Okay THREE things:

1) There is a real post coming. This is just to let you know how it turned out. Also, I am running exceptionally late, and need to shower and get dressed before I write (No, I didn’t wake this late. I’ve just been dealing with things, cats included.)

2) This book is substantially the same as the Baen edition. We fixed a dozen typos (There’s ALWAYS typos, no matter how carefully edited, and added an afterword, but other than that, if you own the Baen ebook, you’ve read the book.


So, now…. coughs…. The big announcement:

Darkship Thieves is out from Goldport Press, this time with a Hardcover edition.

Athena Hera Sinistra never wanted to go to space. Never wanted see the eerie glow of the Powerpods. Never wanted to visit Circum Terra. She never had any interest in finding out the truth about the Darkships.
You always get what you don’t ask for. Which must have been why she woke up in the dark of shipnight, within the greater night of space in her father’s space cruiser, knowing that there was a stranger in her room. In a short time, after taking out the stranger—who turned out to be one of her father’s bodyguards up to no good, she was hurtling away from the ship in a lifeboat to get help.
But what she got instead would be the adventure of a lifetime and perhaps a whole new world—if she managed to survive….
A Prometheus Award Winning Novel, written by a USA Today Bestseller.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, in recognition of victory, brought to you by Radio Free Colorado in exile:

39 thoughts on “Victory!

  1. Great News (even if I don’t understand why people want the hard-cover (crazy grin)).

        1. “Poor Rats” was my mom comment when we had a set to with communists. Say, when they were throwing molotov cocktails. “Oh, how cute. They think they’ll win. Poor rats.” I tell you, the woman is nuts, but she did put a lot of spine in the rest of us when all hope seemed lost.

  2. This is the first book I’ve listened to, by you. I save the word ‘read’ for books in braille only. If this somehow starts a five week argument over ‘listening’ VS ‘reading’ like it did on Facebook, I’m really, really sorry. That was not my desire there. I’ll admit there is one point in that book that I still have to try and get my head around, but the idea of the intentionally genetically modified cat people, is not it. Anyhow, good that its out in physical format.

  3. Congratulations on hacking your way through the thorns and piercing the black heart of the dragon that is the obfuscation and delay of bureaucracy.

  4. Just ordered hardcover, which I rarely buy. I’m out of space in my apartment. But this has a place of honor.

  5. Don’t forget to update the (broken) link to Darkship Thieves on the website here!

    The ‘Prometheus Award Winner’ on the sidebar.

    1. “For she’s a jolly good fellow, for she’s a jolly good fellow, for she’s a jolly good fe-ell-ooooow……”

      But with a great rack…. 😉

      I denounce myself…..

  6. I bought your book via the link here at to Amazon and bought the kindle version. However, the link a where I saw the available to buy show the Amazon book -> at about 10 AM EST ->
    Sleeping Duty: Waking Late Kindle Edition
    by Laura Montgomery
    This is another fine author, but the wrong link. Congratulations on the new release. Craig Barlow

      1. Glad to help. Seeing what you are going through to get your rights back, helps everyone who thinking about what is needed to publish. So, thanks for showing us what may be ahead. Links that do not link was one I had not thought about. Good Luck.
        C Barlow

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