Oyez Oyez!

Ladies and gentlemen, dragons and platypuses: We now have the raw data for those who donated. (Something around 1k came in via mail, and thank you Dawn for the slippers. They will be much enjoyed this Winter. They’re amazing.)

Around 1k people donated, with over 500 being over $10 and therefore eligible for a public thank you.

If you don’t want to be mentioned at all and haven’t let me know send me an email today to book pimping at outlook dot com.

HOWEVER because I know in 500 names (THANK YOU. I didn’t realize it was so many. One of the weird things about this kind of appeal is that it leaves blubbering and crying and feeling TRULY humbled.) it would be easy to slip up and put in a name that destroys someone’s life and career, in the post (TOMORROW. I’m delaying because of this) I will be doing first name and last initial. That way, unless your name is TRULY weird you’ll be safe.

DOES ANYONE OBJECT TO THIS? Speak now or forever hold your peas. (And that means you can’t whirl them.)

Also, the email for thankings is getting established today to mail the certificates. I hesitate between mailing them with a name printed on them (a couple minutes of work per, so a long time, but I can indenture son for now. He’s not gainfully employed till later in the month) and mailing the PDF and letting you fill in whatever name you want, since if you decide to display them, you might want your real name, your blog name, or something completely other.

Thoughts on this?

Meanwhile, yes, the certificates (and all your ideas, as many as I remember) will be made onto T-shirts, but we’re not sure exactly how to do this, except maybe through something like Zazzle. I haven’t been impressed with Zazzle? Is there something else?

Also there is mumble mumble talk of a challenge coin with the According to Hoyt shield. And maybe a patch. Yes, you know exactly who I’m talking to. Let me corner him at Fencon and we’ll hammer it out.

Please be patient with the Hoyt Team. I’ve never had one, so I’m just assembling it, and we’re finding out the edges of “working together.” I’d meant to JUST indenture younger son, but he apparently has life plans and moving out plans and job plans, and continuing education/improving himself plans.

Who knew? It’s like he’s my son or something.

Promo post this afternoon. Please answer if you have any objections to my proposals here. Suggestions for sites that minimize the work of physical merchandise much appreciated.

Yes, those of you who subscribed for years will get rewards too, but not public thankings, as that is even more fraught than the others.

ALSO going forward I want to do a subscription level on my substack, that means you’ll get one newly or re-released (DST is ALMOST ready, pending my doing battle with the ISBN entity) ebook in the format of your choice via book funnel before it goes up on Amazon. I just haven’t figured out what level that subscription should be. (And if we do that, you’ll get one a month, though it might be only 30k words. This will also force me to work more. Live is like that.)

Another thing in the works, is some of you have read in anthologies about my “mom squad” which is a team of moms who are…. well, super heroes. There will be stories of them on this blog in the future and I’m broadly tuckerizing fans and friends and some of my own team. (I’m evil like that.)

Not sure when that will start, yet, as this week is crazy: I have to finish a short story, finish a book and the next Barbarella script, for the series called Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? is due tomorrow at end of business. But it’s on the schedule, kind of.

Okay. I’ll stop babbling at you and let you answer because I’m late for church and the car horn it is a abeeping.

Promo post after.

90 thoughts on “Oyez Oyez!

  1. I’m good with getting the PDF without the name filled in. “Fill and sign” works fine or we could just print it out and write on the printed version. You don’t need to do any further work as far as I’m concerned.

    1. Fill-in-the name form is fine for me. $SPOUSE is worried about the Young Progressives, so I try to keep my real name offline. $TINY_TOWN is a fairly hard target, but I’d not want to give incentive to their arson squad.

      1. I try to keep my real name offline. $TINY_TOWN is a fairly hard target, but I’d not want to give incentive to their arson squad.

        Not in $TINY_TOWN or flyover-ish. In liberal-conclave-ville. Already had 2 near-by arson conflagrations, plus 2 attempted, and that doesn’t count the 3 arson down south, or the one further north, all in 2020. (One might be nature, 8, at the same time, all E/W corridors, is enemy action). But, yes. Close enough to fields, that a clumsy arsonist could take out the entire neighborhood.

        Besides, I’m lazy.

        1. Do keep in mind that I almost didn’t approve you, but was on an easy day. d is a very weird nom de blog. 😀
          Yes, I know your real name. No. I won’t advert.

          1. I know. Not like my email doesn’t give most of it away, anyway. Besides we are friends under FB and MeWe under my full name not that I post much of anything at either location.

            Anyway. Thank you.

  2. Full name is fine.
    Since I use my real name for posting anyway.
    Sometimes you just have to stand up for what’s right, and the hell with what anyone else thinks.

    1. That should have posted under Mikes? WPDE…

      Full real name for me, please (Richard Skinner, that is on the PayPal). I get these WIPs whipped into shape and I’ll have the usual suspects after me anyway. Might as well start on the easy setting…

      Oh, but don’t do extra on the certificate, if you don’t want to.

  3. I asked C (who says Hi and blessings, by the way), and she says that Graffitti used to do good work for the San Diego Comic-Con; she recommends checking if they are still operating. She says that Cafe Press does horrible work. She thinks Teespring are pretty good (she got a Jordan Peterson shirt from them).

    We don’t know about Zazzle, for t-shirts, but I bought some art prints for them, and they were so bad that I decided not to frame or display them; I don’t trust their quality standards.

    1. My wife and I bought some of stoatyweasel’s T-shirts from there, and the quality was fine. Of course, that was over 5 years ago, so I can’t say what they are like today.


    2. The problem is I want a service LIKE Zazzle, where people can order the design I put up. I get some cents, far less than having and selling, but I don’t have the space or dedicated manpower to ship out.

    3. Possibly RedBubble? I’ve ordered from them (and gotten decent stuff) but never put anything up there to be ordered, so…grain of salt.

  4. William and I are all for you emailing and we can fill them in. Thank you for your insight in what’s going on. Blessings.

  5. Thanks! However you want to do it is fine with me…. but all you have is my name, I believe.

  6. I have no objections to full names on anything – I encourage that. Also, think of the numerous duplicative “Nancy B.” equivalents that are likely to result otherwise…

    I’m not in any hurry, though. Don’t kill yourself doing this… 😊


  7. Use my “public” handle “Bubba Man” or my true name whichever pleases you more. My but is already hanging so far out in the breeze that I don’t think that being publicly associated with you will do me any harm. And that does not count that I would be proud to be publicly associated with you and your clan. You are of my tribe and I revel in that fact.

  8. Use my full name or not, it’s not important to me. I’m not as vulnerable as younger people who are still active in the world so posting here and elsewhere under my real name is a relatively low-cost way of flipping a finger at the cancel culture crowd.

      1. I used to use my actual name when posting on blogs and boards, but got seriously burned when someone who didn’t like something I said showed up on my doorstep with murder in his eye. I ceased using my real name at that point, and quit commenting for awhile, and then restarted with the handle I use now.

        I no longer live in Ohio.

        1. … yeah. Guess why “Where Sarah Hoyt” moved is a closely held secret?
          Look, it’s not even the SWATTING way back when. (I no longer lived in the house, it was empty, so you know…)
          It was the shenenigans with our internet traceable to CO’s governor. That was getting a bit past endurable. FORTUNATELY we’d already bought this house, but our plan had been to spend a year fixing and setting this place up while leisurely working on the other house to go for sale.
          The internet shenanigans led to our being mostly apart for months, and having to hire people to do the other house and losing a bunch of money.
          HOWEVER there are situations you get out of as pronto as possible. (The original move was for health. The circumstances after made that worse. It’s ONLY stabilizing now. Hence the signs of life in writing.)

          1. I wasn’t able to hide while in Ohio as I was a elected public official. I could be found very easily. Fortunately, I was able to watch the guy walk up to my door, and I answered with a loaded rifle (one of those “assault weapons with large capacity magazine”) in my hand. He had started to pull a pistol.

            I later talked with the County Sheriff, who was also a personal friend about the situation. His response? “Can you pull the trigger without hesitation?” He already knew the answer to that one was firmly in the affirmative.

            I don’t expect many people to have the responses I do, and I do not blame you and your husband for wanting out of Colorado. A beautiful state it is (My mother’s family hails from the Mancos area), but it has been Kalifornicated many times over in the last 40 years.

            Health and safety are the most important considerations in personal life, outside of the spiritual aspects of life. I live in the mountains of western NC, and my health is better than it was in SE Ohio.

  9. Represent does good T shirts for various entities where I recently ordered a shirt from Peoples Pundit…

  10. IDK, do you want to be associated with the likes of me by using my name?(~_^)
    Except for always using my initials, which more people know me by than what they stand for (My old company email was jp@company.com), I’ve not been very incognito since a joke identity at the Shadowfall/Elf Life forums.

  11. My name is what it is. I do post under it. I’ll leave it up to you, whatever is easiest.

  12. You may use any name you like or have for me. I would be honored to be associated with you and this blog in any way shape or form.

    I can print my own name on my certificate to hang in the library here at Stately Gnome Manor, you do not need to add it. Do what’s easiest for you.

    500 donations! You are well loved indeed. Congratulations because you deserve it. I’ve never ever donated to any blog, although I click through and use Amazon links to chip in. But I was happy and excited I had a small sum to contribute. Makes me feel like part of team #headsonpikes since I won’t be personally impaling anyone so far as I know.

      1. I just figure they’re watching me anyway, under whatever alias. WO is actually my nice side – the only one that has come after me under Reality Observer was Breitbart for consistently flagging the repetitious Pravda in their comments. (Ten day timeout – and I removed their bookmark. Their soapbox, true, but that doesn’t mean I have to help draw the crowd in.)

  13. Thanks are all well and good, but it you had not started to discuss how you’re going to use that windfall I was gonna be very harsh with you.
    One particularly vindictive jerk who ran you like a rented mule a few years back did say one thing to me that spoke truth and struck home: “that Sarah she needs a minder.” We can go into the back story at some future time should anyone wish, but on that one point I agree. And if we were anywhere even close I would volunteer to at least do what I could to keep the world’s most stubborn human cat on track. Whips and chains at a minimum, and the occasional shot from a trank gun. Come to think, even closer I’m just to old for that job.
    So, conga rats on the funding effort, and now go do great things.
    You know how to reach me if I can help in any way.

  14. I am not ashamed of who I am, what I post, or which set of miscreants I am hanging virtually with. First and last name are dandy. Also, email the certificate and lt us write our own names.

  15. Hi,

    You’re welcome. I so happy you like the slippers and they sound like they are good colors and fit. When I saw the first paragraph, it really made my morning.
    FYI- they will stretch, especially in length due to the garter stitch sole, but machine washing and drying helps return it to shape.

    A fill in certificate sounds totally fine with me and much more manageable for you.

    Lastly, Please just use first name or first and last initial for me. I don’t share my last name more than I have to online for a number of reasons.

  16. You are welcome to use my full name if you wish. I’m a little weary of cringing in the shadows. Heck, my name’s already technically public for an act that will keep me from ever visiting Canada again — I’m mildly surprised no reporter called and asked me to explain myself — so maybe a further shove into the daylight is what I need.

    Next year in Chattanooga!

  17. No objections to using my civilian name however you please in the post. Anyone who reads enough of my comments and knows my taste in gaming has probably figured out who I am anyway.

  18. If I should make the cut for the public thank you, I prefer my user name or public persona, if you will. Not that anyone pays enough attention to me for me to be in any danger, but the world is full of crazy, and its getting Piled higher and Deeper.

    1. um… can you send me your real name and handle to the email? Because I have no clue what your real name is. As I said, I’ll do first name, initial, unless you have an absurdly rare first name, when I might just go initials.

  19. Heh. Heh. Heh. I mailed Our Space Princess a $20 bill wrapped in a piece of paper with TANSTAAFL written on it. Like to see ’em track that.

    Plus, no way for middlemen persons-of-indeterminate-gender to extract a cut. Sarah got it all!

  20. Hey – what ever is easy. We’re sort of a roll with the tide bunch on some of the minor things in life. Real name or nom de plume, whatever works. I’m just happy/proud to be a part of this bunch and able to contribute in a tiny way to one of the good things in life. Alas, I will likely never meet anyone from here in the actual world but it sure would be nice to do so! A cup of coffee, a beer or whatever and hours of delightful exchange!

    Anyway, carry on! I’m a proud member of Team Heads on Pikes!

      1. I understand the feeling. Many of the Western regimes and some in the East (Sri Lanka, f.i.) seem dead-set on inflicing us with a repeat of the Holodomor and the Kazahk horrors but on a larger scale with their energy, agriculture, and environmental policies. To say nothing of their general corruption and tyranny of the regimes and the corporations and institutions in bed with them. And here in America we get the added delite of the “special” clowns at the top.

  21. I don’t know if PayPal shows my name when I send money, but I’ve been using this handle for almost forty years, I’m sure it’s associated with my real name on many lists. My real name is just about the most famous name you’ve never heard of anyway, so even if anyone knows it I’m very challenging to DuckDuckGo.

    Also, I’ve bought shirts from BunkerBranding.com, decent quality stuff, run by a GunTuber so I’m guessing not a screaming liberal.

  22. Steffen is fine for me. There’s always the chance I need to line up a new job one of these days, and HR thought police like to look for the online presence of potential new hires…

  23. My ONLY suggestion would be to include for all donors, the option of a FREE tattoo of the crest, from my friend Dan , at Dyslexic Dan’s Disncotu Taotot Pralor in Florida, Dan learned this art while in prison and has had many happy clients since opening!

  24. Presbypoet sent check with real name. I did send note with check, requesting the use of Presbypoet. I have used the name for 30 years on-line.

    I want to keep them separate. Having worked for and against government/evil all my life, living in Mordor West, I try to err on the side of paranoia. (You will never know how paranoid you should be(.I like to think that keeping it Presbypoet, which ids me, but does not make it easy for the STAZI is important.

  25. Please don’t include my real name. I don’t want problems with the Woke if I ever need a new job.

        1. Paraphrasing Monty Python, “There’s Sea, TheOtherSean, that one Sean, Shaun, and Shawm. He’s on the music faculty as well . . .”

  26. The use of my name is fine. I’m of an age that I don’t care if people get angry knowing I follow you. They can kiss my derriere.

  27. Please feel free to use either my actual given name (that I donated under) or my tag (I mentioned the tag as part of the donation), or both. At this point I’m less than 5 years out from retirement and the pseudonymous posting is less critical than it used to be. And given I use this as a gamer tag and posted under my real name in the days news sites and early blogs (e.g. Den Beste’s, Sensings earlier sites) any one with decent google fu can probably find me anyway.

  28. Real name for me, please. I hide behind fake initials here, but for this please name me proper.

  29. dear host – dont want anything please. if i could have been a·non·y·mous i would have.

    1. please, tell me so to the book address, and at least initials under which you donated — if you didn’t put this in with the donation. (A lot of people did. I respect that.)

  30. Lauren is my writing name. I sent you an e-mail when I made the donation, ’cause I don’t want my real name on ANYTHING internet related if I can help it. If you didn’t get the e-mail, please let me know.

  31. Feel free to use either my real name or my handle, or first name plus initial, or whatever’s easiest. Donations sent via PayPal, so you should be able to match up the email in this comment with the email on the donation.

  32. Reminder: I’m passing on all rewards due to our email problems. And obviously I can’t email you about it, so if you need a reminder in that form you’ll have to send one to yourself.

    BTW, do you know if you made 50k yet?

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