Not Enough Coffee

Yes, I’ve still been having nightmares. And I’m obviously low on coffee. Which is why it’s so good I got a shipment of king Harv, to wit Hurricane blend.

Yes, they’re funny.

And because I’m fighting the urge to crawl back into bed, and I have a Barbarella script to finish, I’m going to link their funny page/homage to the late King Harv, himself.

King Harv, a man for all coffees seasons

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  1. I wonder how many times a comic company gets requests to put easter egg ads in their pages? Barbarella wearing shoes with a Nike swoosh on them, or drinking a can with red and white coke symbol on it?

    1. Coke bought Moxie in 2018. I’m still buying Moxie. Tried it again in 2013 and finally got hooked after 40 years of trying it every 10 years and NOT liking it! An open half-finished Moxie can WILL keep its fizz overnight! No other soft-drink can match!

      1. Moxie is definitely an acquired taste. Some how very New England, I grew up with it and like it. Used to buy it in put it in the fridge in the apartment I shared in college, No one would steal it 🙂 . And yes it does seem to hold carbonation better than other stuff.

        1. The local farm & ranch store had a selection of hard candies. A rancher asked “what’s this horehound stuff”. I relayed my childhood experience that it was the only candy very pudgy lil’ RCPete would not eat, because the taste wasn’t acquirable.

          He passed.

          1. I must like weird stuff. I LOVE horehound drops. Also a New England thing. I suspect given New England grows mostly rocks Moxie an Horehoud were taste treats…

          2. Horehound is the BEST! First tried it at the Utah Shakespearean Festival back in the 90s, loved it instantly. Whenever I see a bag of horehound candies (which isn’t all that often out here in the northwest) I buy it.

            1. Coastal Farm and Ranch has it, and they’ll have a display of snacks and sweets near the cash registers.

      2. I lived in New England for ten years, and tried Moxie. It wasn’t horrible, I didn’t really care for it, but I found that every six months to a year I would get an urge to have another. So I’d drink one, and that satisfied the urge for another while. It definitely doesn’t taste like any other drink I’ve ever tried.

        1. The regional pop I loved was Vernor’s Ginger Ale, from Detroit. I gather it is (was?) aged in oak barrels, thus having a rather different taste than the major brands.

          They did market it in California in the 90s or so, but I haven’t seen it since.

    2. There’s whole divisions of people in TV and movies that do product placement. Its a moderate income to offset expenses. Don’t know about comic books, let alone Independent ones like Barbarella.

    3. I still remember Otacon using Apple computers and Snake having an iPod in Metal Gear Solid 4 way back in the PS3 so even video games aren’t immune to it.

      1. From the looks of it, Breath of the Wild was partially a giant ad for tablets and/or smartphones.

        1. But can someone explain the point of Diet Caffeine Free Mountain Dew? Anybody?? Bueller???

          1. Similar to a Skim decaf cappuccino with Splenda, known in the business as a “Why Bother” or a Shirley Temple. It is to have something in your hand while standing around with others actually drinking something 🙂 .

      1. Can’t stand Diet Mountain Dew. It tastes nasty.

        Regular Mountain Dew has a lot of calories.

        I find that mixing them about half-and-half cuts the calories and still results in acceptable flavor.

    1. Engineers run on coffee, donuts and chocolate. The Reader speaks from 40+ years of experience.

      1. Keto me sees that and immediately wonders how I can make a sugar free chocolate coated pork rind donut.

        I know chocolate mole is really good on pork, so I’m pretty sure it could be done.

      1. Yes. That is a thing, and it is very good. And very strong, and I expect any dwarven engineering performed under such a combination to be more than a touch terrifying…

      2. Porter that uses coffee grounds in the production clearly…
        This is actually rather common in micro brewing.

  2. I have been drinking instant for many years; but I have a pound of King Harv’s coffee on the freezer right now. Need to buy a new grinder before I can enjoy it.

        1. Braun makes a mini chopper, though ours is used for home-made flax seed.

          FWIW, stainless steel mortar and pestle sets are better in theory than in reality for hard crushables. Things slide and go flying. Easy to clean, but damned hard to use.

          1. I didn’t even know they came in stainless steel.
            I’ll stick to my stone mortar and pestle. It does absorb odors, but I don’t consider that a down side. My cooking flavor profile doesn’t change that drastically, so we get a glorious melange of flavors in the process.

        2. A cheap blade grinder will set you back $20. Don’t bother with cheap mill/stone grinders, they’re about $75 and you’re lucky if you get 12 months before the dust from the ground coffee seizes them up. Good mill grinders are expensive ($250 up) and unless you’re feeding an espresso machine you can buy and throw away 10-15 blade grinders each with a 3-4 year lifetime.

      1. They definitely turned me from a coffee skeptic to a coffee lover! It helped that I started drinking it black on a health-related recommendation, too, and figured out that it was the creamer and sugar making me sick and not the coffee itself.

      2. Indeed I find most instant vile. There is one I don’t find vile. Had a college apartment mate who was Army ROTC for a while. When they went on hiking trips they’d get MRE’s. The instant there could be made with cold water. As he didn’t like coffee he’d bring his coffee packets home (and might have extras too). Made with Hot water and then adulterated with milk and sugar it was pretty tolerable. It also seemed to have enhanced caffeine. Given I was working from a stove top perk pot much of college it was definitely an upgrade. Nescafe on the other hand was NOT 🙂 .

    1. We have an OXO conical steel burr grinder that has done good work for us over the past couple of years.
      $99.95 at Amazon.

      1. I’m definitely planning on investing in one of those and a French Press once the project is complete and I’ve used up whichever day off coffee I have on deck by then so I can enjoy it more thoroughly on days off. Work days still get the programmable drip whether I still have to be up at 4 AM for them after the project is finished or not (or if I have to get up even earlier than that).

        1. This one has 30+ grind finenesses, from chunky to flour, and it regulates the amount ground each time by the length of time it runs. We use a little coarser than medium for our timer start coffee maker. It, and whole bean coffee, has made a big difference in the quality of our mornings. John

      2. I second the recommendation for a burr grinder, of any brand, over a blade grinder. The grind is so much more consistent and I don’t think a blade grinder can get as fine as a burr.

      3. Interesting. As I said I’ve had bad luck with burr grinders, but I’ve had nothing but good luck with OXO stuff. Current blade grinder is getting long in the tooth, so maybe next time.

  3. The gallery is fantastic, very funny. I’m sure the family must miss him tremendously. Gotta get me some of that coffee.

    1. When looking a while back, this made me giggle; “HURRICANE IAN UPDATE
      WE ARE OPEN! Our Apopka FL coffee roasting facility has power, propane, and a huge staff (Zach) ready to roast and ship your order!”

  4. I hear ya. That was me yesterday: maybe three hours (nonconsecutive) of sleep, if I was lucky. That after a week of not sleeping well. Combination of nightmares, bad weather, a general inability to shut my brain off, and a general feeling of hopelessness and despair (which the aforementioned inability to shut my brain off only made worse). I think the only reason I got a solid not-quite-ten hours last night was because I was just too damn tired to have nightmares or notice the weather. Still not entirely sure how I functioned enough to work yesterday.

    It’s funny: my most often recurring nightmare is me being back working at The Supermarket with a long line of Karens on the other side – and usually coming around behind – the counter. I say funny because that wasn’t even the worst job I ever had. Going back to The Supermarket would be my last option, but I’d rather starve to death in a cardboard box under a highway overpass before I’d go back to my Worst Job Ever: the overnight shift at the Airport Rent-A-Wreck counter, aka Hell on Earth.

    1. Carp, posted before I meant to. I don’t think I’ve ever had a nightmare about being back in Hell on Earth even though that place took the definition of “Toxic Work Environment,” cranked it up to 12, and broke the knob off the control panel.

      1. I haven’t had any nightmares lately but I do get the feeling of hopelessness, which I know is some parts dragging myself through my own toxic work environment before doing the work I actually care about on weekends and the feeling that Murphy is just around the corner to destroy all of said work (and something related I’m also worried about going seriously wrong, though the payoff will be immense if it goes right) and bog me even further down in both the work and regional sewage. Things do clear up when I do hit the weekend and can get back to the project in question, thankfully.

        1. I sympathize: my current job is the only one that hasn’t either been toxic right from the start or else turned toxic along the way. Two years in and I’m still struggling to accept that the organization’s commitment to employee health and self-care is actually genuine and not a load of bullsh*t. Same with taking PTO: I can just request time off whenever I want for whenever I want (i.e. don’t have to put in the request a certain amount of time in advance) and have it approved without having to justify and/or beg for it.

          Honestly, part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop because I can’t shake the feeling that things have been going too well for too long. Like either things are going to turn toxic because they always do, or else something catastrophic is going to happen or I’m going to screw something up and lose my job as a result.

          1. Toxic right from the start was my last employer, who I don’t mind naming and shaming elsewhere (I’ve done it plenty of times on MeWe chats and Discord) while my current one, who I have to tough it out with until the project is finished at least turned toxic along the way. I do relate to the last part, though. Get kicked in the head by Murphy enough times and you really do see him around every corner, huh?

        2. I empathize. I worry all week about having enough energy for what I love to do when the weekend hits.
          Hang in there.

          1. I’ve felt drained on weekends and unable to enjoy gaming myself after a long enough work week. Of course it doesn’t help that the game I’m going through right now is known for having a mostly sad story even as the fast-paced battle system (and upbeat music for said battles) is anything but. I still can’t quite work up the nerve to do something that I really need to today, though, because of how risky it could turn out to be…

            1. Virtual hug.
              These days I can’t take much sadness at all. It tips me over the edge!

              1. Yeah, I should probably be playing something else right now. Still, you have to give a game credit for going from a sad character vignette to a dungeon where you get to hear this every time you fight some monsters. It’s hard to stay down while listening to this, especially with the battle system being as unique as it is. “To my side, my noble Einherjar!”

                1. BOSS. It took me to a glacier I skied years ago where I was the only skier on the hillside and the Alps stretched out before me as far as the eye could see. Unconquerable!
                  (I’d keep playing if it were me.)

                  1. I will as soon as I get some things in order that I need to stop putting off. Probably after an out of town lunch break tomorrow. 🙂

    2. Less than five hours is worse than pulling an all-nighter.

      At least it was in college, the last (and first) time I did either.

      1. First and last “all-nighter” (in quotes because I wasn’t awake for a single entire night) was for Little Brother’s wedding last year. Woke up at 2:00 AM so I could make my flight out – it was the only flight I could take that would enable me to get there in time for the bachelor party, couldn’t get anything direct – and wound up not getting to the hotel until almost 2:00 AM the next morning. I dozed (but didn’t really sleep) for about an hour on his sofa, but I was still up for 23 out of 24 consecutive hours. Somehow managed to function for the entire weekend (bachelor party was Thursday, wedding was Saturday, and they had a brunch on Sunday) despite getting maybe 5 hours of sleep a night if I was lucky, and I don’t sleep well in hotels.

        Even before that weekend was over, I told Little Brother and Sister-In-Law that I loved them, but I would NEVER, EVER do that for them EVER again.

        1. I knew I was going to stay up all Saturday night, so I did all my homework on Saturday. I remember how I was most sleepy in the wee hours of the morning, and more awake the next day, until I turned into a pumpkin early.

          However, I couldn’t write on Sunday.

        2. On the final road home from our trip to Romania, I counted up the hours we’d been awake since we got to Bucharest International Airport and came up with 25. Felt every hour of it, too.

          1. BTDT, yep. And US Customs wondered why I was slow and barely coherent. “I’ve been up since 0300 Vienna time, ossifer. Can’t sleep on the flights.”

          2. Last trip to Portugal without Dan, with the younger kid, now 12 years ago.
            40 hours awake.
            Dan picked us up in Denver and had everything beautifully planned because he’d missed me SO badly. He was going to take me to a nice dinner, and then we’d stay the night (He had older kid with him) and–
            I was so tired I couldn’t CHEW. I told him to stop and get me a carton of milk, which I drank.
            I’m incredibly fastidious, but I didn’t change clothes or shower. I don’t remember falling into bed.
            I woke at 4 in the morning, fully dressed, on top of the bed.
            I took a shower, put a nightgown on, got back in bed, and woke up 10 hours later…. because we needed to checkout.

          3. Our last trip home from Canada, Jasper/Banff … 21 hours driving. I did get some sleep (not driving). Not good sleep, but I did dose off, more than once. Hubby got some too, but not much when I drove (he has a horrible time sleeping/dozing when he isn’t the driver).

            It has gotten a lot better over the last few years, but I do not travel well. Which is an huge understatement. Used to be a joke which of us, me or our infant/toddler/young-son, would doze off first when we’d hit the road. When I’m driving, not a problem. Passenger, good-night.

            21 hours from Jasper to Eugene. On map doesn’t equate to quite that long. Part of the problem was it was an hour for the last 30 miles to get to the border crossing (RV accident and traffic into Vancouver BC on Hwy 1). Then another 90 minutes in line at the border crossing (if we’d had the pickup/trailer, it’d been a lot shorter wait, that line was open, but limited traffic). We’d planned to get a hotel after crossing the border. But realized Sunday night traffic through Seattle, Olympia, etc., would be much easier than Monday morning. We probably should have stopped in Longview (Portland is a PIA, but not THAT bad). But Longview to Eugene is automatic for us. I all but crawled in the house when we got home, after unhooking and lifting the dog out. The dog, OTOH was all wiggly and ready to play after being cooped up (she got breaks, but not that long).

      2. During his Fall semester senior year in college, the Reader pulled an all nighter once a week. Thursday at 11 pm he put away the rest of his work and starting writing up lab reports (for some reason all of his lab reports were due on Friday). He’d finish between 4 and 6 am and then get breakfast and head for the 8 am lab. One credit labs generated a lot of work.

        1. Yeah I think I was awake (for some values of awake) for slightly over 48 hours first quarter Freshman year (school ran on quarters NOT semesters). Napped Sunday until ~3 PM. Went to the computer center and worked on final project COMP I (on cards in WatFive FORTRAN) until about 5am Monday declaring victory (not quite, but close enough). Grabbed Breakfast at 6 AM went to Calc I final at 8 AM, then went to Final for COMP I handing in printout and card deck. Ate Lunch, went back to the Dorm and wrote and typed a paper for Calc that was extra credit. Turned that in about 8:30 Am Tuesday, Then back to dorm to study for Music Theory I final. Took that from 2-5 PM (Professor allowed unlimited time, I needed some of that as took apart chords of a hymn (A Mighty Fortress) wrote several figured basses and answered a bunch of multiple choice questions . Dinner and then out for partying until about 11 PM. I came home and literally crashed until 3PM wednesday.
          Man 18 year olds are tough and inordinately stupid.

        2. One credit labs generated a lot of work.

          Son ran into the same. He had to drop classes because he could get into the class, but could not get into required lab class, or the reverse. That is sooooo wrong. Getting into the Lab or Class should guaranty a spot in the other.

          I remember when you signed up for a class, the lab was part of the class. You had to sign up for the lab spot, still, but you were guarantied a spot. Thus Chemistry wasn’t 3 credits, it was 4 credits with Lab being 25% of the grade. Some (okay most) of my declared major classes were 5 hours, 3 classwork, 2 lab and 40% of your grade. Latter was a PIA to schedule, because they were 100% off campus (missed the vans, missed that lab). It has been a very, very, very, long time since then. Second degree? What labs. Seriously, labs were on your own time. My GPA would have been a lot better if I’d gotten separate grades for lab time. But either way the first paragraph ending holds: “Class time guaranties Lab slot” should be the rule, not the exception.

            1. In my case, 48 years since my first college quarter. Yes, a long, long, time ago, signing up for lecture guarantied lab slot.

  5. Oh, also, before I forget: PayPal emailed me this morning confirming that my account has officially been closed. So if anyone’s having issues with “pending transactions” that aren’t showing in your log, keep trying.

    1. I got the same email from PayPal last night, only 48 hours after request. OTOH something would have been horribly rotten and corrupt for my account to not have been swiftly handled. Should have been immediate, no waiting, that easy. Guess they wanted me to change my request.

      1. It’s not just PayPal going after those deemed thought criminals by the Democrats/left; Frequent skewer of the Democrats, Catturd, just got debanked by one of the big banks:

        This is all at the behest of the Democratic Party leadership and the regime in the White House which has met with and is openly coordinating this effort to excommunicate all political opponents from society.

          1. My first experience with them was my last. I had just moved to Silly Valley in 1974, and roommate had a check for a motorcycle from First State Bank of . B of A verified that there was sufficient cash in the account, then said they wouldn’t cash it. I assume they wanted him to open an account.

            Ended up going with the bank that was the most polite in saying it had to go to collection.

            The owner of the motorcycle shop looked at the check, shrugged, and took it. No problems. San Jose Honda FTW.

        1. I’ve seen the occasional tweet by this Catturd in passing, but largely ignored him because I figure someone who would pick a ‘nym like that probably isn’t someone I’d be interested in hearing much from. But after this I might just have to check him out.

  6. I saw the page earlier myself and it was a fun tribute to a good man for sure. Let me know how the new Hurricane blend is, I was thinking about trying it out once I use up all of my Brazilian Peaberry! Just the fact that Haitian Blue is part of the blend has me itching to try it out! I’ll have my thoughts on their current Cameroon coffee Tuesday morning and the Bengal Tiger Wednesday morning in the usual place too of course. 🙂

    1. HMMM Peaberry gets me interested. Long ago in the Boston area there was Coffee Connection. And it imported a Columbian Peaberry from the La Minita plantation that was out of this world good. And Coffe Connection didn’t over roast it, it was a very delicate flavor and even a Full City roast was almost too much for it. Sadly the proprietor was offered big money for the chain back in the late 90’s and he wanted to retire so he took it. It was a bit like McDonalds buying out a chain of 3 star Michelin restaurants…

      1. Out of the two I had the Malawi Peaberry, which I don’t think is in stock right now, was pretty good and was a good workday coffee. This Brazilian one, though, is unfortunately weak on the caffeine front. I had to move it to weekends and go up to a 32 oz water/8 tbsp coffee brew just to function on those days! Here’s hoping the other two I have lined up for work are good for that, though as a part of their high caffeine line I’m sure the Bengal Tiger will do the job nicely. That Colombian sounds delicious, too, and the shop sounds like it was a real gem. Shame that things ended that way but I can’t blame anyone for wanting to take a lot of money then retire.

  7. Me, trying to explain something complicated at far too early in the morning: Sorry folks, too much blood in the caffeine stream.
    Half-awake horde: No problem, ma’am.
    Voice from under a hoodie hood the Back of the Room: ZZZZzzzzzzzzz.

  8. Funny thing, been doing some story structure stuff. One of the things is to ask what the cuaracters’ weaknesses are, and how they change them during the story.

    It hit me, the character’s true weakness is not that they are a monster. That’s merely an affliction. It’s despair. At the start, they’ve given up on the possibility of fixing it, and have been content to merely manage the damage.

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