Of Thee I Shout!

I doubt this list is complete. I suspect TeamHoyt misplaced (or possibly ate, for values of TeamHoyt, since Havelock-cat insisted on helping) the mailbox donations. (Some of them we won’t even get till this weekend. As I said, an envelope a day, still. THANK YOU.) If you don’t see your name here, and would like to, ping me below and I’ll amend (I trust you.)

If you see your name here and would like not to, send me a note immediately at the email of heat. It shouldn’t be a big issue, TBH since any name even vaguely unusual was anonymized to just initials. However, I understand paranoia, and if you want it removed and TeamHoyt slipped up, let me know.

Hun membership certificates and carp-ed certificates will follow in PDF form. We’re going to try to send all the physical/book rewards before the end of August, and I’m actively working on the collection, but not full time because my editor will kill me if I don’t get BOR to him.

And lest you think I’m all about the bats, until the age of 10 my family nickname was Raposa, due to my eating habits (carnivorous) and my tendency to be slinky and vanishing. So, this is a good representation of me being very happy about the fundraiser. It occurred to me that it’s actually close to 45k. So, given everything, very happy. Younger son says I shouldn’t feel embarrassed, I should feel grateful and use it wisely, to grow the writing business AND not kill myself with work. (When did the boys get so wise, anyway?)

I’m going to try to make it fun, by bringing on silly images, because I don’t know what else to do, with a long list:

Now, shouting the As — and one number and another alphabet — (by first initial):

11B-Mailclerk, A Nice Name in Hebrew From a Donor in Israel, A. M., Aaron D., Aaron M., Abigail H., Aidan G., Aimee Morgan, A. E., Alan D., Alan F., Alice D., A., Allan K., Allene C., Alvin T., Amanda S., Amanda Z., Amy B., AnAuthorinCharge, Andrew A., Andrew F., Andrew H., Andrew H., Andrew M., Andrew M., A. N., Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, (repeat a few times) Anthony B., Anthony T., Arnold D., Arthur B., A. R.,

That Good Boy above is Giving some love to the Bs:

Barbara T., Barry G., Benjamin Y., Bertram B., Bill M., Bill R., Billy A., Bobbie S., Bonnie H., Bonnie Ramthun, Brad E., Brandon D., Brenda D., Brian E., Brian G., Bridget M., Bridget M., Bryan C., Bryan S., Bryan W., Byron C

Do you C it?

C.R.W., Caitlin W, Cardshark, Carl P., C. M., Carol O., Carol R., Catherine D., Chad I., Charles S., Charles W., Chelsea W., Cheryl & William, Christine K., Christie M., Christopher C., Christopher M., C. B., C. H., C. W., C. N., C.W., C. E., C. R., Colin W., Confutus, Courtney B., C. P., Cybersmythe, Cynthia A.

Here is a derp fish saying: What would I do without Ds?

D.A. B., Daniel A., Daniel C., Daniel M., Daniel R., Daniela M., Danny A., Danny W., D. D., D. B., David Bishop, David D., David F., David F., David H., David J., David J., David K., David L., David L., David M., David M., David N., David P., David R., David W., Dawn: Crew of the Howl, Dawn, Dean K., Dean S., Denise H., Denise W., Dennis A., Dennis H., Diane H., Digital Night, DJS L., D. S., Don P., Donald B., Donald C., Donald P., Doug N., Douglas W., Douglas W., D. M

This little guy says the Es are always excellent:

Earl B., Edward M., Eleanor C., Elizabeth B., Elizabeth H., Ellyn L., Eric S., Eric S., Erica B., Erik A., Erik S., F.

And you know the Fs just FLY:

Fast Richard, Fernando F., F., Francis F., Frank H., Frank T., Fred S., Frederick M

Okay, he’s trying to dance for the Gs. He’s a little… mechanistic:

Gail F., Gale G., Gary S., G. N., Geoffrey B., Geoffrey W., George F., Gerald D., Gerald P., G. A., G. S., Giles H., Grant L., Greg K., Gregor H., Gregory R., Gregory S

Everyone knows I’m partial to the H’s but I’m also putting the Is here, because they’re little:

Hal H., Harold S., Harry B., Harry S., H. M., Henry C., Herb N., Howard H., H. C, I. S., I. M., I. K., I. a K., I. B., I. M.,

Saying hello to the Js!

J A., Jack M., Jackie M., Jack W, J., James A., James B., James C., James C., James C., James F., James F., James G., James G., James K., James N., James N., James O., James P., James S., James W., James W., James Y., Janice D., Janice M., Janis C., Jeff G., Jeffery H.P., Jeffrey C., Jeffrey G., Jeffrey P., Jeffrey S., Jennifer A., Jennifer R., Jeremy C., Jeremy P., Jerold S., Jerry B., Jerry L., Jerry S., Jill Oszibarack, Jim T., JOE m., John B., JOHN B., John C., JOHN D., John F., John G., John H., John H., john k., john k., JOHN M., John M., John M., John P., John P., John R., John S., John W., John-Joseph W., Jonathan B., Jonathan C., Jonathan G., Jordan N., Joseph C., Joseph C., Joseph O., Joseph R., Joseph S., Joshua A., Julaire A., Julia P., Julia W., Julian H., Julie S.

Who else should introduce the Ks?

Karen B., Karen G., Karen M., Karen P., Karen P., Kat S., Kathryn Y., Kathryn Y., Kathy B., Kathy L., Keith F., Keith L., Kendall V., Kenneth F, Kenneth H., Kenneth K., Kenneth O., Kenneth S., Kevin K., Kevin R., Kirsten B., Kirsten C., K. L., Kristine H., Kurt W

But I’m trying to keep it balanced here, so these guys will throw a party for the Ls

Larry B., Laura M., Lauren R., Laurie M., Laurie M., Lawrence R., lawrence t., Leonard D., Leonard W., Lewis C., Linda S., Lloyd L., Lord Funnybone, Lori E., Lori K., Lucy H., Luis L., L. C., Lynn C.

Well, who else would introduce the Ms?

M. Metzger, Margaret Ball, Marie R. & Samizdata Friends, Mario A., Mark H., Mark H., Mark L., Mark R., Mark R., Mark W., Martin R., Martin S., Martin S., Mary B., Mary C., Mary C., Mary H., Mary H., Mary J., Mary M., maryh10000, Matthew M., Max J., Michael A., Michael B., Michael B., Michael D., Michael D., Michael F., Michael G., Michael H., Michael K., Michael K., Michael K., Michael L., Michael L., Michael M., Michael M., Michael N., Michael P., Michael S., Michel D., Michele P., Michelle R., Mike Houst, Mike K., M. G.

He was offended he didn’t get the Ms so he’s introducing the Ns,

Nancy M., Nathan Brindle, N. S., N. C., New England Yankee, Nicholas K., Nick B., Nick C.,

And Os, I’m sorry, but no pretty oreoles. Orvan would like to represent!

O. F., Oliver S., Orvan Ox

I was going to aggregate the Ps, but the pegasus wanted in and you can argue with a pegasus, but they always win.

Pamela O., Pamela U., Patrick, Patrick L., Patrick W., Paul B., Paul C., Paul Foreman, Paul H., Paul K., Paula W., Perry The Cynic, Peter B., Peter C., Peter S., Peter S., Philip E., Philip P., Phillip C.,

And he claims he’s entitled to the Rs:

Rachael B., Rachael M., Rachel M., Rachel T., Ralph C., Randall H., Rebecca J., Rebecca M., Rev J., Ricahrd Bledsoe, Richard F. Weyand, Richard Skinner, Richard B., Richard C., Richard D., Richard E., Richard G., Richard G., Richard H., Richard J., Richard K., Richard N., Richard S., Richard V., Rick K., Rick W., Robert A., Robert B., Robert C., Robert D., Robert F., Robert F., Robert P., Robert W., Robert Y., Rod M., Roger M., Roger Ritter, Roland H., Ronald L., Ronald W., Ronald W., Rory D., Ross H.,

My ducttape little brother has doggies. They don’t look a thing like this one, but never mind.

Shout out to the S!

Sam F., Sara D., Sarah G., Scott K., Sean K., Shane T., Sharon P., Sharon R., Sharon S., Shawna S., Sherri M., Sherry H., Sintra E’Drien, Spirit of Sanford, Stefano L., Stephanie K., Stephen C., Stephen C., Stephen F., Stephen L., Stephen M., Stephen M., Stephen N., Stephen U., Steve B., Steve H., Steve J., Steven B., Steven G., Steven K., Steve and Emily Nelson, Steven O., Steven W., Susan H., Susan Mollman, Susan W., Susan W., TheOtherSean

He’s upset I didn’t let him into the S, so he’s here to shout Let’s hear it for the Ts

T. H., T. S., T. T., Ted R., Terrence M., Terri R., Terry L., Thomas C., Thomas J., Thomas M., Thomas R., Thomas R., Thomas S., Thomas S., Thomas T., Thomas T., Thomas W., Thomas W., Tiffanie G., Tim, Tim B., Tim C., Timothy B., Timothy D., Timothy H., Timothy T., Todd N., Todd Q., Todd S., Tone L, Tom B., Tom S., Tony A., T. A., Tregnosee314, T. S., T. R., Tyler B., Tyler P., Torne D.

And a wallaby is excited for the Ws and the Zs.

, Walter S., Wayne W., Wendy K., West S., Willard F., William B., William B., William P., William R., William R., William S., William S., Zach R., Zachary C,  Z. F.,

To all of you, to the endless “anonimy/anonymoose/anonimity/anoonas and A. Nonimous” and to the 500 people who very carefully contributed under 10 (a lot of them 9.99) so they wouldn’t be included in the shout out (Yes, next time I’ll raise that threshold), I am immensely grateful and love you all to bits.

Certificates under way shortly, and I’ll tell you from which email before I send. (Or more likely put them somewhere you can download, so that the email doesn’t think I’m spamming.) And the other rewards too, shortly.


78 thoughts on “Of Thee I Shout!

        1. This is ONLY a test. Old SDD died on main-computer, so new one is in place, and I get the “joy” restoring things to how I prefer.. if I can remember how. Yes, there are backups. they are partial. Old SDD died hard and fast.

            1. Ouch. I’ve not had anything THAT bad, but I did spent Far Too Long getting a couple things sorted and I am still not really beginning the real data restore. Won’t start that until I am fairly sure I won’t have to do it over right away.

              It’s SO MUCH FUN when the ‘recommended’ video driver and the window manager decide to rename monitors and the taskbar winds up on number 3… of 2. And the ‘fun’ having trackball buttons not be where I expect them.

              Things came up (what was Kensington thinking?):
              2 8
              1 3

              And I expect:
              1 3
              X 2 (I’m not too picky about X)

              This might seem minor, but the swap meant I was closing tabs I had no intention of closing. Fortunately that is readily rolled back, but still irksome.

              I see another long night ahead. Even without going in to $WORK.

      1. Well, my friend thought you typed his name in upper case because he was special… So now I can say maybe Havey thought so… 😉

      2. Cats are notoriously poor typists often leaving out spaces due to the lack of thumbs (unless polydactyl)

  1. So happy for you, Sarah.
    We were “camping” with my son and his family a few weeks ago, enjoying a quiet evening, after the kids were in bed, I read to my son your blog post “The Golden Summer”
    Yeah, we both kind of figured you may have written that blog just for us two, for that night out by the fire.
    You touch more souls than you will ever know.
    God Bless you, Sarah

  2. I did not find my avatar name or my real name in the list, so I just checked my PayPal donation receipt and realized that it went thru under a different email completely. Ooops. Sorry for the confusion. I will send you an email asap to correct that because I want my certificate, pretty please? 😉

        1. Ashkalar

          I got your email on the book pimping address, but it won’t let me answer back because it says you don’t exist. (ARGH). Would you email me at first initial last initial at the hot email?

  3. Idea: The “Don’t mention it” levels.

    One penny less than the actual levels means “No thanks (swag) please. And don’t mention it.”

    1. Yes. I did. Sorry, As I said, I think Team Hoyt got confused and wasn’t pulling from the mailbox least. TeamHoyt is easily confused and still being trained.

          1. I wasn’t being facetious. Well, not much.

            You have a team because there’s too much work for one person to do alone. Once you add a second person, you have two slightly different ideas about what the job is. The more people you have, the more the concepts get watered down. If it’s important for the work to be consistent, then there are ways around that, but the sorts of things you have to do are expensive, so they’re only done when absolutely necessary.

            Teams are usually prepared to do things based upon certain assumptions, and the first time you do anything, those assumptions are of dubious quality. Different people with different understanding about what the job is will naturally react differently to the assumptions being wrong. That leads to confusion. Sometimes the assumptions have to change. That leads to confusion, too.

            What I’m trying to say is this sort of confusion is normal and training is always an ongoing thing. The upshot is that, while you guys may be odds, you are also normal. I’m prepared to be patient while everything gets worked out.

            1. Part of this is training. I suddenly hired a lot of people to help me, and it’s like training the kids when they were young. I have to watch the first times through to make sure it’s being done my way.
              THIS particular case, I COULDN’T because we’re also getting younger son’s stuff ready to move out, which means unpacking stuff which got boxed together for inexplicable reasons. (Also I think he’s trying to make off with our booze. He doesn’t even drink much, but he likes displaying the booze.)

      1. Group projects..

        We are only as productive as the least productive feline.

        Nevertheless, Team Hoyt has done an incredible job. They deserve root beer floats all around. Or an extra ration of grog according to taste.

  4. Sarah, I think you’re marvelous. And I love your work, and the style you bring to it.

  5. You’re welcome. May you have many more happy, healthy, successful years of writing books and blogs.

  6. Email of heat ? Sorry, I don’t get it … and need the email, if things have not gone astray. (Or was that postage stamp just too much?

    1. My first two initials, last name at hotmail.
      And they probably haven’t gone astray. I told TeamHoyt to get the mailbox ones, but I think TeamHoyt forgot.

      1. Sure, but just knowing you got it is good. Checks are trackable, I despise Pay-Not-Anybody’s-Pal and don’t want some middleman person-of-gender-indeterminate taking a cut.

  7. I just now sent you a donation. I had been thinking of donating to your fundraiser but then I heard that if I donate I get killed in one of your novels and I am not quite ready to die, so I waited until the fundraiser was over.

    Dennis Prager says that if you regularly use a free blog, website, or service, you should donate to it. I don’t read your blog that often, but when I do, it is golden and I send links around to a bunch of colleagues and friends. You inspire and encourage. Thank you.

  8. Wonderful! I will be getting a piece of paper the the FBI and the Bidenreich will use to lock me up for years. 🙂

    Seriously, I am a founding member of the Zelman Partisans so I am probably already on their do-do list.

    1. So, A LOT of foreigners contributed, two of my own nation of origin, which chuffed me no end.
      BUT also a lot of immigrants, so a lot of last names are…. interesting.

  9. I might be there twice. But i have a fairly common first name and there are other last names starting with “w”.

    1. I was surprised at HOW MANY of you have the same first name and last name, but I couldn’t seem to get people to figure out that the thank you could out them. And when they did, they sent it in three different places and sometimes not giving me the real name. Which is why I dropped it into “teamhoyt must figure it out.”
      Also, the distinctive names I left in, the donations came from other countries. (Two from Portugal) so it’s not the same.

  10. AND remember the great quote- “If the world runs out of food, we will still have each other”- Jeffrey Dahmer.

  11. I’m not into public recognition (left hand, right hand and all that). I just want to make sure you got my contribution. I didn’t go thru PayPal, but I do have a digital receipt.


  12. Whot the Old Sarge said only about check, especially since the timing was happenstance as the boxing day subscription got diverted, then delayed until we were in funds again.

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