A Very Important Note

I should learn never to say something uploaded to Amazon without a glitch.

I woke up this morning and the paperback version was “publishing” (fingers crossed) BUT the hardcover was punted back because…. sigh the spine lettering was over the fold. No, it was not. It’s just that the frigging bots can’t tell the difference between LETTER and shadow/background around letter.

Weirdly hard to fix, and took me 3 hours. BEHOLD my happy face. (Not.)

I will link here when paper and hardcover become available. (If Drak doesn’t beat me to it per usual.)

Now I’ll write the normal blog post.

H*ll’s Bells (Not H*ll’s Belles, which are the succubi who won the latest beauty contest) people! This is getting in the way of my finishing my story for the next Black Tide antho, dang it.

Grumbling. (A-grumbling she goes, a grumbling she goes. Hey Ho the dairy-oh agrumbling she goes. I might be undercaffeinated and over snarked.)

33 thoughts on “A Very Important Note

  1. ‘Over-snarked’ is like ‘too much chocolate’ – no such thing.

    Endeavor to persevere!

  2. I’m sure it’s Amazon’s fault and they need correct it. I’m quite sure you told them the book and cover was written/designed to be printed and published sized as a folio, not an octavo.

  3. https://acecomments.mu.nu/?post=401604

    For anyone that missed it, the above links to Ace of Spades. Title:

    Florida Democrat Election Official Blows Whistle of Longstanding ILLEGAL Practice of “Ballot Harvesting” by Paying Mostly African-American Residents $10 Per Ballot

    Just in case someone out there thought that there was less shenanigans, corruption, and out-and-out criminality in the last election, here’s some more fuel for the fire.

    Credit to John Solomon and Natalia Mittelstadt for the original article at Just the News. Link:


    To my mind, this is what we’re looking at for the upcoming election and goes double for 2024. Expect troubles. Prepare.

    1. Why not? The fraudsters will keep their offices, and all their bad laws will be on the books.

      “He didn’t win, did he?”

    2. As always, there’s absolutely ZERO election fraud until a Democrat loses.

      And then the fraud vanishes — until another Democrat loses.

      Outside of those circumstances, questioning the methods and results of any election, or pointing out clear violations of election laws and the Constitution, makes you an Insurrectionist! and a Ultra-MAGA Conspiracy Theorist!!

  4. All need to be careful too when proofing the books for Amazon. I first downloaded my book at Amazon as a MS word file (because it is acceptable to them). Well their software screws up the whole table of contents and pagination ultimately was weverely off from my MS word file and the fonts were differnent too. Lesson: Always convert to pdf for them on your download.

  5. undercaffeinated

    There’s something about today that’s doing this.

    I had more coffee than usual this morning, and two cups of tea, and I’m still dragging.

      1. It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion
        It is by the Beans of Java that thoughts acquire speed
        Hands acquire shaking
        The shaking becomes a warning
        It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion

  6. Caffeine stat!!

    Once the wonderful elixir (caffeine is our friend) hits your system – onward! Or… onword? Anyway, glad to see the book is ‘out’ and the snags with Amazon being ironed out (maybe use a 9-iron?) so it’s available. Now get out there and snark your way to the next to-do on your list. Don’t worry about us folks, we will just amuse ourselves for a bit.

    1. That’s what she’s worried about! 😀
      “Do not be complacent, Mariel. If I were married to Londo Mollari, I’d be concerned.”

      “G’Kar. If you were married to Londo, we’d all be concerned.”

        1. I’d say something about most AC/DC fans not being all that particular, but something about glass houses . . . returns to new Avantasia album and rocks on

  7. A follow up to the discussion around population. Insty has linked to a battleswarm piece about China GDP being less than half what’s reported. It’s startling but the analysis seems sound. I’ve known for a long time that all Chinese data are suspect but never got to this scale. I’m still not on board but like our hostess’s view on population I have to consider it Might well be true and consider what the consequences might be.

    The battleswarm piece also
    Links to The China Update tubes of you channel, he’s excellent and I highly recommend anyone interested in China to follow him

    1. To add to that –

      It was noted that the national GDP goal set by the just-concluded CCP Party Congress was much more modest than has previously been the case.

  8. Another Very Important Note.

    I finish Bowl Of Red (via KU) and IT’S A GREAT READ!

    Hey Sarah, when’s the next one coming out? [Crazy Grin]

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