Speaking of Bad Plots

For those who have seen me answer comments, and poke a few of the groups I’m on and are wondering why I haven’t written a post: I’ve been sitting here, quite literally wordless.

I was fairly salty on instapundit last night, on the subject of the idiotic raid on Trump’s place, but you know, that is easy. This is much harder, because I have to give a more reasoned opinion. And all I can say is, SERIOUSLY? Am I really living in a novel? Because Sad Puppies really was foreshadowing for our greater National troubles, only you know, it can’t work int he macro world as it did there, so–

Though I suppose it can, in fact, and give us a society that would give wet dreams to much younger, much more Libertarian (If there’s a way to put a more capital L on that, do it mentally) me. But I’ve grown up, and as predictable, move left, which means I became MERELY a minarchist, and I’m not sure that the kind of peaceful anarchy I envisioned is any more possible than communism. Not that I think we end up with colanders on our faces (but I’ll buy another one, just in case, since right now all I have is Pineapple colander and blue enamel colander, not the right style.) because that’s not how anything works. But the problem is I apparently don’t really know how things can work in the end.

Anyway, if that paragraph above gave you headaches, you and I are headache buddies now. If you understood it, find a reputable psychiatrist asap.

I’ll start the festivities with how a buddy characterized the Junta this morning, a characterization I heartily endorse: The Biden Construct, and his stupid-as-a-box-of-rocks, yet arrogant-as-a-house-cat advisors.

Part of the problem, as I said before, is that they are now running plots that are only flying below the radar — to the extent they are — because they are so crazy real people feel insane even thinking about them. Another thing to add is that they’re stupid. They’re stupid as all get out. And that’s even harder for some of us to fathom.

“Arrogant as a house cat” and stupid for the exact same reason. Our big puff of fluff declawed (yes, there was a reason. Might have to do it to Valeria now for another reason: medical) Havelock cat keeps back talking the coyotes outside, and telling us he could go out and beat them all. They’re just illiterate cats who don’t talk right.

Havey wouldn’t last ten seconds outside. He looks like a big, fluffy bunny and has the sort of squeaky voice bunnies have. If the coyotes didn’t nom him, the hawks would.

These Bidentia are the same kind of hothouse flowers (I almost typed whitehouse flowers) as Havey, pampered from birth, no one ever told them no. In his defense, at least Havey is one of the most adorable little kittens I’ve ever seen. These people ain’t adorable. They just internalized early that rewards came from parroting what was handed to them, and twisting it ever crazier. And they never realized that’s not, in any world or place the definition of “smart.”

You see, from THAT point of view, raiding Trump’s house (“compound” my ass) is a win win for them.

Either they find secret stuff they can use to do their big Stalinist show trial and finally imprison him — yes, they really believe this, because he’s a “bad man” so of course he must have recorded himself twirling his mustache and talking about his love affair with Putin — OR they piss us off so much that we erupt into civil war and then they can put us down easily, because frankly there’s only a couple thousand of us, and we’re all racist rednecks and over 70. So it will be trivially easy, right?

No. I’m not joking about either of their assumptions. I found out during SP that they have a bizarre idea of who we are and what we can bring. In fact, their view of the world requires we be that, or it splinters. And that, because they base their identity on their view of the world, means they splinter. It’s kind of like dying.

And part of the issue is how they define us. And how they justify what they want to do to us. As in Sad Puppies (And we’ll Psakircle around to that) they can only imagine we oppose them, not because we have substantive reasons to disagree with them or because their ideas are crazy, don’t work and are totally out of contact with reality but because we’re all old white males who feel our supremacy (which hasn’t been true for fifty years, if it ever was) in science fiction threatened, and so we are lashing out. For this to work, we must all be rich and famous and OLD white males. Even when we obviously and literally aren’t, which started the whole joke about the white Mormon male with a great rack (since a few of us obviously aren’t. And some of us aren’t any of those.) But for their ideology to work we MUST be that, and so that’s what it is in their heads. (Remember they also believe if they think something hard enough it will be true.)

So, in this case, they define anyone who objects to their completely pants-on-head program (and they really don’t get it is that, so they keep melting down and telling us how good it will be for us, and then melting down again and blaming Republicans) MUST be an old privileged white male, who is a white-supremacist. And the fact the FBI can only find one or two of those for their groups, and that the ones they find are all insane, must mean we’re rare and basically powerless.

That this can co-habit their heads with the idea that we are holding back their entire dream-program tells you the level of insanity we’re dealing with. (Unfortunately not rare for the left. Let’s hold a moment of silence for the kulaks and all the other “wreckers” and “hoarders” blamed for their dreams NEVER working in reality.)

So when I say they’re hoping to get “us” to revolt, this is not exactly true. What they are trying to do is provoke the imaginary couple of thousand people to revolt, so they can make an example out of them, and thereby explain to the vaster crowd to whom they’ve lied that these people are evil, and the democrat/Marxists are our only salvation. And once they explain, everyone will just get with the program of eating bugs and owning nothing and being happy.

And there is an off chance they’ll find documents of collusion between Trump and Russia. Perhaps in their heads MUCH MORE than an off chance.

Okay, I’m going to have to explain that one.

The first thing you need to understand is that evil people assume everyone else is evil. Crooks assume everyone else is a crook, and pathological narcissists think everyone is a pathological narcissist. You have to understand that to realize why they act the way they do.

The fraud is so massive (ah, inclusive, isn’t it?) on the left that they thought they had the elections sewn up forever and ever amen. But Trump won. That means HE HAS TO HAVE CHEATED, and there must be proof somewhere. The same way there must be proof somewhere that he intended an insurrection on Jan 6, because they d*mn well would have, if someone had frauded an election away from them openly and that clumsily. So, they’re sure they’ll find proof.

You see, part of their conceit is that they have to cheat, because people are either too apathetic or too bamboozled by those 2000 white supremacists to vote for them. That is the other bit. They’re absolutely convinced that only Trump could have/would ever defeat them, because collusion and evil sneakiness, not the American people having had JUST ABOUT ENOUGH of their shenanigans.

Which is what this is all about. They’re sure this raid was win win.

Which tells you what we’re up against. Stupidity so vaunting and overarching, combined with confidence so absolute that the angels themselves cry in vain at trying to pierce it.

In other words, they’re morons who think they’re geniuses.

Now, while I don’t agree with BGE that civil war is the worst thing — trust me on this, there are worse things. Though I understand where he’s coming from — it would still be a very bad thing, and there is an off chance — VERY off — we can still avoid it, maybe. And trust me, having gone through it and back again, yes, norms can be restored without it. It’s kind of like a convulsion of collective disgust that cleans things up. While I’m not sure Nuremberg-style trials really do. Because I’ve been in Germany and heard people talk in pubs. It might just make the resentment and sense of being hard done by go underground and fester for generations.


There is Sad Puppies. We started it with shiny chrome-plated idealism, wanting to restore the point at which the Hugo meant “you should read this.” instead of “ew, really?” And yes, for some of us the breaking point was when the stupidity known as “if you were a dinosaur my love” got nominated for all the awards, despite displaying the contact-with-reality and craft that would have got me a b in middle school.

We were fought up against tooth and nail, with full disproportionate demonization and media attacks, understandable only if you get that they need their awards to get academic jobs.

They then “fortified” the Hugos to make sure nothing they didn’t approve of could ever be nominated, let alone win. And they bragged about it. And somehow they thought this didn’t matter, or made them more important, I’m not sure which.

Except that it does. Once people see the masks off, they don’t believe you again. So the public at large including casual-fans disconnected from the awards. And while they were probably still good for academic jobs, the awards have now gone to Diyu (yeah, I know, but trust me, it’s Diyu) and are never coming back, so they’ve lost that too. And I know because I still lurk in a bunch of lists where they’ve forgotten I exist, that they’re having trouble selling at all, and the new advances are often just $2k per book. (Which is why they need the academic jobs.) While the rest of us are doing okay. I mean, I need to get back to serious work (before Pat-the-editor kills me) but the just 40k word sf mystery I cobbled together and put out before moving swallowed my life had made me 14k by end of year. So we can just ignore them and thrive, while their livelihood sinks and their awards go to China.

But while I’m sure they think they can send the entire country to China, and it might very well be what they’d like to do, they can’t. And they can’t have China take over either.

So what they’re actually doing is create a country in which none of us believes in the propaganda or the elections or the institutions or the processes. And they have absolutely no clue how bad that can get for them. (For us too, sure. But them–)

And as someone who went through Sad Puppies and the insanity that followed — the resemblances are uncanny. We ignore them, and they would surely have the FBI raid us if they could — I can tell you that should Trump or anyone else not of the left get back in there will be a cleaning. Most of us are scarred and limping, but we’ve also lost all illusions about playing the game or the other side being honorable.

And I bet it’s the same on the macro scale. What they are creating for themselves is implacable enemies.

Yes, maybe it will all tip into actual violence sooner than later. But it’s worse for them if it doesn’t. People who no longer trust that the people making the rules have any right to can get downright nasty. Aristo aristo a la lanterne nasty. And the longer it goes on the worse the “nasty” will be.

Can we get them to understand that? I very much doubt it. Morons who mistake themselves for geniuses remember.

A glooming peace this morning with it brings,
The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head.
Go hence to have more talk of these sad things;
Some shall be pardon’d, and some punishèd:

And it won’t be at all what the left thinks it is.

*UNRELATED UPDATE: Teamhoyt apparently thought that I meant to reserve the contributions in check and cash to thank later, after one more trip to mailbox. Teamhoyt can be morons. I blame Havey. But at this point I guess there will be a second thanking later.

547 thoughts on “Speaking of Bad Plots

  1. Or… maybe Cassandra was right.
    Nah, I don’t believe that. You’re right they are truly stupid, living in their echo cave, breathing in their stale regurgitated tropes and stupidities. And quite full of themselves as they see all the shit they have already gotten away with; BLM, Antifa, Joe the Slobbering Idiot, outright election fraud and theft; corruption and grift to a degree that is truly sickening: ad nauseum and infinitum.
    They thing they can get a way with anything, they don’t see, feel, or spidey-sense the growing tension and the backlash that will follow. It will be epic and they aint gonna like it
    Stand firm

  2. Thing is, they raided Trump’s place while he wasn’t there with his protection detail. Which would indicate that they really are scared of him.

    Second thing is, they only raid GOP and conservatives. They’ve never raided the Clintons, or any other Dem-Soc-Lib. So there is zero fairness under the Law. This is quickly escalating into a might makes right fight; only I don’t think they understand they’re bringing clubs and rocks against howitzers.

    1. I don’t think they understand they’re bringing clubs and rocks against howitzers.
      But are they? What’s going to happen because of this? Absolutely nothing will happen. Politicians tweeting falls into the “absolutely nothing” category.

      Or rather, there will be some fantasy-based charges, an indictment, possibly a show trial, an appeal, etc… Decades later Trump is exonerated. Oh my, what a great win for us!

      In the extremely unlikely event that a Republican congress actually does investigate anything, what will happen then? Absolutely nothing. See Durham.

      Howitzers? I don’t even see slings.

      1. You’re thinking like the go along to get along Republicans. That’s not how it’s going to work. You don’t see howitzers? It’s because you don’t know where to look, or what to look for.

        1. Stealing from my wife’s chemistry there’s a very high activation energy barrier to action but once crossed its a chain reaction that spreads. This matches Larry Correia’s view that there is a switch that when flipped sends the reaction from “whatever” to “Kill them all and let the Author sort it out”. Every little stupid thing the Tranzi/Brahmandarins do raises that energy and sends things closer and closer to the chain reaction. To steal from my favorite of the Narnia books “A Horse and His Boy”

          Aslan was among them though no one had seen him coming. Rabadash started as the immense shape of the Lion paced softly in between him and his accusers.

          “Rabadash,” said Aslan. “Take heed. Your doom is very near, but you may still avoid it. Forget your pride (what have you to be proud of?) and your anger (who has done you wrong?) and accept the mercy of these good kings.”

          Then Rabadash rolled his eyes and spread out his mouth into a horrible, long mirthless grin like a shark, and wagged his ears up and down (anyone can learn how to do this if they take the trouble). He had always found this very effective in Calormen. The bravest had trembled when he made these faces, and ordinary people had fallen to the floor, and sensitive people had often fainted. But what Rabadash hadn’t realized is that it is very easy to frighten people who know you can have them boiled alive the moment you give the word. The grimaces didn’t look at all alarming in Archenland; indeed Lucy only thought Rabadash was going to be sick.

          “Demon! Demon! Demon!” shrieked the Prince. “I know you. You are the foul fiend of Narnia. You are the enemy of the gods. Learn who I am, horrible phantasm. I am descended from Tash, the inexorable, the irresistible. the curse of Tash is upon you. Lightning in the shape of scorpions shall be rained on you. The mountains of Narnia shall be ground into dust. The-”

          “Have a care, Rabadash,” said Aslan quietly. “The doom is nearer now: it is at the door: it has lifted the latch.”

          “Let the skies fall,” shrieked Rabadash. “Let the earth gape! Let blood and fire obliterate the world! But be sure I will never desist till I have dragged to my palace by her hair the barbarian queen, the daughter of dogs, the – ”

          “The hour has struck,” said Aslan: and Rabadash saw, to his supreme horror, that everyone had begun to laugh.

          They couldn’t help it. Rabadash had been wagging his ears all the time and as soon as Aslan said, “The hour has struck!” the ears began to change. They grew longer and more pointed and soon were covered with grey hair. And while everyone was wondering where they had seen ears like that before, Rabadash’s face began to change too. It grew longer, and thicker at the top and larger eyed, and the nose sank back into the face (or else the face swelled out and became all nose) and there was hair all over it. And his arms grew longer and came down in front of him till his hands were resting on the ground: only they weren’t hands, now, they were hoofs. And he was standing on all fours, and his clothes disappeared, and everyone laughed louder and louder (because they couldn’t help it) for now what had been Rabadash was, simply and unmistakably, a donkey. The terrible thing was that his human speech lasted just a moment longer than his human shape, so that when he realized the change that was coming over him, he screamed out:

          “Oh, not a Donkey! Mercy! If it were even a horse – e’en – a hor – eeh – auh, eeh-auh.” And so the words died away into a donkey’s bray.

          “Now hear me, Rabadash,” said Aslan. “Justice shall be mixed with mercy. You shall not always be an Ass.”

          I’m afraid our alleged superiors may not hope for the intervention of Aslan (or the Author). And should they survive the paroxysm that appears to be coming they shall indeed always be asses…

            1. C.S. Lewis when he was on his game was amazing, and “A Horse and His Boy” is there 90% of the time. Sadly it will NEVER get a movie treatment as the Calormene are (very) thinly disguised Persians/Muslims. C.S. Lewis father had been a diplomat to Persia so C.S. Lewis had first hand experience as an intruder into that culture as a young man.

                1. I was given to understand Persians (i.e. Iranians) because C.S. Lewis’ dad was a diplomat to Persia when Lewis was a boy) although looking through open sources (e.g. Wikipedia) I see none of that.

          1. 1) Sarah: Great Post. I like shorter and more direct, mostly. 🙂
            2) tregonsee314: I was wondering if it was time to start re-reading CS Lewis. Clearly it is now time.
            3) The left and their allies have made even having different opinions a thoughtcrime, and they have enforcers everywhere. I do feel this reduces the odds of peaceful change. On the other hand, the way primaries and early elections are going and the way November looks right now, it may be that there is enough anger and motivation to overcome fraud and corruption.
            4) Returning to Sarah’s point though, the rules of law or decency seem like they don’t apply to the left. They rub it in our face and laugh at us, (witness, for instance, sHrillary’s marketing of her ‘But Her Emails’ Swag the day after the raid on Mar-a-Lago). They’ve shown that they are willing to arrest and charge a thousand political prisoners for protesting the steal of the last election. How many people have to see their votes stolen, be arrested, deprived of their work, or at least seriously inconvenienced before they decide to take the next step, whatever it is? I’m afraid it’s a pretty huge number. It takes a lot to get the farmer to take his hand from the plow, and pick up a sword. Mostly he wants to grow food to support his family. Politics to many seems far away, and perhaps this is why folks treat it like a religion. They do homage to the Demoncrats and their narrative as their leaders and media tell them to. “So some are fed to Moloch. Clearly they were sinners who deserved it. It doesn’t touch me.” -or, perhaps currently- “I’d better not speak up, or I’ll be next.” And the latter is the psychology the left is working on. How many need to be arrested or destroyed or murdered to intimidate the rest into subservience? How much pressure can we apply without waking the dragon? Is it worth awakening a small part of the dragon so we can demonstrate that we are willing to destroy people, or even fake an awakening and destroy it? (see Jan 6th).

            I’m afraid I have more questions than answers.

            1. Given the current state of the world I would recommend the Space trilogy (Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra and That Hideous Strength) first, although if you do not at least understand Christianity at moderate level their analogies and references may be a little hard to get. That Hideous Strength Is probably the one most applicable to the modern world. I never liked it as a youth but with a different perspective its horrors and problems are at least as compelling as Brave New World or 1984.

              1. And this just showed up on Ace of Spades
                That mentions this scene

                The director of the Institute gets up to speak, but his speech soon turns to gibberish. Unable to help themselves, people in the audience begin to laugh. But old Jules is only a puppet—a figurehead. And he is expendable. John Wither, the Deputy Director, and the real head of N.I.C. E. muses to himself that it might be advantageous if Jules makes a fool of himself: “Jules was in many respects a nuisance, and this might be as good an opportunity as any other for ending his career.”

                So, Wither who is also old, gets up, firmly forces the smaller man back into his seat, and takes over the podium. Then he begins to speak:

                Tidies and fugleman—I sheel foor that we all-er-most steeply rebut the defensible, though, I trust, lavatory Aspasia which gleams to have selected our redeemed inspector this deceiving. It would—ah—be shark, very shark, from anyone’s debenture

                Which I had totally forgotten. Two puppet leaders to an organization (N.I.C.E. ) that start babbling when they stand to talk? C.S. Lewis were you a prophet or did you get a vision?

      2. Hmm, is the black pill brigade out early today?

        It might not a a howitzer, but I’m guessing that there are some really worried FBI agents and families out there. When people stop thinking of Ephram Zimbalist Jr and start thinking of Lon Horiuchi when considering FBI agents, it’s going to be spicy. I think we’re pretty far along that transition.

        1. I think a lot of people for good reason at this point think of Beria when they think of the FBI and DOJ

        2. Given all the details that are coming out– and the lack of smoking guns– I’m wondering if the ones who leaked that this was entirely by the DC field office WAS the DC Field Office.

          So they’d get to keep those awesome kudoes aaaaaallll for themselves….

          And now people are going “Dude, you told Hillary about this, and got your pedo-judge to sign it, and you knew you couldn’t even trust the local FBI office to go along with this nonsense?!?”

          1. Apparently the WH press secretary said Biden wasn’t informed about the raid…..uh huh.
            Or, as others are suggesting, all the wannabe Powers Behind the Throne are runnig.

            1. That’s an advantage of a puppet that I hadn’t thought of, before– you could actually have him never be informed of anything…..

              1. Obummer always claimed he only found out about stuff when he saw it in the news. Clearly that was a winning (or at least not losing) approach for the left, and will be used again and again going forward.

            2. Biden is uninformed about everything. The FICUS squints at what’s on the teleprompter, and even manages to get through a complete sentence once in a while.

              Now, the ventriloquists, they knew. This circus couldn’t have gotten to first base without the ventriloquists’ support.

              What other jokers are lurking in the deck? I smell Schiff, for sure. Probably Schumer.
              You can’t use the government to take away the freedom of only the people you hate.

              1. all his life Biden has been as uninformed about everything as one can be and still breathe. Only change now is senility adds sprinkles to his cone.

            3. I’m inclined to believe the White House wasn’t informed. If it had been, some idiot would have tweeted that the raid was coming with enough advanced warning for Trump to have gotten back there and have the Secret Service confront the FBI.

              This administration doesn’t leak like a sieve; it leaks like a hose.

        3. See, I’m 57 and I can barely remember the FBI tv show. For most of my life it’s been “Feebs”, “Fibbies”, “Famous But Incompetent” in the popular media. The FBI is either presented as incompetent, bullying, malevolent, conspiratorial, or all four. When the protagonists are FBI agents, they are either outcasts (X-Files), or nonconformists (Criminal Minds, Bones). The only show where I can think of the FBI presented as competent, diligent, and moral is “The Silence of the Lambs”. Far more common is the “Die Hard” treatment, where the good cops roll their eyes when the FBI shows up.

          I don’t think tipping the majority over into “disband the FBI” is going to be all that hard.

          1. I’ve read a fair number of police procedurals and detective stories where the FBI are presented as the good guys. I’ve read perhaps an equal number where they are treated as high-handed, arrogant, and meddling. Having fortunately no personal experience I can recall with the agency, I can’t say which is the more accurate portrayal. But I’m more than half convinced that the only way to “fix” it is to disband it entirely and start over from scratch…which is not really practical at present, either.

            1. @ Confutus > “Having fortunately no personal experience I can recall with the agency, I can’t say which is the more accurate portrayal.”

              I have no personal experience either (and am happy to remain so), but two of my closest friends from college DID have run-ins with the FBI (I’ve often wondered how we got so lucky), and it’s 2-for-2 on the “high-handed, arrogant, and meddling” – and in both cases, the FBI got smacked down by a judge, after they had destroyed lives, businesses, and reputations.

              FBI delenda est.

              1. Even a lot of FBI memoirs and pro-FBI true crime series have had some fairly nasty things to say about the FBI, or at least the FBI at certain field offices. Around here they are mostly okay, but the Cincinnati office keeps busy with bank robberies. (Because of I-75 and I-70. Bank robberies and cellphone store robberies and such have been a thing for a long time.)

                The craziest one was an episode of the FBI Files, which is a generally pro-FBI true crime show. This episode focused on how the Secret Service (the financial side) had come across a counterfeiter… who was using his ill-gotten gains to finance kidnapping women and doing stuff to them. They found a warehouse full of evidence of his doings (audio tapes, IIRC), and were desperate to find the man himself, and find out if his victims documented there were even still alive.

                And the FBI refused to help, even though it was obviously an urgent need and a big case, and even though they were invented to stop kidnapping.

                So there was this whole episode of the Secret Service learning how to chase down this supercreepy guy, with the clock ticking and all of them having nightmares. (Apparently the accountant types really are able to do other kinds of investigation too.)

                And the “moral of the story” ex-FBI guy basically had to say, “Yup, the FBI sometimes does some bad things, and sometimes is lazy.” Very unusual.

            2. Or both. In Operation Chaos, Agent Shining Knife is legitimately concerned about what might happen. It just happens that he might keep our hero and heroine from doing the right thing.

          2. then just to go on a slight tangent..there’s the BATF. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Fuckups.

          3. I watched that show when I was a kid (I’m about your age). My parents loved it. Efram Zimbalist Jr. It was incredibly stilted and formulaic and made Dragnet/Adam-12 look like Shakespeare by comparison but it was fun brain candy and the good guys always won.

            Someday I will tell my FBI story on here. Yes, I have an FBI story from three days on jury duty years ago. Let’s just say they didn’t live up to Efram Zimbalist’s portrayal.

            1. I’m pushing 70, but don’t really recall much of the Zimbalist plots. Just the portrayal as an honest LEO type (going against history dating to the beginning with J. Edgar Hoover).

        4. Meanwhile, I’m of the generation for whom Ephram Zimbalist Jr is Alfred Pennyworth and trying to figure out what Batman’s butler has to do with the FBI. 🙂

      3. What’s going to happen? Nothing. The “don’t given them an excuse” line was already out in less than an hour.

      4. I’m going to give you an example from today: https://blazingcatfur.ca/2022/08/10/trans-woman-twitch-streamer-keffals-swatted-arrested-at-gunpoint-by-london-ont-police/#disqus_thread

        You know how Tim Pool has been SWATed something like four times? Well, yesterday a beloved Lefty victim/pet got SWATed. In London Ontario Canada, the sleepy place where nothing ever happens. Even the gangs are sleepy.

        Is this a good thing? No. Cops are incompetent idiots with guns, they get an hour of practice a year. Somebody could have easily died. The jackass who did this should spend ten years in jail for attempted murder.

        But is this a thing? Yes. This is now a thing. Random pukes are now targeting protected pets of the regime using the same coward’s weapon that Leftist pukes have been using on their political opponents for fifteen years.

        You know how many coward’s weapons are available to the common run-of-the-mill jackass? That’s what is going to happen. It will be ugly and horrible.

        And that is the true reason that Leftists are stupid. They think no one will come after them. They don’t understand that the future is them not being able to leave the house because it isn’t safe. That’s not a good future. But there they are, working 24/7 to bring it to reality.

    2. They are the choice combination of terrified and stupid as posts. I’ve worked for one such, and he was as deadly a missile as anything I’ve ever encountered. He mad it his life’s mission to destroy me, rob me of sleep, promotions, or favor.

      I can see him as an FBI agent.

      1. Ah yes. I’ve seen that show. They build confidence slowly as the obsession to get rid of you takes over their whole brain. The ingenuity of the bureaucratic mind as they build a fortress of paperwork. The appalling stupidity as they leave their own fingerprints all over it. The shock when they get fired for it.

        It was worth going through just to hear that the person was surprise-terminated and marched out of the building.

        That one would have made a great feeb supervisor.

          1. Mine was fired for framing me and being an imbecile. Two weeks later, out they went. KaPow. But I still didn’t have a job.

            On the one hand, vengeance was certainly mine. On the other hand, I’ve never worked for any company or organization since. Self employed and doing fine, but the marks are there to see. Betrayal. Ugly.

            Self employment is nice. The boss is a jackass, but I can tell him to cram it. ~:D

      1. He does. Feebs can’t force him or his lawyers to leave and they can’t bully him because armed protection detail, so they can’t plant anything.

        And you know they are so smart/stupid that they planted something.

          1. They were told to turn of security cameras too, apparently that was not done. Guessing there are two systems. One external, on all the time, another internal, on when not in residence. Makes sense to me.

          2. Had Trump himself been -physically- present, with his large and amazingly well-armed protection squad (probably more like a short platoon) then they would not have been able to do that. They would have had to physically arrest him and remove him from his own house, for which they would have needed to have an arrest warrant. Because again, armed security detail. Some of whom are federal agents, some of whom are no doubt private security.

            That’s why they raided the place when he wasn’t home. FBI can bully unarmed lawyers out of somebody else’s house. They can’t do it to a short platoon of professional ass-kickers with lawyers watching. Imagine the freakin’ video.

            1. Since they didn’t get the cameras turned off, there should be some. Unless they pulled the “shoot the cameras first” most bad guys seem to like.

          3. That says the attorneys were told to leave; it doesn’t say they left. And IIRC (I could be mistaken) there’s no legal way they could have enforced that “leave” order.

            1. Yeah, there’s no legal way. But the feebs would just muscle them out and call it ‘procedure’ or ‘securing the scene’ which would fly 99% of the time in feeb-friendly courtrooms. You can’t muscle the ex-President’s Secret Service detail and his private goon squad. They probably have rocket launchers. I would, if I were them.

  3. During one of the Bush Administrations, a Liberal wanted to “hear” from the Adults in the Republican Party (definite assumption that the Bush Administration weren’t “Adults”).

    I wondered then (and said it) “Where are the adults in the Democratic Party”.

    Things have gotten worse in the Democratic Party from then. 😡

    1. He was hearing from the adults. However, he had not the wit to hear it

      Let those who have ears, hear…etc.

      1. THIS!

        I was, at the time, in communication with a fairly conservative (or CLASSICAL liberal) Aussie who commented it was good to finally have adults in the White House.

        Now, as for how adult and how smart, well…. gotta start somewhere.

    2. I wonder the same thing frequently, especially with how much the Democrats seem to get a pass for even with average people…

  4. I just hope they don’t truly make a martyr of him. Yes, that would destroy them, but I don’t want him sacrificed even for that reason.

      1. It doesn’t have to be the President (not that FICUS guy), but if Clarence Thomas is killed (or any of the other conservatives, but especially CT), it’d be the same effect.

        1. Democrats are essentially encouraging and setting the stage for such an assassination by their tepid at best response to the threats of violence against the justice and the attempt already made on Justice Kavanaugh.

    1. They might do it, or at least encourage someone to do it and then blame the deplorables. But that is like standing in a sea of gasoline with natural gas all around and striking a match. They seem to think they can control something like that. Maybe they could use it if someone with at least familiarity with the system (e.g. Lyndon Johnson) no matter how slimey were there, but Ms Harris is utterly incompetent and makes Obama look like a paragon of self control and modesty. Nancy is so pickled she can barely remember what she’s doing and Chuck is a greasy weasel that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy (and that’s his good points, and my devout apologies to weasels).

      1. These are the same dipshits who thought they could “manage the decline” of the economy, and apparently thought they could also “manage the decline” of the world population without anyone noticing. Because they are so SMAHHHRRT.

        1. But they ARE managing the decline. Again, nothing is happening and nothing will happen. This isn’t “black dog”, it’s just extrapolation.

          Net exporter to net importer of oil in a year. Nothing happens.
          $100s of billions spent on “green energy” with no results (other than bankruptcies). Nothing happens.
          Windmills flagrantly violating the sacred Endangered Species Act. Nothing happens.
          Water diverted from food to snail darters. Nothing happens.
          A successful company that actually builds things (SpaceX) stymied at every turn. Nothing happens.
          A conspiracy to subvert a sitting President. Nothing happens.
          80K new (and almost by definition, clueless) auditors. Nothing is happening.

          The list goes on and on. They seem to be managing just fine.

          Sure, people are noticing, but I disagree with your premise that “without anyone noticing” was intended. If you don’t want people to notice, you don’t publish your agenda on the Internet, complete with a stereotypical bond villain spokesman.

          1. What, exactly, is required in response, for you to not characterize it as “Nothing happens”?

            Because I’ve noticed a tendency for anything less than absolute victory to be framed as “nothing happens,” and even when there is an absolute victory, it’s either too little, too late, or is REALLY just another defeat because the world is not instantly going along with… some undefined level of perfection.

            Most recently and obviously seen in the recent Roe v Wade overturn, both at the leak, and when the decision itself was released.

            1. Engineering maxim: “The perfect is the enemy of the good”. Sometimes I think some of these “perfection or defeat” dweebs could use a cluestick engraved with that maxim upside the head.

          2. “Again, nothing is happening and nothing will happen.”

            Do you live in a hole?

            Cops are shooting at farmers in Holland. Freakin’ -Holland-, land of rosy-cheeked tulip girls and wooden shoes. It’s been going on for weeks.

            Cops were arresting truckers in Canada for putting bouncy castles and hot tubs on the front lawn of Parliament all of February and most of March. It’s August now, guys are driving around with “F*CK TRUDEAU!” flags on their trucks.

            Netflix just cancelled all the Woke projects that were in production and fired a bunch of Wokeists.

            Warner just cancelled all their Woke projects in production and they’re talking about shuttering DC Comics.

            Disney+ is shedding subscribers like a sinking ship sheds rats.

            I get pretty tired of this “nothing is happening” crap, dude. Stuff is happening. Nobody died yet. Is that a problem for you? You want a little thrill from blood in the streets? Little whiff of grape shot?

              1. Watching Netflix and Warner turn on a dime like that is amazing. That guy David Zaslav must have -screamed- when they brought him the numbers this year. Can you imagine?

                The viewership data these days is like the frigging Eye of Sauron. They know everything. And knowing everything, they kept steaming for the rocks at full throttle. Zaslav grabbed the wheel and now he’s praying for a miracle that it’ll turn before they hit the lighthouse.

                Who knows, they might even make it.

                The DemocRats though, nuh uh. They’re done.

                The reason I say this is the Liberal Party of Ontario. They held majorities here for a generation. They had -all- the seats. The media loved them and indeed still loves them.

                And now they are reduced to nothing, no longer an official party in Ontario. Vying with the Greens for last place. Because they ruined Ontario Hydro, they ruined the school system, they ruined the medical system, and they ran Toronto into the ground.

                Also they were incredibly corrupt, but nobody really cares about that. They care that their kid might get knifed in the stairwell at high school. They care that ALL the industry that used to be in Ontario has left for China or the USA, and they can’t get a freaking job. They care that the power keeps going out. They care that there are pot-holes the size of a Volkswagen in the 401. They care that some terrorist killed 13 people on Danforth Avenue and the cops knew who he was before he did it.

                And so the Liberal Party got seven (7) seats in the election that was called in the middle of the pandemic, at a time when the Conservatives were behaving like frigging lunatic Communists and the media were screaming that they were Nazis. Because we all knew that the Liberals would have made it so very much worse. This is the future of the DemocRat Party, no matter how many seats they steal.

                But nothing is happening. ffs.

                1. “…it’ll turn before they hit the lighthouse”
                  I read that and immediately recalled an analysis of the Titanic disaster that concluded that the worst thing they could have done, and did, was to turn just far enough that instead of a crumpled bow and a crippled ship, or a clean miss, they managed to set a course that sliced open the whole side of the ship and defeated the watertight compartmentalization, with predictable results. Probably not a good analogy, but I wonder how that plays out in a Netflix-type scenario…

                  1. The problem they are reacting to only blew up since about late 2021. Netflix was top-of-the-heap until this year going by their stock price chart.

                    Something happened during 2020/21 when all of us were sitting at home because lockdowns. When the lockdowns lifted, people started cancelling their Netflix.

                    Now, because of analytics, the CEOs of these companies can -see- the bloody great iceberg. Their companies have been spending billions of dollars on content that 3% of the audience say they want. The other 97% won’t watch it. Those people are leaving.

                    Can those companies make content good enough to entice that 97% back? Maybe.

                    1. That would depend on whether they now accept reality, or still live in “Wokie Paradise”. But point about lockdowns taken…

                2. Zaslav grabbed the wheel

                  I confess I keep reading that name as “Zathras”. 😀

                  “No no no, this not work. Need different. This bad, get rid of this. Zathras never like this stuff.”

          3. You do realize, don’t you, that not a single one of your examples directly affects the average individual? We’re just approaching the point where Leftist policies and actions will have direct effects on individuals and families, and those policies and actions are pushing the nation toward the time of “the men who wanted to be left alone”. Think 1789 Paris, but the proles are well-armed and many are trained. And it won’t be pretty.
            And if you imagine TPTB are not so stupid that they think what they do isn’t noticed I have a great deal in some oceanfront property just outside Phoenix…

      1. I am reminded of the story (told here some time ago?) about some who wanted to use nukes on this or that group and were invited to an above-ground test shot somewhere. They witnessed and, having had a Revelation, decided that maybe that was not such a good idea after all.

        Worms are EASY to re-can compared to whoopass.

        1. In a somewhat smaller way, the first time a grenade goes off on the other side of that suddenly flimsy brick wall makes you a believer. ( Basic training reference.)

  5. Maybe it’s just my clinical depression talking, but I’m not nearly as sanguine as you are, Dear Host. The problem is that we’ve been getting defecated on by these people for literal decades now, with the stream increasing exponentially since 2016…and nothing has happened except it’s getting worse. And yes, Joe Biden’s approval ratings are in the low-mid 30s, and yes we stand a chance of maaaaayyyyybe taking back the House in November. Will anything change? I’m not sure. I’m not even seeing Tea Party levels of outrage and what we’re going through now is 10x worse than what triggered the Tea Parties.

    I guess I’m not exactly black-pilled because like you, I think in the end, we will win. I’m more puzzled. What will it take for the decent people in this country to actually realize they have the power and start to use it? What will it take for us to put some actual fear into the Left? And that’s not necessarily fear of physical violence, by the way, far from it. Fear of shame. Fear of job loss. Fear of their bureaucracy being dismantled. Fear of their misdeeds being punished. They have no fear. And no morals. That’s a bad, bad combination.

    My favorite Latin phrase: “Oderint dum metuant.” Let them hate, as long as they fear. Well, they surely hate us, but they don’t fear anything about us. Nothing much will change until they do.

    Or maybe I’m just in a bad mood because everybody and everything at work is breaking today. Sorry if this is too pessimistic. I try not to be but today it’s a little tough.

    1. “I’m not even seeing Tea Party levels of outrage and what we’re going through now is 10x worse than what triggered the Tea Parties.”

      10 years of cancel culture left a mark. The government isn’t necessarily the biggest fear; the biggest fear is that you can be isolated from social and commerce.

      1. ^^^ This. People have too much to lose by speaking up. Things won’t kick off until enough people decide that they no longer have anything to lose.

        That will happen. And when it does, God help us. Because it will make 90s Bosnia look like Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

          1. Which will be sooner than a lot of people think given the accelerated effort to impose the Green Leap Forward; the billions in the latest Democratic Party boondoggle for “environmental justice in agriculture” is code for Dutch/Sri Lanka style restrictions on agriculture.

            1. Them chickens are gonna hatch this fall and winter when the impacts of reduced fertilizer, outrageously expensive fuel for farmers, and supply chain shortages hit the consumers worldwide. Many foods will be both expensive and scarce. Add on likely a doubling of cost to stay warm and what is so far a pinch becomes a gnawing pain in the guts for many folks world wide.
              I suspect we in the US will see open revolt first in the major blue cities as those who have counted on the government for their livelihood realize that spigot has turned from a never ending stream to a trickle.

          2. That’s a few months at most from being realized. So if it is going to happen then, end of year or about mid-’23 at the longest.

          3. Two days hungry will do a lot of bad to people real quick. Just two days. Side note, I begin to wonder if the current/upcoming generation will one day be that generation’s children’s Great Recession survivors, the ones that never throw anything away and keep ten years of canned food squirreled away in pantries and basements.

            1. “Every society is only three meals away from revolution.” Probably too simplistic, but the point remains.

        1. Singing

          It’s a beautiful day in this revolution,
          A beautiful day for a rebel solution
          Would you be mine?
          Could you be mine?

          It’s a radical day in this conflict zone
          A beautiful day for a bomb armed drone
          Would you be mine?
          Could you be mine?

          I have always wanted to have a rebel just like you,
          I’ve always wanted to live in a revolution with you.

          So let’s make the most of this beautiful fray,
          Since we’re uprising, we might as well say,
          Would you be mine?
          Could you be mine?
          Won’t you be my rebel?

          Won’t you please,
          Won’t you please,
          Please won’t you be my rebel?

          Spoken*: Hi rebel buddy, I’m glad we’re together again…. but not to close. Don’t draw fire….

          Too soon?

          1. On the one hand, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!


            I live right near Mr. Rogers’ hometown. He’s EVERYWHERE around here. There’s even a mini-museum about him in the airport IIRC. Can’t escape him no matter how hard I try, it seems.

            1. I visited WQED once. Been in the Neighborhood of Make Believe. X the Owl had a cool AV system in that tree (for the puppeteer)


      2. You need to start going to your local Republican club/committee meetings. The outrage is there. The effective targeting and mobilization of it may not be there, yet.

      3. It’s quiet, but it’s here. I’m seeing little tells, hearing comments made only once people know they can trust you. The networks are a lot less obvious, but they’re there.

          1. What scares me is that I’ve gone cold-mad. Anonymoose can tell you that everything’s fine as long as I’m flinging sarcasm in all directions, but now I’ve gotten…quiet.

            1. It’s the British cultural heritage:

              Et Dona Ferentes


              IN extended observation of the ways and works of man,
              From the Four-mile Radius roughly to the Plains of Hindustan:
              I have drunk with mixed assemblies, seen the racial ruction rise,
              And the men of half Creation damning half Creation’s eyes.

              I have watched them in their tantrums, all that pentecostal crew, 5
              French, Italian, Arab, Spaniard, Dutch and Greek, and Russ and Jew,
              Celt and savage, buff and ochre, cream and yellow, mauve and white;
              But it never really mattered till the English grew polite;

                1. ..and some Latin elucidation, from Wikipedia (which is still useful for non-political subjects).

                  Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes, paraphrased in English as “I fear the Greeks even when bearing gifts”, is a Latin phrase from Aeneid, a Latin epic poem written by Virgil. The phrase is spoken by Trojan priest Laocoön referring to the Trojan Horse used by the Greeks during the Trojan War. The literal meaning of the phrase is “I fear the Danaans [Greeks], even those bearing gifts” or “even when they bear gifts”. Most printed versions of the text have the variant ferentis instead of ferentes.[1] In modern English, it is used as a proverb to warn against trusting an enemy or adversary, even when they appear to be making an enticing offer.[2]

                1. That shirt…

                  Gadsden flag unites with rainbow flag? I know some folks that are gonna swoon.


                  1. Symbolically, the rattler on the Gadsden flag is the cussing Englishman.

                    The coral snake? That’s an English who’s gone polite.

                    1. Yep. If there’s a venomous snake more laid-back than the coral snake I’ve yet to hear of it. Well, maybe Pacific sea snakes; people swim with them and don’t get bothered. But both are quite capable of making their displeasure known…lethally.

              1. “A warning is not a threat, but a spoken threat is a foolish warning to give to your enemies. If a man is worth threatening, then he is worth killing. Cut him down before a word is spoken. Otherwise, keep your tongue prudently sheathed along with your sword.” – Akiyama Munenoshi

                  1. Indeed; I assume he was a Samurai. From everything I’ve read the code of Bushido requires politeness. And rapid lethal action when called for.

            2. I’ve known a few folks that others do NOT understand that when they STOP cussing, the Real Trouble starts. The cussing was steam being blown off. The silence is, “Only an idiot plans a murder (or other Serious Event) out loud.” Even if not actively planning, I suspect there are some seriously background processes running ‘just in case’. – and the best place to be will be called Elsewhere.

              1. Aye. TPTB don’t much care for people in Flyover County, and the attitude is returned with interest. It was noteworthy that the official state COVID mask-stasi never paid a visit to the store at $TINY_TOWN, though they made life hell for resisters Westside. Seems some of the agents were reluctant to be on the receiving end of the 3S treatment, or even the milder versions. (Hey, it’s only 45 minutes for a tow truck to make it. On a good day. If they’re willing to come.)

                I wonder if the Feebs would be aware of the risks.

            3. She’s not kidding. I tend to have the usual sort of whiny flailing anger of a toddler. When SheSellsSeashells gets pissed, she goes quiet but the temperature in the room drops noticeably.

          2. Yep. I used to rant and rave to Mama Raptor about how certain people needed to be made to perform the Danny Deever Dance and #teamheadsonpikes. Now Mama Raptor, who for as long as I have known her has been a firm card-carrying member of Team Peace At Any Price, is calling ME up and ranting to ME about how those same certain people need to be made to perform the Danny Deever Dance. It’s… unsettling, to say the least.

            1. I think that’s my new favorite euphemism for hanging (as execution): it’s simpler than saying they should “dance the find-a-chair jig at a necktie party.” Just recommend the parties in question “dance the Danny Deever.” (Or “dance like Danny Deever”.) And those who get it, get it.

              1. Alternately, if you want to be a bit cruder and more direct about it, you could say that they’re being used as “overpass decorations.”

        1. I’m seeing that, as well – I was in a local oil-change place last week, getting the safety inspection on my other car, and a couple there for an oil change were lamenting the cost of new windshield wipers – I told them about Costco, which has the most rock-bottom prices for them, the last that we checked. And then we got to talking about inflation … and veiled remarks about the political establishment and their lack of competence at anything were exchanged … Yes, San Antonio may be, on the surface, nearly as blue as Austin, but there is a solid core of military retirees, especially in the outer ring suburbs.
          When John F Kerry ran in 2004, just about every Vietnam-era vet that I talked to could barely say the man’s name without spitting or cursing in contempt.

          1. You saw that Ring video? The delivery guy saw the spelled-out FJB welcome mat, and he agreed with it in an angry tone. A seriously angry tone. People are not joking-angry anymore.

      4. It’s present, just not in the open. I’m hearing asides made only after I prove myself trustworthy. There’s something in the wind, for lack of a better word, like the first hint of something you can’t quite identify but that your gut and instincts recognize.

      1. Where will it strike first and hit the hardest? Who’s in charge of those places? Who will they blame? Who will step in to (attempt to) fix it? Cities, Democrats, Republicans, the Feds.

        How does that do anything but pile more of the same on everyone?

        We’re ALREADY in that situation. Granted people are “only” being beaten, robbed, murdered, and raped at record levels, not starving to death, but if they can’t see it now, what makes anyone think that hunger (or no electricity or no heat) is going to be the clarion call for change? Riots, sure. Effective change, it seems unlikely.

        I’m beginning to think there is no tipping point.

        1. There’s never a tipping point, right up until there is. It’s more like a crystallization phase change, where everything goes at once.

            1. My money is on a wanted-to-be-mom who realized that being forced to vax cost her a kid.

              I’m not sure that there is rage in the world to match that.

            1. And I am really scared of what happens when Karen in suburbia realizes that she’s getting a third the food she needs daily, the kids are getting half, the cat won’t stop meowing because it doesn’t understand…

              1. I spent four years working in a supermarket. Karen in Suburbia gets violent when she can’t get the specific cold cut she wants, or if it’s sliced too thick or too thin, or if you skip her number in line because she’s too busy chatting with her friend to pay attention to you calling her number a half-dozen times before moving on.

                Sh*t you not, I once got chased into the back of the store by an angry Karen demanding that I find her an Easter Ham. Despite it being 9:00 PM on Holy Saturday and the store having sold out hours before and her not having preordered a Ham, it was my fault and my fault alone that her Easter dinner was ruined.

                When Karen in Suburbia and her family are legitimately starving, she will make The Toe-Cutter, The Lord Humungus, and Immortan Joe look like characters from Sesame Street.

                  1. Yep. MAGAts and the poor schmuck behind the counter.

                    Never her fault for not planning ahead. Never Mother Nature’s fault for the blizzard that disrupted supply lines for a week. Never the manufacturer’s fault for discontinuing the product. Always the schmuck behind the counter’s fault, and they always did it specifically because they hated Karen and wanted to make her life hard.

                    SO glad I don’t work in that hellhole anymore.

                    1. Biden and his minions and the poor schmuck behind the counter.

                      Trust me. The poor schmuck behind the counter ALWAYS gets blamed. Been there, done that, got rid of the tee shirts as soon as I quit that soul-sucking pit of despair.

                    2. Ooooh… Yeah, you had dumber customers than me. And I always thought that was a pretty high (or low, depends on you you look at it) bar.

                      The one that sticks out most is the lady who asked “What’s the difference between the fat-free turkey and the fat-free chicken? No, I don’t care about the different nutritional values or preparation methods, I just want to know what’s the difference?”

                      “Uh… that one’s made of chicken and that one’s made of turkey?”

                      Half-hour later, the store manager and perishables manager both show up to the counter. Customer had tried to get me written up for giving her a smartass answer. Thank God the store manager already knew that I a) was unfailingly polite to customers and b) was the deli’s weirdo magnet. Soon as he saw that it was me, he went from being out for blood to very eagerly wanting to hear my side of the story. And then damn near bit off the inside of his cheek to keep himself from laughing.

                    3. I still remember the Apple salesman where I got my first “real” computer, an Apple II+. I was there when the same lady, very incensed, returned the 5-1/4″ system disk (then not cheap) for a replacement the third time because it stopped booting, When he finally asked her how she was storing it she blithely said that she stuck it on the refrigerator with a magnet. I really don’t know how he kept it together, but he did. And provided a short lesson in “the care and feeding of floppy disks”. Bag of rocks…

                    4. The customer support story on someone who called complaining about their internal computer coffee holder broke.

                      You know, push a button and a little platform slides out for putting your coffee mug on.

                      Too bad for this customer, newer, laptops anyway, don’t come with those coffee holders anymore.

                      I’ve told my story before. I got a lot of questions, but the absolute certainty that -# * -# = -# floored me every time. This, more often than not, included the their department manager.

                    1. All I have is what I can see. I live two doors down from a pair of Karens and their dad. Pretty sure the only reason I haven’t had trouble is this is Texas and I’m armed.

            2. Two dipstick anarchists with a. 32 pistol started a World War.

              But not since. Else Portland would be a glowing crater.

              So we appear to be improving on the sanity front.

                  1. While I recognize the desire to tie current politics into stuff…

                    Please look at what the Archduke was like.

                    With a focus on his wife, if you would.

                    Those… blanking blankers….

                    If they fry in hell, as they will barring a miracle, which I hope for….

                    It will be for the evil they worked against him and his wife, not for the world war.

                    1. I wasn’t commentiong on the character of Ferdinand or Sophie, but on the way that seemingly minor (on a global scale) actions can have global consequences. And FWIW, it was a .380 ACP, not a .32. Also FWIW, they both (Ferdinand and Sophie, not the assassins) seem to have been better than the run-of-the-mill aristocracy of the time.

          1. Yes supersaturated solution and crystallization is exactly the model. And who knows what the seed crystal will be…

          2. I think that the pressure of their stupidity is creating a super-saturated solution of resistance.
            It stays liquid and peaceful until an extra input happens, a cold crystal drops in, etc, then it all changes in nature.
            John in Indy

          3. Like the sermon in Scotland that was the tipping point for women throwing furniture at a bishop and a civil war starting.

          4. Like putting the water into the sodium hydroxide, not the other (proper) way to do it. Voila! Toxic Volcano!

            1. They are banging on the switch with a heavy mallet.

              “What does this switch do?”

              1. Yes! And the adults are at the far end of the hallway running and screaming “Dooooonnnnnnnttttttt….”

        2. We’re ALREADY in that situation. Granted people are “only” being beaten, robbed, murdered, and raped at record levels

          …in a very few cities where they’re experimenting with “well, we’ll fix crime by just not charging anybody” and criminals are released before their victims get out of the police interview.

          Des Moines, for example, had a major drop in homicides vs 2017. (which, to be fair, was the most since the late 70s). We’ve even dropped since 2020.

          Of course, we also had an increase in shootings.

          …would anyone like to guess who tends to get shot? And who speaks to the police, and doesn’t get arrested?

        3. @ markedup2 > “I’m beginning to think there is no tipping point.”

          The examples that followed your comment were enlightening and entertaining, but there is an analogy in a very real, historical, physical tipping point.

          The Aberfan disaster was the catastrophic collapse of a colliery spoil tip on 21 October 1966. The tip had been created on a mountain slope above the Welsh village of Aberfan, near Merthyr Tydfil, and overlaid a natural spring. A period of heavy rain led to a build-up of water within the tip which caused it to suddenly slide downhill as a slurry, killing 116 children and 28 adults as it engulfed Pantglas Junior School and a row of houses. The tip was the responsibility of the National Coal Board (NCB), and the subsequent inquiry placed the blame for the disaster on the organisation and nine named employees.

          During the first three weeks of October 1966 there was 6.5 inches (170 mm) of rainfall, nearly half of which was in the third week.During the night of 20–21 October the peak of Tip 7 subsided by 9–10 feet (2.7–3.0 m) and the rails on which the spoil was transported to the top of the tip fell into the resulting hole. The spoil movement was discovered at 7:30 am by the first members of the morning shift manning the heaps. One of the workers walked to the colliery to report the slip; he returned with the supervisor for the tips, and it was decided that no further work would be done that day, but that a new tipping position would be decided on the following week.

          At 9:15 am a significant amount of water-saturated debris broke away from tip 7 and flowed downhill at 11–21 miles per hour (18–34 km/h) in waves 20–30 feet (6.1–9.1 m) high.

          1. Yeah, I read about that. I was shocked that I hadn’t heard about it before… and that I hadn’t heard about it all the time. Seems to be a little “swept under the rug,” for such a huge man-made disaster.

      2. As will COLD.
        It’s AUGUST, and I’ve just ordered a kerosene heater to have YET ANOTHER means of heat production – that doesn’t use the more common fuel(s).

        1. Both the house and the shop have two heat sources, in both cases the backup can be adequate without mains power. (Better results with some electricity. I think I’m covered.)

    2. I think we aren’t seeing anger because as outrageous as this is, they’ve also managed to do it in a phenomenally stupid and insane way too. Picture dealing with a guy with a gun, but now he’s suddenly shifted into ranting about the potato snatcher and some international kumquat conspiracy. You may still get shot anyway, but now it is for a profoundly stupid reason, rather than any rational malice on the other person’s part.

      The raid was apparently approved by a federal magistrate, not a lifetime appointment Federal Judge. This guy basically does parking tickets.

      There’s also been hay made about how the guy apparently represented Epstien. That doesn’t bother me, because that a thing lawyers do. What is curious, is he was apparently working for the prosecutor’s office when he signed on to defend the guy. That part isn’t normal.

      Then there’s the bit with the IRS. They’re supposed to add 80,000 new agents. But as Wombat from The Other McCain pointed out, the problem is, they can’t find enough accountants to fill the seats they’ve already got, much less another 80,000. It just doesn’t work that way. They can’t even just hire brownshirts, because the brown shirts don’t know how to read the forms. Apparently you need at least a passing understanding of accounting to even navigate the system to find people to heckle.

      So what are they going to do? My suspicion is they’ll end up massively expanding their HR department (to deal with all of the new hiring they need to do), and end up filling it with tons of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion administrators.

      We’re not locked in there with them; they’re locked in there with themselves.

      I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that most of our government is run by psychopath narcissists. Given that that sort of person mostly lives to hurt other people, and will destroy themselves to do it, I’m coming to see our job in this is not so much to confront them, but rather keep as much as we can put of their blast radius for when they finally detonate.

      1. Part of the issue is that they in the open say the government has to hire minorities, because otherwise they’ll be perpetually unemployed. So, that’s part of their attempt to expand government (and they’re running out of money.)
        But on the outrage, yes. i was LITERALLY speechless with the levels of stupidity this implies.

        1. Honestly I was just thinking of how the DEI groups seem to have gotten very good at building self-assembling bureaucracies.

          Bureaucracies all have their process and their systems, but the DEI crews bring their own, so if just have a burning budget, and a desperate need for warm bodies in your empire, they’ll do that work for you.

          Of course, then you’ve got an office full of DEI folks looking to justify their existence, but that’s a problem for tomorrow.

                  1. Oh please. They don’t even have assassins. If they did, I’d have joined when I was invited in at 23. (Not a joke, actually. I don’t know what they were thinking. They select for future leaders and people of importance.)

                    1. “…future leaders and people of importance” Yeah, so what’ the conflict? 🙂

                      But that aside, it makes such a cool field for jokes, especially given the context! No? Oh, well, never mind…

                    2. Um… Sarah?

                      How many people do you have that regularly listen to and seriously consider the things you say?

                    3. OK, point taken; you weren’t ready yet. Now you are. But you probably do more good for more people doing exactly what you do here almost every day than you possibly could working for them. Just sayin’…

            1. Yep I want them to know that all their machinations all their nastiness all their downright evil all that they value is going to disappear from the face of the earth along with them and their seed and be remembered no more. That is superior even to the lamentations of their women (or whatever it is they claim to be at present).

              1. If there is a hell, then perhaps the worst punishment is that the damned will only have each other to torment.

      2. The magistrate didn’t represent Epstein. He was an Assistant US Attorney in the office that was investigating Epstein. He quit his job with the government, and literally the very next day he was in private practice representing some of Epstein’s employees in their negotiations with the Feds.


      3. In my limited experience, except for the 10 – 20% of employees who are actually competent, government service, especially federal, is a combination of reparations and affirmative action. It’s a jobs program for people who otherwise might get a job working fast food.

        1. DoD, at least whenI was in it, had a lot of retired military. They tended to take their work seriously.
          But there was a growing tendency when I left for the “good old boys,” network to be black. My immediate supervisor left after he was given a third guy to train to be his boss and was told that he would never be considered for the job himself.

          1. It seems we had similar experiences.
            Retired military were typically the 10-20% people. They were the ones with cube spaces enough for three people because they were old, efficient, and get off their lawn. 🙂
            Later? Started to turn anti white after those times.

            1. When I was an engineer at [X] I had to deal quite a bit with the FAA, but it was with their tech people, not the admin asshats. And they were quite competent and (usually) reasonable.

      4. There is that very brief moment, right after the bright flash and before the resultant energy arrives, in which the sudden awareness that as far as you are concerned, the blast radius is infinite and the near-instantaneous crystallization about to engulf you was a direct result of both your stunning ignorance about chemistry and your blinding acceptance of the lies you were told.

        Thing is, the blast radius is not infinite, and while innocents are within it not all are and those who aren’t know who your family, friends and accomplices are and are now seeking endless retribution for what you did to the innocents you obliterated.

        Massive change and restructuring is an inadequate term for what results, and immediate and final punishment for displaying ignorance of chemistry and societal physics will become the standard.

      5. He looks to have left prosecuting to form a firm to represent Epstein’s cronies et al, so while I’d normally not be wary of who he represented, he seems to have left specifically to represent these folks . . . whether for the money or political reasons, none looks good optically.

    3. Laughing at them helps because they have a real fear of ridicule and embarrassment. Problem is, fear leads to anger, hatred, and violence; often escalating very rapidly. So far, the only real violence has been the Left’s useful idiots, and their government agencies.

        1. A hand gesture. There’s a younger (no longer young) writer who hates me because she was — politically correctly — on a panel singing the praises of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and I wagged my hand, leaned into the mike and said “It’s all a matter of taste. I prefer writers who can punctuate and make sense.”

          1. I can totally see you delivering that line in the manner of Val Kilmer’s Doc Holiday.

            “You may go now.”

    4. The problem is that we’ve been getting defecated on by these people for literal decades now, with the stream increasing exponentially since 2016…and nothing has happened except it’s getting worse.

      “Tell me you’ve been under a rock since the 90s without telling me you’ve been under a rock.”.

      1. Not sure what you meant by that. My first Presidential vote was Reagan’s second term in 1984 and yes, I do remember what they called him, even through beer goggles in college. And Bush I and II. And Mitt Romney. And John McCain. And any other Republican or person to the right of Mao. But it’s been accelerating more and more since 2008 (thanks, Obama) and especially since 2015 because Trump caused them to lose their minds.

        1. Well you seem to think that we’ve been losing for decades. Which means you can’t have experienced any of the political developments since ’94.

          1. What the hockey stick elephant double toothpicks ‘political developments’ are you even talking about? Because I never saw anything during either term of the Clinton Administration that was all that great for America.

              1. Fair enough. There are victories among the wreckage of so many other things, and they aren’t always obvious to those of us who tend to see the glass as half-full…of dirty cholera-infested water.

                1. Sure, but it’s the black dog. As BGE says, they’re in a panic. They are for real terrified. These are not the actions of sane people.
                  Think about it, in 2020 they brought the pain. They locked us up and preached at us 24/7 about how bad Trump is.
                  No one said much openly, but quietly, behind the scenes, we went and voted for Trump. HARD. Hard enough they had to re-fraud in front of G-d and everybody.
                  That is not what winning looks like.

                2. SCOTUS Bruen case is a the faint crack sound before the mag 8 earthquake.

                  SCOTUS WV vs EPA is far more destructive to their agenda. Mag 9.

                  Those two cases are going to be profound in the next two decades. It took four decades to get here.

                  We just need to hang on tight and vote donks out. The tide is running our way.

                1. You SHOULD. It’s the only thing that will allow us to survive this as free men.
                  Also, having lived in gun controlled Europe — spits — let me tell you it’s the biggest difference between us and them.

                  1. I fear that I must as gently as possible disagree with you here. Not the ONLY thing. I do have my reasons, some of them personal (which don’t necessarily extend to other people), some of them practical, and some of them related to my religious faith. Since I am not proselyting here, I can only touch those lightly, except to note that along with George Washington, I recognize the superintending hand of Providence.
                    This is not to say that I am a believer in gun control, either. Decidedly the contrary.

                    1. I quote Detective Finch:

                      “What do you think will happen?”

                      “What usually happens when people without guns stand up to people with guns.”

                2. Guns in the hands of responsible, liberty loving people are the only thing that is going to save you in the end. Yes, there is a price to pay to use them. Yes, there is a price to pay to maintain the 2nd Amendment. No, I’m not saying it’s okay that children die for the sake of liberty. That’s a gross distortion by malicious cowards. Those responsible liberty loving people aren’t the monsters killing your kids and neighbors. And taking their tools away isn’t going to save your kids either.

                  1. Children properly taught gun safety by their parents don’t ‘accidentally’ shoot themselves or each other. Children ‘protected’ from knowing anything about guns often do.

                    Guns benefit the weak, the physically impaired and women far more than anybody else. A violent criminal that’s spent four years pumping iron in prison has huge advantages over almost anybody else. A gun negates most of those advantages.
                    The Democrats trust violent criminals and terrorists with guns more than they trust you.

                  2. I’m of the opinion that if you own a gun at all, you should learn how to use it, safely and responsibly. If you have children, teach them early that guns aren’t toys.They are also not magic wands you can wave around to protect you from all evil. I can’t afford either time or the ammunition to become proficient, so I figure it’s best I not start. I’ve always considered myself better with my mind and my words anyway, so in any conflict, armed or not, those will still be my weapons of choice.

                    1. Doesn’t take a whole lot of time to become proficient enough to hit a human sized target at 20 to 30 feet with a pistol, and not hit anything else. Home invasions are almost always at distances less than 20 feet.
                      Attacks outside the home vary greatly, but the engagement distance by the mall shooter was a fluke. I’ve heard everything from 40 feet to 40 yards (probably 40 feet.)
                      But any use of lethal force requires situational awareness, and understanding when you’re allowed to kill someone in self defense. Even if you never put your hand on a gun in your entire life; take some of these classes where they drill shoot/don’t shoot scenarios. It will shake you up, and you’ll have a better appreciation for what the cops have to do too.

                    2. An excellent source for information on what constitutes self defense, and how various situations meet it, is Andrew Branca’s Law Of Self Defense blog and youtube channel. I believe he’s on Rumble as well, He’s the goto guy at Professor Jacobson’s Legal Insurrection blog for firearms law. He also covers local considerations for each state.


                    3. Pullo: Keep it up, and we’ll make a middling swordsman of you yet.
                      Octavian: The graveyards are full of middling swordsmen. Better to be no swordsman at all.

                      — “Rome” (HBO)

                    4. If one is not willing, personally, to fight for your liberty, as in pick up an effective deadly weapon and kill the SOB tyrants, one has no claim on liberty and no claim on the support of others in liberty.

                      Harsh? Yup. But also true. You have the liberty here on earth you will back with force.

                      Words are weapons, yes, and essential. But unsupported by a bare blade, they are leaves in the wind. Annoying at most. Built on sand for a foundation.

                      If one seeks martyrdom, most such serve the tyrant. One less nuisance. There have been exceptions.

                    5. I’ve always considered myself better with my mind and my words anyway, so in any conflict, armed or not, those will still be my weapons of choice.

                      Which work great until they don’t. Until you meet an enemy that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about words and just wants to kill you. Maybe not even you, specifically, just any ‘right-wing extremist’ or ‘Trump supporter’ they find convenient. What do you do then? Call the police? They’ll do a great job investigating the crime scene and hauling your corpse off to the morgue. Might even catch the murderer, eventually.

                      Of course, if your city has a Soros sock-puppet D.A. the murderer will be back on the street the next day. Probably got released from jail shortly before killing you, for that matter.
                      Pacifism will, at best, get you a nice peaceful trip to the slave pens. At worst — tell me, have you ever heard of the Aztecs?

                    6. I already know what my response would be in a shoot/don’t shoot situation: Freeze, choke, and fumble. I can’t even do a shouting match when the adrenaline starts flowing. Often goes with the autism spectrum.

                    7. I already know what my response would be in a shoot/don’t shoot situation: Freeze, choke, and fumble.

                      Are you able to drive?

                      This is a serious question, actually– I know some folks aren’t, and thus don’t get a license, but I can also see how it might seem to be sarcasm.

                      But if you are able to drive– train the physical responses like “Ah, skidding, do this” into a useful/safe form, you can be trained to not choke.

                      It is absolutely different from shouting matches.
                      I can’t do shouting matches, either, adrenaline shuts down the “translate into words for peopling” stuff, ESPECIALLY with talking.

                      I have scared the ever loving crud out of folks whose trained response told them that someone who verbally shut down was thus physically shut down, because something coming at my face has an unambiguous response trained in. Doesn’t matter if it’s someone’s hand, a ball that went wild, or a branch that the cow ahead of me bent and that is now unexpectedly coming back.

                      The response there is black and white, so there’s no lockup.

                    8. Mailclerk-11B. For me, It’s not so much a question of willing, it’s more one of able. If It should come down to it, which I don’t believe it will in most cases, I have no moral problem with the use of deadly force in self-defense, or in defending others…as a last resort, when talk has failed. On the other hand I’ve always considered it wise to know one’s own strengths and limitations, and I’m much more the diplomat type than the soldier type, the hostage negotiator, not the sniper. Can we agree not to despise each other?

                    9. Foxfier: Yes I am able to drive. However, I have been informed in no uncertain terms that I should not attempt it professionally. 🙂

                    10. My parents didn’t allow “play” guns in the house. Every gun was a real gun, and you don’t point it at someone unless you want them dead. No training here into thinking that some guns are just toys. My siblings friends and their parents were very confused.

                      It’s a weapon. Just like I would never pretend to attack someone with my sword. I would never point my bow at anyone, or the slingshot. And FYI, I got the bow because I couldn’t afford a gun or the training needed to become proficient. It works well for me. And if it becomes necessary to use a weapon, all three are quiet.

                  3. To frame it–
                    the choice isn’t, “kids die, or kids don’t die.”
                    It’s “fewer kids are accidentally killed by the law-abiding, but they can be safely killed by those of ill-will.”

                    It’s not even “fewer kids are shot on accident,” because most of the accidental shootings are with illegal firearms. (Last time I checked, it was “mom’s boyfriend, the felon, does something stupid with the gun he isn’t allowed to hold.”)

                    1. Yep. And that last sentence should get through to most rational people the reason why more laws simply don’t work. As for Confutus, I fully support his choice, as he seems to fully support mine. The fact that those choices are diametrically opposite doesn’t change that. No one who feels incompetent to deal with threats using a firearm should pick one up, except as a totally last resort, and with full expectation that it probably won’t help except by accident. I’d feel the same about trying to actually use a Samurai sword or kukri, although I do have several quite good (and real, not toy) ones. (I like edged steel; deal with it. 🙂 )

                    2. Yep, “I do not feel comfortable doing this” is absolutely an acceptable reason.

                      I just don’t want folks who would otherwise change their minds thinking that, because they lock up in a verbal conflict, they cannot safely use a firearm.

                      And stabbies are puuuuurty.

                    3. To take a literary example, don’t ever try to convince me that Butters from Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files is not a damned hero, even pre-Skin Game

                    4. It’s the classic idea of “I don’t want a conscript guarding my six”. And stabbies are so viscerally satisfying. And I don’t even give a rat’s patoot about “the lamentations of their women”… 🙂

                    5. I’ve noticed a tendency to get jittery and spastic when I’m stressed. This does not appear to be a good sign for being cool under fire. For now, untrained as I am, I would rather not be a greater danger to the guy standing behind me than to any enemy I might be facing.

                    6. Everyone gets “jittery and spastic” under stress initially; that’s what training is for. Anyone, even with training, who remains perfectly calm when threatened with imminent death is either completely insane or blind to the situation. It’s like fear; if you never fear you’re a nut with a death wish and I don’t want you near me in combat. Fear keeps you and your buddies alive.

                    7. Everyone gets “jittery and spastic” under stress initially; that’s what training is for.


                      I just know that for me, “training” means “K, X thus Y,” not some kind of Kung Fu type thing.

                      I want folks to have informed choices.

                    8. That’s how I meant it; training is instilling “muscle memory” reactions to predictable circumstances. In a sense, that’s also what martial arts involves; training is training, regardless. It’s a cliche that in stress situations you revert to your training; if you have no real training you revert to nothing. It actually is like knife, sword or bayonet fighting; if you take time to think you’re already dead.

          2. Well, since 1994, we’ve had Trump, and two terms of GWB, occasional Republican-controlled Congresses, and the Tea Party.

            We’ve also had one-and-a-half terms of Clinton, two terms of Obama, a massive expansion of the Federal government, the complete and blatant takeover of almost all social spaces by leftist wokism, the rise of leftist social media censorship heading toward a “social credit” society, Obamacare, the final descent of the universities into useless social justice, BLM riots, political persecution of the J6 participants, DIE spreading its tendrils into every large corporation in the land, Agenda 21, and the general sliding of the Overton Window so far left that it’s not attached to the damn house anymore.

            Kinda feels like we’ve been losing for decades, if I’m honest. Maybe not every day, maybe not in every way, but if I had that winning percentage as a baseball manager, I’d be looking for a new job. So now we’re just waiting to see when the spring pressure exceeds their ability to hold it back.

              1. I know, and I’m sorry. It’s a crappy time to be a clinically depressed pessimist by nature.

                (On the other hand, being a pessimist means that either I’m right, or I’m pleasantly surprised.)

                1. So am I. Both. Which is why I’ve learned to reality-check, otherwise I’d have killed myself YEARS ago.
                  Let me reality check for you, when you’re this far down. Please. It’s part of what I do. I want you guys around, because we are going to win this. And it might be sooner than we think

                  1. puts the black pills aside

                    Yes ma’am.

                    I’m not going anywhere. If the Author wants me, He’ll take me. Otherwise I’m too stubborn to give them the pleasure. And if He wills, may I go out with both middle fingers held high.

                  2. I really appreciate this, Sarah. I can fall down the stairs and keep falling without someone else’s perspective to wake me up.

            1. Yes, it FEELS that way, because they want you to FEEL that way.
              We’ve had the tea parties, we’ve had regular people irked at the left.
              I’m sorry, I was here for Carter. Ain’t no one on the street buying the left is sweet and well intentioned, anymore.

              1. True story…I had a “Carter ’76” bumpersticker on my bed’s headboard when I was a kid. Why? I was ten, and he was Southern so I thought that was really cool, and Gerald Ford was boring.

                By the time Reagan came along in 1980, my dad had educated me more correctly and I never looked back. I didn’t understand the intricacies, but my dad ran his own garage and I knew that 20% interest rates, 9% unemployment, and 11% inflation were Really Bad Things, especially all at the same time.

            2. Add me to Sarah’s handing your sticks to spook the black dog away with.

              These guys’ primary tool is despair.

              Don’t go for it.

    5. The Tea Party was exuberant. People were outraged, sure. But mostly, they were optimistic.
      Get involved, speak the truth, and shame the devil.
      Then we learned that the devil has no shame, and that the Republicans who wouldn’t lifts finger against Democrats were absolutely vicious when it came to oppressing those they purported to represent.

      The outrage has not died down.
      Trump won in 2016 because turnout was 1-1/2 standard deviations above normal (when Trump was still a pig in a poke). They frauded harder in 2020, and were still swamped by turnout over 3 standard deviations from normal, so they had to pull out all the stops and flagrantly cheat in front of everyone. And all the gaslighting from every source they can muster has not convinced a majority of voters that the election was honest.

      The anger is there. But there’s no longer any illusion about just doing the right thing bringing about the right results.

      1. “The Tea Party was exuberant. People were outraged, sure. But mostly, they were optimistic.
        Get involved, speak the truth, and shame the devil.
        Then we learned that the devil has no shame, and that the Republicans who wouldn’t lifts finger against Democrats were absolutely vicious when it came to oppressing those they purported to represent.”

        Truth. I was part of a local Tea Party org, and worked the big rally on Alamo Plaza in ’09 as the media rep. It was fun – it was like the worlds’ biggest, happiest block party. We didn’t stop at organizing rallies, though – the rallies were just to signal that we were there and serious. The big moves behind the scenes were to register folks to vote, and vote for candidates who were fiscally responsible Constitutionalists. That was all that we were after – never mind all the vile accusations that came flying our way. (Which we were kind of expecting … just not how vicious the vile progs would and could be…)
        And the betrayal by establishment GOP figures like John McCain … what his establishment cronies did to Sarah Palin was just unforgivable. He and his cronies shivved the Tea Party partisans in the back, just like the did to her.

    6. They do fear. And I am seeing something more dangerous than outrage. I’m seeing disobedience. I’m seeing ammo sales. I’m seeing people slowly starting to do. I’ve been seeing it for a while. Outrage hasn’t been effective. Fine. People have started doing what Americans do: getting out and doing. There’s talk, but it’s been local as far as I’ve seen. People are growing food. People are putting in those projects that’ll make things easier around the property NOW rather than waiting like they’d meant to. People are ignoring all the extra screeching rules. We’ve had more contenders in local elections than ever before and there’s been a LOT of folk researching their choices. There have been concerns about who’s actually who they say they are.

      Hatches are being battened. At least out here there’s a grim determination not to throw the first punch. Not sure if it’ll ease your heart or not, but there’s also been a lot of praying… and a huge amount of movement on that scale as well.

      1. Tens of thousands of seviceperps have refused to get stuck with the covid shots.

        That is -massive- disobedience. -that- is why the donks are in panic mode. Deep down, they expected the military to obey. They -must- obey.. The proggy world view requires that obedience. The Radiant Future requires imposition by bayonet where needed. And if those bayonets are unreliable?


        1. Indeed, and those are just the disobediences that we know about. The ones they can’t hide. There are piles more that we do NOT hear about unless someone we individually know is involved and says something. But the whole contributes to the ‘something is building’ feeling in the country. It’s building. The pressure’s growing. Something’s going to give somewhere, but we don’t know where. Pressure building isn’t the same as ‘nothing’s happening and they’re not afraid of us’. Where’ it’s going to give? I have no clue… but something somewhere will. And I’m still praying things turn around with whatever way lets rebuilding happen in something closer to years rather than decades or centuries.

  6. Either they find secret stuff they can use to do their big Stalinist show trial and finally imprison him

    Of course they’ll find something they can use to incriminate him. As Jessica Fletcher once said, “Of course it’s the murder weapon. You don’t frame someone with the wrong gun.”

    1. Apparently they were doing the “plant evidence” routine, as the conduct of the FBI during the raid was far worse than initially reported:


      That’s right, they barred Trump”s lawyers from observing the search (even though prosecutors have an obligation to disclose all evidence and how it was obtained), and the FBI told Trump’s lawyers that the FBI “could do whatever it wanted”.

      1. What I said yesterday, about the FBI openly coming out as the Gestapo.

        Just wait — Trump’s Stalinist show trial will be assigned to Sullivan, the judge that persecuted General Flynn for 5 years.

      2. Trump kicked shitbag pedo E to the curb.

        Thus, the planted evidence will be pedo tied to E.

  7. Saw a meme on MeWe just now, don’t know the actual origin —

    “You don’t have to worry about how persecuting Trump will affect elections …
    if you’re not planning on having elections.”

  8. One fellow I listen to was saying last night about the most likely outcomes from the raid (other than the crazy backlash that will come) is that “Many of those who are net yet awake will be woken up by this and many of the ones who are awake will become radicalized by it.”
    Which is something of a paraphrase.
    But I’m sure that he hit the nail on the head with the “radicalized” part.

    1. I mentioned two words above: Lone Wolves. I really think we’re going to start seeing some of that from the Right very soon. And they’ll probably be targeting specific people on the Left. And what was the name of that comedy? “A Thousand Ways to Die in the Old West?” All I can say is I’m glad I don’t work for the government right now.

            1. Or the parents of the little kids with shiny new heart disease from the not-Vax. Especially those who lost their kid to it. Yikes!

              1. I… don’t think anything at that point would dissuade me from going kinetic. No guns, but it’s amazing what HS level chem class teaches…

        1. We’ll see. Things aren’t too tight for me at the moment; but I don’t know if other folks are feeling pinched or starting to really hurt.

          1. From what I’m picking up customer service wise, seems to run about 1/3 fine, 1/3 pinched, 1/3 “oh bleep the price has gone up that much but I HAVE to have it to do my bleeping job, get it and pray”.

      1. The “lone wolves” will be a team effort coming from the Left, the “black bloc”, and will “justify” much crackdown.


        1. No, it won’t. They will be shocked when the populace just takes the hint.
          Again, they’ll think they’re doing a “controlled burn”
          This is not the nineties.

        2. So, you’re going to be blamed whether you did it or not, and punished; why not get your licks in?

  9. I hadn’t heard about the Mar-a-Lago thing until late this morning. The first thing I thought of was, “I guess the Democrats really do want to start a civil war.” I haven’t looked into what it was they’re supposedly looking for, but it seems like a fishing expedition rather than a serious investigation. It’s just another brick in the wall of how corrupted the DOJ has become. Honestly, with the things that are coming out about what was in the spending bill they just passed I’m considering answering the door with a nice hunk of iron in my hand.

    1. Fibbers are saying it was to “recover classified documentation that Trump may have removed from the White House.”

      Which is BS. That does happen, but my understanding is that it’s usually handled by one lawyer calling another. Not midnight raids with hundreds of armed agents while the target is out of town.

        1. Snort In my less charitable moments (like when I can’t use my own notebook paper and pencils at an archive), I entertain fond thoughts of him suffering some eternal torment for theft and pride.

          1. Yeah, that whole thing frittered my friskies. The National Archives is relaxed, but the Sound Archive guy wasn’t that relaxed when I was listening electronically and didn’t even get anything in my hot hands.

            And I was okay with that, because watching the visitors (discreetly) is a thing in most archives.

      1. Trump’s the one who had ultimate declassification authority for all that. Supposedly it was the National Archives trying to get the paperwork; but they aren’t supposed to have any authority to send the feds on a raid, much less against a former President.

        1. The current information was that the papers were declassified, but some minion hadn’t bothered to restamp the papers to reflect the changes.

          OTOH, current rumors are twofold: a) Looking for something on J6 to use against POTUS, b) trying to retrieve information Trump had against the FBI with respect to Spygate (or yet another of the myriad disasters).

      2. It is demonstrably not, as today the FBI seized the cellphone of Rep. Scott Perry, one of the leaders of the House Freedom Caucus, who is running for re-election. Perry has been a harsh critic of Team HarrisBiden and has been one of the reps highlighting the 2020 election irregularities. The J6 committee had added him to their hit list and conveniently the FBI just targeted him.

        Democrats are engaged in all out war to destroy political opposition prior to the election, and the raid on Trump and what was done to Perry are just the very beginning of the tyranny Democrats are unleashing.

        1. Just buy another cell phone and have the number transferred. Of course if the FBI try to take that one too, then Scott Perry has a solid case of violation of his 1st Amendment rights against the FBI.

          1. The phone, being a smart phone and thus more of a personal computer, contained privileged and private info as to political strategy, as well as info as to family members, health, etc. Not just a phone.

            1. I’m assuming the warrant was in order. But we’re finding more and more often that the grounds for the warrants are …lacking. Since the fix is already in, there’s very little way for legal remedy. Most Americans are probably of the opinion that the law is not applied fairly, and have zero faith in receiving fair treatment from it. Now add to the myriad of laws that make it impossible for anyone to go through the day without breaking a bunch, much less not committing an unwitting felony, and you now have a situation ripe for justifiably resisting law enforcement. I know that at least in some states, if not nationally, police are NOT allowed to stop representatives traveling on their official business, not even to seize evidence. Which leads me to believe that this was an unlawful warrant and seizure.

              1. Given the demonstrated shenanigans of the FBI in outright lying to get warrants in the run up and after the 2016 election (Carter Page, anyone?), I do not think it is possible to assume the warrants in order. If they had a good basis for one, they would have gone to an Article 3 Judge, rather than an Article 1 magistrate who is a proven member of Team Democratic Party to get it issued.

          2. They have a warrant machine. It is technically “legal”. What they now are is emboldened to use it.

            2001 comes back to bite.

            As intended.

        1. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

          And to pull out my broken record and paraphrase a certain disgraced former politician, “I’m saying that when a Leftist does it, it’s not illegal!”

  10. I would suppose this is all about provocation. They want to flush out the “few” people who still support Trump but aren’t rotting in jail in DC right now. Then, once the miscreants are identified they can shut off their access to banking, ruin careers of the ones who haven’t already been fired for refusing the vaxx, utterly discredit them in every way and then carry on with their merry little green schemes.

    A bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see how this plays out for them.

    The lack of outrage from Trump’s own party seems to indicate that there is a high level of fear in DC.

    But today, and every day, May God bless these United States and protect them from all evil.

    1. I suspect the Republican leadership is, unfortunately, conflicted. Unfortunately, because what’s happening to Trump should be a warning to them. But they have always seen Trump as a clumsy outsider, an embarrassment to the party, and wanted nothing so much as to be able to see the last of him. To defend him offends every bone of their upper-class, “good aristocratic,” bodies.

      1. Most of the Elephant pols are like most of the Donkey pols,

        Squabbling factions of Hydra.

  11. And while we’re at this …

    Our Fine House of Representatives is about to consider the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’, that which adds 80,000 or so to the IRS.

    I was reminded of the following at Issues and Insights:

    He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.

    He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures.

    He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power.

    He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:

    For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:

    For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:

    For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world:

    For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:

    For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury:

    Apply your own examples.

    1. Looks like a place for a NEW ADMINISTRATION to apply 240,000 job cuts, MINIMUM.
      Let the bastages CRY! HARD! Hell, let THEM starve for a damn change.

  12. What the morons fail to realize…in spite of the fact some of us try AND FAIL, to get them to understand. is if Jan 6 had been an actual “insurrection”? There’d be a lot more than an unarmed woman surrounded by DC cops and shot by security, dead. If it had been an actual serious insurrection…among the dead would be, with few exceptions, the entirety of the democrats in both houses of congress. Also probably quite a few republican members as well. I believe people ARE that pissed with congress’ bullshit…most just arent’ angered to the point of violence. Yet. I personally believe that if it pops off and even only 3% of the adult population actively engages in violence…the gov’t. especially the entrenched elite and power mad dems are going to be shocked at just how fucked they are. Why? because I believe if it comes, those rising up…will no longer tolerate their, their…word I can’t think of, enemy. At that point I suspect with so much anger, its gonna be something like “welcome to the pogroms bitches!” [and no it’s not “honored” enemy. even the mere thought of someone at that point trying to imply most of these dipshits in DC have any honor makes me wanna puke.]
    As for the midterms and 2024 elections? we’ll see. I’m not holding my breathe. Take 2024 first. Okay supposed Trump is elected again and takes office. He’s tainted in one respect. he didn’t clean house nearly as thoroughly as he should have and trusted entirely too many of the wrong people. Desantis isn’t tainted with the same brush.
    Now on to 2022 AND 2024 as far as CONgress is concerned. Unless enough new republicans are elected that are not traditional party ass lickers, the wishy washy party elite fuckers like McConnell. Who are willing and gleefully able, to run roughshod over a shitload of power broker asswipes in DC, to get the agenda of ‘cleaning the swamp’ done to the point it actually makes a real impact in the power flow in, around and into DC? in conjunction with electing Trump again? Or Desantis? In my opinion if that isn’t accomplished then it doesn’t matter fuck all who we elect president.

    1. We need to get to 2024 first. I’m not sure that TPTB will allow the 2022 election to take place.

      When people theorized that Obama would cancel the 2016 election, I ignored it. But the current Dem leadership is increasingly divided between the mentally addled elderly, and young brainless hotheads who think that the end justifies the means when you’re fighting Nazis. Further, they’ve been engaged in increasingly reckless actions to try and salvage their poll numbers (which are awful), and it’s becoming clear that they’re going to get shellacked in the election. They’ve got to find a way to either salvage their poll numbers, or stop the election. Six counties with funny numbers won’t save the House. And they won’t salvage their poll numbers. So what’s left?

      1. There is a big difference between an election being held and a FREE election being held. Further, being elected doesn’t mean Democrats are going to let political opponents be seated. Democrats have made it very clear they intend to hold on to power “by any means necessary”, which is why they are so dismissive about widespread opposition to their policies. As far as they are concerned, what the people desire is irrelevant and the will of the voters meaningless, because they are going to make sure that in key districts and states they are the ones counting the votes, and if that doesn’t work, the DOJ, FBI and IRS will act to remove enough election winners for the Democrats to keep control of Congress.

        Anyone who expresses any disagreement with the narrative will be arrested as an insurrectionist or will have all the new IRS agents unleashed on them.

        Democrats have no intention of ever handing over/being out of/surrendering power ever again. Period.

        1. “… key districts and states…”

          That’s the difference between Congressional elections and presidential elections. There’s no such thing as “key districts” when they’re all up for vote.

          I’m not saying they won’t try. But they can’t just target six contentious counties.

          1. There is one only a few are genuinely contested districts. The real issue is the Senate, which can be stolen by stealing a few key states, and which has the power to confirm nominees, including ones to the courts. Further, far fewer seats held by Democrats are up this year as compared to Republicans, so Democrats only need to flip a single Republican seat to keep the Senate. That is well within the fraud machines capability, especially given its track record in PA and GA.

          2. How many Republicans are in the current CA delegation? That’s all the districts they have to fraud to keep the majority. Same goes for WA, NY, etc. Not every district.

            1. And just because I expect them to fraud them doesn’t mean I don’t want to force them to make it obvious. I figure that’s the best we can expect.

            2. Do you REALLY think that the Democrats wouldn’t have stolen every last seat in California if they thought that they could get away with it? There’s a reason why the districts that vote Republican still vote Republican.

                1. I live in California. I am well aware of the shenanigans that the Democrats pull in this state. However, looking at your link suggests this isn’t going threaten the California Republican congressional delegation.

                  1.). San Pedro, where the events happened, is part of the 44th Congressional District in California.
                  2.). The 44th District is so solidly blue that it hasn’t even had a Republican run in the general election since 2012. Every election since then has been two Dems competing (except for the one time a Peace and Freedom candidate reached the general).
                  3.) Surprisingly, a Republican candidate actually survived this year’s jungle primary. So there will actually be a D v R general election this year.
                  4.). If the 44th District flips, I suspect most here will be pleased with the result.

                  Because of the above items, I don’t find the linked article particularly relevant to the Dem vs Rep ratio in Congress. It doesn’t represent a threat to California’s Republican congressional delegation. I would be (happily) surprised if the Republican won no matter how clean the election is.

                  Again, WHERE the election is being held matters. Fraud in South-Central LA isn’t going to affect a congressional race in San Jose (to pick two locations at random).

    2. An actual insurrection would have succeeded in eliminating all armed opposition in the Capital, and captured or killed the members of Congress. Thousands of people would have been armed and assaulting the building. Hell, if I were interested in doing so, I could have had a hundred well-armed men do it; and I’m not even the sharpest tool in the box. But compared to the people in Congress, I’m a friggin’ genius.

            1. In the US those would be impromptu baptisms. When they stop moving, you know the evil has left them.
              DID I say that people are actually sounding angrier than myself, which scares me?

              1. The wife is agreeing with me that the leadership should be tried for sedition and hanged. This genuine frightens me,

                What must they be frightened of to go so far? perhaps they’re looking for an insurrection to prevent the midterms from coming, but I still think they’re afraid that Trump has the documents that show the satanism, the pedophilia, the ephebophilia, the theft, and the treason. For why doth treason never prosper?

            2. Sri Lanka Pool Party is going to be another meme, to go with Romanian Christmas Present.

              Our enemies are so stupid, they can’t take a lesson from history that happened LAST WEEK.
              Some folks can be taught. Others can learn by example. The rest have to piss on the electric fence for themselves.

      1. As I’ve pointed out on Twitter, there’s no reports of Molotov cocktails on Jan 6th. What sort of insurrection doesn’t have Molotovs?

        1. Well, there was a pipe bomb, but the Fibbies are refusing to release the video, thus giving the impression that it was a government-planned/sanctioned/instigated pipe bomb event.

            1. I don’t know. The only one I can recall was planted (for several meaning of “plant”) at the DNC.

      2. I think they’re still shocked that people didn’t climb that scaffolding that was kindly left up, right into some Republican offices.

      1. As for Desantis, I moved to Florida during the Covid farce to escape mask tyranny and he talks a good line. However, trust but verify is my motto. So far, he has not earned my trust, but I do like him recently firing the State Prosecutor for incompetence! As they say, by their deeds, you shall know them. I say put the training wheels on him as VP with Trump and let him show his metal.

          1. I’m afraid the only people that want those nasty jobs (Governor, President) are by nature Politicians. As far as I can tell there have been exactly two men in the history of the world who didn’t glory/wallow in that nature as they did that kind of job, Cicinnatus and Washington. And that we got one of them at the founding of the nation as a leader is a sign that the Author DOES look out for children, drunkards and the United States of America.

            1. James Polk is the only President to keep all of his campaign promises….including not to run for a second term.

      2. Everybody in DC, plus everybody in the field for the more abusive agencies like FBI, ATF, IRS, DOJ, etc. I’m fine leaving Border Patrol and Marshals out in the field where they are, the air traffic controllers in the towers, the Navy at sea, etc. and keep paying them so US security and commerce isn’t further compromised (as compared to having ChiCom stooges running the country, as now) while reorganization and cleanup takes place.

        1. I’ll be honest the ONLY armed federal police force that should exist is the Marshalls. Any other federal agency that needs policing done should get a warrant and have the marshals serve and execute it. The FBI should just be closed down with its counter intelligence job passed to the Marshalls. The FBI was screwy from the get go due to J. Edgar Hoover and he kept expanding their power in his 30+ years as FBI head.

          1. If we don’t put the Army in charge of patrolling the border, or turn it over to the states, I’m fine with armed Border Patrol agents. Likewise, if we don’t simply turn the National Forests over to the states or sell them off, between the wildlife and the cartels, I’m fine with them having armed rangers. But roaming the streets of America? No.

            I’m not so sure about turning counter-intelligence over to the Marshals. That kind of work seems to have a corrupting influence on police agencies. Perhaps into a new agency with very limited powers.

            1. I’m fine with arming Border Patrol and Park rangers in the parks where there are wild animals. Not sure for say Boot Mills in Lowell (although that part of Lowell is pretty tough 🙂 ). Military for border work might be skating along the edge of violating Posse Commititatus. A separate MI5 like agency for counter intelligence make sense especially as any time you do that kind of thing you have to hold the information VERY tightly as if it leaks your targets will run. However limiting its powers will not work unless there is vigilance on the part of both the Executive and Legislative bodies. NSA and CIA were SUPPOSED to be operating against foreign assets only (FBI officially has counter intelligence) its in their charters in the 1947 National Defense Act I believe. However, have become more involved in internal matters than is correct or seemly and nobody has stomped on them.

  13. I suspect it’s fear. Leaving aside the deals with China, there’s all the Epstein stuff, pedophilia and black-masses that (e.g.,) Podesta seems to be into. Add to that the common variety graft and you get this. They have to have been terrified to do something so open. I suppose simple hubris is a possibility, but this smells like desperation. Hell, even Andrew Cuomo was preaching caution.

    All the leadership needs to be cashiered. The common troops fired, the agencies shuttered with the police power put back to the states and municipalities, where it belongs We don’t need a Secret State Police in the US. They need to go.

    1. quite possibly. Alas for them…I don’t pay as much attention to the progressive propaganda ministry and get most of my news from other places, I also know [and this is also a bad thing] that China is about this far [holds fingers about 2mm apart] from total economic collapse because of the shenanigans the CCP allowed within the real estate community among the big companies. Also because enough of the peons are pissed about those shenanigans they are running on the banks. Cause a big enough bank run annnnd BOOM. the CCP has it’s own fish to fry right now. Which is why they are being belligerent assholes at the moment and threatening one of our congress critters with death [believe me I’d shed no tears] and trying to provoke not just Taiwan but Japan as well. They need the outside distractions for their people. At least the people still willing to buy their bullshit. Also agreed. it all needs to be ripped out and burned. root and branch.

        1. Yup that old standby of a quick victorious war. That worked REAL out real well for Russia. Taking Taiwan would make taking Kiev (however you pronounce it) and extending Donbas look like a cake walk. This hints that Winnie the Xi thinks he is well and truly screwed and is now clutching at straws.

      1. That’s why Trump had to go. All China needs is one good shove and down it all comes. That said, they might not need a shove. Things are very bad there. Very, very bad. that’s why Nancy Palsy had to go to Taiwan, the CCP desperately needed a gringo and Nancy “China is one of the free-est societies in the word” — Yes, that’s a direct quote — was happy to provide.

        1. I see they carried out their threat to let her return unhindered. That’s how much they hate us!

    2. Note that everything after the colon is statements that I do not have evidence to support.

      My crazy land bad novel writing thought the other night: FBI HRT has an undercover branch, who is eager to shot prominent people, and then pretend to not be FBI. Undercover HRT has a special reserve that they have recruited, the spree shooters. Something about these last two panicked the FBI into escalating to do this raid.

        1. He’s too smart to understand how dumb they are. Something like that couldn’t happen because a secretary would f-up the documentation. They’d be caught by a toilet-paper audit. Or it would end up on Hunter’s laptop or Hitlery’s e-mail server.

          1. I know that I mess up /all/ of the time. “How can someone not expect this to go badly?”

            Then, I remember my younger years. Smart on paper. Maybe sometimes impressive, most of the time not doing anything impressive. And, somewhat convinced that I just needed to work harder, or figure some things out, and then I would be in the cinematic super genius business.

            There’s a level of ignorance where it is possible to be incompetent, and fail to realize that one is incompetent.

            It is not necessarily a trap easy to get out of without learning to pick up on subtle clues. Or, accept that one has made a steaming mess.

      1. They’re not smart enough to organize something like that and make it work. Honestly, I’ve seen these guys shoot. They suck.

        Remember the Branch Dividians raid in Waco? The stunning made-for-tv cluster-frack that was? That’s how they operate. That’s how they work.

      2. Bob often makes sense, too much sense.

        You know, everyone is saying that Biden had to know. no, he didn’t. Nobody’s in charge. It’s possible that Garland and possibly Wray didn’t know either. Really, really stupid decisions are often made by quite junior officers, often through an excess of zeal in doing what they “know” is right and what their superiors would do were they free to do so. The Mukden incident comes to mind, brut there are others. The state of the Japanese army during the 1930’s does bear some similarities to your average FBI Field officer saving the state from Donald Trump and the deluded masses backing him. They have to destroy the state to save it. That, and the pedophilia. Epstein didn’t kill himself.

        They’re all saying that there has to be something spectacular in those files or this is the stupidest stunt since, well, Mukden. Still, we’re that true there’d already be a concerted push in the Slimes and WaPo with all the detail and there’s crickets.

        FBI is leaking stories about armed mobs heading to Palm Beach so it could be that. Another false flag. Maybe it’s the guy who kidnapped Witmer. Hell, it got him promoted last time. Could be as easy as that.

        I think they’re flailing around and don’t know what to do, it certainly looks that way anyway.

        1. “that, and the pedophilia. Epstein didn’t kill himself.” I’m actually surprised Ghislania hasn’t met the same fate to be honest.

          1. Maxwell’s Black Book, and a deadman switch. Sounds like a viable insurance policy. Particularly if she was “with Intelligence” for one or another (embracing “and” here) country.

        2. Trump didn’t know when some private somewhere shirked guard duty, and got drunk.

          Information flow through an organization depends on a) the organization not being screwed up b) it being important information that routinely would get passed at a rate that does not swamp the recipient c) people actively working to keep communication going.

          Rumint is that the FBI has long been broken up into regional offices, that are basically cultural isolates. Sometimes one gets into dumbassery like being too buddy buddy with organized crime, at the same time that the others are saner.

          With that model, there has long been information to suspect that the DC office has a problem culture.

          There is also a lot of crazy stupid ‘precipitating out of solution’.

          Despite having an explanation, it is still pretty boggling to me.

          1. FBI’s DC office is in DC. If that wasn’t bad enough, it is co-located with FBI senior leadership, who’ve long been in bed with the Dems. In the ’64 election they spied on the Goldwater campaign and passed the info along to LBJ. DC FBI are no better than the KGB, Stasi, or Gestapo. Field offices may be less bad, but that is a very low bar. I’ve only ever met one person who’s had a good experience with an investigation the FBI was involved in.

    1. I dunno about a new colander. I think a pineapple one might set the correct tone.

      “Sideways with a flaming barbwire wrapped pineapple.” Is a term I have heard somewhere before.

  14. I notice that despite heavy coverage today Sandy Berger’s theft of classified documents from the National Archives stays buried.

  15. “Either they find secret stuff they can use to do their big Stalinist show trial…”
    I read the Federal Bureau of Intimidation removed boxes of papers without inspecting, noting or recording what papers were in said boxes. If that’s true we can be pretty sure they’ll find intimidating evidence, even if they have to put it there themselves.

    1. That’s right. Which means the warrant, if any, was probably unlawfully vague in wording and describing what they were looking for. I hope Trump sues them into non-existence.

        1. Well yeah. They didn’t inventory the boxes, they took them all and I’ll bet they probably don’t have a valid chain of custody.

    2. I’ve heard that as well.

      If so, say good-bye to any criminal case (outside of DC) against Trump for that very reason.

      A good lawyer could ask “can you prove that those were from Trump’s residence” and an honest Judge would ask the prosecutor the same question.

      1. A good lawyer

        It would have to be a good lawyer in solo practice who doesn’t mind if he loses his accreditation to the bar.

        1. @ balzacq – at this point, judging from recent posts, Trump could even collect a team of NeverTrumpers or Democrats like Andrew McCarthy, Alan Dershowitz, and Jonathan Turley – they are spitting mad at the violation of Constitution, due process, and common sense.

    3. And, of course, the FBI doesn’t have any reliable records of their actions. They only use their Form ? 302s, ?written from memory after they are done with whatever crimes they are committing.

    4. I rather think they were looking for whatever evidence Trump might have had against them.

      They’re corrupt. They know it. They know they left tracks in triplicate. They know Trump knew they were corrupt. They know he had unrestricted access to documents proving their corruption. They knew he gave orders to declassify much of it (which they disobeyed).
      The wicked flee when no man pursueth.

      1. @ Luke > “I rather think they were looking for whatever evidence Trump might have had against them.”

        (Tell me again what Q got wrong.)

  16. Item: NYC complaints about the shipment of illegals to them.

    Item: Reports of Polio in the greater NYC area.

    (The crazy logic of bringing in all of the illegals is unclear.)


    NYC’s population density is not going to provide the buffer to disease spread that exists in all of the areas of lower population density. This is a really bad combination with all the alien diseases brought in with all of the illegals. The arrogant idiots in the NYC Democrat establishment have just now realized it, and cannot publicly admit to the full problem.

    1. They’ll kick it under the rug until they have a 1950s style polio epidemic on their hands. Kids in iron lungs. Then they’ll beg the feds for money. For more iron lungs. They think that’s a win.

      Smart/stupid. It’s a thing. You see it a lot in NYC. Plenty of guys think they’re smart enough to figure alllllll the angles, too stupid to understand that nobody wins every single time. Unforseen consequences are a beeotch.

      1. I think you mean Active/Stupid. They don’t just F-k stuff up, they actively go looking for stuff to F-k up.
        There is nothing so simple that the government can’t fuck it up.

    2. The polio came from Pakistan, via the UK and probably also direct from Pakistan.

      The good news is that most NY state kids are vaccinated… but the bad news is that a lot of immigrant younger adults are not vaccinated at all. And nobody knows about the illegals.

      1. Right the polio that’s been seen in Lodon and NYC is one of the attenuated types used in Salk type vaccines. US (and most developed nations) use a variant of the Sabin killed virus vaccine as it is considered much safer. The Salk type vaccines are still used in “third world” countries because they have lesser storage requirements (e.g. limited/no refrigeration). The problem is that many of the back country Pakistanis will not get an immunization as their various holy men have been saying its a first world plot to reduce their virility.
        Problem is that those inoculated (usually babies) excreta contain the attenuated virus which can infect normal foiks. As its attenuated they generally are mostly asymptomatic and seem to be able to become carriers (kind of Typhoid Mary like). Where it becomes a problem is if they (or their excreta) interact with someone who is immune compromised or an infant or child not yet innoculated. Those folks can get full blown polio even from the attenuated live virus. We still give Polio vaccinations (unlike Small pox) to children and those are good for life so most folks in the US are safe. The darn shame is in the 80’s we were very close to making polio extinct (except in labs), but places like Pakistan and Nigeria had populations where it just couldn’t be eradicated because they would accept the vaccine.

        1. The problem is that many of the back country Pakistanis will not get an immunization as their various holy men have been saying its a first world plot to reduce their virility.

          That got started with the screwing around with the tetanus shot, after the “birth control vaccine” failed to get approval because it wasn’t reversible.
          There was also massive backlash against vaccination after Obama made very loud noises about how they’d found him via exploiting vaccination of children and pregnant women.
          (That’s also when a bunch of doctors got murdered.)

          1. Foxfier the initial issue goes back far further than that, It comes from the late ’80s (’86-88?). The problem is with the Pakastani tribal areas who had been getting Imams trained in the Saudi schools and were related to the Taliban and the response to the USSR in Afghanistan. The Nigerian issue is later but similar when a splinter faction of Islam (again based on VERY strict Islam with help from Saudi) takes over the rebellion. These Imams seem to view ANYTHING which does not come from Islam as anathema be it medicine, media, music, thought etc. It is ALL considered idolatrous and thus forbidden. Their worldview is very similar to that of early 20th century Christian fundamentalists with respect to things from outside their culture, but even more aggressively opposed. Those other issues have just exacerbated the problem and add fuel to the fire.

            1. These Imams seem to view ANYTHING which does not come from Islam as anathema be it medicine, media, music, thought etc.

              Good point, I’d forgotten those psychopaths.

          2. The story I heard was that the Bin Laden hunters weren’t even giving out vaccines, that they were faking the vaccination of children and pregnant women, leaving them still vulnerable to polio etc.

  17. I’m still not buying that “they” are stupid and/or totally incompetent. Just because what they do doesn’t result in the outcomes that were promised doesn’t mean it was failure. Somehow, “their” power always increases. It’s always “heads we win, tails you lose.” “When you see government policy an order of magnitude more incompetent than can be explained by internal squabbling and petty corruption, you are dealing with something willful.” The ratchet keeps moving in one direction: more wealth and power for the neoaristocracy, and less freedom for us. It’s not an accident.
    Raiding Trump’s home is a brilliant play, politically. With inflation and gas prices easing off somewhat, the Dems would love, love, love to make Trump and angry white people the focus of the midterms, instead of a dumpster fire economy, ESG, CRT, and drag queen story hour.
    And if some angry folks take to the streets or otherwise act out? Even better. A McVeigh would be a Godsend to them, enough so that I wouldn’t be surprised if the FBI didn’t provide one, or a plot for one, as an October surprise.
    Trump isn’t going to save us, and as a matter of fact, people sitting around waiting for someone to save them, preferably with minimal effort and risk, is exactly the problem. Tyranny is a top down structure, regardless of the flavor. Freedom is not a flavor of authoritarianism you agree with, it is by definition a bottom up movement that requires a moral and united populace, which we no longer have. A Spanish Civil War or even Chile anti communist swing is no longer on the table. A pundit I respect has said we are headed for Weimar x Rwanda and that’s looking more and more prophetic.

    1. In other words, the more eggs they break, the fewer people there will be to demand their omelette

    2. They are MASSIVELY stupid, in a way that has nothing to do with intelligence.
      They are operating from a completely wrong map.
      Weimar, Rwanda, or even the spanish civil war the left had a massive force at their backs: A fully operational USSR.
      They don’t now.
      They also don’t have full media control, as they used to.
      Apparently you and them are BOTH missing that.

      1. Actually, when the Rwandan Hutus massacred the Tutsis, the USSR was already a few years in the grave. Also, the Left lost the Spanish Civil War; and although you can argue that Hitler was a leftist, he was not of the group that were supported by the USSR in Weimar Germany. Granted that he did later make a deal with Stalin, by that time he was fully in power. If anything Stalin was kowtowing to him.

        1. Hi Ken. Still deeply stupid I see.
          Yeah, African tribal warfare has a ton to do with this. And yes, sure, the left lost the Spanish civil war but it got that big because the USSR supported it. Sure, the Nazis did too, and yes, of course the Nazis were leftists. Your point is?
          Do you think before you vomit up words, or just take an emetic?

      2. Speaking of a fully-operationalized USSR (not), have we all seen these useful idiots? Words fail me.

        I volunteer to personally slap every single person in that room.

        1. You are a bad, bad man. That was excruciatingly painful. I had to hit MUTE about fifteen seconds in.

          Was that the real Polish flag, or the communist one?

          They are aware the Poles dumped communism the instant the T-72’s were no longer pointed at them, right? That Poland is one of the staunchest anti-communist countries in the world, right? Right?
          Under Capitalism, man exploits man.
          Under Communism, it’s the other way around.

      3. I see your lack of USSR and raise the entire globalist neoaristocracy, which controls the banking system of the West along with the vast majority of international organizations, the EU, and currently the leadership of all of the major western countries. The fools like Biden, Pelosi, et al. are not the people in charge. They are just muppets. They are unbelievably stupid but they aren’t the ones calling the shots, and they have all the financial support they need.
        I want to call “same side” here because I enjoy your writing, blog, and attitude, it has only been my intention to make sure nobody is underestimating either our enemies or the times ahead.
        In my view of history, we aren’t on a power cycle within the Republic. I will argue the Republic died in 1865 and the United States grew into an Empire after, with first domestic expansion vs. the Native American tribes and then overseas starting with the Spanish American War and then the Great White Fleet. The transition was completed by Woodrow Wilson. We are now in the terminal stage of the US Empire, with the decline starting in 1971 and accelerating the past 20 years. I believe we are living in the Fall.
        This is the basis for my admittedly negative outlook. I don’t want to be right. I hope I’m wrong. But it took me a lifetime of history study and thinking to arrive at this position and I can’t just wish it away.

          1. I absolutely believe we can win.
            I absolutely believe they are destined to fail.
            I’m just unsure how hard the hard times are going to be before those things happen, and how long they will last.

    3. Brilliantly, dazzlingly stupid. Who is going to trust the FBI to be objective and nonpartisan ever again? Public trust in the FBI is a holdover from the noble, squeaky clean image it projected from the 1950s to 1970s, an image that was never quite true in the first place, and it is squandering the public’s trust like a drunken sailor on a bender. That trust is never coming back.

      1. Except that the American people have infinite trust for formalities, so all they have to do is fire everyone in the FBI, ‘shut down the FBI’, and rehire everyone in the CIA Directorate of Domestic Security.

        situation is purely one of being totally and for sure doomy doom doomed

        Oh wait, have I been drinking, and started saying absurd things?

  18. “OR they piss us off so much that we erupt into civil war and then they can put us down easily,…”

    I see the apologists, RINOS, go along to get alongs on the right are already at it. I read a couple of places; ‘Whatever you do don’t react to this, that’s what they want you to do so they can crush us down even harder!’ Hum, that sounds an awful lot like, ‘First they came for the Jews, but I wasn’t a Jew, so I said nothing.’

    1. Meh. Am I saying to do nothing?
      I’m just going to say that IS what they want, and until the tipping point happens, you’ll just be pissing in the wind.

      1. Meh, I didn’t say you did say do nothing, just that some are hollering whatever you do, do nothing. Wasn’t dissin’ you Sarah, was dissin’ them! grin

  19. Maybe I’m missing something (I’m perpetually undercaffinated), but how are people getting from “FBI Raid’s Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Estate” to “THERE WILL BE NO ELECTION EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!” ?

    1. Fear. And I get the fear.
      They think when this ploy also fails the left is going to try to claim they’re now in power forever.
      And, as someone would put it: that’s when the fight started.

      1. I’m sure that the Left will try to come up with an excuse to “delay” elections “in the interest of national security” or some such BS. I just can’t draw the line between that and Mar-A-Lago.

        1. Your focus is too narrow. Add that to the 87,000 new goon slots, and people trying to get Republican lawyers disbarred, and DOJ suing various jurisdictions over “election suppression”…..

          Can you see the counting centers being “protected” by some of the 87000 seconded to DOJ/DHS? Because I can.

          1. Assuming they can actually manage to hire the 87,000 Revenuers they’ve budgeted for. My understanding is that they’re finding it darn near impossible to fill the job vacancies they have right now.

            But yeah, they’re definitely going to fraud the hell out of 2022 and 2024, and try to ruin anybody who questions or tries to bring attention to their fraud. But on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about pulling off the fraud at all if you can find an excuse to not have the election in the first place.

            1. The 87000 aren’t being hired as Revenuers. Can you swing a club and look intimidating? Hired.

              Think the Black Panthers outside the polling places in Philadelphia in 2006 * 10000.

              1. Hit post too quick,

                Now imagine those Black Panthers with Federal badges and authority so that not submitting = “resisting” = “insurrection”.

                1. Certainly possible, but at the same time, why put them under the (ostensible) control of the IRS? Why not the Fibbers or some other part of the DOJ directly responsible for law enforcement?

                  And if 2006 and the Year of Rage are anything to go by, why go to all the trouble of making them Feds in the first place? Just have ANTIFA and BLM show up outside poling places and do their thing to Republicans. History has proven that, even if they are arrested, high-profile Leftists will bail them out almost immediately and they’ll never be charged with any sort of crime.

                  1. Because they needed a vehicle for claiming all the increased tax collections that made BBB Jr passable under reconciliation. “Extra audits” by “extra agents” was the maskirovka.

                  2. “why go to all the trouble of making them Feds in the first place? ”

                    “Now imagine those Black Panthers with Federal badges and authority so that not submitting = “resisting” = “insurrection”.” Substitute BLM / Antifa.

                    1. They will just give the Antifa and BLM brownshits badges-the same thing that the Nazi’s did.

                  3. They do it under the IRS because IRS can use “civil authority” which provides a lower standard than the probable cause needed to get warrants in criminal cases, and the IRS also has the power to freeze people’s bank accounts and assets through civil filings without actually having first proved their case. It is essentially a type of civil forfeiture, and will be used to go after political opponents. Think of what Lerner’s team did on steroids.

                    1. Same reason I told Raptor: If I punch out a goon blocking a polling place, that’s assault. If I punch out a goon carrying a Federal badge, that’s “Assault on a Federal officer” and “insurrection”.

                      See the difference?

      2. And I agree: if the Left ever does out-and-out cancel the elections, that almost certainly will be the tipping point.

      3. they already TRIED that once with Obama. I’m actually surprised the explosion didn’t happen then. I think we’re right at the edge of it now. “You can not witness history, you can only hope to survive it” Ambassador G’Kar.

      4. If one is going to Talk, Talk, don’t Do

        If one is going to Do, Do, and don’t Talk.

        Talk and Do,
        do not mix. Do not.

    2. Well, there are questions about the means by which establishment Republicans are suborned.

      Sorta depends on how much is security service blackmail, and threats of force.

      Someone could be working off of one or more of dozens and dozens of models. Depending on model selection, this one detail /could/ be the key detail that falsifies a possibility.

      But, my bet is that most such conclusions are emotion overriding careful calculations.

      My emotions over ride my calculations often enough.

  20. One reason that the Ivy-Leagued elites can be so effing stupid condescending is that they have no clue about the entirely different curriculum offered at Hard Knox University. I’m not inclined to offer up my entire CV to prove I have advanced degrees, but a few courses?

    Proving to the Social Safety Net Bureaucracy That You Are Not a Thief.
    Career Ships, Trains, and Planes, and How to Miss Them.
    Scrounging and Scavenging
    Dead-end Jobs: How to Get and Survive Them.
    White Nonprivilege.
    Self-Promotion for the Paranoid. (Well, I’m still enrolled in that one)

    Now, there are entire departments where I have not enrolled, with offerings such as
    Finding Jobs with a Criminal Record
    Single Parenting for the Divorced and Abused

    But I do know those are some tough courses.
    While they ‘think’ they know all about Class Struggle, Critical Race Theory, and Social Justice, it does not occur to them that those who have actually been down in the trenches may have an entirely different perspective on the quality of their leadership, a perspective most easily and commonly expressed in Pungent Obscenity. Alas, this is not a highly informative dialect and is too easily imitated without being understood.

    1. Scrounging and scavenging. And dead end jobs. I have a PHD.
      As for self promotion: if I were starting this blog anew, it would be under another name. One not traceable to real me.
      As is? Let the jokers go wild. It is what it is.

      1. Sarah, sounding the alarm using your own name come what may is very much why I trust you and chipped in my ever so meager amount to keep this place going.

        As great as Sundance and Ace are, anonymity doesn’t add to the authenticity of what they say at all.

        Now, perhaps, they can only do what they do under wraps. I’m not saying otherwise.

        But you are in metaphorical foxhole with us and that means a very great deal. You are one of the bravest people I have never met.

        May angel armies guide and keep you and yours in all things.

          1. Nevertheless, you are out there in a very public way.

            And it is appreciated.

            All the best prophets have been sure that The Author couldn’t mean that THEY should do this thing. They aren’t worthy, or whatever.

            Those prophets who can’t WAIT to go forth and teach the people end up being like AOC or Bernie.

          2. The author seems quite fond of doing this. When you read the prophets, as well as patriarchs, it seems a common trope. Have to look this up to see if this is a new trope…Or just a very (8,000 year) old trope. “Noah.” “What.”.”Build an ark”,……”Whats a cubit?”

            Look at the judges. “You want me to do What!?” Join the club. “I’ve told you what to do. Now you have to get out of the boat.” Jesus doesn’t calm the storm for Peter, until they are back in the boat.

            We are invited to join His story. Perhaps even write a book with Him. We are invited to step out in faith, into the midst of the storm. My favorite hymn is how firm a foundation. I have sung it to nurses taking me into surgery. That is its theme.

            Just remember. Tell Him what you lack, so He can provide. Never tell Him it is impossible. Ask John the Baptist’s father. He can tell you, now that he can speak, what happens.

  21. I have read that the search warrant was signed by a Federal Magistrate, not a Title III judge. Who is the supervising Judge, and in which Federal District? This stinks on ice.
    Such a massive political departure from hundreds of years of precedent could only be approved at the level of Bidens’ puppeteers.
    As for overt resistance, here, as in Yugoslavia, or pre-WW I Europe, the regime is creating a supersaturated solution of resistance that will need only the right input to spark a massive eruption of change.

  22. It is possible that there are in fact, no puppeteers at all. Rather behind that the curtain rises a great mountain of clowns, all flailing at the controls, in vain, desperate attempts to be the hand that turns the wheel, succeeding only in the briefest and most haphazard of inputs, and leading the great ship of state to gyrate madly, as though driving by some omnicidal lunatic to its certain destruction.

    And I do dearly wish we could find the emergency brake before they succeed…

    1. Clowns to the left of me. Jokers to the right. Here I am stuck in the middle with you.

  23. When they theow out the Constitution, they throw out the only thing keeping them alive.

    Again, won’t be me. Or anyone at my church. Wrong kind of Baptists for that. And I’m too old and untrained and crippled. But Trump was the reaction to Obama killing the Tea Party.

    #TeamHeadsOnPikes is the gentle version of what killing Trump would give ’em.

  24. Sometimes Sara it is amazing how closely our minds work.

    Today’s item that made the Phantom Soapbox, the president of Warner David Zaslav is wading into DC Entertainment Universe with axe and chainsaw. Warner cancelled five or six SuperWoke(tm) productions including Batgirl (with the trans-woman room mate who is a lesbian, really though that was the character) and (Gay) Green Lantern, the Teen Titans tv series which is just -stupid- on rocket-skates, (gay) Harley Quinn, and a few more stupid-on-skates shows.

    Also mentioned, the president of Warner is rumored to have plans to exchange his axe and chainsaw for a logging machine to deal with . Fire them all and license the IP. That way he still gets his money even if the writers can’t do anything else but “Death of Superman #163, Trans Version.”

    What’s interesting here is the Leftie/Wokie reaction. The take seems to be “this is only happening because Zaslav is a racist/bigot/homophobe. We will raise hell on Twittler, Warner will fire him and everything will be okay again.” The fact that Netflix did exactly the same thing a couple months ago, that’s just more racism. They just have to #BLM harder.

    They really do think that “conservatives” are all old white men over 70 like you said. They do not see information like “Netflix lost xxx,xxx,xxx subscribers in the last 6 months.” They don’t hear “Warner Inc. needs to save $1 BILLION dollars over the next fiscal year or they will go bankrupt.” They refuse to acknowledge that both DC Comics and Marvel Comics are dead and have been since 1992. Their wares are stinking up comic shops less and less every single year. Comic shops are full of manga and anime figurines. Because the kids actually buy that stuff. Nobody is buying Captain America: Agent of Hydra.

    They are the kind of stupid that thinks you can call your audience a bunch of hateful racists, for decades, and they will keep buying no matter what crap you shovel at them. The same stupid that doesn’t notice established authors selling ~1500-2000 copies of a new dead-tree book is now considered normal.

    The kind of stupid that pulls a raid on The Donald’s house in support of a political show trial and announces 87,000 new IRS agents the same week.

    They really, -really- don’t understand the sh1tstorm that is hanging fire here. We could easily see 100% of Woke content gone from the media in the next two years. Easily. All the Causes so beloved of Hollywood could be completely banned by guys like David Zaslav and Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos as they try desperately to save their companies.

    The sleeping giant just rolled over. God help them if he wakes up.

    1. We have Netflix. Only watch “older” out of date shows. Not paying for it. It comes with something else for “free” (free relative but what paying for is less expensive than most alternatives, so …)

  25. Another miscalculation of/by Biden’s politburo. No one elected them, yet they have gone full-Bolshevik. This is not how a constitutional republic operates.

    1. This is the thing. They’re smart, right? They are so smart, they fooled -everybody-. They got what they wanted. They’ve been getting exactly what they want for a long, long time.

      But they’re stupid because they think it’ll always be this way. They stupidly believe they can keep on milking the cow and never feed it, forever. It’ll always have milk, even if they starve and beat it. It’ll never kick the pail over, turn around and stomp them. That’s what they really think.

      1. This entire episode is frightening! Seriously, men with guns swarming the former President’s home. The weaponization of the Federal bureaucracy against political opponents is contemptible. Welcome to the Biden Banana Republic!

      2. Which is the classic Cluster B personality blind spot. They never think a person they’re abusing will finally say, “You know what? I’ve had it. I’m walking.” It always catches them by surprise. Always.

        1. This is why I want to have an anthology called “Return To Omelas”.

          It is insufficient to merely walk away, some things require Retribution. The goddess Nemesis demands her tribute be paid in megatons per second.

  26. Clinical narcissists don’t think you think as they do because they don’t think you think.

    Narcissists who think you are a narcissist are of the evil variety.

  27. I’m currently in the Northeast and the thing that gets to me is the people who are simply good with all of this. Trump is bad, obviously, period, no need to question. It’s about time the Jan 6th committee actually did something. The Fibbies would never have gone in without real, compelling evidence. Everyone knows that. It’s unquestionable, absolute fact.
    And we need regulators. Regulators protect people from evil corporations that do things to hurt them. We should have more regulation, because regulation is always done for our benefit.
    I did have one bit of insight, which is this is actually not totally ideological. It’s simple parochial prejudice. I heard my MA in-laws express the same dismissive attitude toward Bob Dole. Just an obviously unsuitable man who no intelligent person could possibly support.

    1. I’m not surprised at all. That… insular, smugly confident attitude that “we know everything there is to know, and if you contradict that you’re an evil liar”, matches my childhood hometown to a T.

      1. Except when they know the enemy are out of the room. If they just think they’re out, they’ll make a few tentative comments to test the waters. Once they’re pretty sure, they’ll open up. I watched it happen many a time at a local bar/restaurant near where my parents lived, before they retired south. A lot of them have to keep their mouths shut at work to avoid losing their careers, and are cautious about public utterances for similar reasons. It wouldn’t surprise me if New England overall, leaving aside the Boston area, was at least 40% conservative.

      2. Yep. You are outnumbered dozens to one but we do/did exist (I escaped). Although I’ve honestly broken contact with a lot of my family over this and have to be cautious on vacation after a near attempt a few years ago

      3. Outside the cities, I see plenty of Trump signs, American flags, Gadsden flags, even Pine Tree flags.

  28. The gold standard of the Dunning-Kruger effect should obviously be called Dunning-Krugerrands.

  29. I just got a notification that my online brokerage account ‘will no longer offer Bill Pay service’ in less than a month ‘due to regulatory requirements’.

    WTF, O? What did those )#&*&%(@^!’s in the D.C. sewer fuck up now?

    It’s one more straw. One. More. Straw.
    Today, every child in America is born $91,000 in debt.

  30. If there is a fond hope, it is this-

    Just how blatant this act was, and how even the mainstream media is nervously trying to slow down the anti-Trump rhetoric because they realize what could happen if this continues might be the thing that catalyzes people against the current regime. In the same way that the last straw broke the camel’s back in Romania and ended with hanging dictators, far too many people are looking at this with scorn.

    The trick, from here on out, is not to give in to fear and panic. To not lose our nerve and force these idiots to make the next mistake. Sit on anyone that is thinking about a lone-wolf act of any kind. Keep the story in the public eye, absolutely. But Trump shouldn’t announce what his decision is about running for 2024 until after the election. Demand transparency. Force these people, the Smartest People In The Room to do something far too stupid to bury before the election. Have them make the grand, stupid gesture…and get inside the swing of their anger with a shorter, sharper blade.

    Be ready for bad times…but that’s a given. But be ready to make the bad times worse for the hungry Karens and Chads out there, wanting to rule over our lives.

    1. @ An Author in Charge > “Force these people, the Smartest People In The Room to do something far too stupid to bury before the election.”

      First rule of holes – if you find yourself in one, stop digging.
      Second rule – when you stop digging, you are still in a hole.
      Corollary, applicable at all times – When Your Enemy Is Digging a Hole, Don’t Take His Shovel (Stephen Green)
      Variant, to be reserved for optimum opportunity – When Your Opponent Is Digging a Hole, Hand Him a Shovel (also Stephen)

  31. @ An Author > “But Trump shouldn’t announce what his decision is about running for 2024 until after the election.”

    I do agree with you that maximum leverage is retained the longer he stays “unofficially” running, but It may be too late for that.


    The video is brilliant (somehow, the NeverTrumpers and Democrats forget that The Donald is a top-ranked media personality, and has professional crews already under contract), and must have been in the works for some time prior to the raid, which made an excellent excuse to launch it now.

  32. Third point about Trump running again:

    IF somehow the FBI-DOJ cabal succeeds in indicting him, or even convicting him, and manages to get him jailed before the 2024 elections, they will then be dealing with an amalgam of Martin Luther (the original), Martin Luther King in Birmingham Jail, Sir Thomas More, and possibly others, with no guarantee that SCOTUS will uphold the statute when he wins (overcoming the mega-massive fraud necessary to carry the Democrat-candidate-who-isn’t-yet-named).
    Trying to ensure a Democrat win would require martyrdoms of either Trump, some conservative justices, or both.

    I really don’t think they ought to go there.

  33. So, very interesting post, and I will probably need to read it again to absorb it, but let me push back quite a bit on the narrative that they are ‘stupid’.

    I think this an outlook is both dangerous and incorrect.

    Dangerous because it completely underestimates what we are up against here, leaving us assuming it will all collapse of it’s own idiotic weight.

    Don’t get me wrong…much of the policies and agenda and worldview of the Left is ‘stupid’ in the sense it does not function in the real world, unless deprivation, catastrophe, oppression and mass murder are one’s goals. In that sense it is brilliant.

    It is incorrect because these ‘stupid’ people have managed to grab hold of nearly all levers of power in this country (and many others) to a point where they have a Federal Police Force at they beck and call to do their bidding. If you track how they have done this over the years, it is infuriating to see how many people had to buy their bulls***t to get there, but buy it they did.

    You have people from AOC to Dick Cheney singing from the same hymnal when it comes to the end goal of quashing anyone who stands up against THE SYSTEM as it is currently constituted, and it is constituted to crush us as it screws us over.

    That is not a sign of stupidity.

    This is a sign of something darkly powerful at work here, and underestimating it would be a HUGE mistake.

    I do not grant them omniscient powers, but I would be VERY wary of labeling them stupid as a whole.

    Are there idiots out front, appearing to run things.

    Most def.

    But consider who is behind it all, pulling the strings and moving the chess pieces.

    1. THEY ARE STUPID. By the only definition of stupid, which is “not in contact with reality.” They are stupid like the terminal years of the French ancien regime was stupid.
      It doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous. On the contrary. But it does mean they’re dumb as rocks.

      1. Our enemy believes that they are smart.

        What they actually are is cunning. They are good at the small-scale, petty politics of tribal groups and organizations. They’re good at the innuendo, the Mean Girl scheming, the small viscousness.

        What they are not good at is making things work after they get in charge of things. That requires thought and reason and intelligence. Which they completely lack.

        1. it now has sub-committees: #Teamheadsonpikes Child safety committe; #Teamheadsonpikes highway beautification committe. #teamheadsonpikes urban cleanup committee.
          #Teamheadsonpikes, a subsidiary of #Teamvladtepes. We only want a small part.
          May G-d have mercy on my soul.

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  35. I think my favorite part of “Sad Puppies” happened, well, I think it was last year when a bunch of Hugo votes weren’t counted because they were all so similar to each other that the “anti-slate” rules kicked in.

    Talk about an own-goal.

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