I was Going to write a Post

The best laid plans. You see…. Dan is on vacation this week. Stop laughing, I meant nothing of the kind. Just that I meant to write a post, but instead we spent the morning doing things that needed the two of us– stop laughing. These were things like shopping, and dealing with some house-related stuff.

When I came home wordpress was acting up. I’m posting this by grabbing a draft post and updating it. I can’t use the write function at all. Which is… ah…. interesting?

I need to back up the blog, as soon as that feature deigns working.

Curious thing, I was talking to Jack Wylder about the potential for this stuff last night.

Anyway…. Hopefully it’s just their usual stupid updating, and I can write a post tomorrow.

38 thoughts on “I was Going to write a Post

  1. So then, Word Press is forcing you to take a mini vacation. Go. Have Fun. Get things Done. Or don’t.

  2. I had trouble logging in to my blog, but the write function works as “well” as ever. WPDE! (NB I have a .wordpress.com blog, so it might not hit me until later.)

  3. When I came home wordpress was acting up. I’m posting this by grabbing a draft post and updating it. I can’t use the write function at all. Which is… ah…. interesting?

    Well, peanut brickle.

    Good luck.

  4. I’ve been having trouble staying logged in to WordPress: every time I leave a comment on your blog, I have to fill in my email address again and give my password again. This isn’t happening on other blogs such as Vathara’s, where I still appear to be logged in. My best guess is that they changed something in their login API, and Vathara’s blog template has updated to the new API while yours hasn’t. But that’s only a guess; I haven’t tried to investigate the cause.

  5. …know your minds… Minds?? We’ve got minds? Well now – I was under the impression that we are robot automatons and not thinking organisms. Mmmmmm, I’ll have to ‘think’ this over!

    Go – have fun and do stuff.

  6. “You must love Big Brother. It is not enough to obey him; you must love him” Orwell/1984

    /// Hoping they return control of your device back to you soon. ///

  7. WPDE was disallowing me to log in to comment here and on MGC for a few days there, too. The “Please use one of these accounts to log in” was covering up the wordpress login button. And every time I manually entered my credentials and posted, sure enough I’d be logged out an hour or two later. Same issue would reappear.

    Didn’t affect my blog that I could tell. I still need to clean up and post another Dr Z chapter. Some cool stuff is on the horizon, but I can’t get to it yet. There is a planned pause point in the action coming up that needs some tension breaking shenanigans. There’s an unplanned mystery mcguffin. Still working on refining the character growth and psychological front, and a sidecharacter is getting a mini-spotlight someday soon.

    Just plotted the pause point shenanigans. That bit needs more Raspberry mischief, though.

    Why does it feel like the story’s only about halfway done, though? (grumble grumble cuss cuss)

  8. No need to apologize! Half the time we wouldn’t even know it wasn’t a planned post unless you tell us. We are guests on your blog, not employers for whom you need to justify your actions.

    It’s O. K. Just run with it. Tell us about your day, or that a cat got into the ductwork and you spent 17 hours tracking it down.

    You make even the disasters entertaining.

  9. Sarah– after all this time, I finally read Darkship Thieves.

    Slow. Clap. Seriously, what a great SF novel. Lots of juicy little Heinlein references, too. Loved the “inner conversation” ‘Mad Thena’ kept with herself. I can relate!

    Now, I’ve got the other two queued up on my Audible.
    Well done.

  10. Stop laughing? We would not laugh.

    The early-teen parts of us would snigger Behind our keyboards.


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