Free Pin Up 1

REE, objectification. Oh, shuddup. I like pinups for the aesthetics, and besides they make me happy. (Even if this one is built like a boy.) There might be some males, soonish, too. Or couples.

Anyway, I’m going to try to do one a day through the fundraiser. They are released to you under Creative Commons Licence (CC BY.) You can use it in any way you wish, including for computer background, calendar and/or book cover. 😉

Or just look at it.

Copyright 2022 Sarah A. Hoyt. Released under a CCBY license.

30 thoughts on “Free Pin Up 1

  1. Nice. And carte blanche to have my way with the image. Whoops, forgot I play my normal self here, not my secret identity as a pervert.

  2. Given I know she must be a character in it, a reminder I called dibbs for alpha reading the need Rhodes book.

      1. Nonsense.

        She was wearing a completely transparent skinsuit with an invisible helmet. [Crazy Grin]

    1. And when Saturn is occupying the Moon position, I don’t think I’d park on the beach where the tide can come in….

    1. The Captain doesn’t let such minor details concern him…..

      “We found him with five partners,
      Each of a different world and sex.”

  3. I don’t see the problem with pin-ups, when done in good taste. You know, like most WWII nose art, other 1940s-50s pin-ups. They are fun, and have a sense of mischief a lot of the time. Flirtation and fun are supposed to be, you know, fun. A few winks and a flutter of skirt, and the appreciation there-of, are perfectly fine when all parties know that it’s all in fun. You know, like smiling and winking at the guys “drying their tee-shirts” at a construction site during lunch. They grinned right back. (See commercial for details.)

  4. … this one is built like a boy.

    Nonsense – she could be a dead ringer for whassname, that swimmer, Lia Thomas … if Lia had on a wig and a padded bra.

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