against those people, especially if on a party explicitly a one-issue party devoted to stopping vote fraud means they don’t have enough votes to win and lose the safe seats to a Democrat. That might tell them “we need to address fraud to say our sorry asses.”

                Unless you believe the Democrats would fraud there to save them. I don’t. I figure the Dems would take the free win and fraud from there on out.

                And it might not work, they might prefer to lose the seat than fight against fraud, but at least we’ll know.

                1. Most people weren’t sure it was fraud? Polls showed over 60% think 2020 was hinky. Meanwhile we’ve spent a week learning Trump and abortion are why the red wave failed.

                  Is it safe to assume you support voting third party over The Rat or Tim Scott or a Mitch McConnell?

                  1. SURE Herbn
                    I don’t support voting third party at all. I still think it’s a distraction. Go read Special Effects again.
                    BUT YOU CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT. Why do you need someone’s approval or to have everyone do as you say, anyway?
                    I think voting won’t work.
                    Will I still vote? Probably, if we get that far. You? You do whatever you want.

        1. At best only rarely shooting at US. I’m not sure if GOP leadership is Vichy France or Italy, but they are sorta neutral, sorta co-belligerent with the Dems.

    3. I think the post has many valid points. Yet this really describes how I feel, Herb.

      Betrayal and a willingness toward weakness have lit my fire permanently. Anyone speaking about “unity” is likely to get yelled at.

    4. Those who control the GOP are addicted to that control. That’s their inner identity, and they don’t care who they have to step on, or butt kiss, to keep it.

      Trump’s greatest strength is he doesn’t have to kiss anyone’s butt. That’s why the Established Swamp hates him, is terrified of him, and does everything they can to hamstring, blind, castrate, kneecap, defenestrate, hang, draw and quarter, and behead him at every turn.

        1. Yep, yea but I don’t see the Republican Party as a party any more, it’s the democrat auxiliary and hence our wonderful (sarc) una-party system.

          A third party just might be willing to question obvious fraudulent ballots, the democrat auxiliary won’t, a third party might be able to put on enough pressure to get us back to an election day instead of an election month(s), the democrat auxiliary wouldn’t even try, a third party might work to get political prisoners out of D. C. jails, the democrat auxiliary doesn’t, a third might even represent, rather than rule and ignore the wishes of the voters, the democrat auxiliary certainly does not, a third party could possibly secure our borders and deport the over five million criminal alien invaders that have been bused and flown all across our country (Yes such are even up here in Alaska), the democrat auxiliary likes to squawk the talk but doesn’t walk the walk, a third party might take our Constitution, and their oaths, seriously, the democrat auxiliary doesn’t.

          As I noted, many disagree but that’s the way I see it. Think? OK, that’s what I think.

          I don’t expect such to happen, it’s gonna be a long dark winter, but living up here on top of the world, I’m prepared for such.

          1. The top of the republican party, certainly. But go look at the history of when parties fall apart.
            SUPPOSING we can get around the fraud (and that’s a HUGE supposing) are you going to give the country to the dems for 30 years? Do you think we’d survive that?
            I mean, I don’t think it matters, because of the fraud. BUT– Why do you think it matters? And is worth the trouble of 30 years full on communism?

            1. First, as noted I don’t see a viable third party as happening, but from my perspective I see such as the only alternative to opening that other box.

              Yes it’s the top of the party but, again just my opinion, they’ll assure the dems have at least 30 more years. Our respected Republican leaders are far more comfortable as the loyal opposition and not having to do anything but complain. They spent millions of bucks here in Alaska, campaigning against a Republican candidate, Kelly Tshibaka, who was approved and supported by the local Alaska GOP, not a democrat to assure the RINO who voted 65% of the time last year for Buck Fiden’s agenda, Lisa Murkowski, remains in the Senate.

              Yes I would like to see we the people rise triumphant, tear control of the Grand Old Party away from the elites, the oligarchs, the smoothers and breakers, the many graft takers, but color me terribly disillusioned. The only route I see is a second party to counter the uni-party.

              Revitalize the Grand Old Party? I just don’t think it’s possible. I hope I’m wrong and I hope, I’m afraid, forlornly, that the next two years prove me wrong.

              Thirty years of full communism? I think the wolf is already here and has been for quite a while even if wrapped in soft fluffy wool. I’m so old I remember when we, not the government, decided what light bulbs we’ll buy, how much shower water we can use, if we wanted an electric car or not, when we could plow our own fields without government permission. shucky darn, I’m so old I even opened bank accounts without ID, drop the money on the teller’s counter sign a signature card and that was it.

              Again though, I’m not black pilled. I’m used to long dark winters and, even though the phrasing isn’t grammatically correct, me and mine are prepared for whatever.

              1. I like the meme where the comment is “I have to show ID to pay a bill. Wait! If someone, not me, wants to pay MY bill, um, Let them!”

                1. Okay… when the Federalist Party collapsed in 1816, it only took about 15 years for the Whig Party to emerge. (There were other successor parties around inbetween, but none major.) It took 35 years for Harrison to be elected president, though.

                  When the Whigs collapsed in 1854, however, the Republican Party replaced it almost immediately. It formally merged five minor parties into one, and it had a big issue (opposition to slavery, and to the Kansas-Nebraska Act which allowed an expansion of chattel slavery into Western territories and states). They won the presidency in 1860, which was only six years later.

                  So the collapse of a major US political party doesn’t necessarily have to mean bad things.

                  (Although obviously the Whigs had a much broader range of views than the Republican Party did, and Clay even ran for president as a Whig. Throwing everybody in the South who liked slavery into one party, instead of two, may actually have radicalized things a lot more… and the same for anti-slavery people in the North.)

  4. Don’t give everybody on ‘our side’ a pass, though. You can’t deny that Vichy Mitchy McConnell and Squishy Kevin McCarthy sabotaged more than a dozen Republican candidates who might have beaten the fraud with better support.

    Vichy in particular is perfectly content to be Minority Leader and pull in ‘just enough’ graft without having to actually accomplish or take responsibility for anything.
    Most days, I suspect that we could get a better government by picking 535 people at random. On bad days, I’m certain we’d get a better government by picking 535 people at random from lunatic asylums.

      1. See my reply to Amy.

        The same people telling me that we need to stick by our allies, but that doesn’t mean all Republicans, are the same people who told me if I didn’t support the man who instituted drop boxes, the ones covered in 2000 mules, in the state of Georgia I was voting for a Democrat.

        Why? Because the man who instituted and then expanded those is Republican.

        You’ll have to forgive me when the same people who told me I needed to vote for the rat are now the ones telling me we don’t mean all Republicans. Until they actively and openly oppose one of the Republicans who has been a supporter of fraud or even just stood by for it I don’t believe they mean to exclude those Republicans.

        1. The fact that both Nancy and the McFailure trio are still in control of respective houses and caucuses shows that there is just as much accountability at the top of the parties as there is in the system parties that ignore and countenance the fraud, as there is for the vote counters and for the government employees that support them.

          At some point you recognize the aircraft is unrecoverable.

      2. I tried not to make that mistake when I agreed with Herb. This is one of those posts that I feel like we need to sit around the table and talk it out, there’s so much to discuss, such depth of emotion.

      3. In my book, especially when struggle- or battle-type things are involved, an “ally” is someone your fight with and for, while they do the same with and for you. (Or if you like things +poetic, “Who would with you go” through the midst of the melee, see above.)

        The LIzzy, Yertle-y, types who (as someone else once again put it recently) want to drive the bus straight for the cliff, but at 15 mph instead of 90 mph like the overt leftists; the (quoting) “RINOs and defeatists and collaborationists with ‘R’ after their names” — they’re basically, in the context of what I wrote, Leftist Lite and Slow. Pretending (typically badly) to be your allies… but they want that to be a one-way affair, and they hope at best (to the extent that an outsider can even tell) for Please Eat Me Last, Dread Lord of the Left.

        Not good enough. Not even ‘allies of convenience’ — maybe ‘the enemy of my enemy’ at best.

        That’s not alliance, that’s (attempted) exploitation, and possibly betrayal too.

        I’ve heard (from Ted Cruz, IIRC) that McConnell’s super-PAC spent $9M or so in Alaska to fund one Republican against another, yet ~$0 to support Blake Masters in Arizona against an outright D.

        That’s pretty close to ‘betrayal’ just right there. Of all of us.

        1. From what I’ve heard, McConnell’s PAC didn’t spend money on a Republican in Alaska. It spent money on Murkowski, who lost in the Primary but ran as an independent.

      1. Well said. Pick no one who hasn’t fought for something, whether that be family or work or whatever.

      1. But always and eternally on his… consistently says the ever-mounting weight of evidence.

        Still true, as with the federal judiciary, that he’s done a lot of good here and there; but that’s a matter of our desires and interests aligning with his, it seems clear, not vice versa. (“Stopped clock is right twice a day” effect, one might say.)

        Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and assorted others are said to be feverishly trying to derail the vote scheduled this week to crown and anoint the Turtly One as Minority (ack!) Leader one more time. So it seems that some people with “Senator” before their names are also somewhat in agreement with the above…

        1. Even some of the establishment hacks are ticked the McConnell spent so much money on Alaska when that money could have helped in other races that could have helped increase the amount of fraud Democrats needed to get those seats:

        2. Just saw that Cruz said that McConnell would rather remain in his position as minority leader rather than lead a majority in the Senate, i.e. that McConnell WANTED Republicans to remain the minority in the Senate.

          The problem with forcing McConnell out is that a Democrat gets to pick his replacement until an election can be held to fill the remainder of his term.

          1. Not necessarily. The governor makes the call on whether to appoint a replacement for the remaining term, until the next 2-year election, or call a special election within a shorter time.

          2. No, no, they’re not talking about booting Vichy Mitchy out of the Senate, just electing a different Senator to lead the Republican caucus. I nominate Marsha Blackburn!

    1. Yes, feel most free; and if it can do some good anywhere else, all the very better.

      “You can’t stop the signal, Mal” — would be the ideal. (Yes, I am a ‘Firefly’ fan.)

  5. I yelled so loud at my boy cat, Jimmy yesterday I had to sit myself down and just stop. I’m so angry at everything I can’t control. I’m so mad at interviewing for work and hearing nothing. I’m mad that I’m scared to do my own work–making artisan soap and writing and drawing–and thereby betraying God’s gifts to me.

    So I stopped, and I found a place where “they sang as they slew,” like the Rohirrim. I’m a little weepy writing this because today POTUS Trump announces his candidacy and his willingness to fight for America, and to invite us along the ride.

    You all don’t quit, I don’t quit. POTUS Trump doesn’t quit.

    Create. Call the Holy Spirit fire down upon yourself, your family, the Republic. Stand with your friends. Stand with the fighters.

    Excellent Post. I’m going to reread it as well, so much to absorb.

    1. Things are really irritating, aren’t they?

      I go make little things out of wood when it gets ugly. It doesn’t cost anything, and it takes my mind off the bullshit. Today I’m sharpening chisels, because I can’t trust myself with power tools. But I’ll be better later, after a bit of sharpening. It is a Zen pursuit.

      I also stop watching TV, turn off the radio and do not look at newspapers. Almost everything in media lately seems deliberately designed to enrage people like you and me, and I do not feel that this is an accident. Ignore them, and all their money and effort is wasted. >:D

      Non illegitemi carborundum.

      1. Cooking. Making soap. Fussing with the herbs that I pulled off the deck because it’s 23 degrees. I feel like I’m coping some days more than living, but that’s OK.

        Non illegitemi carborundum indeed.

      2. I’m fringing a shawl. May be working on an ulcer, but also working on a shawl. And huddling next to the space heater, because while 50 F outside isn’t that cold, it’s chilly in the house and I’m enjoying the heat. (And we had Indian Summer last week, with highs in the 70s. 50 is the warmest it’s forecast to be for the rest of the week).
        BTW, doesn’t your Shiny Pony love to play dress-up? That lime green Mao jacket was quite the sight.

        1. That sort of imagery can set me off the edge if I let it. I’m learning to focus on other stuff. What a lousy POS that bastard is.

          And 50 is cold. Definitely space heater territory.

          I’m pleased by the shawl, and dismayed by the ulcer. Do take care.

        2. Yes, I did notice the Shiny Pony all dressed up in a Mao jacket, and they stuck one on #Let’sGoBrandon as well. I just went and looked it up, there’s no pictures of that jacket easily available on search. You have to be very specific, and then it is only videos. Or I’m bad at search, also possible. But a couple days ago, that jacket was everywhere.

          This is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. There’s no figuring out what the hell they were thinking. The more you try, the more you can’t. It is a psyop to piss people like you, me, and Kathy off. They run it, we get mad, and then the item vanishes down the bit-drain, never to be seen again.

          Psyop. Deliberate. I’m not watching, and the still get me once in a while.

          1. I saw the video in which he fumbled his way around when a reporter asked him about the Uigher genocide. That was bad, even before you get to the statement that he finally made at the end of the mess.

            1. That was bad. But today there’s video of Chairman Xi telling him off in the middle of a party for “leaking” the contents of a discussion to reporters. You can see the poor little Pony just about having a seizure being reprimanded by the biggest mob-boss in the world. The tutti de tutti cappo was displeased.

              Just another psy-op to freak us all out. We didn’t learn anything other than that the Little Mashed Potato is in over his head, and his water wings are leaking. Which is obvious and has been since he came on the scene. He’s a psy-op all by himself. So is #LetsGoBrandon.

              I watch these things with the sound off. It makes my life better not hearing the BS firsthand.

              1. I saw the video you mentioned. I didn’t come off with the impression of Trudeau that you did. It seemed more like a standard response, and neither man seemed particularly cowed as they both walked away. I would have definitely preferred a stronger response from Trudeau. But I don’t see any clear faults with the response.

                1. His body language screamed “terrified monkey”. Whereas Xi looked like “terrifying mob boss threatening subordinate.” The Pony walked away like a whipped dog.

                  Go back and look at it again, and try to imagine Trump or Ronald Regan talking to that guy. They’d be like lions being polite to a jackal.

                  1. I’ve watched it, and I completely disagree with you. Trudeau seemed surprised and caught off-guard by the criticism, but didn’t seem fearful or cowed. Xi seemed irritated that Trudeau would talk back to him, but that’s unsurprising given that he’s an authoritarian ruler who’s managed to seemingly neuter any and all opposition to himself within his party. As I recall, at the end of the exchange Xi muttered a waspish line about pre-meeting conditions the next time they talk. It seems clear to me that Xi was not expecting Trudeau’s response, and was upset by it.

                    Keep in mind that I saw it after you’d posted above, so I was fully expecting Trudeau to do what you described. But even with that expectation, I didn’t see it at all.

                    Yes, Trump or Reagan would have handled it differently. But the difference would primarily have been less of a “caught off-guard” moment, coupled with a stronger push-back (which is a minor complaint that I mentioned in my previous comment).

                    Contrast that with Trudeau’s response to the question about the Uyghur genocide, where he hemmed and hawed for a minute and a half before finally giving a weak dodge for an answer. I suspect that what we’re seeing in both of these videos is that the man simply doesn’t think quickly on his feet.

                    1. I’d be delighted to be wrong, but there is emerging an awful lot of stuff indicating the Pony -ought- to have been afraid. It seems likely the Chicoms bought the last Cdn. election.

                      I agree that he does not seem to be quick thinking. That is evident every time he is in an unscripted environment, which rarely happens.

      3. I wish I could turn off political news, and Lord willing, I will next week. Alas, my day Job requires me to follow the ins and outs of the Swamp. shudder

        I’m writing a story, a little story, about one man trying to forgive himself, and the women he loves, and his friends, trying to help him do just that. Then a little story about a girl in need, and a friendly house in the forest that runs around on kitten feet and that purrs when it is warm and cozy inside.

        1. a friendly house in the forest that runs around on kitten feet and that purrs when it is warm and cozy inside

          So, sort of like the perfectly not-evil twin of the Hut of the Baba Yaga?

          Right now, that is one immensely pleasant and enticing image…

    2. Reading Tolkien can be good for the spirit. Every time I read The Lord of the Rings I wind up weeping at the sheer, amazing heroism and nobility of it all. Just thinking about it now, I’m getting teary-eyed here at work (I’ve got allergies, I can pass it off). I don’t reread Tolkien as often as other favorite authors because I get so emotional that it kind of wrings me out. But it might be time to dive in again.

      1. I just started The Two Towers, having just finished The Fellowship Of The Ring. It encourages my spirit in ways that are beyond words, like you, it makes me weep for joy and admiration.

    3. I split firewood when I get really peeved.
      It’s good exercise, gives me time to think, and provides a nice buffer for if/when the heating oil runs out this winter.

      1. I used to do that, too. In college the only heat we had was from a rusted out Franklin wood burner.
        Another reason to get out of my apartment and get a home…. Wood is so useful, too, you never feel like you’re just venting. You’re adding to that cord…. 🙂

    4. The process you are describing is exactly what it is to “fight well on the inner front” as best you can (which should be and usually is a moving target). Hopefully I did manage never to even imply that any of that is, ought to be, or ever likely will be easy… quite the opposite of the truth, of course.

      But the more deep and, well, immense the anger, frustration, outrage that you have to deal with is, the more deep, immense, and near-bottomless the energy it can give you when and if you succeed in ‘taming’ it (or far more accurately, making friends with it).

      By contrast, it can be so easy to be simply carried away. Like fire, an excellent servant but a really poor master…

      Oh, and as you mention, one more sterling quality of Donald J. Trump, well proven in action by now that I never referenced: When he says “I will fight for you” — he means it, and then does it, so far.

      All luck and many blessings in your own efforts.

      1. 🙂 Your post made it clear that “easy” isn’t what we’ve got here, what we have is meaningful, and useful.

        My challenges are in God’s mighty hands, and He’s the one who’s set up this time of pruning and growth and everything else. And I cherish your well wishes, because this is good, but not too much fun much of the time.

  6. There is a reason they put bigger fences around the Capitol. They expect to do some things that will really cause unrest. I imagine the longer it goes without a rebellion the more relaxed they are about the situation. They know they’re frauding but the masses seem to be buying The Big Lie, to use their term.

    Seems obvious to those of us who are paying attention what is going on, but, propaganda is a powerful thing. And their adherents believe they are on The Right Side of History.

    At this point though, I’m not sure what options we have. If we vote for one side the commie pinkos win. If we vote for the other side, their collaborators win. These two groups have enormous power at the moment. There are few people who don’t fall into these groups who even get close enough to the levers of power to effect change.

    Since the US has largely abandoned God and morality, a search through history and the Bible would lead me to believe we are due for a stretch of occupation by enemy forces so we can learn to repent and turn back.

    I hope it doesn’t come to that, but if it does, greater good will come of it eventually even if I don’t live to see it. This gives me great hope in the wakeful hours of the night.

    May God have mercy on these United States and all His people who reside therein.

  7. Couple things here. I can’t disagree with anything in the post, this is all pretty well “water is wet” territory.

    Keeping the internal fence up, what we are talking about here is a contextual shift. This is a mental exercise of moving the foundations stones of your world-view.

    The thing that moved it once and for all, for me, was the realization that the Canadian gun registry, as created by Bill C-68, was not about guns. It was about money.

    It was budgeted to cost $2 million. Final tally when it got killed by the CPC was well north of $2 BILLION. It made no sense, the cops didn’t use it, no one registered anything, and there were millions and millions of tragic boating accidents with stuff falling out of canoes all over Canada. So why?

    They enacted a gun registry so they could steal $2 billion and use it how they liked. That’s what it was actually for.

    This pattern is repeated over and over in Canada. The windmills and solar panels push, pure graft. The ArriveCan Covid-19 tracking app, pure graft. The Ontario medical records scandal, the Ontario air-ambulance scandal, cannabis legalization (so many Liberals made so much money, it would make your eyes water) even the assisted suicide thing. All graft, start to finish.

    When you change your context from thinking the people doing gun control are socialist idiots to understanding that they’re just stealing the money, you can feel the entire world shift around you. Things that previously made no sense at all suddenly do.

    When you understand that the news media and Hollywood are both parts of the same thing, then “news” that Trump is fighting with DeSantis is not surprising. Is Trump -really- fighting with DeSantis? IT DOESN’T MATTER. That is not why it is on the “news” right now.

    Do all those “#blue-checks” really care about “#Ukraine!”? It doesn’t matter! The “news” is a psy-op. Sometimes a lie, sometimes the truth, but always with a purpose. You are being herded.

    Here’s another shift you should consider. Everybody likes to think that It Didn’t Use To Be This Way. That all the corruption and crooked elections and taxes and theft, these are new things. That back in the Good Old Days, elections were honest. Andy of Mayberry wouldn’t cheat, would he?

    The Income Tax was totally legit, right? And Inflation, when it was an FDR program and not just straight-up debasement of the US currency, they meant well. Didn’t they?

    Can you feel the ground shift? Can you see things that don’t make any sense becoming understandable?

    1. Bingo, Phantom.
      Follow the money. It’s always the money.

      How much did the Obamacare website cost? The one that didn’t work? Where did THAT money go?

      How can it possibly cost millions to build one public toilet in San Francisco?

      Where are the results from the trillions spent on the war on drugs? The war on poverty? On Border control and every other government program?
      Why hasn’t Congress gone back to regular order for spending bills?
      Because they don’t have to and we can’t make them.

    2. All Socialism is about stealing the money.

      It always was.

      John Locke, in his 2nd treatise on the legitimacy of civil government argued that each person has the right to their life, liberty, and property, that is, what they create, build, grow, earn.

      Jefferson changed “property” to “the pursuit of happiness” when he wrote the Declaration, which is a much lesser thing. Madison reinstated it in our Bill of Rights.

      Various political hacks over the last 200-plus years have screwed around with taking it away.

      We need to pray God will have mercy on us and restore the America that should be. But it is already too late to just assume politics-as-usual will do anything for our good

      1. Taxation is always theft.

        Because you are always going to take it from someone who isn’t willing to give it, because it is done under threat of violence against you, and because you often (always) don’t get any value from it. It doesn’t matter if it benefits the majority or not. It doesn’t matter if it helps those in need. That’s what voluntary charities are for; before the crooks in government outlawed them for discrimination in who they chose to help.

      2. It;s both stealing money and controlling people; their daily double is to make themselves rich while telling everyone else how to live their lives down to the most minute detail.

    3. It’s their money. They created it, by fiat. Most of it is kept in their banks which have complete discretion, and even the cash is stolen hourly via inflation. If you don’t control it, it’s not yours.

      We really have to stop using their money.

    4. And on that theme, and almost eerily as if on cue, I see this little gem

      by Uncover DC contributor, historian, and former rock drummer Larry Schweikart:

      Few Americans — thanks to our fine history instruction these days — know what the Credit Mobilier scandal was. From 1864 to 1867, a company called Credit Mobilier was created by executives of the Union Pacific Railroad. It was a railroad construction company that overcharged on construction costs and manipulated contracts. Its founder was Thomas Durant, and the company worked with American Congressmen … who were given low-price stock options and payouts in return for no federal oversight of the company and for subsidies and favorable regulations that would otherwise lower costs.

      A tip to the New York Sun exposed the scandal in 1872, Democrat James Brooks and Republican James Patterson were threatened with expulsion from Congress, but a total of 13 members of Congress were investigated by two House committees and one Senate committee. In the end, Ames and Brooks were merely censured, and none of the rest were punished.

      Fast forward to the Ukraine War. The U.S. Congress and President Joe (Rutabaga) Biden can’t wait to send more money and more weapons to Ukraine. Is it really out of their concern for “democracy?” One can expect no serious investigation of these monies or of any of the weapons. What type of weapons, you ask? I received a private message from someone working with a defense contractor in question. The current push is from contractors to “sell” Ukraine (paid for by dollars we lend them) high-tier/upscale defensive systems. “Wouldn’t we want to defeat the fighters?” you ask. We would except the problem the Ukrainians face is more from $20,000 suicide drones from Iran, not from state-of-the-art Russian airplanes.

      You can see Credit Mobilier in action: congressmen and senators have … investments in defense contractors and subcontractors; these companies see uber-high-dollar systems (again, paid for by the U.S. taxpayers); then stock prices rise, and dividends are paid! And we aren’t even getting into out-and-out kickbacks — but those would only be exposed by investigations that will never come.



      Always FOLLOW THE MONEY.

  8. The despair for me is not that there’s fraud and corruption in elections because that’s been obvious for a long time. Nor is it because of who gets into office. My despair comes from seeing what comes next and not being able to change it, to get away, or to say anything effective about it.

    The problem is that the corruption is there to make sure unpopular people have jobs where all they have to do is talk. But now they know they’re really unpopular, so they’ve started taking political prisoners and constantly threatening to take your money, homes, and jobs or businesses. If guns weren’t so popular here there would have already been lots of disappeared people.

    The corruption in elections absolutely must end or life will be intolerable. And I’m truly surprised at the exhortations to “vote harder,” to counter fraud by the Left with fraud by the Right, to time your voting better, to spend your time and money on campaigning, and finding some irresistible candidate. None of that matters if the outcome will be the Left’s preferred person being installed into office with numbers they just made up. Because that’s obviously what’s happening now.

    I haven’t heard about any plan to stop corruption in elections, so I don’t think it’s happening. What comes next is violence.

    1. Bingo! Corruption is the issue! ‘Free and fair’ is not a concept the Left lives up to, they are dishonest and corrupt.

  9. And meanwhile, a Russian missile apparently landed in a Polish village and killed two people. And Brandon mysteriously declined to appear at today’s diplomatic festivities. Oh, brother.
    On the amusing side, a number of Twitter employees who argued with/dissed Musk in public are now seeking employment. Suits me.

    1. On the amusing side, a number of Twitter employees who argued with/dissed Musk in public are now seeking employment. Suits me.

      Doesn’t it just tickle the funny bone? I know what they are up against. Been there. Done that (’02-’04). Except I didn’t have a lofty “better than thou” attitude or expectations. (Free lunch? free in house gym? What the heck?) OTOH I wasn’t willing to move to Seattle or California, or anywhere else, which was a bit limiting. Still with the numbers being cut loose, that is challenging.

    2. Suits me too. FB and AMZN have announced layoffs too. Unless you’re a tech tech, tech jobs are becoming a bit harder to come by. If you’re a tech tech, then there are still way more open jobs than people. Too few people have actual skills.

      FWIW It’s not clear whose missile it was. Fog of war and all that. If it wasn’t Russian we’ll not hear another word about it.

      Speaking of corruption Sam Bankman-Fried didn’t kill himself is the likeliest outcome of the most recent dem donor disaster. if it’s true he was laundering Ukraine money back to the US, well, then, Arkancide.

      1. I was wondering about that. Do you have any recommended articles on it?
        Saw one suggestion the missile was Ukrainian, tend to believe Russians have lousy aim. But also wonder if any of Vlad’s rivals would do something futile and stupid, just hoping he’d get the blame and the damage.

        1. Link at PJ Media here –

          Note the post late in the link by a Twitter account named Ukraine Weapons Tracker. No idea who they are, but they posted a Ukrainian flag which suggests they’re inclined toward Ukraine. And they identified the missile as an Ukrainian S-300 air defense missile. Russia was launching a lot of missile attacks. Whoever runs that Twitter account is claiming that it was a Ukrainian attempt to shoot down one of those Russian missiles, but went astray.

  10. Is it blackpilling to acknowledge that the fraud exists on a massive level and has for longer than most people have bothered to pay. fucking. attention?! No.
    Pay attention. WATCH. because it’s existed in a lot of places for a lonnnng time. Long before the democrat machine committed fraud and election rigging, on a grand scale, IN BROAD FUCKING DAYLIGHT, to steal an election for a pedophile, long time power broker and since about 2018..2019 at latest….obvious Dementia patient.
    Maricopa county as it sits in the news right now has been a problem for at least a decade or more. Maricopa county and it’s corrupt democrat run election machine…is how Arizona got Kristen Sinema…in 2016. they pulled that one in broad daylight too. go watch Razorfists rant on that one.

    The National Democrat PArty elites and power brokers is how the dems got a controllable puppet and dementia patient for the ever blindly obedient dem voters, to vote for.

    The National Republican elites are also who we got a controllable puppet and dementia patient for a president. This same party didn’t want Trump which is why he used his own funds to run and beat them into the ground in 2016. Neither party saw him coming in 2016. they still worked hand in hand with the Dems to destroy Trump though. Only problem was the same people who supported the Tea Party in Obama’s day on the grass roots level. and bitterly watched it’s destruction, wasn’t having any of the GOP party’s usual bullshit. Now…go back to every national election for the last 20-30yrs. Look at who RAN on the GOP ticket, because THE PARTY picked them…not the people. McCain and Romney were two prime recent examples. In RomNO’s case there was video footage after his first debate with the other possible GOP nominees..of the party head at national hq saying “He’s our nominee. he gets our support and money” AFter that point…they quietly worked hand in hand with the democrat party and the national press corp…to destroy everyone other candidate in the court of public opinion. Did I vote for Romney anyway? No. I wrote in Cthulu because I refused to vote for the lesser fucking evil. McCain? Chosen the same way. Did I vote for him? Yes because I had teh vain hope that the son of the bitch would drop dead shortly there after and Palin would take office. And I believe she would have been uncontrollable by the party. Would she have made a good president? I don’t know honestly…but better than McCain and better than Obumfuck.
    Here in my home town…there is, no doubt in my mind, there is fraud going on. How much of what goes on here politically is fraud percentage wise and how much is just the fact the fucking city is BLUE, I’m not certain but of there being fraud, I have no doubt. Why? Let me put it this way. Every single time we’ve had a mayor race in the last ohhh 20yrs, there’s been a run off between the democrat and the conservative. [who’s a no nonsense businessman as often as not, who’s run his own bizness for the last 15-20yrs and is sick of the city’s bullshit] A run off because on the actual election day the race is too close to call, forcing a run off. When run off vote time comes generally sometime the next month…the dem wins, by a large margin. We haven’t had anything resembling a conservative mayor in my city for goddamn near as long as I’ve been alive. [I’ll be 50 next year.] The city council?? 16 seats, 12 of which are currently democrats. it fluctuates a seat in either direction every few elections but never enough to shift the balance of power, not by a long shot. My city is I swear, little chicago in Texas. But with better food, mostly decent people, in spite of the way a lot of them vote and good business sense.

    The left tries to paint the right as dangerous religious fanatics that cling to bibles and guns. which is amusing considering my attitude on religion. It’s also stupid because if we were actually THAT dangerous..THEY would already be dead and not raising my blood pressure. They should ruminate on that, and ruminate on that real hard because unlike them. a lot in the center and on the right understand the likely outcome of any violence which is why the center and the right has refused to be pushed into it by the left. Also while I KNOW most people on the right and center just want to be left the fuck alone, I do believe there are some on the left who feel the same way…even if the two sides don’t agree on everything. The Democrat party is bent on control and micromanaging everyone’s life. The party elites on the right are in their own way…no better.

    I will say in Texas when looking at polling numbers I did have one HUGE giggle fit in the middle of the election chicanery and aggravation. Anyone remember the national news story of what happened in itty bitty Uvalde, Texas last year and how Robert Francis O’Rourke capitalized on that and screamed that the people needed to elect him Governor of Texas? So he could take all the assault weapons? The press were talking about how Uvalde was sure to be a landslide area for him, in overall voting. Now does anyone know what the actual percentage of the vote he got out of Uvalde on election day last week? Abbot beat him like a red headed mexican step child. 60% of the vote to O’Rourkes 38% So O Rourke is now a 3x MISERABLE failure on the election stage. I keep hoping the useless sack of shit will trip over his lower lip while flapping his gums in the breeze and fall into a rattlesnake den. He continues to disappoint me on that score. Oh well.

    Okay. rant over.

  11. The game of “elections” has rules. We can whine about them, or learn to play the game with a bloody vengeance.

    Think of it as “battleaxe balloting”.

  12. Some folks above appear to need heavy bag work.

    That duffle bag looking thing that boxers hit in the gym? Heavy bag. Get someone to show you how to make a proper fist, and throw a proper punch. Buy said bag and install at home. When the rage monster roars, do 15 minutes of bag work.

    You may find it viscerally satisfying. You also learn how to frelling punch properly. Useful at odd moments. And bag work may prevent ulcers.

    Note that splitting wood with an axe can substitute.

    Controlled and channeled anger is useful.

    1. snort Oh dear. controlled and channeled anger? you innocent soul. you have NO idea. Our hostess does because I’ve known her a couple decades at this point and I consider her an adopted second mother.

  13. Good post. I really can’t find anything to add to that. By the way, Sarah is an author and I know there are other authors on here, so I thought I would tell them about a possible opportunity. Attention authors: Roxane Gay Books: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries. Note, white authors need not apply. Noted black author, Roxane states, “…I will not likely be drawn to stories about sad white people marriages or autofiction.” If you’re not white, see submission guidelines here:

    1. And this, among others, would be the reason why, when asked questions like “how many agents and sources did the FBI have in the (‘Insurrection!’) crowd on Jan. 6th at the Capitol?” the DoJ (or Something) people, from Merry Garland on down, have basically always dodged or hemmed and hawed, even when a Congressional committee was doing the asking.

      No sane, reasonable American will like the answers, when and if they come, any better than the above.

    2. “FEDsurrection”

      “Faux de tat”





  14. Abbott declared a state of invasion on the southern border.

    I don’t see how the admin can allow that to stand.

    I cannot help but wonder if this is where things break?

    Not looking forward to it at all.

    1. The Reader has wondered if Texas action on the border would drive a break for a while. He isn’t looking forward to it either.

    2. He may have declared an invasion but until he backs it up with deadly force it’s just words.

  15. Welp. The Decision Desk has called the House for the Republicans.

    Fat lot of good it will do us.

    I will, however, rest easier knowing we won’t be going down with Nanzi and her gavel as third in line for the dictatorship.

    Most likely won’t be anyone better. But it won’t be HER.

    1. On Fox News today it was pointed out that the Speaker of the House does not have to be a member of the leading party, or even an elected Representative.
      Um. I nominate President Trump! Speaker of the House. Then Impeach the bubble head, 25th Brandon, Hello President Trump for 2 years + official second term win in 2024.

      Won’t happen. But I can dream “what iffs”. Can’t I? OTOH also said he didn’t stand a chance in 2016, even (especially?) since I voted for him, and that happened. See miracles do happen.

      1. By the way, Trump has announced that he is running for President again.

        No reports of Democrats dropping dead from Rage. 😆

        1. Missed the announcement.

          No reports of Democrats dropping dead from Rage.

          They never ever follow through, not once. So disappointing.

    2. As long as Nancy is not speaker, it is slightly more likely that her jan. 6 2021 shenanigans with the capitol police will come to light.

  16. Texas is opening investigations into counties that have had election issues. Keep your fingers crossed.

  17. So I just had a thought that, in my arrogance, I wanted to share. I am over 60 years old. Have been in IT off and on since Jimmy Carter was in the White House. Work for a company that is pretty woke; but has a pretty no-nonsense CEO. In fact I have a great job on a great team.

    I say this because I feel blessed.

    There are always things we can complain about; but we should start looking for the good in our lives and cherish it while we can.

    Thanks for reading!

  18. It’s less rage and more despair that I am struggling with. Other than pray, I don’t know what to do.

  19. I need a bit of help; does anyone know of a state election code that meets the only one election day, vote in person, provide ID type structure? Or, some org’s model code would do.

    Just looking for a detailed, legally-vetted thing to support.

    I’ve been reading the Oregon ballot measures, and I’m disgusted with the kindergarten-level of the submissions; were I the Secretary of State, I’d have rejected a couple as shockingly inadequate. (That may not be specified grounds for rejection, but D state officials seem to do what they like anyway – here, the measures comported with her left-wing politics.)

      1. Indeed, but fortunately we picked a town of about 10K.

        I’d pick Fagan as more vulnerable than Tina; Tina would easily survive a recall; I’m not sure how much political capital Shemia has, but she’s gotta go.

        1. Waves. From Eugene (within growth boundary, but still county, ~60 years and counting .

          We, 3 in this household, scored 0% on the exam ballot. Hubby and son might have done better. I don’t know if they bothered to vote on the down ballots that had no competition. I didn’t. If party had been listed, (R) would have gotten votes. (D) would have gotten “Not D” fill in vote to make a point.

  20. To the point about intellect vs. emotion – I believe I coined this phrase: “How rational my rationale. I think most people go with their gut, then try to rationally explain it. Of course, analytical thinking has been out of favor for some time now, and the ability of most of our citizens has atrophied into grunts of things like “Me too!”, “Racist”, and “Orange Man Bad!”
    Whole lot of EFFECTIVE gaslighting going on…
    Good post.

  21. The post and comments have been thought provoking – and useful for examining and discarding some ineffective paths forward.

    I aim to misbehave. Creatively. Distractingly. Voting can’t hurt, and is as they say “a chess move toward an end”. But no real expectation of it making a difference.

    Time to drop below the radar. Sometimes it’s not about big moves, but many, many small ones. We all have a wooden shoe and access to part of the machine. Be creative and have fun.

  22. Observation: If you refuse to put a fence at the U.S.A. border BUT do put up a fence around D.C. you need to buy yourself some paint or nail polish or a marker and use it to put a label atop your bathroom mirror to remind you of just who and what you really, truly are. There are two, not-incompatible choices:




    …and, yes, you are most likely both.

    1. Don’t forget, they put walls and armed guards around their ‘upper-class’ neighborhoods, too. That’s why I laughed so hard when they lost their shit over Governor DeSantis sending one busload of ‘dreamers’ to their doorstep.

      Now if only Governor Abbott would send a convoy of 100 buses to Sacra-de-mento…

      But sending them to other states is not fair, no matter how those states’ citizens voted. The source of our problems is in Washington DC, so that’s where the illegal aliens should be sent.

      All of them. Every day. Drop them off in front of the Congresscritters’ DC residences and encourage them to make themselves at home. Force those commie bastards to confront the results of their malfeasance. Maybe they’ll get a clue.
      Why do so many idiots believe that our problems will be solved by the same shitheads that caused them?

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