The Cuckoo In Our Nest

I think all of us know a cuckoo’s reproductive strategy: they lay an egg in another bird’s nest. The hatchling pushes out the other eggs/hatchlings, and the poor bird whose progeny was murdered works itself to death feeding a massive bird that killed them.

So, what about the cuckoo in our nest?

We have a government that got in through illegitimate process, some of them blatant, dancing, in your face fraud. All of you who doubt that should read what Larry Correia had to say on the numbers and btw you don’t have to be an accountant to see how ridiculous they are. I do.

AND if you still doubt it, consider that these people (for lack of a better term) had a swearing in under armed guard, surrounded the capitol in barbed wire, and drop like a ton of lead on anyone saying there was fraud in the election. Compare this to Hillary running around for four years (and probably still) saying she wuz robbed, and idiots putting “resistance” (Sheep Resisted) signs on their yards without ANY official push back. Because when you know you won, you don’t deploy cancelling and threaten police for saying you stole the election. On the other hand, when you do–

For me the trouble started after swearing in, with friends in positions of authority who said “But he was sworn in. He’s legally president.”

They still haven’t recanted that, though most of them aren’t sleeping much.

I mean, they did swear an Oath to the constitution of these United States (as did a lot of us) and it can’t possibly sit well with them that this government (soi disant) is ignoring its responsibilities (guarding the borders. Heck, they’re actively inviting and abetting invasion) and financing our enemies, and making it impossible for Americans to earn a living or live in peace.

The problem is the procedures. By procedures this is a legitimate government, because it observed all the right forms.

The cuckoo laid an egg in our nest, and we now have to look after it, because our primitive bird brain recognizes anything in the nest as our progeny, whom we have to look after, feed and protect.

In fact, this is how the Constitutional Republic has been subverted over the last hundred years or so. They came under the cover of constitutional, and therefore–

Here’s the thing: We can’t, every man and woman for himself, decide what’s fair and just.

On the other hand: We have doctrines and indoctrination on the military because our founders and first presidents were terrified of a military dictatorship.

On the third hand: At which point does it become the duty of the military to live up to its oath, not its indoctrination?

On the fourth hand: If that trammel is removed, do we become a military dictatorship?

On the fifth hand: At this point, would it be worse?

On the sixth hand: Have you seen the top brass these days? They went to the same colleges as the members of the Junta and drink from the same cup.

Seriously. Collectively we’re a bird with a very small brain unable to get rid of the invader killing our progeny and fouling our nest.

It can’t go on. It patently can’t go on. I mean, they can take over, institute a reign of terror and try to make us into a communist nation (They are. And today in the grocery store a side joke about socialism got a very worried complete stranger telling me “I’m afraid that’s what they want to do here.” It’s bad out there.) But it won’t last. They think (most people think, and don’t get me started on the media encomiums on Gorbby) that the Soviet Union lasted as long as it did on its own. I’m here to tell you it lasted because we financed it, propped it up and treated it like a real (and co-equal) empire. But mostly we fed it. There is no one to feed us if we go down that path. There is no one to finance us. It will last maybe ten years and go out in a blaze of crap.

The question is, what comes after? And how many good people will we lose?

And will it even last long enough for that shit? I doubt it, because the usurper is giving a speech tomorrow (FOULING a sacred site, btw) which I suspect it’s going to tip us into hell. This post is so late because I have that “something wicked this way comes” feeling and it’s bad. I had disturbed dreams all night.

The idiots, of course, think if they tip us into boog they win. They won’t. Their winning is not in the cards. Unfortunately, it’s quite possible for both of us to lose.

And for the world and civilization to lose.

The Prince Roger series by Ringo and Weber deals with this situation. In the last book it’s obvious the military knows that there was a coup, that the Empress is prisoner. But they can do nothing, because the coup followed the forms. In the book, of course, the lost heir shows up.

That is one advantage of monarchies. We have no lost heir. Yes, we can pray for the George to come again, a man so upright that he walked away from a potential kingship. But I think a nation gets one of those once.

Pray for the United States of America. PRAY even if you’re an Atheist (The novelty might catch His attention! Also, you might be talking at the end of a disconnected phone, but do it because I asked, and because it won’t hurt. There are indications about how the universe is constructed that even if you don’t believe in G-d, your thoughts might affect things.) Pray and prepare.

Because we’re about to tip into the cacky.

And heaven help me, I don’t know what crawls out afterwards.

356 thoughts on “The Cuckoo In Our Nest

  1. I pray for the country every night. I hope it’s helping. Like everyone else, I have no idea what’s coming next. I think we may have a better idea by midwinter, when we are dealing with super high food and energy prices; I hope we can pull a rabbit out of a hat somehow.

    1. Me, too. I think it might do me as much good as it does the Republic.

      I’m fighting so hard on my own small issues, all I can do about the big stuff is call the Big Guy and beg.

  2. May G*d Look Out For The United States Of American and for those of us who are trying to Make It Right.

  3. Over at Ace’s blog, they’re speculating in the comments that Brandon is about to announce a ban of AR-15s and normal capacity (i.e. what they call “high”) magazines via EO. Sure, the USSC will overturn it. Eventually. But in the meantime…

      1. FOR ONCE Ace is way more optimistic than I am. I’ve been hearing the critter escalate his provocations. I expect this to be “I’m outlawing anyone who voted for Trump. Git them.” And then…. we’re in the cacky.

        1. If it was just “MAGA are fascists” and “We have F-15s!” I’d probably agree with you. But he’s once again making comments playing up how dangerous AR-15s supposedly are compared to other guns. Sounds to me like he’s going to go after those first.

          1. Here’s the thing — the F-15 is an air superiority fighter, not a good choice for the ground attack role. It’s the wrong plane.

            Now, if they were threatening us with A-10s, that would make sense.

            Of course, they can’t go and actually learn anything about that icky military stuff.

            In either case, the U.S. military is prohibited from taking action against the American people. They can’t be bothered to learn that either.
            Elections are far too important to be left up to a bunch of uncontrolled voters. The Party MUST exercise oversight and management to prevent mere voters from electing the wrong candidates!

            1. The F-15C Eagle is an air superiority fighter. The F-15E Strike Eagle is a ground attack plane.

              Just FYI.

              1. And the ANFO-filled van is a “we don’t need it shoot the dipshits in charge to kill them, we just need to park across the street” vehicle.

            2. Eh,the echo and subsequent is a capable ground pounder.

              As for the prohibition on using for law enforcement, he’ll just declare rebellion or similar. Words on paper

              1. “Mass drivers have been banned by all civilized planets!”
                “These are uncivilized times.”
                “We have treaties!”
                “Eeenk on a page!”

              2. Ground attack </> CAS
                Fast movers are good against emplacements, okish against armor, not very good against light infantry, negative value against guerrillas.

            3. I fear that those who get to tell the rest of the U.S. military is prohibited from taking action against the American people have forgotten that little rule, and we have spent the last decade or so driving out those that still remember that little fact.

              1. well, except under certain conditions, and the Dems are doing their best to make sure those conditions are met.

            4. Having served for a couple of decades in said military, I’m afraid that just because posse comitatus exists is no barrier to much of the military, particularly the current crop of commissioned officers, from gleefully obeying the orders, lawful or not, of the current commander in chief. Even when I was still wearing BDUs, there were scant members who would question the lawfulness of orders. And yes, I was VERY much an odd in the military.

            5. Although the military is ostensibly prohibited from actions against the American people, I do not believe that your average private will disobey the direct orders of a general, and best it appears our senior flag officers are well and truly in the tank, a legacy from actions taken during Obama and even before.
              Not to mention a thoroughly corrupt FBI and the small matter of 87,000 new armed IRS agents.

              1. Armed IRS agents 95% of whom probably have to be shown which end goes “BANG!”. A classic target-rich environment…

                And a reminder: When the military becomes lawless the first ones to bite it are frequently the officers who give orders to the undisciplined troops to take “unnecessary” chances, like getting into firefights with armed opponents. Check out “Vietnam” and “fragging”. The Marines had almost no problems in that area; the conscript Army, OTOH…

                1. It does make the point that the current administration has utter distain for the Uniform Code of Military Justice, UCMJ, which specifically prohibits such use of military personnel for political purposes.

          2. What they are going to do is to use the expanded IRS to target everyone who has ever purchased an AR-15 and to go through voting records to see who is a registered Republican. Everyone in either category will get an audit letter from the IRS along with a freeze of all their financial accounts until the IRS completes the audit. They are going to take a play out of the Castreau playbook.

            1. @ Cardshark > “Everyone in either category will get an audit letter from the IRS ”

              Already happening.
              “As I have mentioned on this blog many times, I send e-mails to my Senators and Representative protesting various Democrat policies. All are Dems.

              For the last couple of months, I have been the subject of IRS harassment. First, they said my return was fraudulent. I had to spend a few days proving it was my return and I am the person who filed it.

              Then I received a letter saying I was due a refund of several thousand dollars and later, a check. I knew I wasn’t due any refund, I had paid the proper amount and was owed nothing by the IRS.

              It took me several hours, but I finally got on with an IRS agent, who, after hearing my story and identifying me, got quite flummoxed and put me on hold. When he returned to the call, he said my case was above his pay grade and one of his superiors would be contacting me. He asked if I had cashed the check yet. When I said I had no intention of cashing the check, he didn’t have a comeback. Strange.

              If I hadn’t seen so many false flag operations from the Feds in the last few years, I might not be suspicious. It appears to me that they were hoping an old codger like me couldn’t prove my return wasn’t fraudulent and then decided to send me a fat refund in hopes I would cash the check. Later on, they could charge me with some kind of tax cheating or fraud.

              Am I paranoid? Maybe. The fact that they are hiring 87,000 more agents appears to me that they fully intend to use the IRS to harass people they don’t like. The fact that they have gone after regular citizens on many occasions really makes me suspicious.

              It’s pretty clear that the DOJ and FBI are harassing Trump. They may never indict or convict him, but the process is the punishment. And they hope enough negative info will be put in the media to stop him from winning the presidency again. What a bunch of corruptocrats.”

        2. Huh … what do they think they will/can do in my county, which as a whole went for the orange man at 60% and we have constitutional carry and no registration requirements … ??? Worried and corn-fused here …

          1. They’ll insist that an Emergency Executive Order trumps (pun definitely not intended) your constitutional rights. Because it’s an emergency, passed for emergency reasons.

            How they’ll enforce it is something I can’t speculate on.

            1. I think the fuse will be lit when the feds try and enforce something against the wishes of state and local law enforcement – and some fed operative will get all gung-ho demanding compliance, the locals will tell him to pound sand … and the fed will loose his sh*t and get reckless with a weapon.
              And what happens next …

              1. I just hope that there isn’t a Harper’s Ferry event first. I suspect they’re trying to provoke one, though.

                1. Harper’s Ferry didn’t have enough traction, even with the silent ones. This country has a huge number of silent ones who once they see how the wind really is blowing, are likely to be quite supportive.

                  1. Perhaps. But I think there would be a lot more popular support if the trigger were the result of a clear Fed cock-up (for instance, the “state and local LE disagree with Fed LE, and some Fed with more ego than sense loses it” example) as opposed to “upset right-wingers raid Feds”.

          2. You’re assuming that they can think. 😉

            I’m reminded of one New England State (Conn IIRC) that had a Rifle Turn In Program where people could turn in their “high powered rifles”.

            Extremely few turned their rifles in. [Big Sarcastic Grin]

            1. IIRC the only ones taken by the state were when the owners did something else of commonly accepted illegal nature. Creating a flimsy legal excuse wasn’t necessary in those cases.

            2. Turn-ins are dumb, and may even expose you to legal liability – how it’s not ex-post facto to declare some part illegal, I dunno. Not a lawyer or otherwise interested in regime justification.

              Buybacks, though, are awesome, and gun shops should front-run them with appraisals: Don’t turn that in, we’ll buy it instead. Yes, my libertarian side is annoyed on principle, but I’ll take money for junk to update the arsenal. I am slightly annoyed that I missed out on the ‘ghost gun’ turn-in racket. Oh well, the box of failed prints refills on the regular, if bureaucracy near me shows its typical aversion to learning economics.

              1. There is one fly in that ointment – generally, FFLs must do business in their licensed place of business – not parking lots or wherever these turn-ins are staged.

                In the past, getting people to follow you to the FFL’s shop has proven difficult. And, PD does not like the competition.

                1. I figured there was a FFL restriction like that. Which is too bad – I want to live in a world where the ice cream truck and the Snap-on truck are joined by the Glock truck or similar.
                  What music should a gun truck play to draw customers? Flight of the Valkyries?

              2. I’m not a lawyer, and it is ex post facto to anyone with an honest evaluation of it.
                But then we’re not talking about honest, rational people, are we?

              3. how it’s not ex-post facto to declare some part illegal, I dunno. Not a lawyer or otherwise interested in regime justification.

                Because you don’t know what ex-post facto means.

                Ex-post facto would be banning guns, and then charging you for having owned guns before they were banned.

                1. Ex-post facto is precisely what I meant.
                  Some examples include 30 round magazines in the period the ‘assault weapon’ ban was in effect, solvent traps, the California compliant magazines, pistol arm braces, and doubtless many others. I’m expecting it to happen to 80% lowers at some point. A part is legal, and sold, and possessed, and then declared unlawful to possess by some bureaucratic lifer and you’ll have ATF agents at your door based on purchase records. There are videos.

                    1. I am not a lawyer, nor am I claiming to know how this would play out in any court, real or hypothetical.

                      I am stating the simple fact that the ATF is out there, today, looking for evidence of ‘crimes’ that were legal when they allegedly occurred.

                    2. were legal when they allegedly occurred.

                      Except that isn’t what they are doing, scummy as they are.

                      They are looking for continued ownership of something that has become illegal according to them.

                    3. If Congress hasn’t passed a bill, the law hasn’t changed. The ATF has changed how they interpret that law, which isn’t the same thing. Either the ATF was wrong earlier, in which case the ATF was incompetent at their jobs and it was always illegal, or it is wrong now, in which case the ATF is incompetent at their jobs and it still isn’t illegal. No ex post facto violation in either case.

                      On the other hand, if the law itself is unclear, it’s supposed to be struck down. That the ATF (supposed subject experts that they are) has supported conflicting interpretations seems a testament to the lack of clarity.

            3. Thought that was a gun registration program. IIRC, the state gov adjusted the goals down when it became clear that no one was cooperating, and then arbitrarily declared victory and shut down the program when citizens still refused to play along.

              1. By the way, I followed a You Tube link down from one of the videos posted to Audit the Audit site where I found proof that the ATF already does have an unlawful registry of firearm owners that they used when they tried to ‘inspect’ an owner’s new purchase of two firearms. They had a list of the other 5 guns he already owned (and hadn’t purchased from the same stores over the years.)

        3. I’m with you, Sarah.
          Something about tomorrow night feels ominous. We know they have no filters, and no sense.

          1. I suspect that the timing for the Thursday night before a holiday weekend is because they intend to try to pull something outrageous. Frankly a phony assassination attempt with an AR-15 seems right in their wheelhouse of bogus narratives.

          1. I don’t know about “all of us”, but they can have the major financial corporations data mine the credit card records for purchases at any entity registered as an FFL and then you too can entertain ATF agents. Or they just drop a dime to your employer and let them know they have a “gun nut” working for them. Ask Kim du Toit how that works out.

            They won’t do it to everyone. just the “troublemakers” who speak up. Atomized and unorganized works for them perfectly well… they think.

            1. They’ll eventually get their acts of violence they wanted. Too many people with less … hmmm … self control than the group here.

              The question is, will those people limit their responses to the agents of government tyranny, and the tyrants above them, or will they go nutso and attack everyone else?

              Assuming they beat the force sent against them, the next order of progression would be to inform their friends and neighbors, and then go target the offices that force originated from, and continue working their way up the chain. No surrender until victory or death.

              If they lose the confrontation, then the survivors need to go all out in court, and we need to seriously back them. Slap the tyrants in the face with it.

      2. The enforcement of that would indeed be the trigger for the something wicked indeed.

  4. “Here’s the thing: We can’t, every man and woman for himself, decide what’s fair and just.”

    Actually, that’s EXACTLY what our responsibility and duty is as American citizens.

    We base those decisions on what has been commonly held: Christian beliefs, and community ethical and moral standards. Obeying the forms of the law is part of that. What the Left, and legal nit pickers will tell you, is that those same ethical, moral, Christian standards that went into the Declaration of Independence, have no basis in law; and therefor acts of violence against tyranny can’t be condoned against legal Constitutional authority.

    These are the same people who say they can try and convict a ham sandwich; which isn’t just waste fraud and abuse by legal authorities, but also an illegal act, there being no laws in this country against a ham sandwich.

    I decide what’s fair and just.

    I decide what I can stand, and what I can’t stands no more.

    I decide if and when the public forum, or the courts, no longer serve to support and dispense justice; but instead act as an arm of unjust deceit and coercion.

    I decide if, when, and how I choose to oppose injustice.

    And no, I’m not going to don a mask and skintight purple outfit.

          1. San Fran, not Paris.
            There was a lot of corruption and crime in that isolated enclave, until the citizens decided that they’d had enough.

            Granted, the norm is for the vigilantes to replace the organized crime, but there are examples of when they’ve done what they set out to do, and disband.

                1. “For years, some of the worst elements of San Francisco had held control of the political machine, stuffing ballot boxes, bribing voters, intimidating those that couldn’t be paid off, and electing their own judges. Going to any and every extreme to hold their offices, the politicians were raping the city, taking home bucket loads of money, and enjoying their power.”

                  Huh? What? Had to reread that paragraph. Thought they were talking about current news.

            1. Umm, you haven’t heard the term ‘vigilance committee’? From whence is derived the term ‘vigilante’.

              Now, a Committee Of Public Safety would be on a whole ‘nother level.
              Only idiots believe they know how other people should live their lives. The stupider they are, the more blindly they believe it.

                1. Actually, I was thinking of the original Comité de Salut Public in 1790’s Paris.
                  There is no shortage of people convinced they can create the perfect world. They just have to eliminate all those imperfect people who don’t fit in it.

            2. Or a committee of oobservation. Maybe even committees of Correspondence, Observation, Vigilance, Energy, Restraint, and Tact.

    1. “And no, I’m not going to don a mask and skintight purple outfit.”

      Forget that silly nonsense. Go with a black slouch hat, black cloak, and a red scarf over your face. So long as you can pull off the laugh, that is.

        1. Close… but no.

          Paul got it right.

          “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! AHAHAhahahaHAHAHAHAhahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!”

          1. The movie was ‘ok’ but fell short. I still think of the shadow and his laugh from radio:

            Alas, I have to agree with our host and many of our fellow commentators – I too don’t sleep well and have an ongoing sense of foreboding. I’ve done mostly what I can for me and mine and do a little bit here and there as the days go on to hopefully be able to weather the upcoming storms. My gut (unreliable but I listen to it) says something is amiss and will go critical this fall – likely just before or after national elections in November. Hope I’m wrong but I’ve told the bulger to sound boots and saddles.

            1. Old Trainer > “Hope I’m wrong but I’ve told the bulger to sound boots and saddles.”
              Don’t let the bulger do all the work; make the quinoa help.

            2. Yeah, the movie was a letdown. Partly because the script kept veering wildly between gritty pulp noir and Batman ’66 style campiness and silliness, partly because the Northridge Earthquake destroyed the sets and the production was already out of time and money and couldn’t fix them (which is why the climactic showdown feels like a rushed mess: they couldn’t film all of it).

        1. Sorry Julie Newmar or Eartha Kitt. the 1960’s Batman was a travesty, but it KNEW it was a travesty. However both of the Catwoman (Catwomen?) were impressive and became more so as I got older.

  5. I agree with your feelings and thoughts on this coup. And I don’t sleep well either. And I know people, half the people I know, who act as if there’s nothing wrong. They seem to sense that we are standing on a precipice, but they dare not look down at their feet and remain fooled. Those of us who are awake, I don’t know how much more we can stand. But… everyone will begin to wake when the food shortages start, and then the resultant riots, the home invasions, the shoot outs with the thug police enforcers, that sort of thing. Honestly, I would rather some kind of fight than for the country to just grab it’s collective ankles and take it, then to hunker down for a long 60 year slog back to a semblance of freedom which they got in the former Soviet States, but for which there is no guarantee that we will get. I wrote a book in 2017, Crossing Over, in which the President is arrested, cuffed, made to perp walk. This tipped the country into civil war. I think we are almost there.

      1. I would love to. The book is free on Amazon till Saturday evening. But Sarah may have rules against that. You could simply type in the title, Crossing Over, by Paul Clayton, in Amazon. Thanks!

          1. Thank you, Sarah. My book, Crossing Over, a thriller and a cautionary tale, about a possible 2nd American civil war, is FREE till Saturday evening. I tried to not be overly political in the writing, but rather to see both sides. A certain side, however, is impossible to understand, let alone sympathize with. I think most people on here would really enjoy the book, it has several nice twists, is very realistic, and has a killer ending that will astound and amaze. Here’s the link to the book. FREE for the next three days.

            Thanks, everyone. (PS, even if you can’t get around to reading it in the next days or weeks, please download a copy as it will kick me up in the ratings a bit.

    1. It wouldn’t last ten years, much less sixty. AGAIN we supported the soviet union. Yeah,t hat’s not what theprevious governments thought they were doing, but it’s what they did.

      1. On the other hand even if it lasts a decade or a bit less, it will make things very bad. It will be very difficult to rebuild the energy and supply chain infrastructure that they destroy.

      1. Gradually encroaching tyranny. What did you think it was?
        ‘Progressives’ suppress free speech because they don’t have the means to suppress free thought.


  6. Looking at the trend lines, clearly the Progressive Puritans are in full panic mode but they do not possess the intellectual horsepower to make the case for their ideology. From Mr. Biden’s rant, he and his pal, Barack, are intent upon turning us into a ‘one-party’ big-government nanny state. How else can you explain their red-hot hatred for independent-minded, red-blooded America.

    The Left seeks to eliminate all opposition (parties) and rule as totalitarians, if we let them!

  7. Oh, I pray. Maybe not incessantly, but definitely more than a little. The problem is that we (as a nation) need to be humble and repent. I don’t see any of the wackadoodles “in charge” that are capable of humility and certainly none that are repentant. Still, Sodom would have been saved if 50 righteous were found. There’s a chance, maybe, possibly, hopefully(!) that we can still find that many before the end.

    1. Actually, Abraham talked Him down to ten. Which is why a minyan (quorum) for Jewish public prayer is ten.

  8. One lawful method of removal is impeachment, including the VP, and the resulting government would be legitimate.

    I don’t know that it is likely, but the administration’s approval rating is heading to the point where that may have enough popular backing to succeed. And we do have an election in November, and another two Novembers after that.

    I don’t know that that will work, but it’s the closest to a “Prince Roger returns” we’ve got, so best work towards making it happen. It may nkt, but the alternatives are even worse.

        1. Correct, once the House majority flips which it is almost certain to do with the mid term elections San Fran Nan is out as speaker. Actually in theory a Republican House could vote Trump in if I understand the legalities correctly, then impeach Biden and Harris.
          Not bloody likely, the appointment and dual impeachments, the House flip is a given absent massive funny business, the rest is just wishful thinking on my part.

          1. ‘ Article I, section two of the U.S. Constitution says “The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Offices” but does not say the House must choose a member.’ [an elected member of the House of Representatives] says Selecting Trump to that office has been the topic of much merriment in some places.

            Rather like dreaming of winning the Lottery, it’s pleasant to contemplate
            – both House and Senate flip in November
            – new Speaker
            – impeachment of POTUS and VPOTUS
            – replacement of POTUS with new Speaker
            – removal and replacement of cabinet members and agency heads

            But like winning the Lottery, the probability of that entire sequence is pretty low.

            1. The problem there is that it takes a 2/3 vote in the Senate to remove, and there’s no chance at all of getting 67 Republicans elected (or more, considering the RINOs).

              1. True, but Biden’s crimes can be laid out for all to see. And hung around the necks of the Left.

            1. I’m dead certain there will be epic fuckery. They got away with it last time, so now the last vestige of restraint is gone. This year’s fuckery will make all previous fuckery seem insignificant.

              The only question is whether anybody will admit they see it.
              When Eric Swalwell farted on camera, it was the most intelligent thing he said all day.

      1. Remove Biden and Harris becomes President, which takes away her tie-breaking vote in the Senate because there is no VP until a new one is nominated and confirmed. The Senate thus becomes a genuine 50-50 split. Yes I know the RINOs mean it still favors the commies, but it means that there is no Senate majority leader and thus no-one who gets to set the agenda on what can be voted on, without a full Senate vote and filibuster of those votes.

        It can effectively bring the Senate to a screeching halt, which would not be a bad thing.

  9. So if AR-15 bullets fly so much faster than a regular gun and can vaporize a human body, then a reasonably competent marksman could aim for the F-15’s wing and probably take it down or at least cripple it.

    No wonder they want them banned.

    1. An F-15 can fly with one wing.


      IIRC, an Israeli F-15 lost an entire wing in a mid-air collision. The pilot was able to get it back to base and safely land it. He later said he hadn’t realized how bad the damage was.

      1. However, F-15s of any variation do not fly well with both engines inoperative.
        FOD can be a wonderful thing when you’re on the wrong end of an air-ground combat.

        1. An F-15 does not fly at all absent a qualified pilot, and all operators of military equipment still have to eat, sleep, visit the facilities, and have occasional R&R. The most critical and vulnerable part to any equipment is always the control nut.

          1. Which is always the problem with fighting an insurgency. The ones that say one cannot fight the government without F-15s apparantly slept through Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan…

            No one here can really know what a second ACW/Revolution would be like. We are not a third world country. We are freaking huge, geographically, and there are MANY weak points were a handful of guys with training, knowledge, and bad intentions could cripple a city.

            The left does not realize quite how bloody damned vulnerable the cities they so love are. The boogie bois don’t realize just how bad it could and very well would be for them and those around them, too.

            The fact that it works at all, the economy that allows so many people to live, and to live in places where they cannot absent sophisticated infrastructure and regular logistics supply is utterly lost on the cast majority of people. The California coast would become a post apocalyptic landscape without a single bomb should certain arteries be cut. Starvation, disease, and violence would contend for the highest body count, and I would bet heavily on the first two.

            This is assuming that help wouldn’t be coming. And it wouldn’t, if the rest of the US did not do it themselves. If they should become distracted by, say, burgeoning ACW II…

            Take the worst parts of the African conflicts (big and small), add in the Balkan nastiness and throw in bits of Afghanistan and Ukraine. Now add in the tech savviness of Americans with the absolute ruthlessness that lurks beneath the skin of every common man. Strip away the culture of trust that, unknowingly, so many rely on. Throw in despotic little tyrants and petty grudges with the opportunity for ultimate resolution.

            And do not forget the trained violence of many a man and woman protecting their families and trying to do what’s right in a world gone mad.

            Very few come out of that sort of thing ahead of where they went in. They’re almost always the ones you wouldn’t expect, too. But everyone comes out worse. Flattened infrastructure, mass graves, lives and fortunes vanished like dust in the wind.

            One thing though I can predict with a fair amount of certainty.

            There would be very few anti-gun idiots left after it is done. I think it was Ringo that mentioned it in of the Black Tide Rising, imagine your ordinary leftist anti-gun liberal that has to pick one up and use it, multiple times, in the space of a few days. And believe me, I do understand the black irony in finding that thin silver lining around the cloud of heavy metals poisoning and nerve gas.

            Nobody sane wants civil war, revolution, insurgency or whatever cold, clean name they put on it. Everyone loses.

            I get that there are things that are worrying. I get that people are feeling uneasy, like bad things are on the horizon. I just hope and pray that such things don’t push anyone over the edge.

            1. Yes. We are the people who fire bombed both Tokyo and Dresden.

              I’ve always thought one of the under appreciated aspects of the Godfather was how the upright younger son that the others are always teasing about being a soft army boy goes full on scorched earth when he decides he must fight.

              None of the supposedly tough as nails mobsters do that. For all their callous petty cruelty, none of them have the absolute ruthlessness to even consider something like that.

              The guy may have dedicated his life to making the perfect best run Waffle House in the world, but burn that down, you may find yourself with a foe who does not sleep.

    2. When the F-15 threat came out a time or two ago, someone pointed out that the ground crew and pilots would then have targets on their back. Don’t need a Stinger if one went that route.

      (The local F-15 training base deals with 15-Cs, so it might not get too sporty right away. And as an aside, I see that Chinook helicopters all were grounded for engine issues.)

      1. Throw enough copper-coated lead at them, and even chopper rotors don’t hold up well. a couple of magazines of that steel-cored, anti-body armor stuff works even better. And large calibers work better than small. The trick is to get enough through the rotor plane as quickly as possible; which is tough if you have a smart chopper pilot moving fast and jinking it back and forth. It’s also why you want to spread your “team” out so you can’t all be caught in one burst from guns, bombs, missiles, or rockets. If you get someone underneath him while he’s going after the rest of you, then your shooter has a much better chance.

        Of course, if you have a rocket of your own…

  10. Yes to all on Sarah’s post.

    I’ve started watching the WarRoom podcasts every day–Bannon has people on who actually know things. Alex Jones and everyone else on the blog is convinced that soon–maybe tomorrow night–the regime will do something to try to get patriots to riot en masse. Their big push is to stay calm, do not overreact, and focus on local elections and election integrity.

    People paying attention are mostly feeling the tension–something is brewing.

    I’m trying to pray and encourage everyone around me as much as I can.

    1. I look forward to seeing how well the incitement will work with people who don’t watch the speech.

      1. If they were truly cunning, they’d trot him out with an inspirational message, and then assassinate him on screen.
        Blaming it on us, of course.

        Fortunately, I don’t think it’ll work this time. *
        And Biden is a petty, vicious little creature who doesn’t have an inspirational bone in his body, and who no longer has the sense to try and hide it.

        *JFK was killed by a card-carrying communist.
        But the assassin was certainly known to the FBI & CIA. The media sure was quick to lie about it to aid the Far Left. And Kennedy had just promised to expose the abuses of the FBI & CIA a couple weeks before.
        I used to be able to dismiss all that as coincidence and political opportunism. After the past few years, I’m no longer so sure.

        I do owe Sen. Frank Church a huge apology, though.
        So I keep publicly making it.

        1. The tin-foil hat crew say Oswald was a patsy, and it was CIA and/or mafia who did the job. Oswald getting killed when he did was, er, convenient. (IIRC, JFK was saying the CIA was a major problem–in public, shortly before the Dallas trip.)

            1. I fear that we are fast approaching the point where it will again be time to feed the hogs.
              Forgive my squeemishness, but I do not believe I will be requesting any ham or pulled port from that herd.

                    1. Anyone paying attention to the news from Europe cannot help but see that much of those populations will be very cold and hungry this coming winter. And the Biden cabal will still be in power, at least into January, and to a degree until 2024, so expect him and his cronies to strip our store shelves bare to give to our needy good friends. Which will result in a bunchaton of European fat cats getting even fatter while selling energy and foodstuffs to the desperate masses at exorbitant prices. Good thing that the administration has a proven expert broker to arrange such a massive transaction. I think his name is Hunter something or other.

      2. Exactly. I don’t care how many actually broadcast it as (FoxNews noted) it is on the Thursday before most of those in the nation are starting a three day weekend … If they didn’t take this week to get away before fall actives (school) starts, well on the west coast anyway. I don’t get paid enough to listen s*t for brains prattle on. (No one does. But for some it is their job.)

    2. Empty gestures by the tyrants can be ignored.
      Actions taken against us can not.
      If we can fix it with lawyering up, especially winning and getting them stuck with the costs, we’re golden.
      TSHTF only if we can’t lawyer up, or the fix is in before we even try.

      1. Wisdom, and thus the need for prayer, lies in knowing when the fix is in.
        I recall that some of the founding fathers defended British soldiers in court after the Boston massacre. Boog, if it comes, and let’s pray not, will be like the old saw about bankruptcy: slowly, then all at once. We might yet vote our way out, with many other actions as well. And if not, we’ll have improved both moral and strategic standing.

          1. John Adams defended the soldiers.

            His cousin Samuel Adams arranged for the “riot”. 😉

  11. Just remember a cuckoo is only a bird that doesn’t belong in a nest made by others. Let us all vow to be sneks and eat that bird. Better empty nest than a cuckoo one. Actually Trump and his family seem pretty royal to me these days! Maybe it’s time for a monarchy again.

      1. Is there for honest Poverty
        That hings his head, an’ a’ that;
        The coward slave-we pass him by,
        We dare be poor for a’ that!
        For a’ that, an’ a’ that.
        Our toils obscure an’ a’ that,
        The rank is but the guinea’s stamp,
        The Man’s the gowd for a’ that.

        What though on hamely fare we dine,
        Wear hoddin grey, an’ a that;
        Gie fools their silks, and knaves their wine;
        A Man’s a Man for a’ that:
        For a’ that, and a’ that,
        Their tinsel show, an’ a’ that;
        The honest man, tho’ e’er sae poor,
        Is king o’ men for a’ that.

        Ye see yon birkie, ca’d a lord,
        Wha struts, an’ stares, an’ a’ that;
        Tho’ hundreds worship at his word,
        He’s but a coof for a’ that:
        For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
        His ribband, star, an’ a’ that:
        The man o’ independent mind
        He looks an’ laughs at a’ that.

        A prince can mak a belted knight,
        A marquis, duke, an’ a’ that;
        But an honest man’s abon his might,
        Gude faith, he maunna fa’ that!
        For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
        Their dignities an’ a’ that;
        The pith o’ sense, an’ pride o’ worth,
        Are higher rank than a’ that.

        Then let us pray that come it may,
        (As come it will for a’ that,)
        That Sense and Worth, o’er a’ the earth,
        Shall bear the gree, an’ a’ that.
        For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
        It’s comin’ yet for a’ that,
        That Man to Man, the world o’er,
        Shall brothers be for a’ that.

        —Rabbie Burns

  12. A cuckoo is a bird that doesn’t belong in a nest. Let us vow to be sneks and eat that bird and swallow it whole. Remember too that Sneks are stealthy predators and sneak up on their prey.
    Lots of spanners in the works will also bring the tree down. If we are ready for the consequences,bwe can replant the tree of liberty as we have right on our side.

      1. True it will be a terrible and long difficult effort. But at least WE or whoever is left of US will get to replant it. WE still have the planting instructions “The Declaration of Independence” and the gardening instructions: “The Constitution”. If it becomes necessary, we will do this not for us but for our heirs. I knew the day after 2020 selection there would be likely ACW2 or something worse. The night of the selection I had a dream where I saw Biden (not that other later dream I told the forum with me pushing him down the stairs lol) and told him to go to hell (likely to where he belongs). I later heard he had “won”. The mind is capable of amazing prescient visions and deja Vu moments in dreams. Evil must be confronted sometimes. Men and women of good character must sometimes face it or evil will win. I also fear that we are nearing that terrible time. All of you, remember that courage is contagious! I will not go quietly into the night but rather raging against the dying of the light -apologies to Dylan Thomas

        1. Dude. No. Just no. No boogie stuff. No ACW II. No replanting the tree of liberty after we somehow make it through the inevitable violence that implies miraculously sane, united, and largely unchanged.

          I do not agree with the “lets break ALL THE THINGS” argument. Once you make this sort of thing happen, the genie’s out of the bottle. One guy shoots at politicians and he’s a criminal. Nobody listens to him, he goes to jail, dusted and done. Ten thousand, on the other hand…

          Then you’ve just this kind of banana republic crap a feature of American politics. Like the raid on MAL- that’s a genie that ain’t goin back in the bottle either. There are reasons we don’t do this sort of thing. Good ones.

          Let’s not be screwing with the peaceful transfer of power. You don’t get to un-screw the virgin. Because if we do, chances are very freaking good that what we get is worse than what we have now, with consequences that I don’t see many even so much as contemplating.

          So please. Cool it on the glowie boogie crap. If such an immensely stupid thing were to occur, it would not be just YOU that suffers the consequences.

          The spirit of America can survive a Biden. Is it going to suck? Brother, you need to even ask? Fixing things involves more than mere a change in political servants. It involves creating culture, teaching children, and bearing the burden of our responsibilities.

          America needs more Rush Limbaughs. More DeSantises. More, yes, Donald Trumps, Candice Owens, Antonin Scalias, and Thomas Sowells. More Milton Friedmans and even Kyle Rittenhouses.

          There will always be barbarians as long as we remain recognizably human. Hear me. ALWAYS. It is written into our very DNA. That means today’s foes are just the latest in an unbroken string that goes back as far as the hominid line in to the time before written history and further back than oral history can recall. Do not make the mistake of thinking our backs are against the wall.

          The left always does this. When things start to get tough, they take it as a sign they didn’t run far enough to the left. They are weaker than you think. We don’t need armed insurrection. We need creators, teachers, and good examples of wisdom, courage, and good work ethics. Not revolutionaries.

          Leave that stuff to the left. We’ve work to do.

              1. So, you get that I don’t want to wait for the George? He might come. BUT I’d hate to depend on it.
                Also I am furious the rat bastard FICUS is desecrating one of our holy sites.

          1. Sir (a sign of high respect for you and your comments), I don’t want what is likely coming either, but remember that there is no line in the sand which they haven’t yet crossed and (likely) will not cross. The line of democracy and justice has been breeched too many times already with overtly stolen elections and the lawless government and political raids/arrests and even hiding Epstein’s list. Yes we all can get involved and attempt to solve this with civic action and working to rebuild a civilized culture but the object of power is power as Orwell said. And as Stalin said paraphrasing “whoever counts the votes is all the matters.” When your vote no longer counts, you no longer have a democracy or a republic. At this point, i feel and think it is most likely they won’t give up their power without a fight, even if we all refuse to comply and follow their fascist dictates. I agree that THEY need to fire the first shots of whatever is likely coming whether it be ACW or anarchy or mass non-compliance as that gives us the moral high ground. The issue is also how damaged the nation is by that point since they seem to be intentionally destroying it. If too late, it may be impossible to rebuild. At some time, we may all have to decide to either take off our gloves and do something or prove we are the cowards too addicted to bread and circuses that they hope we are. My guess as to the triggering event is they will overwhelmingly or (most probably) just slightly steal the November Elections again (to barely control congress and make it seem like the elections were fair) or arrest Trump and see what happens or if there is an overwhelming red wave, they will refuse to install the new Red Congress and riot in January. All I can say is we do need to pray and hope God blesses us all and America and this all can be solved without violence. If and when the time comes, I hope we do know what will need to be done whether it is working to rebuild society or anything else that is needed. Lone wolves are not wanted for sure and I’m not one of them. Unfortunately, it only takes one lemming to lead all the others over the cliff and history has shown the damage they can do. (Archduke Ferdinand comes to mind first).

            1. Fair warning, this is long. TL/DR civil war bad.

              First, know that I do appreciate the moderation of your earlier comments. Still got a whiff of the glowie there, though. Allow me to explain.

              This is about self defense, censorship, and preparation. Self defense is a natural right. It was so bloody obvious to the founders that they made it an amendment, recognizing that his was an area in which the government should not intrude. A man, once attacked, obviously should defend themselves effectively against the attack. The second amendment exists in part to recognize that the right exists, and furthermore to protect it from interference by those that would limit it for whatever reason.

              It is not because that gives us the moral high ground. Not because the government in its benevolence allows us this gift. The right of self defense, once again, obviously exists. This is born out in law as well. Despite unconstitutional attempts to restrict the right of the people to own firearms, court case after court case show that you can, legally, defend yourself from attack.

              And you should.

              I am not simply saying “they should fire the first shot!” and then it’s on like Donkey Kong. We’re not looking for Reichstag fires, nor do we want or need them. Again, the left does that. Not us. Looked at one way, there have already been many “first shots,” if one were foolish enough to take them so. I don’t need to remind anyone here about all the scandalous and provocative things the left has done over the years. That does NOT mean we should take destructive action indiscriminately and go hunting leftist heads.

              When you imply sabotage and the like, confronting evil and all that sort of thing, you do realize how brightly you’re glowing, right? This is where we get into the censorship part. And common sense.

              Allow me to be blunt here. Those things are illegal. That doesn’t mean that they’re just against the law but totally morally justified, trust me bro! This is a public forum. Advocating for illegal acts of sabotage, assassination, and insurrection in a public forum is freaking dumb. Nobody here is engaging in any criminal plots to overthrow a child’s tea party, let alone governments.

              There may well be individuals on this forum with the skills and training to do all matter of naughty things. Stuff like how to cripple a city’s logistics. How to apple sufficient pressure to cause power grids to falter and fail, water supplies to become less reliable, or financial systems to get sand in their gears. And all sorts of other things. You know what such hypotheticals don’t do?

              Talk about them in public forums. Prosecutors get all giddy when they see stuff like that, when they’re preparing their cases.

              This is about self censorship, not government censorship. If someone has the practical knowledge to build a ‘splodey device, it’d be criminally stupid to put that knowledge on an open forum where anyone can see it. Some damned fool might try it out and get himself and/or other innocents killed. It’s even more stupid to incite others to make said boomthing and use it.

              Replace ‘splodey device with revolution and you will see what I’m getting at.

              BGE mentioned the bloody awfulness of civil war briefly. As have several others. Civil wars are bad. You don’t want to be in one. You definitely don’t want one happening in your back yard where your children play and in your neighborhood where your extended family and friends live. Civil wars do one thing with an absolute 100% certainty.

              They make everything worse. For everybody.

              Wealth? Up in smoke. Infrastructure? Wrecked. Logistics? Fcked. Security? None to be had. Trust? Oh hell no. Stability? You gotta be kidding me. These things are absolutely *essential for peace and prosperity. I could spend many more words on it, but this is already long for a post. Err, comment. Civil war = bad. Don’t do it. Don’t encourage it. Don’t glorify it.

              Lastly, we get to prepping. There have been several posts here on it, generally speaking. Lots of good stuff there. More out in the wilds of the net if one wants to go deeper down the rabbit hole. Preparation, in my book, boils down to simple common sense.

              Look, disasters happen. Fire, flood, extended job loss, something that screws up the happy little normal routine will occur. It’s only common sense to have a savings account. Have some canned food. Keep a first aid kid in your vehicle. That sort of thing.

              Prepping is also a mindset. You train for the worst, and you are prepared when something less than the worst happens. Train for the flood that wrecks your home completely, and you’re better than decently prepared for a blackout. Or when a snowstorm keeps you from traveling.

              You can also apply this to our current problem. Election shenanigans were mentioned. How do you prepare for that? Steve has mentioned a few things, as have several others. When you have the prepper mindset, you don’t wait till the last second. So that means preparing for election shenanigans next time and the time after that…

              So then you research. What could go wrong? What has gone wrong in the past that you can prepare for? Can you prevent some things? Mitigate others? Maybe to read up on the laws and regulations. Start with your local ones. Get involved. Become a poll watcher, see how the process is done.

              You can expand that out to almost every other part of your life. Live in a blue city? Maybe you want to move. Maybe you stay and attempt to subvert the local power structure by getting other conservatives to vote. Maybe you teach, and push back against the corrosive woke narrative.

              You prepare for the worst. If civil war does happen, what will it look like to you? In your area? Read up on more recent civil wars. The Balkans, the Serb/Croats, the various tumultuous actions in Africa and the Middle East. Civil wars are nasty, vile things. How can you prepare so that you and yours are less likely to be a statistic?

              And, most importantly, how can you prepare such that you can avoid it happening at all? Because that’s the most important thing. It’s not hinting at destroying things and hopefully finding a miracle that lets you start over again.

              Censor yourself such that you don’t go cheerleading the apocalypse. Prepare yourself such that you can react and adapt to changing circumstances (to include preparing to accept positive changes, too). And lastly, defend yourself when necessary.

              1. THIs with much of what you say. I’ll try to keep the glowworm extinguiahed and remain civilized as long as we live in a civilized country. Obviously we talk of possibilities and at this point only God may know what will happen. For sure hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and know that reality is usually somewhere in the middle

              2. Predicting that things might go bad is not the same as inciting them.
                BTW when someone is damnfool enough to send me “Are you giving the signal?” they’re mental cases.
                WHY are you looking for a signal from an over-intellectual-female blogger who is worried to death over all of this?
                You’re either crazy or FBI

          2. “Then you’ve just this kind of banana republic crap a feature of American politics. ”

            Too late. It already is. The only question is whether it continues to only go one way. Apparently your answer is “Yes”.

            1. I respectfully disagree. Currently, the banana republic crap is happening on one side with the support of several local governments. They apply cover in the form of not prosecuting the lawbreakers, or letting them off with minimal punishment.

              That being the case, I’d much prefer neither side engage in banana republic stupidity. If one side is going to do so, I’d rather it not be ours.

              The aforementioned banana republic crap is going on in blue cities, wrecking blue businesses, and causing crime in blue neighborhoods, mostly. It’s blue known wolves that end up going after politicians at baseball games and the like.

              We recovered from the political violence of the 60s and 70s, the crime wave of the 90s. We can recover from this, too.

              But the doing of the thing is going to suck.

            2. No. We can still hope. I don’t think they’re going to allow a peaceful resolution, but we can TRY.
              Also ol’ Tom glows in the dark and from his version of WWII he learned it in a Soviet school

        2. There’s a bunch of guys in cheap suits at the J Edgar Hoover building who’d love to talk with you. You’re just the guy they’re looking for.

          Seriously. Stop. The left needs an insurrection, they need a rebellion because they can’t do what they want to do without it. Do something useful like work on a campaign and stop giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

          I suspect that you’ve never seen what civil war is like. I have. It ain’t that pretty at all.

            1. “Nobody sane wants a civil war.”

              True, but this is the left</> we’re discussing. No sanity in sight, not a considered action in a carload.

              1. JohnS, I feel you are picking up what I am laying down. That is the implication. There are, demonstrably, insane people on the left. There are people on the left that think rounding up conservatives for re-education, confiscating their firearms, denying them access to financial services, indoctrinating their children against the parents’ will, and much much more are reasonable things. That they are morally good.

                Just as one should be wary of criminal thugs, so should one treat such persons with caution. Believe them when they say that they want to do such things. Because, time and again, they end up trying it. We already have political prisoners. We’ve seen folks targeted and punished by minions of the bureaucracy for the simple crime of being openly R.

                Violence in the streets has been happening on a scale I’ve not seen in decades. And it has been excused and those actually arrested let go with sweetheart deals because it serves a political purpose.

                There are folks out there that do want civil war. They are, as said, insane. Incredibly ignorant, too. BGE is quite likely correct in that those who cheerlead the fall of Western civilization have never seen the raw chaos and bloody cost that civil war brings. Floods and wildfires are one thing. You can rebuild after. Civil war, that’s something that takes more than gutting the drywall and shoveling out the ash and gooey mess to recover from. Generations, if it happens at all.

                BGE’s definitely right that civil war ain’t pretty. Not one bit.

                1. BGE saw one specific type of civil war, which is not really American. OTOH I saw “turmoils” that were never full on civil war (much more likely here) and let me tell you, that country hasn’t yet recovered.
                  And as my kids like to remind me neither have I.
                  Ask older son, who was left standing holding two bags of groceries,when I dove under a parked truck in a parking lot (Dropping the groceries I was carrying) because there was a backfire. Now this was just before the election in 08 and I was keyed up. But all the same.

                  1. The walls dividing RC and Protestant neighborhoods in Belfast continue to get higher as the inhabitants ability to throw stuff over the top of them gets better. Maybe the children will move on from it though I doubt it.

                    The American Civil War, much like the American Revolution, is NOT typical, in fact unique and a sign that God does love children, drunks, and the United States of America.

                    For myself, I wonder whether our butcher’s bill since Roe is too high for God to bail us out again or if a little chastisement is coming. Then again, I’m a bit down today, maybe we’ll be lucky again. Still, one goes on or one goes under.

                    1. We also have to remember that the “troubles” are actually quite mild compared to your average civil war. The British Army was not neutral, but they did manage to keep a lid on what could easily have become a real bloodbath. A real civil war with armies in the field, cities burned, infrastructure destroyed, and the resulting plague, famine, and famine. Add to that it would be a religious war in the true sense — not Christians versus Christians but Commies vs everyone and …. Shudder.

                      I’ve written here before about the lack of knowledge and imagination among too many in this country. We’ve been very lucky, even in our civil wars, even in Georgia and South Carolina when Sherman was marching. New York turning into Damascus ought to frighten the life out of us because it won’t stop thee and all the prepares will find out what scorched earth means,

                      Anyone who encourages civil war is an evil, foolish, f’ing idiot.

                    2. From the snippets I’ve caught from Xiden’s speech, it’s like he’s giving Antifa and BLM the goahead to try to make blue cities MAGA-rein. I’m very glad I don’t have to venture into Blue Oregon until next year.

                      Flyover Falls had a huge armed MAGA turnout when BLM wanted to do a “mostly peaceful” protest in June 2020. It stayed peaceful. Modulo Despicable Kate Brown (D-mented, OR Gov) finding some National Guard troops willing to burn their oaths, I think the response will be the same here. What I’m not sure of is how many times people will have to defend a red city/county from the FICUS thugs.

                      We might get ACW 2.0. Waiting for a false flag any day now. I’m hoping/praying it’s nipped before things go south.

          1. Read my latest post above. I don’t want to give the left what they want either. Unfortunately those Hoover residents are already making their list and checking it twice. And they aren’t Santa Claus but more like Satan’s Claws these days.
            I will refuse to comply like Gandhi first and see what happens. Violence should be avoided at (almost) all costs. But every society has its breaking point. War is terrible for sure and I am not advocating that but rather to be mentally prepared for whatever happens knowing that reality sometimes intrudes on our optimism for things working out peacefully

  13. +1 on how the Soviets were propped up. Sean McMeekin’s book, “Stalin’s War”, goes into detail into just how much resources the United States poured into keeping the USSR in the fight – as in roughly 12% of our total GDP for 1941-45. And if you read Cold War era books (I lived through the 1970s and 1980s), a Soviet defector writing as “Viktor Suvorov” said much the same thing about the Soviet Union after the Second World War…that if the West had really squeezed, the whole rotten edifice would collapse in about a decade.

    WRT the current situation, I’m not as pessimistic as some people. The rantings of CHICOM Joe are of less impact by the day. He’s an obnoxious lying crook, but real authority is fading fast. And trying to play gun ban games will simply result in mass noncompliance…and the Dirty Little Secret is that American gun owners have been squirreling away off-paper firearms for the last fifty years.

    No. CHICOM Joe might try to provoke a reaction to justify playing Dictator Games. Our job is to force him to fire the first shot.

    1. THIS but also remember the Soviets paid for their victory with the blood of their people. I’ve heard numbers like 25 % if the population. Yes we shipped them some supplies and ammo, but they supplied excess manpower and fervor. I do admit that us giving them the recipe for high strength steel also helped a lot. Their tank armor in the could withstand many shells I hear Will our people be willing to sacrifice that much to regain freedom?

      1. The fact that they died in droves does not actually speak well as to their capabilities…

        1. It doesn’t speak badly of their capabilities either.

          Estimated casualties, Normandy Beach, 6 June 1944; “The estimated total battle casualties for the United States were 135,000, including 29,000 killed and 106,000 wounded and missing.”

        2. Yeah “We only won because of the Soviets” is bullshit. The soviets lost a lot of people though shooting their officers and vice versa. They were a full on cluster fuck. We’d have been find without them, they OTOH….

          1. We could have won the war against Germany without the Soviet Union. It might have taken longer and been harder (especially if Eisenhower didn’t give Patton his head and let him set the pace with Third Army).

            I still believe that had Patton been allowed to move as hard as he wanted, the post-war world would have seen a free Eastern Europe and a contested Poland, with maybe an enclave of Soviet control in Germany proper.

            Read too many sources that pointed out that the Soviet Army marched on American boots, drove in American trucks powered by American diesel, and were often using American ammo.

              1. I’m convinced (usually on days ending with a “Y”) that the love of E!Democrat politicians in the Soviet Union and its imitators had nothing to do with a belief in socialism or Communism, but the idea that they know a budding oligarchy when they see one and they want in at the ground floor.

                (Not Fascism, oddly enough. I suspect that’s because it would require them to interact with more of the Volk that haven’t been…tamed…than they would like to do so. It would ruin their manicures, after all. That, and the only Roosevelt that liked the common people was Teddy, and he was probably as close to an outright Fascist as we’d probably reasonably get.)

                Just reading the history of how FDR wanted to get into the war to protect his friend Joe(seph Stalin), and how quite a few of his staff were close to fellow travelers at the very least.

                1. Hitler attacked the USSR.

                  Before they gave up on Stalin, too many of them had fallen in line with his separation. It would have been embarrassing to admit they were the same thing after all.

                  1. If I recall right, the Soviet Union was opposed to Nazi Germany (turns out that German fascists can organize better street-fighting gangs than the Communists) until the secret agreement that let them spit Poland between them. The first big whiplash of “they’re now our friends” happened after that.

                    But everybody knew that there was going to be war between the Nazis and the Soviet Union. Hitler just beat Stalin to the punch (the numbers I kept seeing were about six to eight months).

                    1. The film Refugees was supposed to be pulled from the theaters — several anti-Russian films were — but there was a blunder and some difficulties because, after all, a film about German refugees fleeing Bolshevist persecution. . . .

          2. But many more by using masses of political prisoners to clear minefields.
            Including soldiers that had mutinied.

            The Bolsheviks used the war to eliminate political opponents in batch lots.

        3. As bad as Russia/Soviet Union was to their own people; losing to Nazi Germany would probably have been much much worse. Their lives were not spent in vain.

            1. Limited options often mean high wastage. Germany didn’t defeat the Soviet Union, hence my statement they didn’t die in vain. Could they have done better with better leadership? Of course, we are talking about communists here.

              1. Russian tactics are garbage always, not just in a particular war against a particular enemy.

                There is something deeply wrong with that country.

      2. The Soviets lost a lot of troops because their generals were not terribly good…and Stalin had an absolute disregard for the deaths of his own soldiers.

        As for the level of support that we provided, it was in many thousands of tanks. (The entire Canadian run of Valentine Mk VIII tanks went to the Soviets, as did every diesel-powered Sherman). Tens of thousands of aircraft. (Like the entire production run of P-63s). HUNDREDS of thousands of soft-skinned vehicles (So many that the standard mount for the Kaytusha was the American Studebaker 2.5 ton truck…we sent 200,000 of those). And American, British, and Canadian sailors died getting those weapons to the Soviets – the Red Navy wasn’t running those convoys.

        Let’s just say that the reason why the Western Allies didn’t mount an offensive operation in the European/Med theater in 1942 until November was that every weapon we had was going to Stalingrad.

        1. The Marines got some of the diesel Shermans. IIRC, they used the same type of diesel fuel as some of the Navy’s small craft. So using them was better for the logistics chain than using the gas-powered tanks that the Army was using.

        2. I like to say that the Russians won by burying the German armies under the bodies of Russian soldiers. It’s not all that far from the literal truth.

      3. Ummm, their steel was terrible it was too hard and their tank armor was very brittle. It didn’t withstand shells at all well. What they had was a lot of them The fervor came from lines of machine guns manned by Interior troops. You could go forward and probably die or go backward and certainly die, take your pick comrade. We didn’t ship them some supplies and ammo, we shipped them almost all their logistics, trucks, etc. yes, they could build lots of tanks but that’s because they didn’t have to build much of anything else.

        So far as philosophy went, ‘it’s a great pity that the Nazis and the Commies couldn’t just thrash it out without ordinary, decent people getting involved. There is nothing to choose between them except who and whom, ask the Poles.

        You list as Tom Deplorable, are you Tom the Troll? I’m not trying to be insulting, I just want to know if I need to pull the references for what I listed above. I won’t waste my time if you’re just a troll,

        1. The T-34 was a revolutionary design when it was released. Fast, well-armed, and well-armored, with a 360 degree sloped armor design that maximized the defensive value of the armor. Both the T-34 and the KV-1 heavy tank were very rude awakenings to the Germans, who had been confident in the strength of their own tanks up until then.

          Unfortunately for the Soviets, the guts of the tanks were inferior. This apparently led to the loss of most of the new tanks on the front lines at the time, as they broke down while on the march. But when they were in combat, the only German weapon at the time that was guaranteed to deal with them was the 8.8cm FlaK gun. Even the 5cm anti-tank gun – the best German anti-tank gun at the time – often had trouble with the T-34.

          It’s no wonder why the Panther ended up with a very similar hull design.

          The rest of the Soviet tanks available at the time were inferior designs. And the Germans eventually caught up with their own. The Mark IV tanks that the Germans were using at the end of the war were quite capable of going toe to toe with the T-34s that the Soviets were using at the same time. But during the first couple of years, the T-34s and KV-1s were a big problem for the German troops.

          1. Couldn’t find it just now, but there’s a story where a German tank commander reminisced something like his tank could take on 10 Shermans and win, but then up comes Sherman #11 …

            1. I’ve heard that repeatedly. But it always seems to be one of those things that everyone’s heard, but no one ever remembers who said it.

              The Sherman was generally better than the German late-war Mark IV tank, which made up roughly half of the German medium tank production of the time. The other half of the German medium tank production was the Panther, which was easily the most powerful medium tank of the war by a good margin (at least produced in numbers; the UK and US had some mediums that might have been good competition, but that only arrived in small numbers). And the Sherman was easily competitive with the Cromwell and the T-34/85, which were the UK and USSR medium tanks of choice in the same period.

              1. Not until they replaced that short-barreled 75 mm, it wasn’t. It’s why the British had to put their 17 pounder / 76 mm gun into the “Firefly” variant on a rush basis. Fortunately, they could make it fit.

                1. The short-barreled 75mm made sense. The primary enemy that a tank sees isn’t tanks. The primary enemy is infantry. A short-barreled gun can fire shells with a larger high-explosive charge than a long-barreled gun, making it more useful against those enemy infantry. And the short-barreled gun was perfectly fine against the Mark IV tank and StuG III assault gun.

                  The problem was the Panther. The Allies incorrectly believed that the Panther was another heavy tank, and wouldn’t be available in large numbers. In actuality, the Germans were building as many Panthers as Mark IVs. And while the Panther had relatively weak side and rear armor, the front armor was strong enough to make even long-barreled Allied tanks struggle.

              2. The Shermans did have an underpowered main gun.
                They also were the only tanks in theatre that could aim and accurately fire while moving.
                The two things were related. We can’t discuss the negatives of the trade off without discussing to positives.

                See also: modular, repairability, light armor, mobility, speed, transportability…

                The T-34 was an American design, that we gave to Russia.

                1. Not exactly. It was based in part on a suspension design that a private citizen, Christie, invented and tried to sell to the War Department in the 1920s (Patton was involved, and recommended it be adopted; the War Department said no). When they said no, he followed normal practice and sold the design to whoever would buy it; the Soviets bought it.

                  1. The US and UK too had Christie’s suspension tanks. While it had good points it also had quite serious flaws. The vertical volume that the American’s used was easier to maintain, you could literally bolt a new one on, and had a lot of other good points. The thing is that no one used Christie suspension post war because it could only support limited weight.

            2. The sheer amount of BS around WWII tanks is unbelievable. I’ll give you just three things to think on, first the Sherman was utterly reliable and very simple to maintain, hence the Sherman tended to get where it needed to go and no battle was necessary to get there. Second. The Sherman had to be put on ships and sent around the world to fight in all sorts of conditions, that restrained its size and weight, Third, American doctupine was that tank destroyers would fight tanks, the Sherman’s 75 was an infantry support weapon.

              All of this is published by reputable people who have gone directly to the archives rather than post war Soviet propaganda and self serving German memoirs. The Germans lost, their tanks were crap since they were too heavy for the available engines and tended not to get whee they needed to be when they needed to be there. Soviet doctrine sent 8 tanks knowing they lose 7.

              1. I’m going to note that Victor Loza, a Soviet tanker who served in World War 2, loved the “Emcha” (the Soviet nickname for the Lend-Lease M4A2 tank). He wrote a book about some of his experiences during the War, and made it clear both that he liked the Sherman, and his reasons for being impressed by the tank. His book has been translated into English, and the text used to be available on-line.

                  1. With an interesting quote:
                    “Hmm, I don’t know. We had very few Shermans with the short-barreled main gun. On the whole, ours had long-barrels. “

                  1. Dmitry Loza. Gah.

                    I don’t think this is the first time I’ve called him Victor.

                    One thing to note from the interview you linked is the absolute praise he has for the Stateside support. In the interview, he talks about how the American rep quickly evaluated problems the tankers encountered in the field, and took immediate steps to fix those problems. When particular items broke frequently in the field, the rep made sure that each tank had a stock of spares.. He also notes how abundantly kitted out the Shermans were. And in his book, he mentions opening a newly delivered Sherman, and finding a note that read, “This tank was assembled by…”, listing both the team and plant that had built that particular tank. He wrote that when he read that note, he knew that he was in a vehicle whose builders had taken great pride in the quality of the work they were doing. He knew that meant that the vehicle would be well put together.

              2. This. There are entire books that have been written about the screw-ups in American tank design doctrine in the Second World War.

                1. The “Shermans were a horrific disgrace!” book everyone always cites, “Deathtraps”, has come under a lot of fire for a variety of reasons.

            1. Go take a look at World War 2 tanks again. The first German tank with sloped armor was the Panther (which pretty blatantly copied the T-34’s hull). The previous four Marks didn’t. Neither did the Tiger. The French Char B1 had a nicely sloped front, but perfectly vertical sides. The Somua S35 was sort of sloped in front. Its H35 stablemate wasn’t. The Matilda II had a low slope at the front, but then went verticle. The A10 Cruiser was similar.

              But what made the T-34 so important wasn’t just it’s armor. It was that it combined excellent armor with a high speed in combat, and a turret gun better than any other tank gun in use at the time. Yes, the Char B1 and the Matilda both had heavy armor. But both of those tanks were also slow. And while the Char B1 mounted a gun of similar barrel diameter to the T-34, it was hull-mounted, and could only face forward.

              It wasn’t perfect. The turret design was poor, radios were in short supply. And as already noted, the guts were of poor quality. But when it was in combat, it was a monster to the Germans who had to face them.

          1. Lol. Not really but I did visit there once as well as Germany many times. Just trying to learn and/or share some occasional history lessons from different points of view before they are all lost or erased. I know that the winner writes the history books and our history books are filled with half-truths sometimes or lies. For sure the Russian deaths against the Germans were terrible likely through much stupidity and sometimes communist fervor. The Germans just ran out of bullets. Both sides were evil. I was incorrect in a post above about the percent of Russians who died. It was actually about 14 to 18 % of their population. Many of these were civilians too maybe 30% of their losses. For comparison, the Germans lost 5% and US lost 0.3%. Whatever the reason(s) for allied victory in ww2, the Russian people definitely paid their share of overall victory with blood. For all you tank buffs commenting, there is the amazing Kubinka tank museum of WW2 near Moscow! There is a museum room there too filled with thick books listing the Russian soldiers who died. Hundreds of books! That museum has the most complete German/ Russian tank collection in the world. I never realized how small some tanks were before that. Early ones not much bigger than an old John Deere tractor with some tracks! No wonder short/small men were either pilots or inside tanks!

            1. You know, it’s just funny. A lot of people out for blood also have this glorified view of the USSR in WWII.
              Pardon me, I’ve lived under socialism and communism. I can smell rat.

              1. It was also taught in history class. A lot of people that haven’t really looked into it, or only did so casually, end up with crap that they never really question. Heck, I got it twice over, several years in a row- general history and social studies (poor replacement for civics). I just ended up reading older histories and first sources for fun, and it turned out the class textbooks were lacking in several areas.

                It’s the all the factors together that make one go “that’s a glowie.”

        2. Not a troll but I like to sometimes stimulate thought, but no need to waste your time either on statistics. Their steel improved on later tanks when we gave them them our “secret” recipe that came from the best metallurgists in America. Both sides of the eastern front were evil. For sure, normal people get caught up in war, i.e. The Banker’s “Olympic” Games. Americans, Germans, and even Russians included. Most people with families across the world just want to live their lives in peace and quiet. I’m sure you and my families are the same in that. Unfortunately, the world sometimes does not allow that.

        3. What they had was a lot of them

          Sort of.

          Like all communist production, tanks marked as shipped by the tank factory has precious little to do with combat capable vehicles actually coming into existence.

          And that is ignoring that most of the narrative around the T-34 is bullshit.

      4. Given that they can’t tell where Stalin’s purges ended and war casualties begin, a good chunk of that was a VERY self-inflicted wound. (Last estimate I saw had Stalin ahead 3:2 deaths. But they were still discovering mass graves that he instituted so he’s probably pulled farther ahead. He may yet give Pol Pot a run for his money on raw percentage points.)

    2. I think the Eastern Front was decided when the Germans failed to take Moscow in the winter of 1941. All railroads literally led through the capitol. So grabbing it would have reduced the Soviets into smaller pockets, each effectively cut off from each other. There would have been no way to rapidly move troops and supplies from, say, Archangelsk to Stalingrad. Or from the Urals to Stalingrad.

      But the Germans didn’t.

      Lend-Lease had started to arrive shortly before then, but the amount was small enough that it’s hard to tell just how much of a difference it made. Did it save Moscow? Or did it just make the casualties slightly less bad? I don’t know.

      But the Germans missed their chance and had to retreat. And I think that cost them the war.

      The Soviets lost about ten percent of their population, iirc. Much of that was due to the attitude of the Soviet leadership in spending bodies to stall the Germans. Proper training was skipped in the rush to get bodies to the front. Lend-Lease helped reduce the casualties, though. Operation Bagration, the Soviet offensive during the Summer of 1944, was a success beyond anyone’s wildest fantasies. It completely destroyed Army Group Center. The front lines had started the offensive just within the eastern borders of Belarus, and Minsk had been the ultimate target of the operation. Instead, it ended on the banks of the Vistula River. One of the reasons for the amazing Soviet success was due to the presence of large numbers of American Lend-Lease trucks, which for the first time gave the Soviet Motostrelkovy the ability to keep up with the tank columns. The Soviets were able to advance swiftly enough to prevent the German troops from stabilizing new front lines until the Vistula was reached. Without those trucks, the Soviets still would have won. But it would have been more costly, and would have taken a lot longer.

      1. “I think the Eastern Front was decided when the Germans failed to take Moscow in the winter of 1941.”

        Several sources I’ve seen make a pretty strong case that the General Staff lost the Eastern Front back in about 1936 or earlier, because their whole logistics, range for aircraft, etc. setup was geared to fighting a war at European distances, where all the targets were within 200-300 miles, and not Russian Front distances.

        Here’s one:

        1. Despite the supply issues (and I acknowledge the validity of your point), I believe that losing the Moscow rail junction would have fatally crippled the Soviet war effort. Even if the Soviets had subsequently pushed the Germans back out, the rail junction would have been gone, and would have needed to be completely rebuilt

          Of course, one can also look at the delay to Barbarossa due to the British intervention in Greece.

          In short, all sorts of problems that may not have individually been fatal. But combined, they doomed the German invasion.

    3. If you want to count Harper’s Ferry as part of CWI, the side that fired the first shot won.

      There is a legitimate fear of getting sucked into a false flag attempt, but that needs to be weighed against the opposite threat of a slow loss of morale on our side when the chance to end the junta never comes.

      1. Bleeding Kansas preceded Harper’s Ferry. If you’re going to go with a pre-Sumter event, that’s when the civil war really started, and it was a lot more like a “normal” civil war than the armies-in-the-field events 1860-65.

  14. Eh, I quit worrying a while ago. The current weirdness demonstrates that we really don’t need the feds. Just do whatever you want, the dems are a bunch of high school girls with daddy issues.

  15. and the Dirty Little Secret is that American gun owners have been squirreling away off-paper firearms for the last fifty years

    The rivers and lakes are, by various and sundry accounts, full of firearms and ammo that suffered unfortunate fishing mishaps.

    So sad. I can’t imagine why you’d take your firearms fishing. But then I’m not a gun owner.

    1. I believe it’s a function of carriage mishaps where the boat capsized while moving to the camping location, it’s a tragic and sad day to lose all of your heavy gear. . . But someday someone will figure out how to reclaim all of the lost metal 😉

    2. Well, some of us gun owners loved our firearms soooo much that we just could not bear the thought of being separated from them, and we do so love boating/canoeing. Alas non of us seem to be competent boat handlers….

    3. Well, you might land a Really Big Fish, so big that just whacking it with your oar will just make it mad. Sometimes, only 5.56 will do.

        1. Parts of the west it is prudent to carry noise makers. Do not actually want to hit a bear when the bear quality capsicum spray fails to deter said bear, either hunting or fishing. At least based on the bears caught snatching fish off of poles as fish were reeled in.
          How do you tell the difference between bear scat?

          Black bears have berries and grains in theirs.

          Grizzlies have bells in theirs, and smells like bear capsicum spray.

          Just kidding. Black bear scat can smell like bear capsicum spray too.

          1. The only way to open carry is carry a fishing pole with you. Lol but true I hear from a local police officer.

      1. Bears. Rabid skunks et al. Mountain lions. The guys that like to assault women who are hiking on their own. Packs of feral dogs dumped in National Grasslands [raises paw]. There are lots of reasons to take firearms when camping. Now, as to why people don’t think to put them in floaty-bags like the super duper high-end canoe places sell, well, $$$$.

  16. “All of you who doubt that should read what Larry Correia had to say on the numbers and btw you don’t have to be an accountant to see how ridiculous they are. I do.”

    Are there any links to the ILH’s musings on this? I know I’ve read a few things he wrote then, but I’d love to collect as much on this as I can…

      1. I know Larry is coming out with a book on the 2nd Amendment. I’d love to see a book collaboration between him and Dinesh on the 2020 election.

  17. Many on the left as well as many RINOs are faulting President Trump’s calls for an immediate new election or removal of Buck Fiden if he was not legitimately elected. They contend there is no Constitutional provision for such and hence, no matter what, as the Electoral College count was ratified by Congress, he is hence the true and duly anointed President of the U.S.

    Hum. How about if, & yes I admit such is highly improbable (Sadly though, the way things are going, I wouldn’t say absolutely impossible.), armed thugs forced an electoral College vote, guns to their heads, proceeded to the House and again guns to the representatives heads and the VP’s, would their duly appointed be the legitimate President for the next 4 years because there is no provision in our Constitution to remove him?

    1. Two options –

      The moment the armed thugs are gone, everyone presents declares the vote made under threat of death, and thus null and void. Key words there are “The moment” and “forced under threat of death”.

      If option 1 is not available, then impeachment. President and Vice President are removed from office. However, the other major party candidate does not become president under this scenario. Instead, the Speaker of the House does. So it has a drawback.

      1. The election of a new Speaker prior to such an impeachment would, of course, be a prerequisite. Or impeachment of the so-called vice president and nomination of a suitable replacement by the so-called president and confirmation by the so-called congress.

      2. Be more lasting and effective if said thugs merely said, “And don’t get any funny ideas of nullifying this vote when we leave. It’d be a real shame if something happened to your families, wouldn’t it?”

      1. This is where Roberts earned his “Judge Taney Jr” title. SCOTUS could and should have resolved this by hearing the Texas et al case that several states had violated Article 1 on only the legislature can make election changes.

        1. “Rural deplorables had for more than a century before been regarded as beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with enlightened liberals, either in social or political relations; and so far inferior, that they had no rights which any liberal person was bound to respect; and that the deplorable might justly and lawfully be reduced to disenfranchised serfdom for his benefit.”

  18. Felons cannot possess firearms. If someone gets busted for a felony, even just indicted, the local PD can and will confiscate. Won’t be a Fed in sight.

    Tread carefully

    Don’t get baited

    1. Felons can get their rights back. There’s a process for it, and it takes time and can be expensive. Best not to have to go through that, though. Nasty business.

      1. So a complete non-factor in this scenario.

        Unless you actually think that the government is going to allow someone who got a felony for going against the government to successfully go through that process?

        1. 11B-Mailclerk was talking about local PD. That means local politics and practice.

          So yeah, I actually do think that some local governments will allow someone who got a felony, even one for “going against the government” to get their rights back.

          Thing is, the government is not monolithic. It’s made up of individuals. Some places, they’ve got enough of a case of the ass with fedgov that they’d do so gleefully, as a great big F-U to DC.

          I’m actually agreeing with him, not busting his chops on this. Tread carefully, don’t get baited is good advice. Fedgov currently is eagerly awaiting someone to screw up so they can stick a fist up their rectum and sockpuppet them to the world- see J6.

    2. Felons cannot possess firearms?


      Felons are not legally able to possess firearms. But plenty of them already have them, and many can readily get more.

      Take all my guns, invent some phony felony conviction on me; and I can still build my own crude, relatively safe, and effective firearms. It’s not rocket science.

      1. Understand that they can and will lock you up where that sort of hobby crafting is a bit more difficult. You are not some street level thug for whom they care not a bit. If you get tagged as “example” you probably won’t be able to hire any competent counsel, for example. If you do manage, you will personally never see them unsupervised, and seldom. Yes, they can. Yes, they are.

        If you hand them “make of me an example” it will be on the J6 model. If you won’t CI for them, you will be rather constrained.

        You won’t make bail, for example. Because either no one will write the astronomical bond, or because there won’t be bail set.

        Thus the wise do not hand them any opportunities with open /defiant Fed felonies.

        The folks rotting in the gulag currently were basicly walking around and yelling. Do you think you will be better treated? Based on what?

        Have realistic plans folks. And don’t talk about them. Because if you hadn’t noticed, we are -way- past the ” they can’t get away with that” stage.

        They can and they are.

        We can yet turn this around, because Trump unmasked the game, and Joe played it poorly. Let’s not allow any close acquaintances to give them excuses for more mayhem, or allow anyone to be bamboozled into bring an example.

        1. Too late. I’m already on at least one of their lists.

          Make very little mistake. The capability of this government being able to target people precisely exists. Whether they intelligently use it is another thing entirely.

          A simple cross reference between the database of former military members, the NRA membership or the unlawful BATFE gun owner database, and a list of who’s a registered Republican, would make a very good first search and seizure list. and no, they’re not in the least worried about picking up a bunch of innocent folks in that sweep. Can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs is a favorite saying of theirs.

          1. There is no such thing as a person not on the lists.

            Which defeats the entire purpose of a list. Implied Terror Weapons only work if people are afraid of being targeted when they can avoid it.

            1. At this point, I can’t avoid being targeted, short of moving to another planet or universe. Afraid? Perhaps. Or more annoyed than anything, because if they do act, the response tree goes into effect and the outcomes for everyone involved aren’t good. Better than slavery, but not pleasant.

  19. If you’re there, and you’re everything your believers tell me you are, then I don’t deserve your consideration, but please help those who do.

    1. It is called “grace”, for reasons worthy of study.

      To yours, I will add “amen”.

    2. A handful of hope.
      A cup full of grace.
      A heart with a smile.
      A warrior’s face.

      A sword that is strong.
      A shield that is true.
      A heart that is bold,
      Arms open to you.

      An ear that will hear.
      Eyes that will see.
      A mind that will listen,
      Even to me.

      The ache of the ages,
      With prices so dear,
      All just to say,
      “Look up, I am here.”

      We are not abandoned nor forgotten, and I will echo the Mailclerk’s Amen.

        1. Father, You were a warrior
          Now the Battle is ours
          Give us against the hour
          In which new barbarians threaten
          The Sword as a blessing
          The blessing as a Sword.
          – Fernando Pessoa.
          (And not a bad USAian prayer, think on. Maybe Father, you were warriors. MUST include in next book 😉 Yes, I steal from the best.)

  20. Going through the forms and following the letter of the law while violating its spirit. Is that what you’d call a Pharisee?

    1. That kind of nighttime petty paint prank is limpd!ck lame.

      How to tell me that numbskull is politically meaningless in five pshhhhhhhts or less. Probably shat himself ever time he heard traffic nearby.

      A proper novel night terror paints slogans -inside- locked buildings.

      Did you know lock picking is actually a competitive sport?

      1. I thought that bypassing security was always a competitive “sport.” ;p

        Anybody with two thumbs can rake a lock. It takes a bit more skill to actually manipulate the tumblers individually.

        1. Um, it was with certain makes of 15 passenger van back coughcough years ago. Something about sponsors forgetting to give the group the keys, but ordering us to load said van . . . Did I type us? I meant “the people I heard the story from.”

  21. Going through the forms while betraying the meaning…

    I didn’t much care for Veronica Roth’s Divergent books, too many plot holes and absurd world building, and I only read the first book, but there was one scene that got a reaction from me.

    A villain is giving a speech at the funeral of one of the faction-group that values bravery the most. The student had died by suicide, he’d been pushed into betraying the MC and gave in, then killed himself out of despair and because he was unable to face those he’d betrayed.

    The villain made a grandiose speech about how the kid who’d committed suicide was really the bravest of them all, a true example of what the faction meant and an example to be honored.

    It was truly sickening.

  22. Oh, and take heart. Biden may be the meat-puppet for the Plan to finally Fundamentally Change our nation, but former president JEF tagged him well.

    Do not yourselves underestimate Biden’s ability to fornicate fido. Because he will, and he is screwing it all up.

    And they know it too.

    Pass the popcorn.

    1. If you’re going to pray, you might as well pray that Brandon smells the sulfur and brimstone, repents at the last minute and confesses everything on live TV.

      That would be an unexpected twist.

      1. I should celebrate anyone genuinely repenting, even monsters.

        Really grasping that is very hard.

        True repentance should produce visible evidence of it. Not perfection, we are human and failable. Very. But that change should be apparent.

        Still trying to get this plank out of my own eye. Erg. Ermph. Erk.

      2. Forgiveness is, indeed divine. That don’t mean you forget, mind. That’d be dumb. And cruel to the one repenting.

        The road back to the light is not an easy one. Nor should it be. When one really, truly is able to understand the depth of their folly and failure, well… That’s a hell of a thing.

      3. If he does that, then his puppet masters will admit he’s incompetent and invoke the 25th Amendment.

  23. Biden is going to make a vile speech, maybe make a gross and pedophiliac comment to a young girl in the audience, and then stagger off stage. We’re on to him. Nothing he says will move the meter one millimeter.

    1. Whoever is advising him should not be pushing “angry Joe”. It isnt a good look, and it may do him real physical damage.

      1. It has to do with repeatedly aggressively demonizing political opponents in order to justify what they are planning to do to ensure they retain control of Congress, including ramped up efforts by the DOJ and FBI to go after candidates who are likely to unseat Democrats so that the Democrats can steal the seats.

        Democrats have declared war on political opponents and intend to use the full power of the federal government to ensure they maintain and expand their hold on power.

        Anyone who doesn’t think they will go that far hasn’t been paying attention.

        1. Either steal them or justify Peelousy and Schmucky refusing to seat the entire GOP delegation.

            1. The Left’s entire plan is to provoke their opponents into invalidating the system, so they can finally ignore it when sayong ” see what you made me do” and ” now I got you, you SOB”..

              Do -not- take that bait.

              Laughter and ridicule will go much further to ruin them and their plans. They -cannot- survive it.

              1. That forbearance can’t be without limit, though. Otherwise you end up being marched into a boxcar still saying “cIvIl wArs ArE bAD”.

                No sht. What we need to figure out *in advance is at what point going kinetic is better than escalating tyranny. We do have one very famous example of that to draw from, of course.

                  1. When all other options that could be honorably undertaken have failed, and our political opponents proven themselves beyond what mercy we could give.

                    Note: that is a TALL order. We still don’t know what it would take to break the United States. Consider the past of our country, and all the ways we could have faltered and failed. Our ancestors did not fail in their charge.

                    Sure, there are things I wish could have been handled differently. Less power in DC’s hands, less regulation, smaller bureaucracy, no IRS, FBI, that sort of thing.

                    But we are yet unbroken. And the left hates us for it with the heat of a thousand suns.

      2. I don’t know, I bet they could gin up some sympathy points if he strokes out right on stage.

              1. It is already implicitly a national holiday.

                See, violating the peace between Democrat and Republican by making Juneteenth a federal holiday also makes every other element of Reconstructiontide available for open celebration by Republicans. Including November tenth, the day that the Partisan Democrat and traitor to the Constitution Henry Wirz was finally brought to justice for his gross mistreatment of Americans.

                Even if we cannot yet bring certain parties yet to justice, they do fit the same criteria that Henry Wirz did, and as such, they can be walking and talking, and yet we can celebrate their deaths on November 10th.

                Every partisan Democrat, who is additionally a traitor to the constitution*, and who also by participation in the lockdown committed warcrimes in unhealthily imprisioning Americans, can have their death celebrated on Nov. 10, Henry Wirz justice day.

                *such as by, say, making false claims about the legal implications of an actual insurrection.

  24. When the White House press secretary makes official statements on behalf of the White House that they consider EVERYONE who supports Trump, i.e. the 76 million plus people who voted for him to be “extremists” who are a “fundamental threat to democracy”, there is a clear motive for them to have committed and to continue to commit election fraud to ensure that Democrats win and keep those they consider to be “enemies of the state” who represent a fundamental threat out of office.

    These statements are not isolated; every single senior Democratic Party member says the same kind of stuff, in rhetoric that matches the vitriol against political opponents spewed by the worst tyrannies in world history.

    The question everyone should ask is that if they really believe their own rhetoric, why wouldn’t they cheat in elections. Indeed they are on record as stating that cheating to defeat Trump was and is justified and “necessary” to “save democracy”.

    Take them at their word. They will lie, cheat and steal to ensure they remain in power as they seek to to criminalize all dissent and turn the USA into a single party ruled totalitarian socialist state.

  25. “I’ve been through six end-of-days, I know what the plural of ‘apocalypse’ is, and this…this isn’t like any of them.”

    I’m not sure if I’m just too tired of these amateur dramatics or whatever, but I want to think that nobody is this stupid. And, if I start worrying about it, I’m going to be too busy worrying about it than worrying about things that matter. Like my job. Or my family. Or any one of a hundred things that matter more.

    Trump is not the hill I want to die on. This long-running disaster, this shit-show of epic proportions, is not the hill I want to die on.

    I also recognize that we very rarely get to choose which hill we die on.

    1. First choice would be to die peacefully and painlessly in my sleep at an extremely old age, surrounded by dozens of children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc.

      Second choice would be to die heroically in battle, taking out thousands of evil attackers while successfully defending my family, my countrymen, and the innocent.

      Dying painfully from disease, being whittled away piece by piece from old age and decrepitude is not a choice, more like a penance, or a punishment.

      1. My first choice, if I had to choose-is to not choose at all. Living forever in reasonable comfort or dying trying is my principal.

        Second? Simultaneously bringing triplet cheerleaders to orgasm manually and having my head stomped on by an elephant.

        Third? Outliving all of my enemies. Even if it’s only by an hour.

      2. It’s why I’ve been adopting kids at speed. As adults. Though I’d still be open to adopting infants, if anyone knows someone who would otherwise have an abortion but are willing to have us adopt (and not just someone random.)
        Otherwise, I’ll sit back and wait for grandkids.

  26. A couple of points that I’ve made before but I think bear repeating:

    Voter fraud is only limitless if the electorate expects fraud. If a totalitarian government demands elections to give it the patina of legitimacy then the people are going to show up to vote and they aren’t going to be surprised when Dear Leader wins the most votes ever. But that isn’t America. Americans are used to the idea that their vote matters and that they have the ability to kick the bums out if they’re doing a bad job. In that case you can only fraud around the margins, kicking close races to your side more often than not. Anything more than that is asking for people to notice, and if the people notice you’re in trouble. Even then, you can get away with some pretty blatant fraud occasionally, about once every 80 years or so if history is a guide. But the normalcy bias that protects you in that case erodes very quickly. People might accept an uncouth man vilified by the press for half a decade losing an election, but ask them to accept that a deeply unpopular and obviously senile President managed to buck history and gain Congressional seats in the midterms is going to raise quite a few eyebrows. Eyebrows that can quickly be exchanged for pitchforks. Are the Democrats dumb enough to cheat enough to keep the House when the smart play would be to back off and keep their powder dry for 2024? Let’s just say I’ve given up on trying to find a limit to their stupidity.

    Related to the above, the fight we’re in isn’t against the Left for the levers of power, it’s against the Left for the support of the middle Americans who don’t think that much about politics outside of the last quarter of even numbered years. If you have them on your side then you have the levers of power. That’s how they were able to get away with The Steal, but the 19 months since then have brought them over to our side, for now. Our primary job is to keep them with us and avoid doing anything to drive them away, even if it means taking a hit. You can tell how big a miscalculation the raid on Mar-A-Lago was by how quickly it dropped from the headlines. Give the middle another Waco or Ruby Ridge and the Democrats probably won’t recover. Give them a DC Sniper and it might give them the cover they need to hang on to power. Remember Bunker Hill: Don’t Fire Until You See The Whites Of Their Eyes.

    The great strength of America is that its government is self-similar. Go from the federal level all the way down to (many) small towns and you’ll see fundamentally similar government structures, even if the detail vary. That means that if one level becomes dysfunctional there are other levels ready to step in and correct the problem. And that, by design, applies to the federal level. If the federal government goes full cuckoo then the state governments can declare that they won’t be bound by the dictates of an obviously illegitimate band of rouges on the Potomac. Unlike the French and Russian (among many others) Revolutions, we don’t have to throw out the entire governing system and rebuild it from scratch. We can fall back to our state (and county, for those of us unlucky enough to live in a state totally controlled by one or more urban smears) governments and rebuild from there. As long as we haven’t alienated that vast middle. And I wouldn’t be too sure that America only gets one George Washington, if only because Americans have the example of George to live up to.

  27. I don’t share your belief that the collapse of the regime is inevitable. I know you claim that the USSR was held up by grain shipments, but I am doubtful. It doesn’t pass my BS test to believe that the entire Soviet populace could be fed by what was basically foreign aid .

    Even if it was, the USSR had ALREADY had mass starvation. It HELPED keep the Communists in control.

    And how do you explain the survival for seventy years of the Communist regime in China? You could make a legitimate claim that we are holding them up TODAY. But what about the Mao era? During that time the USA didn’t recognize the Red government and had very little trade with them. They, too, had mass starvation and never came close to losing power. Please don’t try to claim that they got it from the grain shipments to the USSR. The USSR couldn’t spare that grain, especially not for a country several times its size.

    1. Ken? Respectfully — not — I dont’ actually give a damn what you think.
      The Chinese system is typical Chinese. Not particularly communist. It just took on the trappings.
      you’re an idiot, as well as an asshole.

      1. You’re saying that Mao’s economy wasn’t Communist? Government setting all economic goals, everyone receiving nominally the same wage–uh, that is the textbook definition of Communism.

        Listen, I get that you think the American people won’t accept that. Maybe they wouldn’t have in the past. But I haven’t seen any sign that they are up to the job now.

        Incidentally, you owe me an apology for calling me anti-Semitic. I have never once said anything anti-Semitic, ever.

        Also, you need to apologize for bringing up the Rwandan massacre, claiming that it happened when the USSR still existed–IT DIDN’T–and then going off on some weird rant about tribal wars, as if I were bringing in irrelevancies when in fact YOU were the one who made an inaccurate statement.

        Ok, I know you won’t apologize. But those are the facts, nevertheless.

        1. Also, I think the reason you started hating me was that I pointed out a flaw in your thoughts on polls. Because the polls often understate GOP vote, and because this is often blamed on Republicans being afraid to tell pollsters the truth, you seemed to have the common misconception that lying to pollsters helps us.

          This is the fallacy of knowledge before the fact vs. after the fact.

          You would be an unbelievable fool to bet that the Yankees would win the next ten World Series. On the other hand, if the Yankees have already won the last nine World Series (and have the same team) you would be foolish to bet against them this year.

          Similarly, if you already have had polls showing a defeat for the GOP, you should hope that either the pollsters or the polled are lying. If, however, you yourself are polled, and you lie and say you are voting Democrat, you will help create a poll result that will quite possibly discourage potential GOP voters from showing up on Election Day.

        2. I’m also saying the Rwandan massacre had nothing to do with what I was talking about.
          Basically, Ken, I think you come here to be called a shithead. I don’t kink shame, but don’t you have a life?

  28. It feels a bit like Nixon’s latter days. I was young but remember. Do not despair, He is in charge. When Roe was overturned and sent back to the states I felt the way I did when the wall in Berlin fell. There is still joy to be found! We had prayed so for it but never believed. I wish so my father had lived to see it. I may be behind enemy lines for now, but they keep passing the stupid ( no gas engines, etc ) we basically have some deadlines to plan around now. As the prophet Elijah ( I think) was told go have a snack and a nap, you’ll feel better! i usually do 😘 and some of us are ornery and maybe persuasive enough to either kick them out or flip the script. Until I have something better to do I am canning from our garden. I love that ping. When the can seals. Do what you can.

  29. @ junior > “I just hope that there isn’t a Harper’s Ferry event first. I suspect they’re trying to provoke one, though.”
    @ Cardshark > “I suspect that the timing for the Thursday night before a holiday weekend is because they intend to try to pull something outrageous.”

    I’m expecting a false flag operation from this group sometime, although maybe not tomorrow.

    Do watch the video, especially if you are of the military cosplay or re-enactment persuasion. Everyone needs a good laugh.
    And how many groups do training with the bulk of the personnel standing on the sidelines in full “uniform” carrying very large flags so that everyone watching the LEAKED video knows what side they are on (hint, hint)?

      1. This. I may not be the brightest bulb in the room at times and stir up controversy (sorry about that soviet stuff in this blog post ). but at least I’m thinking as opposed to most citizens and “migrant voters”. The biggest problem is that most people don’t even think these days and blithely move forward with their normalcy bias. Nothing about the times we live right now is normal. Peace to all but carry a big stick because entropy declines lead to chaos.

          1. I think us writers (successful like u and wannnabees) who are not just spitting out pablum like at the New York Times or New Yorker have a duty to help make people think if possible. This issue of the day is Wokism and the big publishing houses largely only promoting that view.
            Also when viewing my posts I would like to let you know I am likely mildly autistic since my son was diagnosed a while back. When I was growing up, they didn’t have such a diagnosis. I was just bright and self absorbed. Lol. Anyway I sometimes lack social filters and I always must strive to control my words or be more careful or clear. I hope your whole blog contributors can bear that in mind and be understanding. Thx

          2. I think us writers (successful like u and wannnabees) who are not just spitting out pablum like at the New York Times or New Yorker have a duty to help make people think if possible. This issue of the day is Wokism and the big publishing houses largely only promoting that view.
            Also when viewing my posts I would like to let you know I am likely mildly autistic since my son was diagnosed a while back. When I was growing up, they didn’t have such a diagnosis. I was just bright and self absorbed. Lol. Anyway I sometimes lack social filters and I always must strive to control my words or be more careful or clear. I hope your whole blog contributors can bear that in mind and be understanding. Thx

    1. If you’re going to pray, pray that an armed Food Samaritan sees the FF about to go down, steps in and stops it.

      1. Food Samaritan?

        Against false flag?

        “Hey! Free donuts! Free donuts and coffee!”

        ( stampede of deserting “patriots”)

        1. mean kitty giggle Chocolate cake donuts. With chocolate frosting. And brownies. From a fellow patriot. really mean kitty giggle

          1. No, no, that was good filk, if inadvertent. I like ‘Food Samaritan’! We need more of them.

            (Be Alert – America needs more lerts. Chocolate lerts?)

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