LibertyCon 2023 tickets go on sale TODAY AT NOON EASTERN.

The site is and it typically sells out in half an hour, so you have to be ready, set, go.

According to Chris mouse: They’re doing it through a third-party, so make sure you have an account setup with that third party vendor in advance. This is the vendor: Registration is quick and easy.

I will be there in 2023, barring disaster.


    1. And was utterly terrified when I logged in and saw “6 available”, but apparently that’s a purchase limiter and not “this is all that’s left”. Taking deep breaths now…

        1. Not to mention being rather pointless. Mother Nature is far crueler and more deadly than I could ever hope to be.

          And I honestly don’t see why all these lobbyists keep complaining about my winter vacation home. They act like no one’s ever built a fortress in the heart of a volcano before! Really, it’s far more likely to kill me than I am to hurt it.

          1. Oooh….that would be a fun gag, an “environmental impact statement” that is the statement of what impact the environment will have on a project…….

            1. You scoff, but one of my first jobs was writing the Environmental Impact Statement for basing the new MX missiles in old Minuteman ICBM silos. A bunch of commenters insisted we should take into account the environmental impact of global thermonuclear war. Some poor young lady was tasked with writing answers to all frequently asked questions, so she had to answer that without snidely motorboating her lips.

              1. I was thinking more like “Well, this is a salt marsh, it’s gonna increase corrosion.”

                But that story is totally worth the price of admission. 😀

      1. My cackle showed up after seventy. And my sons, who have read Pratchett’s Witches series kept saying “Mama, the cackle is a sign that the gingerbread house and the oven is not far behind.”
        And yes, they call me Mama. They’re very weird.

  1. Made it in this time! Now I don’t have to just hang around from happening to live close enough to Chattanooga to do so!

  2. It’s been a half hour, so I assume all the tickets are gone now? Where is there a counter?

  3. First time ever, I got mine, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I will at least gaze upon many of you fine people from not-so-afar next year!

      1. Is that permission to squee from across the room? Hahahahaaa /jk not in a million years!

  4. AHA! AHA! After five years coming up empty-handed, I scored, finally, two tickets! Now, to get a panel or two, and do some volunteering. Two gas-sharing passengers with light luggage arrangements later. If the Mrs. bunks out, I may need a room share.

      1. Hit up Rich Groller about that:

        “Programming: Rich Groller

        “Rich spends HOURS and HOURS putting together our World Class Programming. LibertyCon membership is limited to only 1000 folks, and usually 150+ of them are Pros (Authors, Artists, and Scientists). Rich is the person in charge of scheduling LibertyCon’s rich programming events, panels, and Authors Alley. Rich is the person to contact if you have questions about LibertyCon Programming. (”

        But be nice to him, it’s a thankless job that he does every year without hardly complaining too much…

      2. yah my question should have been – will there be signups on Eventuny or whatnot – or what kind of announcement to look for?

        1. oh dear, festival seating style? Aren’t most of us a little old or introverted for that?

          1. There will be a schedule of programming events a week or three before the event, so you can know which panels you’d like to attend. If you want to influence what panels are presented, you could ask for something like “Have you considered a panel on X topic? The following Y people I know are attending or that are showing as guests have Z expertise on this topic, and I know there’s a great deal of interest about it.” You could then also note your own expertise if you want to be a presenter/panelist.

            Politely, and showing that you want to help. Some people like being on panels and others don’t, and some like being on specific panels but always seem to get put on panels with topics they may not care as much about. But being to show there’s interest in a panel topic (like “this was a topic at XYZ convention last year, and the room was full up, and a lively discussion was had”) is always helpful.

  5. Thanks for the heads up on this. Got our memberships, now just hope that the Creeks don’t rise between now and then.
    Hope to see all of you there.
    John in Indy

    1. Out in Nevada, we hope the Moapa Paiutes don’t rise the price of reservation gasoline! Dunno ’bout the Creeks.

  6. This’ll be the first Convention I’ve ever been to. I’m looking forward to it!

    (Twenty year olds can rent hotel rooms on their own, right? I’m suddenly realizing that might be an issue.)

    1. If should be. If not, e-mail me (blog addy is at AlmaTCBoykin at wordpress DOT com. The “About” page on my blog has my e-mail).

      1. The rental car thing is because insurance rates are much higher for drivers under 25.

        1. Well, now, I didn’t day you couldn’t have had a good reason. I just said I missed you. Hell, my girlfriend had to cancel, so I didn’t even get to see her.

  7. Woohoo, I got tickets for me and my wife for 2023. This year’s LibertyCon was her first SF convention ever, and she enjoyed herself, much to her surprise. In fact, she was out doing something with a visiting friend this afternoon and texted me in a panic, urging me to hurry up before it was too late. I’d finished up 90 minutes earlier. 🙂

  8. Gosh darn it! I thought I had a reminder on my calendar for this and I didn’t see the announcement in time. I will NOT be at LC 2033. No ticket for me.

    I’m so bummed.

  9. I wanted to have a go, but sadly I am a prisoner of Fortress Canada behind the Great Covid Beaver Dam. Or Damn, as the case may be. 😡

      1. Vivi Frei seems to have made an escape, and he’s pretty prominent, so getting others out shouldn’t be too hard. Maybe . . .

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